Black Currant Absinthe Fragrance Oil
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Product Notice, August 2, 2021: The soap safe usage rate for this fragrance oil has been impacted by recent regulatory changes. While this fragrance has not been changed in any way, the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) amended use standards that impact this fragrance.

The information displayed in the Properties section on this page is accurate; however, you may receive a bottle with the soap safe usage rates allowed before the IFRA change. These bottles were printed prior to the regulatory change and are being phased out. You have until May 10, 2022, to use the product at the prior usage rate for any existing products while you reformulate. 

Learn more about IFRA 49: What Candle and Soap Makers Need to Know and IFRA 49: Soap Usage Recommendation Changes.

Black Currant Absinthe is a captivating and sensual fragrance oil. It begins with light traces of apple and delicate saffron threads. Luscious black currants and blackberries are the core of this fragrance. Warm base notes of anise and amber surround you in this sophisticated cocktail of a scent. Patchouli and cedarwood essential oils enhance the intensity of the dark fruit in this rich fragrance. This soap safe scent turns handmade bath and body care products into decadent creations for any season. Wax melts and candles add a lavish touch to any space. Black Currant Absinthe is fitting for special events and makes for exquisite gifts. This complex scent brings a pleasing, comforting, yet upscale character wherever it’s used.

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including patchouli and cedarwood.

Blends well with: Macintosh Apple, Suede and Smoke

Alternative branding ideas: Witchy Woman, Blackberry Absinthe, Blackberry Fairy

Note Profile:
Top: Saffron, Apple
Middle: Black Currant, Blackberry, Vanilla
Base: Anise, Patchouli, Amber

Suggested Colors: Green, Purple, Red
See our complete list of candle making dyes and soap colorants.

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.


Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe Yes Usage: 2-4%
Vanillin Content 0.01% - 2%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint 180 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required No
Diffuser Base Compatible No

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.


Cold Process Soap Performance
Acceleration Discoloration Separation
None Tan None

Lye Water Temperature 116ºF
Oil temperature 120ºF

We did not experience any acceleration or separation. The batter was very slow to come to trace and would be great for swirling. After 24 hours the soap was very soft. We allowed the soap to remain in the mold for five extra days. Upon removing, the soap did stick to the silicone mold, and the corners did not come out clean. The scent was strong, and we did observe signs of a partial gel with minimal insulation. The soap bars did discolor to a light brown shade. After the cure, the scent remained strong, and the bars discolored to a tan shade. Due to the soap being so soft, a water discount or paper liner may help avoid damaging the bars when removing it from the mold.

*Note - This fragrance was tested at a 5% fragrance load. With the release of IFRAs 49th Amendment this fragrance can now be used at 4.47% to remain IFRA compliant.

Read more about our process


Average Rating:

(based upon 91 reviews)

Smells exactly like the Alien perfume from Nordstrom!!

Melanie Parker

Most Disappointed by This Scent

Based on the profile and some of the reviews, I knew this had more of a cologne bend to it, but I believed it would still be more fruit forward than it is. I picked this one as a fruit scent for my beeswax candle line for this reason. If you're looking for a more masculine, cologne fragrance then this is it, but don't expect much fruit/sweetness to this, if any at all. It's a decent scent, I'm just disappointed by the name; it feels misleading for that reason.


I love this fragrance!

This goes great by itself, as well as a mix with another fragrance. I use this year round.

Natasha Baptiste

Love this in CP soap!

I just made a batch of soap using this fragrance and love it! I didn't experience any of the softness issues included in the testing notes, but did get a partial gel. I'll be sure to cpop this next time. The fragrance is strong at 2% usage and I'm so excited to introduce this one to customers!


Quite Fresh Manly Scent

A definite customer favorite. I have literally made batches to order for some on a regular basis. I always prefer the manly scents over any other and if that's what you are looking for then this is it, your customers will keep coming back, trust. Please don't mess with this one CS lol :)

Sweet Soil Candles


I was excited to test this FO yesterday and I am thoroughly happy with the cold throw! I cannot wait until I test out the hot throw, I am am sure it will be just as amazing! Thank you, CandleScience, for your amazing fragrance oils and quality supplies!

Owner of Little Candle Studio

The best!

This one is amazing! I definitely lean more towards the complex/richer scents and so don't normally like full on fruity scents and this one is the perfect combo. The sweetness of the fruits and vanilla is really tempered by the saffron and base notes of the scent. If you're looking for something similar, I think the new Black Currant Violet is a more floral forward version of this scent, both are really lovely!



I find this scent very intriguing. I use it in my masculine cold process soap. You can definitely smell the sweetness of the berry but it’s also earthy with the patchouli and cedar wood. Will probably be buying more!

a. conklin


VERY MASCULINE! Great for men looking to add a masculine scent to their man cave!

Senyah Candles LLC

A work of art

WOW!! This is incredible. It took my breath away in the best possible way. I am floored with how upscale, accurate and complex this scent is. Possibly the best smell I have encountered in a fragrance oil. Definitely the most complex. It is unique and just wow! I can smell the alcohol too.


Owner Wicks NOLA Candle Company

I have been using this scent for over a year now and it has been perfection. Recently you all ran out of stock and I just got my order. I don’t know what changed but this scent is not the same. I received two 5lb. jugs of something that is totally different. Please advise CS or I’m going to need a refund.

Tiffany Brown

Mouthwatering favorite

I find this scent to be very sexy, and neither too masculine or overly flowery feminine. An all time favorite of mine, this scent is one of the reasons I decided to get into candle making. Highly recommend ordering if you’re on the fence about it.


Smells Good

I wasn't impressed with it out of bottle but i went ahead and made some 4oz candles and it definitely surprised me. It is subtle but it fills the space with a beautiful scent. I will buy and add to my line.



very surprised by this scent. It's great, but smells like chemicals - like high end hair dye - which isn't a bad thing necessarily but very interesting! I originally used this scent for a garnet themed candle.

Elsewood Creations


This scent definitely took me by surprise. It is so addictive! I had no clue what to expect and I was VERY surprised in such a good way! I absolutely love this one! So unique and intriguing. Definitely a favorite!

Jessie C

Best Seller!

This is by far the most unique scent I've used to make soaps. To my surprise it became a best seller in my shop!


Love this scent!

I honestly got into candle making because of this scent. I would recommend it to anyone!

Kaitlyn E.

Love it

Love this scent! It's very masculine and delicious. One of my favorites!


This smells amazing. 6% in soy wax . 5 day cure.


Strong, Clean, Bright Scent

Consumer here. I use Candle Science oils to fragrance my own home. This oil is high quality, strong and long lasting. Even when it's done diffusing in the room, you can still smell it all over for hours afterwards. This is a fruity scent with a hint of musk. There's also something really fresh and clean about it which makes it great for chasing out food smells after cooking. I really like it! Thank you, Candle Science. :)


Beautiful scent!

This is very pleasant, one of their best scents! Very spicy and sweet and strong. Could be feminine or masculine, masculine especially if you mixed it with a woodsy scent.
I can't speak for how well it does in candles, though, as I use it more for bath products. Out of the bottle, it's extremely vibrant.


Hope this turns out well

I mixed it with love spell and I’m excited and scared lol ! These candles will be Xmas gifts for co workers I liked the combo hope they do too


I absolutely love this masculine scent. I will be ordering again.


A M A Z I N G. I have a line based on the zodiac and I use this scent for Scorpio; I wanted something mysterious and sexy smelling and this is right on the money. Customers love this one. Very upscale scent.


10 stars!!!

Has been MY absolute favorite for 2 years, since I've started, and it continues to stay as #1. My customers keep coming back for more. NEVER GET RID OF THIS, PLEASE!



This is a fantastic scent. I make soap and cannot keep this in stock! They pick it up and can't put it down!

slippery when wet soap co.

love scent but had issues

This scent is amazing! it's a great spin off of the traditional fall scents. However when I lit the candle, it smells like nothing :( What did I do wrong??



Love Love Love



This SCENT IS LIFE people. What a beautiful scent. I just got this and cannot wait to hear all the ewwws and ahhhhhs. Wowza. I LOVE THIS.


I put it in everything

I'm a big burly guy. I don't sell candles or anything. Just love making them for my own enjoyment. I started added scents to my disinfectant spray and clearing products.

This scent is strong and carries well. I mix it with my cocoa butter lotion and Vaseline. Women asks me all the time - what cologne I am wearing. I love my colognes - Gucci Guilty Intense is my favorite. This puts me in the mind of that scent. The best feedback I get is from my girlfriend. She raves and how good I smell. I'll never share my secret. I love Amber Noir, Egyptian Amber and Wintermint. This scent is surprisingly sexy. I'm on bottle number two. I like it, my gf loves it. I'm sold.



This scent is very unique. Fruity, but like in a dark sexy way.


Love love love

My biggest seller...especially to men.
Can't find anything it. Its a deep sophisticated sexy scent. ♡♡♡♡

Keri Holstein


This is my best selling soap! I sell out every week at the Farmers Market. Customers can't get enough of it.

slippery when wet soap co.

Personal favorite

This is my personal favorite, it has earthy, fruity, musky and hints of floral, keeps you guessing on the notes, which i love about this fragrance oil.


Simply the Best

This is one of the best fragrance oils i have ever smelled. The complexity, texture, and throw are unparalleled for Fall and Winter. Simply marvelous!


Very Sweet

A lot sweeter than I was expecting, but still a lovely scent. A little does go a long way and I made a batch that was a bit overpowering using the same ratios as other fragrances from candlescience.


A favorite

This is a personal favorite. Rich, sweet, earthy, fruity, everything I like in a scent. I’m still prepping these for sale so we’ll see what the customers say but this seems like a winner to me. CT and HT is fantastic in 464 wax.

Artemisia Herbals

too medicinal for me to enjoy

smells like dark juicy berries (very fruity to me) and sharp, cutting absinthe. It's interesting - not my personal favorite but I can see how it'd be attractive as a fragrance(I hope it sells!). It's a little medicinal.


new favorite scent

I originally purchased this 1 oz. FO to sample for my friend since they had a candle with "absinthe" in it... and it's my new favorite scent. I think I'm going to make a big candle of this for myself! I wasn't sure about all the notes in the scent because it has both fruity and woody undertones, but it works REALLY WELL together. Will be purchasing a larger size in the future for sure. And as always, the best shipping and customer service!


Sweet men’s cologne

Just received a 1oz sample of this fragrance and it’s really nice! It definitely smells like a men’s cologne but is more sweet and fruity and not as musky. It’s definitely a scent both men and women will love. My husband says it reminds him of Hollister cologne. I read a few reviews say this was almost identical to Black Sea and I strongly disagree!!! This is way more fruity and sweet, not the same at all! Overall it’s a great scent and if you’re looking for something masculine and sweet this is definitely just that


Sexy Man

Black Currant is a beautiful masculine scent. If a man didn't care too much about candles then, he will now after smell this wonderful scent.


Old style luxury

This is a black currant and amber oriental perfume blend, quite nice though a touch 80s. The patchouli comes up strong as it dries down on skin (I make perfumes so I test on skin) but overall it's a woody, dark blend with the nuances of old style orientals. This would be fantastic in a deep burgundy soap. Very exotic and rich.



A favorite!

Dancing Orchid Soapworks

This is by far my best seller. Does well in melts, candles, and soap.

Kimberlie Fielding

Gorgeous scent

I ordered about 20 different scents as a first time customer and this scent was by far #1 scent. Amazing hot and cold throw.



I love this scent! I found it first in a candle at a bookstore and I'm so thrilled that Candlescience makes it. It goes well with reading Poe next to a pile of taxidermy.



This is one of my top favorites, it smells high end, not super manly, but not feminine, with a slight hint of blue berries. Definitely top 3 of my favorites, if not my #1


Top 10 Favorite

After reading the reviews (which sounded pretty positive), I bought a 1 oz. bottle of this fragrance to try out. At the time, I was making a bunch of different tester candles and didn't think too much about this particular aroma. It wasn't until about a month later, when I pulled this candle out of storage that I realized just how AWESOME it smelled. I came home from work to the most potent, and pleasant, smells. I gotta say that the cold-throw on this candle is insanely strong (in a good way). At this point I have already burned the candle, but I put the jar in my bathroom because the extra wax remaining in the jar is still strong enough to lightly infuse my bathroom with it's lovely smell.


Soy candle

I did not care much for this scent but my customers loved it and kept asking me to make more candles in this scent! It has a strong sweet tangy smell that throws hot and cold very well.


The Mad Soaper

I love love love this fragrance! It performs great in CP and has amazing CT and HT in 464. It’s unisex and unique. It’s just perfect!


Wrong for me, but might be your type..

This FO is heavy on the amber. It has a very deep, amber-sweet, "perfume," scent. Not particularly complex. Reminds me of Euphoria by Calvin Klein. Decent cold throw, my tester is still curing but I'm sure the hot throw is fine. It's really strong even at ~5% in 464. Overall, not my style, but if you like heavy perfumes, you'll love this.


Slippery when wet soap co.

Trying to find new fragrances for my soaps and was pleasantly surprised by this one. Strong scent (will last longer in soaps) and my customers love it! Will buy this again.


This is a STRONG fragrance. I am personally not the greatest fan of it BUT the men I know love it. Interestingly enough, I find that it accelerates a little quickly with my CP soap recipe but thankfully, I don't have any intricate design for this scent. It DEFINITELY gels without much insulation so be careful of making with anything with sugar/alcohol. It also unmolded VERY well after 24 hours and the scent is still strong after the curing period so overall, I am very happy with the results this fragrance gives me.



Best seller. Use it for my base scent candle and I have moved it into my spa line. Love love LOVEEEEEEE!!!!


This smells so good it makes me want to cry!

This is my absolute favorite fragrance. Its cold and hot throws are very strong. I use this with the comfort blend wax. I tried soy and I am not a big fan. When I make a candle I want it to be very strong and of all the fragrances I have tried this one seems to be the strongest and it smells heavenly!


Deep Sass

If you had a group of friends that occasionally solved mysteries, faced curious adventures, and generally helped people, then this scent would be the person with a heart of gold, but a master of sarcasm and straight-faced facetious quips. Probably wears accessories and colors that most can't, but does it so genuinely that it never feels contrived. Warm, mysterious, deep, wild berries... the scent of intuition.


Beautiful Performer

This fragrance oil smells wonderful! I received it as a sample and ended up buying a larger bottle. It performs wonderfully in cold-processed soap. I can't quite speak to how much it discolors or not but it neither riced my soap batter nor accelerated trace. I'm excited to use it in candles! I would recommend the purchase of this FO to others.

Cove Kevana

I cant get enough of this scent! Its our #1 Seller in Room Sprays/Candles.

Teresa D

Dark and perfect for October!!!

I was looking for scents to add to my Fall/Halloween collection, and this one made the cut!! Fruity, dark, and sultry, this scent is a keeper so far! Strong oob and so far the cold throw in GB 464 is excellent. I have one more day of curing before I can test it burning!!! Thanks Candlescience!!


Sample scent

I was given a free 1 oz. sample with my order. I absolutely love this scent in my hp soap. I will be ordering a larger bottle for sure!

Melissa Ritter

Absolutely amazing

This one is absolutely amazing! I ordered an 8 oz bottle on a whim solely based on reviews. It has a nice underlying smoky note. I made a few small samples and randomly gave one to my customers. A few of them called for a large candle and more melts. It’s a sticky sweet dark currant. I do get amber and the lightest touch of Amber. It’s a strong one. Smells very similar to Amber Noir but stronger.


My favorite scent so far! Not too strong or masculine. Made candles and wax cubes. Freshens the entire apartment.


Black Currant Absinthe

After receiving my 1oz sample, I HAD to get a 1lb bottle. This is such a beautiful scent! Already used it in a candle and tarts as well as a cp cocoa butter soap- absolutely no problem and the scent sticks.
A new favorite!


The scent is amazing! It's interesting without being overpowering. Not perfume like at all. Everyone who smells this loves it!



I'm using this particular scent with my high end candle collection and so far the testing is AMAZING. Fills a room perfectly and smells just as amazing when burning as it does in the bottle. Love it!

Candles By The Darkest Muse

Jade Oak Handmade

Can't keep it in stock!! One of my bestsellers.



I absolutely love this fragrance!! ❤
All of my clients do, too! I immediately ordered a second bottle (a bigger one) after I sold out on Black Friday. This is a beautiful men's fragrance that is not too simple, but complex enough and sophisticated enough to spark everyone's interest. Women also love it. Thank you so much for this, CandleScience. You guys truly rock. 😄👍🏾

Danie B

this scent is beyond fabulous! It is captivating, sensual and like a delusional fragrance.

It is beyond a pure walk through a fragrance, it has depth and meaning and spirit. I closed my eyes and imagine a deep dark forest filled with blackberries on the forest floor. Sticky Amber comes through but with all of this combined together it has a penchant for being a keeper in my shop. It can be described also as a dark, goth fragrance and it suitable for that type of genre. It is a strong, back boned scent full of vigor and perfume. I would not say it is just for men, both men and women would love this. I have only made solid perfumes and body butter, but I am sure that a Candle will be next. An introduction to a fragrance that is perfumey and deep. Please keep this!


I say 'DITTO' to everything Molly said. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS SCENT!!!! New favorite!!! Thank you CS!!!!



I really loved this fragrance as well as everyone that has used the products made with it. I love how it's not like the other scents and it's STRONG! Strong is what we want when creating candles that throw well hot and cold! Thank you for creating fragrances that are "strong" so that they produce very nice sell-able products.




The "Bathroom Candle"

I bought 4oz of this fragrance based on the fact that the amount of RAVE reviews this scent had I figured it was a winner! It was a gamble and I lost it all. This is the first time I've purchased a scent I truly despised.
The scent was overpowering, smells like alcohol and was just overwhelming berry scent like a potpourri. It could be a personal opinion, because family members of mine didn't find it as repulsive as I did. But none the less, I can't use a scent in candles I'm going to sell if I can't stand behind the scent. I made a couple sample candles to test it and the candles were labeled the "bathroom candle" by most who smelled it... I don't think they meant it in a good way.

Lianne H.

Rich fragrance for upper end line

Amazing fragrance that smells expensive. It reminds me of a Blackberry cassis with a small hint of tobacco. My customers love it and it is selling fast. I'm going to try to make it a year-round fragrance even though it's perfect for fall and the holidays

Candle Artist

In love!

I am so in love with this scent that I've made all kinds of products with it and have ideas for lots more! I'm glad my husband likes the scent too - because this is what my house and I are going to smell like forevermore. :)


Great addition to our line of products

This scent is a crowd pleaser.


I made candles with this scent and I love them! They smell amazing and the scent filled up the whole house!

Marsha Smith

Kinda Meh.

I wasn't super impressed with this. It's got a real berry fragrance but I can't smell any trace of alcohol. Definitely was hoping for a more complex fragrance.


Smells masculine and good but....

So I was really excited to try this based off all the reviews, and the smell is very strong and nice for a more masculine scented candle-I don't find it fruity at all. However, when I went to weigh out the oil to add into the wax (I bought a 4oz bottle) I found that 1oz in weight was about 75% of my 4oz bottle. I tested my scale several times and there is nothing wrong with the scale. So I'm a bit confused since on the bottle it says that the oils are measured out by weight. Was I ripped off? Is it user error? I'm not sure, I haven't had this issue with any of the other oils before (from this company or others) so I wonder if I just got a fluke.

ALSO I recommend you go easy on the percentage with this oil-the 1oz I used has filled up my house with the scent!

CandleScience Reply

Hi! We are sorry to hear that you had some trouble with your fragrance bottle. All of our fragrances are carefully filled by weight on a machine. However, if you ever find you are short fragrance, please contact us so we can assist! We want to make sure you have everything that you ordered.


We absolutely love this scent!

Wildflower Wicks

This is my absolute favorite fragrance from Candle Science, which says a lot as I love all of their fragrances! I hope this scent remains available year round as it is moving like crazy for me. Both the CT and HT are amazing.


Great scent

This is my new favorite. Turned out great in the candles. It will also make a great soap.



This is a beautiful smell that is both masculine and feminine. It is a quick seller for me, and while I use it for the fall, I think this could be used year round. The scent is hard to describe. It is so unique! It is a new staple of my shop.


Love this fragrance!


Great scent!

I was super excited to finally get this sample on my doorstep! I tent to dip a cotton swab in the bottle and leave it on my nightstand. This scent smells amazing! Like another review said, it definitely reminds me of Black Sea! Maybe a tad bit sweeter but they’re almost identical. Don’t think I’ll be using it as a fall scent but I can’t wait to test it!

Shetera Vela

Similar to BLACK SEA scent

Not bad but for me the smell likes BLACK SEA. I compared to both when I got this sample, it was similar to BLACK SEA. Only me..? Smell’s like that...?


Black Currant Not Absinthe

This scent isn't quite as strong as some of the others here and although it is quite pleasant, I find nothing of Absinthe in it. Everything is black currant.
I had the perfect green for it too : (
Good scent, but not what I was expecting.


Is it Fruit? Is it a Mysterious Cologne?

Or is it...BOTH. This one has a really rich aroma that is just perfect. It has a cologne element to it, but it is not overbearing, nor is it icky cosmetic counter-ish. The current is pronounced, and not at all syrupy. The absinthe gives it that upscale vibe. It reminds me of a luxurious study or library for some reason. I'd highly recommend this one. I had my reservations, but Black Current Absinthe turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I tinted my wax a deep purple/black and called it Sexy Librarian. I'm glad I ordered this--curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back. Haha.



This is awesome. I'm not sure what absinthe or black currant smell like, so no attest to true scent, but this scent is gorgeous. It's very masculine and would be an awesome cologne.

Goat's Beard Bath & Body - Owner

Smells amazing in wax!

This is my second review on this lovely fragrance. I loved itvout if the bottle and thought I would return after I poured it. I use the GB 464 soy wax always and this smells amazing in my soy wax! I can’t put my finger on the Absinthe part of it but I definitely smell Amber and black currants. It’s quite lovely!
I can’t wait to burn a candle once it cures!

Mr. Toad

Complex, Upscale, Amazing!!!!!

OMG... I just fell in loooove. This is complex, bold, it's that punch of fruit I was looking for in a sophisticated way. I may have to keep this year round. Not even 24 hours and cold throw is strong in coconut soy wax. I have a feeling this will be a best seller!!!

Estelle Creates


I just received a sample pack of the NEW fragrances offered for Fall and this one in particular had peaked my interest. I’m so glad I ordered it!
It’s very different in a good way!! Smells very nice in the bottle. It’s a more sophisticated high end type scent. Very well balanced and I think it will be a perfect Fall scent!
I can’t wait to pour some candles tomorrow to try!
It’s not a substitute for Blackberry Sage per say, but I think it’s fabulous none the less!