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Fragrance Oil Blending 101

With a bit of know-how and a little creativity, anyone can become a fragrance mixologist! Read on for tips to get you started, and snag some of our tried-and-true fragrance oil blend recipes to begin your blending adventure.

Let's Mix It Up!

The Language of Scent: Fragrance Notes

Blending basics

A 1 oz bottle of Sandalwood and a 1 oz bottle of Black Sea with two fragrance blotter strips
Pro Tip!

Best scents for blending:

These fragrances are gorgeous on their own, but they’re also fantastic blenders.

fragrance blotters and a list of fragrance blends

The benefits of blending fragrances together

Blending wheel

30 fragrance oil blend ideas to get you started

Let's Talk Blending Scents | Live Event

Community-sourced fragrance blends