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How to Make Reed Diffusers

How do reed diffusers work?

Reed Diffuser with diagram showing disbursement of aroma chemicals.

What is reed diffuser base?

What are reed diffuser sticks made from?

Closeup of a reed diffuser in a glass container.

Which fragrances can I use in reed diffusers?

How much fragrance do I use in my reed diffusers?

How should I package my reed diffusers?

Close up of reed diffusers.

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Step 1: Create a Diffuser Solution 

Pouring reed diffuser base to weigh on soap and candle scale.
Weighing fragrance oil on a soap and candle scale.

Step 2: Add Diffuser Solution

Close up of fragrance oil and reed diffuser base being poured into a glass jar.

Step 3: Add Reeds