Reed Diffuser Base 16oz and 5 lb. bottles
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Ships from East Coast.
Ships from East Coast.
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Reed Diffuser Base is a liquid you mix with fragrance oils to make reed diffuser oils. It makes fragrance thinner, or less viscous, so that it flows up the reed easily. Many of our fragrance oils are safe for use in reed diffusers. You can find a list of what fragrances are safe by using our Fragrance Oil Finder.

Are all Reed Diffuser Bases the same?
Absolutely Not! There are two big things to watch for:

1. Safety - Many states have restrictions on the VOC percentage of reed diffusers. VOC's or Volatile Organic Compounds are compounds that are harmful and create indoor air quality problems. Our reed diffuser base is non-toxic, and VOC compliant in all 50 states, so you can be confident that your reed diffusers meet indoor air quality regulations. This product does not contain DPG.

2. Flow - Our reed diffuser base quickly and easily flows up the reeds, allowing the fragrance to reach its strongest potential.


Watch our quick guide to learn how to create reed diffusers with candlescience diffuser base. Watch Now >

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Check out our wholesale page for more information on ordering reed diffuser supplies in bulk or by the pallet.


Vanillin Content 0%
Prop 65 Warning Required No



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I absolutely love this reed diffuser base!!!! I make car diffusers and have sold out almost every time I have craft shows!!! My customers rave about them and says how amazing their car smells!!! Keep up the good work! I’m getting ready to order more! A++++


Light Reed diffuser base!!

I have bought this base and use it as recommended as 3 part of base to 1 part FO .. i make 3 diffuser and i put 3oz base and 1oz (for each) using (love spell - cashmere plum - pink sugar crystals FO) and I didn’t get any results for all i make!! There no scents come out!!!

CandleScience Reply

I am so sorry you've been having difficulties with your fragrances blending and offering great scent throw when being used in a Reed Diffuser! One of our team members has reached out to offer some pointers to get them to work as best for you as possible.

I have great results using this reed diffuser base. Folks who have problems, keep in mind that for any reed diffuser, it may take a few hours to a couple days for the reeds to really start discoursing the aromas! I typically will rotate the reeds a few hours after their first use, and then once per week after that. It seems to work well for me, and is what I recommend to my customers, too.

Additionally, to CS, I wish I could up like Brittany's suggestion from May 2021. I'd be more than happy to pay more to fill up that jug, if it meant refusing plastic use. Thanks for your great products!


Branche Basu Boutique

I read the reviews and almost didn’t purchase. I decided to use try the base with two different types of reeds one from candle supply and another supplier. Immediately the fragrance radiated through my room. I used my favorite scent peppermint and eucalyptus and it’s powerful on its own. I will test other scents but so far no complaints here.


I love this reed diffuser base but I feel like you need to sale it as 7-8 pounds instead of 5 so there is less waste with plastic. The container is only have full, so i would rather pay for more and use less plastic. Keep being awesome!

CandleScience Reply

Thank you for your feedback! We are always looking to improve our sustainability standards so I will be sure to pass along your suggestion!


I really love this base and mu customer love my diffuser as well too. But I hope the new standards do not ruin this base due most of CS fo doesn´t work as used to. (

Elvis York

Orchard Avenue by Tamie

Customer service at Candle Science is unmatched! Let’s get that out the way. This base is amazing and blends well with my fragrance oils. All my customers rave about my reed diffusers. Thanks CS!

Tamie S.

pleasantly surprised

I have no experience with reed diffusers and was really skeptical. I made my first reed diffuser 3 days ago using this solution and black currant and absinthe. I initially placed it in my large bedroom (using 6 reeds). Within 4 hours it was too strong. I moved it to my small den with vaulted ceiling and it is still putting out fragrance on day 3. I haven't flipped the reeds yet. I am exciting to be able to offer these at market this summer because there are several small and studio apartments that have just been built in our downtown area. I think these are going to be great for those customers and the college students also living downtown.

Carolyne Thrasher/Peace City Soaps

Owner/ L. E. Candle Co.

I wanted to add “reed diffusers” in my candle line...I got the new silver bottles!! So So So in love with everything I bought.
Natural bamboo reeds
Reed diffuser base
Silver bottles (w/ toppers)
Beach linen (as tester scent)
These are by far beautiful yet elegant looking!
I only purchased 12 bottles!
I’ll most definitely be purchasing more!
Thank you, as always CS 💙

Alicia Burton

This Diffuser Base is really good. It is nice that all of the fragrances work with the updated version.


Better than the previous reed diffuser

I am excited the new reed diffuser base is compatible with all CS FO’s. It might just be me, but I think the scent throw on this is slightly better than the previous base. I am excited to test my entire line of home fragrance and start offering reed diffusers as part of our 2020 Holiday Collection. Recommendation: do not exceed the recommended percentages as listed by CS on the individual FO. Adding more FO will only cause your reeds to get clogged with FO and prevent the scent from going up the reeds and filling the room.