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Stephenson Foaming Bath Butter Base
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Product Notice: The manufacturer packaging reads "Stephenson Melt & Pour Soap Base" on the 2 lb trays and 25 lb cases of this product, but this is not a melt and pour soap base. The manufacturer uses generic product packaging for all of their cosmetic and soap bases, including this foaming bath butter.

Stephenson Foaming Bath Butter can be used to create luxurious bath, shower and facial products. This versatile cosmetic base can be used for a wide variety of wash off products and scrubs. Just whip the base until it’s smooth with an electric mixer, add fragrance, butters, oils, sugar or any other additives and continue whipping until desired texture is reached. We recommend about 10 minutes depending on your mixer.

Let your creativity run wild with this multi-functional base. Put this unique, whipped product in a customized jar or tub for a beautiful addition to any soap line. 

Looking for a fun project with Foaming Bath Butter Base? Try:

Additional Uses: Whipped foaming bath butter, shaving soap, frosting for bath bombs, body meringue, sugar or salt scrub, body souffle.

Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate, Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate, Sodium Chloride, Phenoxyethanol, Tetrasodium Etidronate

Learn more about these ingredients on our Melt and Pour Soap Ingredients Defined page

Stephenson Foaming Bath Butter Base Highlights:

  • Paraben and MPG Free
  • Can be used for shower, bath or facial wash applications
  • Creamy lather with excellent foam
  • Mild Formulation
  • Non skin irritant
  • Moisturizing formulation that’s rich in glycerin

See our complete list of soap colorants, which are also safe for use in foaming bath butter base.

IMPORTANT - Any time products are used on the skin, it is essential to test for safety. It is your responsibility to test any and all of our products to ensure satisfactory and safe results in your finished product. When adding ingredients to any soap base, do not use candle dye or fragrance oils that are not approved for bath and body use. Please see the individual fragrance page for recommended product usages, and review the IFRA sheets for usage maximums. You can also view soap-safe fragrance changes that have been affected by the IFRA 49 amendment.

Interested in selling your products? Check out a brief overview of labeling guidelines for cosmetics, which includes melt and pour soap, scrubs, whipped bath soaps, and more.

Wholesale Ordering
Check out our wholesale page for more information on ordering soap supplies in bulk or by the pallet.

Made in the UK


Prop 65 Warning

Product Reviews

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5 out of 5 Stars.
Wow, this stuff is a dream

This is my first time using a whipped soap base and I absolutely love it. I have found that whipping for 8 mins on a medium speed, then adding colors, fragrance, oils, etc... then whipping for an additional 2 mins gives me the best results. I won't be going anywhere else for my soap!!

5 out of 5 Stars.
Foaming Bath Butter Base

I love this. I'm having so much fun making whipped bath butter and scrubs with this base. I've tested with my family and they love it. So luxurious! I will be adding this to my line and will be rolling it out to my customers next month.

3 out of 5 Stars.
So far so good

So far this is a good product. I love the lather and it feels smooth on the skin. If I use this to make a sugar scrub, can I add additional oils such as coconut oil, and jojoba oil? If so, how much and at what percentage? In addition how much sugar to use and what’s the max amount that can be use. Can you please help me with the calculations?

Thank you in advance!

1 out of 5 Stars.
gone down hill

not only has the price jumped to an insaine amount but the product is just not the same arrives hard as a rock will not blend soft like it use to no matter how long i blend or how much oil i add sets up hard just overall junk and stealing my money at that price

CandleScience Profile Avatar
CandleScience responded: 2023-01-17

Hey John, thank you so much for your review. A member of our Customer Support team is reaching out via email to assist. We look forward to helping out.

5 out of 5 Stars.
Always Satisfied

Regarding the reviews about being too hard or's all about the formulation and what you put in it. Try out carrier oils. I've never had this issue with this base. Do a Lil more research on how to make a luxurious scrub or bath butter. It's very easy to figure out. And don't forget this hint....(add carrier oils). With that being said, I exit as I entered. Thank you CS and I wish everyone a great day.

1 out of 5 Stars.
Quality has went down the past few years..

The last several cases I have ordered have been so hard! No matter how much glycerine I add or how long I whip it for, it is left with huge chunks of soap and the finished product sets up so hard. Really disappointed.

CandleScience Profile Avatar
CandleScience responded: 2022-10-12

Hi Shanell, thanks so much for leaving your review! We're really sorry to hear that you've has some trouble with your recent batches of Foaming Bath Butter, and we'd definitely like to take a closer look at this with you so we can help! A member of our Customer Support team is reaching out to further assist.

2 out of 5 Stars.
Smells horrible

Not sure if anyone else had this issue but I ordered 3 blocks and I could not get rid of the smell! They made my foaming scrubs stink and this did not soap up either.

CandleScience Profile Avatar
CandleScience responded: 2022-07-12

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to write this review. We're sorry to hear this bath butter base hasn't performed as expected. A member of our Customer Support team is reaching out via email to provide further assistance.

5 out of 5 Stars.

I see a lot of reviews about this being hard after sitting a bit, so this is just to help out other ladies! Add some Cocamidopropyl Betaine!! I use a tablespoon for half of a 2lb tub. I also add many other oils and skin loving ingredients to my whipped soap. Sorry, can’t share all my secrets! I’ve even came up with a recipe for shaving mousse using this base as well, AMAZING!!

2 out of 5 Stars.
First time user

First time user I was very impressed with this soap however did not expect it to be so hard , it was so hard to mix because it was solid in the tray once I did manage to get it going and whipped I got it piped and after a day noticed the “finished” soap is hard again like so hard you can’t even use your finger to just swipe some out of the container you have to “dig” . Is there something I can add to keep it “whipped?”

CandleScience Profile Avatar
CandleScience responded: 2021-09-10

Hi there! Thanks so much for leaving your review. A member of our Support team has reached out via email to troubleshoot alongside you!

5 out of 5 Stars.
So glad to find this here!

I used this years ago when I had a soap business. Life got in the way and that’s no more but I missed whipped soap. These sell for ten dollars an over for a 4-8oz jar most places so I just figured make my own again.

This stuff is fantastic. I melted a bit of cocoa butter and added some sweet almond. Heated it a bit (not too much you’ll kill the preservative), then added the soap base and my fragrance. I used eucalyptus, tea tree and juniper Berry oils.

I don’t own a mixer so I whipped it by hand. Took about 5 mins to get the lumps out and nice and fluffy. All done and into a jar.

Took a shower to test it and wow. A little goes a LONG way and it’s so moisturizing and non drying. I made an 8oz container and it’ll last a while!

Can’t say enough good things about this soap.