Macintosh Apple Fragrance Oil Clean Scent
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With a classic fragrance like macintosh apple, it's got to be just right. Two years of research has produced an incredibly strong fragrance oil with "right from the tree" character that throws as well in soy as it does in paraffin.

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including cinnamon leaf.

Blends well with: Black Currant Absinthe, Fallen Leaves, Cinnamon Stick, White Birch

Alternative branding ideas: Apple Orchard, Classic Apple

Note Profile:
Top: Green Leaves, Pear
Middle: Apple
Base: Vanilla, Bourbon

Suggested Colors: Red, Green
See our complete list of candle making dyes and soap colorants.

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.


Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe Yes Usage: 3-6%
Vanillin Content 0%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint 160 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required No
Diffuser Base Compatible Yes; Up to 25%

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.


Cold Process Soap Performance
Acceleration Discoloration Separation
None Light Yellow None

Lye Water temperature 104ºF
Oil temperature 114ºF

We did not experience acceleration or separation. After 24 hours there was no discoloration, and the scent was strong. We did observe almost a full gel with minimal insulation. After the cure, the soap had a slight yellow discoloration. The scent was strong and smelled like fresh apples. The soap came to trace very slow; this would be an ideal fragrance for multi-colored swirls.

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Average Rating:

(based upon 112 reviews)

So good!

Usually I'm looking for an apple scent with cinnamon but decided to try this since apple harvest wasn't available at the time. So glad I did! It's a true Macintosh apple scent. Smells very authentic and fresh. I'm impressed by this one as I'm not usually an apple person. I will probably get this again next year to start off the seasonal scents I get for my home.


Macintosh Apple

Other brands of Macintosh Apple have a bit more punch (CT/HT) and would still recommend their brand. Macintosh Apple CS does have something unique in their oil blend I can’t seem to put a finger on. Will have to bring in a professional (Mom) and do a blind smell. Brb


I wanted to make a tiny revision on my last review... I still do not particularly care for the scent, but I let my roommate smell it AND SHE LOVES IT. She said it's 5 stars, so in her honor I will put the rating at 5 stars... I suspect it simply boils down to personal preference. So, at least, give it a try.


John B.

The sample I ordered smells horrible. It doesn't even smell like apples. Very chemically. I was so looking forward to this fragrance because I read so many glowing reviews, but man, what a let down. I'm hoping this was just a one off, but even still I don't think I'll be ordering it again.

John B.
CandleScience Reply

Hi There, We're so sorry to hear you haven't enjoyed your sample of Macintosh Apple! The out-of-bottle smell of many fragrance oils will often smell very different from the finished product, so as a general rule of thumb we always recommend doing a small test batch in order to determine what the final product will smell like. Unfortunately, the out-of-the-bottle smell is not always entirely representative of how the fragrance will smell in the finished product. We hope this helps but if you have any additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Support team at!

Smells amazing

Smells so much better than I thought. Exactly like a fresh, juicy apple and has a great CT and HT.


the perfect scent!

Smells literally like a juicy apple. The perfect year round scent. Even people who don't care for fruity scents seem to enjoy this one. Burns very strong in soy wax as well.


love it!!

I accidently spilt part of my sample bottle on my floor . It lingered for days! The smell is great! I made my melts and cannot get enough of this fragrance . It is now my fav!


Love it

Great CT & HT. I use 10% load and 464.



This scent is incredible! I spilled almost an ounce by accident, but still got a really intense apple scent. Overall, it's incredible and I highly suggest it.



I absolutely LOVE an apple scented candle or melts! This smells delicious right ootb! Wow!!! My only complaint, is that I’m struggling to keep in stock, because I keep using it!!!! I should’ve made a batch of melts just for me, because a wonderful Fall scent to walk into. Literally smells like crisp Apple!


This scent is hands down amazing! The smell is fresh but balanced with a little sweetness. It smells like the taste when you freshly bite into an apple literally, that leafy kind of smell. LOVE IT

Aromas Galore

Smells great!

This scent smells so similar to the Trader Joes Honeycrisp Apple candles. So excited to finally be able to make my own!


Wow but too much!

This is a great scent but talk about a throw! It’s quite strong and eventually I get a headache. However, it is fresh and full of lots of apple.

Hideaway Candles


Macintosh Apple smells like you picked a fresh apple right from the tree, took a bite and smelled it while surrounded by fresh cut green grass. It is so true to an actual apple scent. Completely fresh, green and a bit tart smelling just as the description mentions. This is my all time favorite fragrance. I sold this on my fall line last year and it was a hit! I love it so much and all my customers loved it as well. This will for sure be apart of my fall line up this year. The cold throw with this scent is wonderful but the hot throw is even better. I recommend this fragrance for any season, you will not be disappointed. Don't even bother getting a sample size, you'll just be disappointed you didn't get the bigger size! :) (I used coconut wax & soy wax with this fragrance)

Wishes & Wicks Candle Co.

Love love love this FO!

This is one of my favorite FO to work with. The hot and cold throw is amazing and the scent is consistent and noticeable in the room the candle is in. Smells like crisp apples and nothing else, which is exactly what I wanted. The oil binds to the wax easy and immediately and I have never had any problems while working with this FO. I would say this is my current customer favorite.



I wanted to make a straight apple scented candle, and let me tell you.. THIS IS IT. Most apple scents have that lingering smell of cinnamon or clove with it but this one is just Apple! So fresh and great for fall lines!!


Candle Science had an Instagram live where Candace mentioned mixing Macintosh Apple with Apple Harvest and let 👏 me👏 tell👏 you it's amazing! In my candle, the Apple Harvest just smooths over the brightness of the Macintosh a bit and give such a nice smooth blend. They are both great on their own, but if you happen to have both, give it a try!

Cedar House Candles

Crisp Apple

Not that this fragrance needs more positive reviews, but this scent is a dream. Nice fresh apple scent without a hint of cinnamon. Great summer option.


Great hot and cold throw

My entire house smelled like Macintosh apples when burning this one! Strong hot and cold throw. Definitely will repurchase.

Cheyenna R

Smells good

Love the way it smells out the bottle will update once candle is completed


Absolutely Lovely!!!!!

Macintosh Apple has a bitter and sweet smell that I love!!! I'll be ordering a bigger bottles for my clients to enjoy.
Thanks Candle Science for helping my business grow at a fast pace. We love your FO's. : }

Edgy Aroma

Classic apple scent

It smells like fresh apples. No spice, just apples. It's like sniffing a nice ripe Macintosh right off the tree or in an apple orchard's shop. It's a nice, fresh scent that definitely accomplishes its goal. If you want an FO that smells just like an apple, and not much else, this is the FO for you. Not much more to say about it, though I prefer the slightly spicier Apple Harvest straight-up, and Macintosh Apple is more of my "mixer" for blending with other FOs like Very Vanilla, Cinnamon and Vanilla, Fireside, Fallen Leaves, Black Currant Absinthe, or Whiskey.


Not happy at all with this scent. It was harsh and had a strong chemical smell. I will now only purchase one ounce bottles until I find the fragrance I like, like frasier fir.


Orchard time!

This is a fall favorite. I sell out of this one faster than any other fall candle I make. It smells just like you are holding an apple you just picked off the tree.
Both men and women LOVE this scent.
Great hot and throw in 464 as well!


The theme for Christmas this year in our home is Apples. The tree is decorated with apples, the table will have apples, etc. I wanted a scent of apples to enhance the experience so I searched the internet for an apple scented product. I chose this fragrance because of the excellent reviews. They all said that the scent of Macintosh was the perfect aroma for fresh apples. It just arrived and I couldn’t wait to test it. NO. Not only does it NOT smell like fresh apples, there is a strong chemical component to it. I am very disappointed, I can’t use this product in my house. My dinner guests (22 in number) will find this scent disturbing. I am already getting a headache from the brief sniff I took a few minutes ago. If you are looking for a fresh pleasant apple scent, this is NOT it!


Smells like a real Apple Mart!

I am a complete apple snob. I really, truly dislike fake apple smell; also, I'm really sensitive to artificial scent.

This Macintosh Apple is the real deal! It smells as if you walked into an apple mart (if you don't remember, or haven't ever been in an apple mart--they are a vanishing species, sadly!--, it's the orchard market, pretty much just a big room in a barn, where all the apples are in wooden bins for you to buy). It really, truly, smells like real, fresh apples. I admit I was completely skeptical when I bought this, but I was blown away by how amazing it is. So, so happy!

CandleScience, thank you--- I am brand new to this and you've won a new loyal customer. I want to also say thank you for offering the carbon-neutral shipping option, which means a lot to me.

Karen E. H.


Macintosh Apple is the best. My #1 seller. The perfect holiday scent right now.


True apple scent

One of my favorite scents here. I absolutely adore this one. A true apple scent, Yum!

Lovely Day Fragrances

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Best apple FO I have found. Smells so good! Used in CP soap. I will buy again...and again...and again!



I bought this based on the reviews bcuz I didn't think I was a big apple scent person and I can't believe how much I love this scent. Smells exactly like real Macintosh apples!! I've ordered scents from so many other companies and this was my first order from Candle Science and definitely not my last. They literally have it down to a "science" and spot on with their scents. I ordered over 20 scents and I'm having a hard time choosing which ones to use first bcuz they ALL really smell wonderful. I'm so thrilled to have found this supplier. Thank you for the great information and ideas you also give on your site. P.s. And shipping was very fast!


Love this scent!! Smells exactly like apples!! Will definitely buy more!!!


The truest apple I've tried!

This is the only apple FO that doesn't smell fake. OOB I wasn't sure, but once it was burning (after a 24 hour cure!!!), It was fantastic!! Thanks CS!


Seasonal Scents

Wonderful hot and cold throw. Love it


So yummy!

This smells like a bushel of fresh apples. It doesn't smell synthetic at all. Love this! It was one of my most popular fall scents.


Best Apple Scent!!

This is by far my favorite apple scent I've come across. Nice crisp juicy true-to-life smell!

Modern Magix


Absolutely fell in love with it straight OOB. Excellent cold throw & even better hot throw. Honestly I hoping BUT wasn’t expecting this scent to be such a powerhouse...boy was I wrong! Can’t get enough of this delicious apple scent. Will definitely be ordering more!


One of the best scents !!!!

Very strong but not overwhelming scent. I use 2oz per pound of soy wax and fills the room with fragrance !!! Highly recommend this one !


I'm not sure I received the right scent update

I had to come back and update my review. out of the bottle I thought this smelled like apple cider, sour almost like the apples that have fallen off the trees when apple picking. But I made candles with it, added a drop of creme brulee, and well this is the best! smells so good and sold out more than once! great scent


Best Apple Smell on the planet..that is FACT! ..Fresh mac apple with some green, almost Fir type smell to it..Amazing.

Candle Dude

As expected

Delicious apple smell


I'm not sure I recieved the right scent

I purchased McIntosh apple based on the rave reviews and I love apple scents, but I just received my order and when i smell it out of bottle I expected to smell sweet apple but it smells more like Robitussin cough syrup! I don't get it.. is it supposed to be spicy maybe?
All the other fragrances I purchased smell wonderful but I am not so sure about this one. Hopefully it smells better in soy


Love the Macintosh Apple!!

Smells delicious! Can’t wait to make candles with this oil.


Amazing scent, amazing in CP

I just made cold procress soap with this fragrance oil yesterday, and it soaped wonderfully. No acceleration, no ricing, and the scent is amazing. I used the maximum required amount, since I read the scent will get fade. So far so good. This fragrance oil is amazing and smells just like the real thing. If I can give this a 10 Star I would. It’s not common to find sweet scented fragrance oils that will not accelerate. I was able to do a few in the pot swirls.

Thank you Candlescience

Hoping the scent sticks.....

Jessica Arabel with Arabel’s Naturals

Spot on and Strong

I used this at 1% in body wash. It was so strong I will probably go .5% next time. The scent is very true. I tried adding some spice EOs for a mulled cider effect, but this just overpowers even those strong oils. I guess I'll just have to try the apple harvest FO as well!


Macintosh Apple - a fan favorite!

Classic, timeless scent that everyone loves... Macintosh Apple is a favorite, and this fragrance nails it. We will definitely be ordering this on the regular!


Brand new to candle making and I've already sold every one of these that I've made. Amazing scent!


Orchard Picked!

I know you should never go by a scent with 'smelling it from the bottle' because it will be quite different when burning as a candle, but if you close your eyes when you smell this, you'd swear you were at the Orchard. Excellent Smell. Haven't tried it yet in my soy candles but I'm sure it won't disappoint.


Owner at Melting Moon Candle Company

This smells JUST like the Yankee Candle scent. I am still working to get it a little stronger HT in my 464 - 6% isn't strong enough - As we know,Fruity scents can be tricky. But it is WORTH the experimenting for sure! But another crowd pleaser with very strong CT



This stuff smells really good. Will be back for more when they lower the shipping costs.



This fragrance is absolutely delicious! A true crisp sweet apple scent that will make you drool! Amazing soy throw, already one of my most popular scents!



Tart, sweet, and crisp, this is a true to life scent! Smells just like ripe, juicy apples fresh from the tree. A definite pleaser! Love it!


Just Picked!

This fragrance smells like a just picked apple! Dead on and oh sooo delicious. You will not be disappointed. Great scent throw in soy candles!

Sue Rogers


We were not sure about ordering this scent....We are so HAPPY that we did!! It has a wonderful cold & hot throw, and smells delicious! Works great in IGI 4627 Comfort Blend...Thanks Candle Science!



I have always loved the McIntosh scent from the YC store and this one is a perfect match! I love it and burn it all the time.


THE BEST! Beautiful apple aroma!

I am so thrilled with this scent! I have used others and they fall short of being just right! Candlescience got this perfect! My customers love it! Thanks! Cheryl

Cheryl Beggs




Makes you want to take a bite

Apple is a standard scent needed for candles. This one is beyond standard. It makes you think you are in an orchard it smells so good. We used it with Palm Wax which made for a beautiful container candle. Took tarts to work and left it in the car. When I returned to the car later my car smelled incredible.

Patty Fantetti

just like Yankee

love this one...very strong throw in Soy CB Advanced. This smells just like the Yankee Candle scent. Clean, Crisp & Sweet!


This one should be 7 stars

This is absolutely the best mac apple out there. No chemical smell, just true apple. I want to know how they got the apple in the bottle. Your mouth will water. Thanks CS



Smell exactly like Mac apples!


mmm apples

great scent - smells like you cut into a fresh apple!


I could eat it!

Wow, very realistic. A bit of tartness just like a real apple. LOVE IT!


Great Smell!

This wonderful fragrence filled my house will the smell of juicy apples. It makes me think of apple cider at a late fall harvest party. Yummy!


Perfect Scent!

This has to be the BEST macintosh apple ever! No other apple scent compares to this.


The McIntosh Apple

This fragrance is absolutely wonderful. I love the apple scent in my house and is a big seller with my customers. It smells exactly like apples and has a marvelous scent throw.

Sandy Shaughnessy

A must have!

A very strong fresh apple scent. I will always have this one in stock.


Happy Camper

My sister Amy is my biggest critic and she will tell me if my product fails. Her favorite fragrance is apple and i have tested so many fragrances in the last 5 years. None to hers or my expectation. I have found success with this fragrance. I started using this fragrance initially 5 years ago and tried to cut shipping costs but i compromised on quality. I am a very happy camper...this is the BEST!

Barbara Anderson


Pure, unadultered juicy apple fragrance-love this. Used in Ecosoya Adv-great cold/hot throw.


Fresh cut apple!

Love it! I cut an apple to compare....



Smells like a perfectly ripe apple x10!
So impressed!

A. Brownlow

True to life

A crisp, true apple scent. Well done.


Yankee Candles move over

I got this as a free sample, and WOW it is amazing. Will definately be getting a bigger size


Amazingly strong

Great scent. must have!


The Best!

Use 464 wax. Everyone loves it! A year round candle to have! A fresh clean scent! Smells just like a New England Macintosh Apple!


Crisp, clean scent

I use this scent in my oil burner, and it is indeed a fresh, crisp and clean apple scent. After a few hours, the scent can get stale - just add a little base scent (like coconut or vanilla) to spark it right up. Top notch fragrance.


Truly the best out there!

A consistant best seller year round. The name says it all. Don't bother looking anywhere else for a Macintosh apple. Used in GB 464 in a 12 square canning jar with 1 htp 105 wick, or a 16oz salsa jar with a cd22 wick or a 12 oz apothecary jar with a cd 22 wick and truly outstanding. I could smell the fragrance through the screens of my windows before I even got in the front door! What does that tell you?

Such an uplifting fresh scent.


Like I'm at the orchard!

This is an amazing apple fragrance, I can't get enough. It makes my whole house smell like I'm in an apple orchard. Will definitely reorder.


Fresh and Juicy!

This smells AWESOME! It's very true to its name, has a strong scent throw as well. Smells just like a fresh juicy apple!


if only i could give it 10 stars ;-)

this smells just like the yankee candle store's version... awesome!


Macintosh apple is incredible!

This scent is one of the strongest I've used. It smells
Like a clean cut apple. I recommend this scent to any and all
Fruit and apple lovers. I used it in igi 6006 and I can smell the
Ct across the room. Amazing! I don't usually go for
Fruit smells either!



This scent is super accurate to its name! It truly smells like fresh cut Macintosh Apples. I made a 12 ounce candle in a status jar with GB 464 and used a 5 percent FO load and it still came out very strong! Cold throw is amazing and the Hot throw is just as awesome. Grab this FO if you are looking for a true to life fresh apple scent.

Carlos C.

This doesn't smell sweet at all. I had to name it green apple. It's tart, and smells like sour apple. After pouring, it actually makes my eyes were burning . It has a chemical smell, and it's the only CS scent that made me a little nauseated. Now, after it cures, it's not as bad. I added caramelized pralines to cut the tartness and name it caramel candy apple. Macintosh apple is not this scent at all. I will have to try harvest apple instead.


This is one of the most accurate and strong scents I've tried. Just like a cold, freshly sliced apple. Wonderful hot & cold throw. My husband really likes it as well.



I am burning this scent right now and the hot throw is EVERYTHING! The cold throw has a strong scent as well! A refreshing scent for the Fall and the Holidays. Will be purchasing a larger bottle next time.


Just like the Yankee Candle Version

This smells VERY similar to Yankee candle Macintosh Apple. I LOVE this apple scent, smells like a delicious crisp apple with JUST the right amount of tartness that you think of with macintosh apples.Used in 464 Soy Wax at 1oz/1lb, nice strong cold throw, waiting on cure time to see how the hot throw does.


My best selling Fall fragrance

Macintosh Apple has now become my 1# selling candle & melt.

Ladybug Candles Soaps & Things

The BEST Mac Apple on the planet.

Seriously good stuff. This is the fragrance by which all others are judged. Works in every wax, easy to wick, and a best seller all year long.


Definitely Macintosh Apple

Wow. Just wow. This scent is fantastic. If I closed my eyes while smelling it, I would think I was smelling an actual apple. It's amazing, it sells incredibly well, and I can't wait to order more of it. If you're looking for an FO that smells realistic, look no further friends for this is your answer.


Macintosh Apple

Excellent FO. I used this in soy 464 wax and was very pleased with it. Both cold and hot throw was great! Will be ordering and making more with this scent for sure!!!

Franklin Soap Co


great scent. our customers love it!



Super great scent everyone loves it but it does lighten the color of the wax when you dye it


The best apple scent ever !

This is my first time ordering from candlescience my order was processed that same day mailed out ,and at my door step in two days . I have ordered FO from a lot places this is going to be my main supplier this Apple scent is the best , strongest true to scent I have ever smelled I am so happy with this purchase sorry this review is short but I have to go make me some apple candles .


This fragrance is by far my favorite. I've tried a lot of different apples and this one is the best. Nice crisp apple scent.


Amazing, pure apple smell!

Love this FO. I used it at 10% in 464 and it is beautiful. It has amazing hot and cold throw. I had a 2oz candle sitting on my sofa table, not burning but open, and you could smell the candle from the couch! There is something to be said about a nice, clean and simple scent.



This scent is unbelievably good! It is a true fresh apple smell. It's as if you're standing in an apple orchard! Scent throw in a candle is incredible.


Out of this world!

Not being a fan of scents imitating foods or fruits, I didn't expect to really like this one. I don't like it, I LOVE IT. The most amazing hot throw. Beautiful scent. Now I understand why so many people rave about this as being one of the top FOs by CS. Love it, love it!


Very light a fresh apple scent. It's an apple in a bottle! I mixed a little bit of Cinnamon and Pumpkin with this and it smells so good.


Great In CP Soap!!

This scent is wonderful! Great in CP soaps and it smells exactly like Macintosh Apples. I only made a small test batch so I'm not sure if this behaves well in larger batches but I didn't notice any acceleration or ricing.


Spot on

This smells exactly like MacIntosh Apples - that you can pick out the type of apple from this scent says it all and you can. Love it in candles. Has anyone tried it in CP Soap?



I can't say enough about this fragrance. I LOVE it! Smells like a barrel of fresh apples. I don't like cinnamon at all, and there's not even a hint in this! Just straight Apple! It's amazing and worth a buy! Great CT and HT, too! Used GW 464. Smells incredible!


This is a great fresh apple scent!

The Burning Mitten


You reading this.. yeah you... Purchase this fragrance! I will promise you that it will become one of your top sellers! I have tried apple from several other suppliers and nothing touches Mac Apple from CS! The cold and hot throw is absolutely incredible! NAILED IT! I cant keep it in stock! Having to re-order ever other week! Thank you CS! Just wishing CS had more designer fragrance..


Amazing Scent

One of my best sellers! Both candles and tarts! Great hot and cold throw! Extremely pleased with this fragrance! All scents I have received from CS have not been a disappointment! Thank you CS!!!



Delicious and juicy....the PERFECT red MacIntosh Apple!! Also an absolute beautiful blender!! LOVE this fragrance!!


Most spot-on scent period!

This scent is the most incredibly true-to-life scent for Macintosh apples. I grew up in an area that had tons of Macintosh apples in orchards and Macintosh apples are very distinct from other apples. Very identifiable. This scents is awesome and exactly like you are cutting into a real Macintosh Apple. Thank you and great job Candle Science. I love the scent in my candles and my customers do too. Makes me truly enjoy my candle making even more when I get to work with great well-made fragrances like you've done with this one.


This is the first fragrance i used from candle science. Its very strong when i pored it . cant smell it when it burns:{ i am using GB 464 1 oz a lb. then i tried a higher amount of the oil. still no smell. i bought a 8oz bottle . and tried diff wick sizes. candle burns good just no fragrance. any sug?


Perfect YC Dupe

I purchased this as a hopeful replacement for the overpriced Yankee reed diffusers. It did not disappoint. This is a perfect replacement for it, and has a crisp, juicy apple scent.


Strong and True!

This smells exactly like apples! I used it to make kids' soap at 2% and it is strong! Haven't tried it in wax yet but will be for fall. Fresh and crisp, nothing artificial smelling . Love it!


coastal shabby

this scent has strong crisp apple scent cold and HOT throw. I used with 464 and it's the best how throw I've experienced with soy candle. Highly recommended for soy candles. Most of the scents I've bought from candle science has had a pretty good hot throws with soy candles. I've tried scents from another vendor....this vendor has better scents.


Love this scent!, just wish it was less expensive!

I love this scent, but I NEVER order it b/c its so darn expensive!!! : (

Candace's Soy Candles

Just like Bath and Body Works Farmstand Apple

This is a wonderful scent, very much like the Bath and body works farmstand apple candle. I am new to candle making, and this scent has a wonderful hot and cold throw. Remember to always let your candles cure for a few days before lighting, it makes all the difference!

Anica Zadrzynski


ok...I normally do not like apple scents, but this one is amazing! Soooooo real!!!!