Fresh Coffee

Fresh Coffee

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Dark, roasted coffee-bean fragrance with a touch of chocolate.

Suggested Colors: Brown, Butterscotch
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Usage Candles & Bath/Body
Flashpoint 195 °F
Soy Performance 2 Leaf Rating
Phthalate Free No
Diffuser Base Compatible No


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Submitted on 2015-09-23

I not only love this scent, my customers do as well. It smells just like a fresh coffee house on a cold morning. OMG, my stores favorite, along with the HAZELNUT COFFEE. Both are the 2 best sellers for me.

Submitted on 2015-09-10

LOVE this scent, so do customers. It doesn't smell like black coffee, more like a cappuccino, but it's not too sweet, a gorgeous scent!

Customers want to drink it!
Submitted on 2015-07-26

Amazing scent and smells just like fresh brewed coffee. Only problem is.... it is not selling. I move a lot of candles in 2 weeks and as awesome as the scent is not selling :-(

Husband is in love
Submitted on 2015-07-06

I make some awesome blends but honestly my husband is very picky about candles. I made candles with this go and he even asked for some tarts for himself.
I should think this will surely be a best seller and a standard all year long! Thank you candle science. on!

Owner - Pendora's Candles
Submitted on 2015-05-28

VERY STRONG! Tried the sample and WHOA, does a little go a long way. We use a soy/paraffin blend and so usually do 1.5x the suggested. Not with this one. It was too much. Completely overpowered our workspace. Smells like a strong, black coffee. We were thinking it would be more subdued, like a cappuccino. We might try cutting it with Chocolate Fudge or French Vanilla to make a Mocha or Latte flavor. Definately ordering more, though. Already have requests for more just from the samples we made!

Submitted on 2015-05-11

Perfect coffee scent! Very strong hot and cold throw so maybe to just 6%.

Submitted on 2015-03-16

I found this scent a little off-putting when I opened the bottle, because it had a kind of chemical scent to it. BUT I was thrilled with it in the candles! I made some straight up coffee and others I did a coffee and vanilla combo, and that smelled really good!

to correct a typo on my previous review
Submitted on 2015-03-15

I meant to say that, like many coffee scetns from other companies, this one also does NOT smell like straight-up coffee. As posters below said, there's vanilla and caramel. It does not smell like "fresh" coffee as per the name in my experience.

Amazing scent!
Submitted on 2015-02-24

Don't believe any of the negative reviews on this FA. It is soooooo difficult to find a true coffee scent that doesn't have some other kind of nut note to it. This one hits the spot! One of my best sellers! Unbelievable likeness and amazing hot and cold throw! A pure winner!!! CS never take this one off your list!

Submitted on 2015-02-20

There must be something about the chemistry of coffee scents that makes it difficult in soy. I've tried several coffee scents and they almost never smell like actual black coffee. This one also does smell like straight-up coffee; it has some caramel in it, some rather buttery undertones. I do not want butter in my coffee. I see many reviews that say it smells like actual coffee, but given the stuff people drink at Starbucks these days that they think is coffee I am hesitant to trust all these reviews given my experience. A caramel frappucino is not coffee, people. No vanilla, no hazelnut, no whipped cream, no caramel. I drink it black from a french press, for the record.

Submitted on 2014-12-16

Don't listen to the negative reviews! This one is my best seller! Very difficult to find a true coffee scent at Yankee or any other major candle distributor. CS has a huge hit on their hands here. This smells smoother than coffee grinds and is very true to it's name. If you're looking for straight up coffee look no further! Perfect hot/cold throw in both IGI 4630 and 4627.

Submitted on 2014-10-23

I've been using this fragrance for several years now. Mixed with vanilla hazelnut is -hands down- my most requested candle. Used in both GB 464 & Eco Soya Advanced.

Submitted on 2014-09-13

I ordered the 1oz fresh coffee. When we opened the bottle it smelled like a fresh cup of coffee. We mixed 1 oz Fresh Coffee fragrance to 1 lb 464 soy wax. Temps Used 185deg put dye and Fresh Coffee fragrance in let cool to 170 then poured We had Great cold and hot throw. We liked it so much we order a 4oz bottle we made another batch. The 4oz Bottle did not smell the same as the 1oz bottle. With the second batch we had no cold throw and little hot throw.
So we order a 8oz bottle it did not smell the same as the first 1oz bottle. Can someone please help?..........

Good Scent
Submitted on 2014-09-08

I really liked this FO. I used 1 oz per lb of soy way and topped with a layer of very vanilla. Nice warm fragrance and good hot and cold throw.

No hot throw
Submitted on 2013-08-07

Well this smells good out of the bottle, but I get no hot throw in paraffin or soy. What a shame.

delicious coffee!
Submitted on 2013-03-08

This is very strong so use less than you would normally use. I put it in lotion for a "smells my boyfriend likes" bath set. It smells really good, like a true coffee with maybe a burnt caramel note? It is also a cool scent to blend a little into scents like cake, chocolate and other bakery scents.

not exactly coffee
Submitted on 2012-12-09

If you had to "guess the scent ".of the candle, you would guess "coffee ". But this does not smell like actually fresh coffee to me. I think it needs a bit of tweaking. 464, 1.5oz per lb

Submitted on 2012-11-10

This is NOT what we expected, it smelled like burnt coffee. Even when trying to mix it was unusable. So unhappy we threw the whole 8oz out. Would not recommend this scent to anyone!

Submitted on 2012-08-21

This smells like a fresh cup of coffee. I mixed 3/4 oz Fresh Coffee fragrance and 1/4 oz Very Vanilla fragrance to 1 lb 464 soy wax. Great cold and hot throw.

need more coffee!
Submitted on 2011-10-21

Wow. Better than expected. No chemical smell at all. This fragrance smells like rich, dark roasted coffee beans. A definite win.

fresh brewed coffee
Submitted on 2011-01-12

I use GB 464 wax, this fragrance is very strong, so do not over pour the fragrance or you will get a burnt coffee smell as you pour your wax and when you burn your candle.

Submitted on 2009-12-09

Smells just like they said, a nice cup of coffee. I like it on its own, but I made a layer candle of Fresh Coffee and Buttercream, smelled like a latte, it was a HIT!

Submitted on 2009-09-10

I could smell this before I opened the mail package. Smells just like a cup of black coffee. This will be a great blending scent or just fine alone.

Smells like the real thing
Submitted on 2008-09-13

This fragrance was so true to real coffee. Now my coffee addicted family loves this scent and so do I.

Submitted on 2008-06-08

It smells great OOB, has great hot throw and cold throw in my paraffin 4625 wax. Be aware it does smell like burnt coffee during pour.

Submitted on 2007-10-15

Fresh Coffee is awesome in my 50/50 soy blend, it smells just like it's name with a strong scent throw. It's an awesome mixer too ... I used it to mix Cinnamon Caramel Latte ... absolutely the most delicious scent. My search for the perfect Coffee is over; sure to be a best seller. Thank you Candle Science.