Apple Harvest Fragrance Oils
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Our Apple Harvest is a true, ripe apple fragrance oil combined with bright fruit notes and just a touch of spice. It has year-round appeal but is especially nice around apple picking time. Apple Harvest may be the apple scent you didn't know you needed, but can't live without.

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, orange, and cedarwood.

Blends well with: Sugared Chestnut, Ginger and Spice

Alternative branding ideas: Orchard Walk, Autumn Evening

Note Profile:
Top: Orange Peel, Cinnamon, Nutmeg
Middle: Apple
Base: Clove, Vanilla

Suggested Colors: Red, Green, Yellow

See our complete list of candle making dyes and soap colorants.

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.


Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe Yes Usage: 3-5%
Vanillin Content 0.01% - 2%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint 189 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required No
Diffuser Base Compatible Yes; Up to 15%

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.


Cold Process Soap Performance
Acceleration Discoloration Separation
Slight Light Tan Moderate

Oil temperature 120ºF
Lye Water temp 120ºF

We experienced slight acceleration and some ricing. Continuing to stick blend to a medium trace smoothed the batter out and allowed for a smooth pour. Some signs overheating may occur, so we recommend minimal insulation. After 24 hours the soap was a light tan shade, and the scent was quite strong. After a 30 day cure, the scent was mild. A simple layered design or spoon plop technique would work well for this fragrance.

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Average Rating:

(based upon 140 reviews)

I love the scent but I am so frustrated by the candles turning a ugly shade of yellow even when they are not in direct sunlight. What can I do to fix this?

Mary Crain
CandleScience Reply

Hi There, We're so glad to hear you've been enjoying this scent but we can definitely understand any frustration with vanillin-related discoloration. We definitely have some tips we can share to lessen this type of discoloration, but we'd love to take a closer look so we can provide the most specific advice to your recipe and processes. A member of our Support team will be reaching out to you via email shortly to see how we can help!


If you are looking for an amazing fall scent this is the one hands down.


This FO is fall in a bottle! It is similar to Mac Apple, except it is slightly less crisp/fresh and more spicy. It performed beautifully in 464 wax and I'm looking forward to incorporating it in my fall collection!


Good enough

Great HT and CT. This is a standard, apple scent that you'd expect from a candle. Nothing really extraordinary. Im not a huge fan, but it's not bad.


Pretty good.

It's a decent Apple scent, has a really good CT and HT. I use GB 464 Wax and 10% FO. It's a good Fall scent.

Danielle M.

Apple Harvest

The Apple Harvest didn’t give the hot throw it was very weak but it had a good cold throw I think I will try a different Apple fragrance.

CandleScience Reply

Hi there, Val! Thank you for leaving your review of Apple Harvest. Someone from our team will be reaching out via email shortly to try to assist!

Fantastic Scent!

To me, it's a mixed smell of cinnamon apple oatmeal and apple cider. It worked wonderfully in my CP soap. No acceleration, no discoloring. This one is going on my favorites list!


Like your in an orchard

This is an amazing fragrance. When I was growing up my aunt used to have a candle that smelled like this and it just brings me back. Such a warm yet crisp scent not overly sweet.


This is my absolute favorite!

I burn it almost 24/7. It's not too strong and provides and beautiful welcoming scent. Will be buying again!

Marcy B.


You guys really outdid yourselves with the scent!! I ordered the sample size to test and it had all of my kids coming downstairs to see what the amazing smell was. I literally filled the whole house and all I did was make 2 candles. I can only imagine the scent throw once that have been cured!!


Great Buy

One of my favorites - it has a very authentic apple smell but is rounder and richer than, for example, just the Macintosh scent which is full apple. Good hot and cold throw in soy 464


Only Apple fragrance I use in my business

Apple Harvest is a well loved fragrance in my soy candle line. This was the first fragrance I bought to make soy candles and I'm still using this blend 6 years later. Usually I only sell this fragrance seasonally, but in 2020 I had so many requests in the Spring that I added this to my regular line of online candles. Thanks for making such a great product.


Love it!

This smells just like apple oatmeal. I love it!


love it!

This scent is amazing and smells just like apples, cinnamon, and vanilla. The combination is divine.

Wicks Candles

Love This!!!

I absolutely love this FO!! I make CP goat milk soap. The first time I tried this, it did accelerate a bit on me, and I had to work fast to get it in the mold, but it did not separate, like the CS performance reference said that it may. This time I used it, I soaped a lot cooler....around 85-90*F. I had PLENTY of time to make a really nice swirl of 3 colors. It retains it's scent well after curing! I cannot keep this in stock during the Fall. It's such a wonderful apple/spice cider scent without being too spicy....if you want "cider", this one is IT!! Highly recommend it!

Yvonne M.

It’s just ok

I ordered 5 lb container after using up the 16oz, I thought I found my secret sauce after the initial 1lb order but with the 5lb container, friends and family have provided feedback that they can barely smell the HT even after full cure. I tried the max fragrance load and still no luck in improving the strength. I have probably 15 scents from CS that I’m selling that are amazing, unfortunately I’m going to have to yank this from my lineup, after I’ve made 2 dozen candles :-(


Finally found the apple fragrance I've been searching for!

I have been trying apple fragrances from various suppliers in hopes of finding the perfect apple fragrance for my candles and wax melts. I have finally found it with this fragrance oil! The smell is spot on and it gives an excellent throw.


Love this!

This might seem specific, but seeing as scents trigger memories for some people, this scent immediately reminded me of the exploding pie scene in Mickey's Philharmagic ride at Disney. This scent is heavenly and smells like apple pie is baking. I can't get enough of this.


I LOVE this scent!

This scent is so fresh and true... This is one of my most popular scents. I'm so happy with it!

Kendra O'Donnell

Fall Favorite!

Our little New Mexico town is famous for its apple orchards so I knew I had to try this for my fall collection. I’m so glad I did! What a delicious candle scent!

Hideaway Candles

Smells just like apples!!

I love this scent. It smells like a bowl of freshly cut apples! I used it in some soaps I made.


Gorgeous apple cider scent!

This one is autumn in a bottle! I want to cozy up in a big blanket and drink some hot apple cider! One of my favorite scents from CS, really good throw, and deliciously spiced. I think people need to read the note profile and not get so caught up on the name of the fragrance. This is clearly a warm, spiced apple scent, not a true crisp apple by any means. I would recommend mixing with apples & maple bourbon if you want to bring out that apple a bit more, it's super yummy!

Candle Newbie

I really like this one. Smells so freaking good

Tia M

Can only smell cinnamon, not apple

I was excited for this smell, but all I can smell is cinnamon, I thought it would be more of an apple smell. I should of read the description:( I really just wanted a straight apple fragrance


Honestly was a great scent, highly reccomend for fall time. I would say this scent is a sweeter version of leaves from bath and body works. I love this scent! I am definitely repurchasing a bigger bottle



I almost have no words for this scent, it is perfect!! I absolutely am a sucker for the apple/cinnamon fall scents and Candle Science knocked it out of the park with this one! The smell is not only amazing, but the CT & HT are wonderful as well! A 3oz candle of mine smells up a LARGE area. I would definitely purchase!

Briana (Angelz Boutique Shop)

Picky nose!

This is an A plus!!!! The first apple smell I’ve ever allowed in my house! It smells amazing hot and cold! My customers love it! A perfect blend of apple on the top after burning for a while the spices kick in! I LOVE THIS!!



Mix this with Macintosh Apple 50/50 ratio and it's fabulous!

Cedar House Candles


I call this one "Home Sweet Home" - I make candles in jelly jars and add it to my gift baskets for closing gifts - I am a Realtor by day and a Chandler by night !! I use it at 10% FL with Coco Apricot Crème wax.



I was a little concerned when I seen the mixed reviews, but decided to give it a try. This is very strong both hot and cold throw. I love it. Smells like apple cinnamon to me.


Amazing spiced apple FO...

I really love this OOB. If you're torn between this and, say, Macintosh Apple, I would choose this one. It's not quite a "pure apple" smell the way Macintosh is, but it's just spicy enough to really bring out the apple scent and remind you somewhat of apple pie and being in an orchard during autumn. Delicious and nostalgia-inducing, definitely a staple FO that will appeal to a wide demographic.



Love this scent so much but my candles in retail stores turned yellow even with UV stabilizer

JD Candle

The Apple Scent We Need but Don't Deserve

You know when you walk into a mainstream craft supply store anytime after August 1st and you're absolutely assaulted by a heady waft of fake cinnamon potpourri?
This is the scent that scent puts a poster of on its wall. It wants to be this scent when it grows up.
Apple Harvest is slightly warm, perfectly balanced between bright apple and mingling cinnamon. It says Holiday at Home. Cozy night after a productive, invigorating, merry day. It says TEACHER GIFT all over it.


Love this scent!

I used this in candles and just love it. It is for sure one of my favorites. Mad Macintosh Apple candles today, so I'll be testing those in a day or two.



I’m extremely disappointed in this scent. It doesn’t smell when it’s burning. I made two separate batches of soy candles using more fragrance than suggested because It’s such a subtle scent & it doesn’t smell like anything. I read the reviews and was very optimistic Since it has 5 stars. It sucks because I feel like It was a waste of Money & I’m just starting my own candle business so every penny counts.


Great Scent

This is a great fall scent, and it reminds me of apple picking with my family in the Autumn. Very nice.

Rob Pete

Absolutely love!

I am not much a fan of apple. BUT I love this one and so do my customers! Everyone kept saying how amazing it is! Great by its self but I also mixed it with pumpkin pie and it smelled very good too! Blended well with the soy also.


Eh, not my cup of tea. I didn't get an orange peel or honestly apple note. Opening the bottle, it smelled like canned tomato soup with some perfume something. I wasn't a fan. I tested it in tarts and the smell is strong. After the FO cured in the wax, I finally detected the cinnamon. Still canned soup smelly and not an apple harvest smell. If you've been in an orchard at harvest time, this smells nothing like an apple harvest. I don't know what this is and others who smelled it said it had a metal smell.



Had just poured the apple harvest in wax melt molds when we had a knock at the door. Automatically said it sure smells good in here!!! They offered to buy some off me haha very pleased with this scent!


Good year-round scent

Good, classic apple scent. Perfect for year-round use, the spice notes are very very subtle and don't make it too "fall". Actually feels very fresh and spring-like.


Best seller

My consumers and I love this fragrance great holiday smell


Great fall scent

This reminds me of fall, apple and cinnamon, a nice combo and my customers love it!


Apple Harvest

I absolutely love this fragrance oil. I have read through the reviews and do not understand how this one could get anything less than 5 stars. This is my most requested seasonal scent from friends and family and had sold out of this fragrance when I attended shows. In fact, we are never disappointed with any of the fragrances from Candle Science. This is a hobby for me now and will always be my number one go to fragrance company!



Iam a CP soap maker and make goat milk soaps. I bought this last week and when I opened up the bottle, WOWZA! The fresh apple scent hit me right away, but then the little bit of spice came right with it. I had seen that the Candle Science trials using this said that it could slightly accelerate and rice, but they were using it at a warmer temp. So I soaped with it cooler, at about 80*F, and it soaped like a dream! No issues whatsoever! I did color my soap batters before adding the scent, so that I was prepared if it did misbehave, but it didn't! Did a 3 color swirl! Now I noticed a review or 2 said that it faded a little after cure, so I did use it at the max. usage rate from the INFRA guidelines. I can't wait to use this in lotion, too, for my Fall Collection!

Yvonne M.

First time buyer!

This is the free sample scent that I got with my first order. It smells so great. It’s very cozy with a slight cool, crisp hint of apple. I highly recommend. I only put it into tealights and it wasn’t super strong when burning but I plan to put it into bigger candles as well and I feel like that would fix this issue!




Candle maker

Smells delicious


Amazing smell but...

The smell of this FO is amazing, I couldn’t stop sniffing it from the bottle! I made candles with this Apple Harvest FO with the Golden Brands 464 Soy Wax from candle science and the hot throw is horrible! You could barely smell it. I won’t be buying this FO anymore which sucks because it smells very good. Just not worth the money only because of the lack of smell.



I tend to gravitate towards the woodsy fragrances so wasn't sure I'd like this but I LOVE it. It very well may be a new favorite for me. It has phenomenal hot and cold throw and the fragrance is just as it's name would imply.


Smells Amazing!

This FO is VERY strong. I burned it upstairs and the scent traveled downstairs. I will definitely add this to my Fall collection!


Oh yes! Talk about true fall scents

I used this in cold process soap and it was a dream! No acceleration or ricing, not sure about discoloration yet since I just made it today. I soap at room temp to help with slowing trace. It smells amazing out of the bottle and still smells wonderful in the soap. I got a few drops on my table and my studio smells so good. This is the perfect fall apple and spice scent. I think it will be a hit! Certainly recommend!


Received this as a free scent

I recently placed a order and picked this for my free sample scent!

I’m soo happy I did!!! IT SMELLS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I will definitely be ordering this on my next order!

Very strong Apple smell!!

Cody Klein

Hi. I really love this scent. I made a small batch of 11 (8oz candles) and added 10% of this fragrance. I really love the CT, but the HT is very weak. I melted my wax (464GB) at 180 deg. and added the scent at 175 deg. and poured at 145 deg....could someone let me know what may have happened? Thank you so much! I am giving it a 4 only because it may have been something I did wrong. Out of the bottle, the scent is amazing. I will order and try again. :)


amazing apple scent!

I was so happy to smell this scent. It is the most true to the real thing that I've smelled yet. I ordered during the .99 sale and am already back to order a bigger bottle.


very sweet

purchased the 1oz bottle, and the fragrance is extremely strong! i purchased this to start making some candles/candle melts with my friend, and the smell is reminiscent of apple cider. it has a very sweet scent to it, a little acidic and quite strong!


Awesome hot throw. I love a strong fragrance and this one delivered!

Darlene Terry

Mine and my husbands favorite! Not too sweet, just like fresh sliced ripe apples.

Stephanie Ritter

Great Apple Scent

This is an excellent apple fragrance. Not overly sweet, the perfect amount of spice, and medium strength throw. Every time a make a batch, it is one of the first fragrances to sell out in my shop!



I love this smell, and i sold out of all my wax melts at the craft show over the weekend on this scent!


Highly Recommend

From the bottle the scent is strong but after making a test 11% 12oz status jar candle with GB464, I like the scent. I would say 60% apple + other scents 40% cinnamon, it is a great fall blend.


Batch from September causing drowned wicks

First of all let me say that I love this scent and so do my customers so 5 stars for the scent. Unfortunately we ordered 15lbs in September and used it all to make candles the next day on September 21st (we'll call this Batch A). Since we've never had an issue with this fragrance before we didn't do a test batch with 14 candles like we do with scents that we've encountered issues with in the past (like Frankincense & Myrrh). We also had about 4lbs leftover from the last batch of Apple Harvest F.O. we ordered and made candles with that batch at the same time (we'll call this Batch B). The candles from Batch B turned out amazing like they always do and when we went to go light a few testers out of the batch they all burned as expected. The candles from Batch A turned out looking the same cosmetically but when we test burned them yesterday every single one ended up drowning out within an hour. Some were being caused by hidden cavities in the wax and others had zero cavity issues and were just straight up drowning for no reason. The only variable between these 2 batches was the different F.O. ordering dates. I do not know if there was excess moisture present in the F.O., if CS is using a different compounder to make the fragrance, or if one of the compounders they use to manufacture their fragrance oils switched out an ingredient. Regardless of the "why" behind it - the batch from September 2018 has issues and as a result we just had to damage out about $1000 worth of materials tied up in unusable candles plus the opportunity cost of our lost time. If you ordered this fragrance in Fall 2018 I highly recommend not making our mistake and assuming it is the same as the last batch - do a test batch first and save yourself some frustration. For what is not the first time in the past year and will probably not be the last I'm really disappointed in Candle Science's quality control processes. Standard operating procedures for quality control (like lot#'s on bottles/jugs of fragrance oils) would really help you guys out with problem solving these issues in the future when a customer encounters it...

Candle Company
CandleScience Reply

We’re sorry to see that you are having trouble with your Apple Harvest. If a fragrance oil is revised for any reason, we will always announce the revision on the product page. We can assure you that neither the formula or manufacturing process of Apple Harvest has been changed. Feel free to reach out to us at and we’d be happy to assist further.


This fragrance literally made us sick. The smell as we were making it reminded me of a strong cough syrup. We have had no sells with this fragrance so far.


Perfect Apple Scent!

This smells exactly like the apple orchard with baskets of Washington apples I picked as a kid! Evoked so many great memories! Nothing candyish or artificial smelling in this fragrance at all! I'm ordering a large bottle of this one for sure! I will definitely do tarts and and candles with this one! Thanks for a great fragrance Candle Science!


So nice

Made hp soap. Soaped very nicely. No issues. The smell is very nice. Perfect balance of woods and apples. I already have a customer who wants 7 bars! Off to buy more lol


Instant Apple Cider

Smells like powered instant apple cider mix. Nice in a warm mug during wintertime, but not sure that is I want my whole house to smell like.


Favorite Apple Scent

I have tested many apple fragrances, including just about every "MacIntosh Apple" fragrance I could find. At the end of the day, this is my favorite apple fragrance of them all. I keep it in stock all year and sell it as a candle, wax melt, and reed diffuser, and it is always in demand. During the Fall season though, this scent is always one of my top sellers!

Jeremy M.

Love this!

I have been purchasing this fragrance for over 5 years and it always stays a steady seller for me. It’s a great apple cider scent with just a hint of cinnamon. A perfect Gall fragrance! It throws like crazy in both Reed Diffusers and gb 464 Wax as well.
As long as it’s here I will order it!

Mr. Toad

Love Apple Harvest!

I am not usually a big apple scent fan, but I love this apple! It is fresh, juicy and strong. It smells like a room warmed with fresh apples and just a touch of spice. I use the 464 soy wax.


An exellent apple scent!!!

This scent reminds me of my moms homeade apple sauce I use a 7% load in 6006 wax Fills a room in 25 minutes!

Jay B. Candlestik Candles


I had high hopes for this fragrance based on reviews, but was disappointed to find it smells more like chemicals or cleaner than a candle. I would not recommend this fragrance.


Apple Harvest

At first it wasnt a fragrance that I favored but everyone kept saying how good it it has grown on me and I like it too! Apple fragrance with a hint of spice...very nice :) I have filled many orders for this! Placing another one tomorrow :)

Alisha Nelson


This is my most popular scent so far. SO good smelling. Year rounder that I will always keep on hand. Great throw in 464, love this love this love this!!!


My favorite!

This is my favorite scent, personally. A good crisp apple smell with a hint of spices. Simple and strong. I absolutely love burning it in the house. Hot and cold throw are excellent.



Just wonderful! I know this will be a fabulous year round fragrance! Awesome rich apple scent without being too heavy or overpowering.

Red Lodge Candle Co, MT

Big hit

I added equal parts apple harvest and cinnamon stick and wow what a hit!!!



Used this in cold process soap at 0.5oz ppo. Nice and strong at 2 months. I really, really like this scent. The spice is not overpowering. I will definitely buy this one again.


My mistake

Did not realize this was for candles only. Luckily I only made a sample size with this. It is a shame since it is such a nice apple cider type FO. Would love it skin safe!


Wonderful smell, wish it was body safe!

Used in GB464, this fragrance smelled like baking apples, complete with the cinnamon. I compared the fragrance to apple pie votives from a mass retail dept store, and this fragrance smelled much fresher and comforting. I did take off one star just because it is not safe to use for bath/body, which is disappointing because I like the option of using the candles for massage.


Fantastic Scent!

This scent is fantastic! It is a great apple scent, and is one of my more popular (if not THE most popular).



This is an amazing fragrance. I used it in GB464 and at first was a little concerned because the cinnamon seemed so strong to me. However, once it cured, it was incredible and is now one of my favorites. Still a strong cinnamon note but a beautiful apple fragrance for fall.


Reminds me of apple cider

I really like this fragrance. Reminds me of apple cider simmering on the stove. Perfect fall and winter scent.


Great scent

Has a wonderful apple smell, and I only used 1/2 oz per pound. Absolutely getting more



I was hesitant to order this scent worried that it would be too much spice and no apple. However, once cured in GB415 this scent is AMAZING... there is that touch of spice but the crisp apples smell just like they would upon slicing fresh ones from an orchard. Great true apple with a touch of spice! Thank you CS!


A wonderful apple cinnamon scent

I used 6006 wax and the scent throw was excellent! It smelled delicious...the candle scented a large living room. I will definitely make more candles with this. Would recommend.


This Has Replaced My Traditional Apple Pie FO!

This fragrance is absolutely wonderful. The perfect combination of apples and cinnamon; not too sweet, not too spicy. This FO will be replacing the apple pie scent I had been using.


Fall Appeal

I expected a different scent from this, but I am totally happy with it! Its a very fall-like scent, just like warm apple cider.Its a nice juicy apple and slight spice scent. If you are looking for the standard Apple & Cinnamon scent floating around at chain stores, I wouldnt say this is for you. But if you want a more realistic apples & cinnamon scent, this is perfect.


One of best sellers!

This fragrance is wonderful! It's the perfect scent to burn when you have company over. Gives you such a warm, inviting, comfortable & cozy feeling.



This took me by surprise.. It has a very distinct apple smell but there is also a perfect spice to it. Definitely one of my new favorites. Everyone that has smelled it just loves it! I've already been asked to make some custom orders by a friend who smelled my first test candle. Very happy!



This is a must have for the fall!! It smells just like apple cider I can't stop smelling it!


More Harvest Than Apple

This scent has a strong cinnamon base, with barely a hint of apple. Like a cross between Harvest Berry (mostly cinnamon, not much berry) and Macintosh Apple. It's a full-bodied fragrance, just a repeat of great scents they already have.


Great Apple Smell!

I really liked this fragrance, especially the hot throw. I didn't find it to be spicy at all. Simply smelled like apple cider heating on the stove. Very pleasant and very strong. Filled a large room easily. Also a fragrance that appeals to a lot of people. Used it in Soy464.



This is alot of cinnamon and spice and not much apple in my opinion. I used this FO with EcoSoya CB-135 and maybe that is why? Smells great but wish there was more apple to it!


One of my favorite apple fragrances

I absolutely love this scent. It's bright and lovely. It reminds me of apple cider. My customers seem to love it too. It's one more apple scent that I can not do without!

Thanks! Not only do you bring us fine products but it arrives quickly!

Mr. Toad's House of Wax

Mary Romick

Really nice!!

Great fall scent. I tested it in three different wicks, in three separate rooms and they all smelled strong and really nice. It was really nice and I will be ordering a larger bottle. I recommend this scent!!



I love love this scent!! I decided to try it, I've already been ordering a few of the other apple scents, but wow this is one of my favorites now!! It smells perfect for the Fall and holidays!! Thank you!

Holly Smith

Fall orchard

Love this scent, reminds me of a fall orchard on a cool day. This is not your typical apple scent.


Liquid autumn

Best. Fall. Scent. Ever.



Smells like fall

Southern Dezires

Great apple cinnamon scent

I love this one, it smells strong like apple with a hint of cinnamon. Definitely a keeper!


A wonderful Fall scent

I love this scent. I call it Cider House as it is more befitting a name. When I first purchased it years ago I thought it would be a crisp apple scent, but it was so much more! I love the cinnamon burst in this. It smells like a fresh batch of hot apple cider!

I use this scent year round and my customers love it.


Zero Hot Throw

I bought this because of the rave reviews, and it does smell absolutely beautiful cold, but I have zero how throw in this candle using the 1:1 ratio, which is a bummer, because everyone that smelled the candle cold went crazy over it!


Amazing. A customers favorite

Ashley M

Misbehaved in CP soap

The fragrance is great out of the bottle, so I have high hopes for this soap. Well it separated and no amount of stick blending would bring the oils back together. What a mess. I like the fragrance, but preformed poorly in CP soap - will not purchase again.



This fragrance oil is the best apple scent as well as the best fall scent that candle science carries.


Shipping - Tina

Tina, yes, I agree...the shipping cost is way out of control; almost a $1.00:$1.00 rate!!! I am a loyal customer to CandleScience, however, I may have to look elsewhere as well, as the shipping costs are getting ridiculous to say the least!


Best seller!

Beautiful scent. Thisbis thebtop seller in my shop. I usually sell a batch in less than a week!


Love it!

I made one candle so far with this scent, and I have to say that I love it! It smells so fresh and I plan to buy more in the future.


FiresideCandlesCo on Etsy

This FO smells absolutely AMAZING! It is one of my all time fragrances. I use in GB 464 and get a very good hot throw and cold throw. I have repurchased multiple times.


Scent isn't as strong as I would prefer using your formula... 1 oz /1 lb.
I do have ONE complaint CS...Your shipping prices. I have found a competitor that ships for way less. Their products are a few cents cheaper too. But your products being a few cents higher isn't a deal breaker for me, it's the shipping cost you guys charge.



A great seller and A+ hot and cold throw in GB464.


CP Soap

Scent works very well in cold process soap. The scent reminds me of apple pie and cinnamon. Works good in liquid soap also. It thickens the soap to a body gel consistency. But the scent in this case has an apple-chemical-like smell, to me. But others love it!


Yummy, Spicy Apple!

I used this FO @ 10% in 464 and had a wonderful experience with it. Although I prefer the Macintosh, my customers have said they love the warm spicy apple scent that this FO has more. This hot throw isn't AS good as Macintosh IMO but it is still very good, and the cold throw is excellent!


People love this!

This is my 3rd year making candles for Christmas gifts. This is one of my most requested scents. It has a nice cinnamon and apple scent. I'll be keeping this one in stock!

Shelly Lynn

I mix this scent with Cinnamon stick and have renamed it Apple Crisp- all my customers love it! If you love an apple scent, this one is perfect!

Little Light of Mine

A Must Have for Fall!

This is my second best selling scent for Fall! Its upgraded version of Apple Cinnamon and it smells divine!


Not A Fresh Ripe Smell

I'm picky about apple scents and was hopeful that this one would be as described. fresh ripe apple. It was too sweet smelling and not enough herbal bottom note to wound it out. This smells more like powdery apple spice if that makes sense. I wanted a bold, fresh apple scent.


Smells exactly as described. Very lovely scent. Great hot and cold throw.


Smells exactly as described. Very lovely scent. Great hot and cold throw.



This mixed with Strudel scent makes a awesome scent of Apple Pie! I looooove it!!


perfect for fall

Great hot throw, great spicy apple scent perfect for fall.


Apples to apples..

This was a great scent for autumn. It has a great hot throw and smells like a hot apple pie that was baked without an overwhelming amount of cinnamon. Definitely worth a try.


Absolutely love this scent! Have had great reviews from customers. Awesome hot throw!

Cherie Schaffer

This is a great apple scent, but it doesn't really sell for me. But I seem to have an issue with apple scents. People either love it or hate it.

The Burning Mitten

I love apple smells but for some reason this fragrance has a stronger spicy cinnamon smell to me. I can smell the apples but its over powered by the cinnamon, I feel. Great sent throw. I was just really looking for that apple pie smell which of course is not what this fragrance is lol. Overall, I still liked the fragrance and family/friends have given it great reviews.


If you like apples and cinnamon this one is for you. Used in GB464 with 11% frag load. Filled up the room! I thought I would try it as I am expanding my scent lines. It was a winner and its past apple picking season LOL . Great job Candlescience your products never fail me.



This was the first scent I bought because I love apple cinnamon. I was sold when the lowest rated comment mentioned it smelled like Glade apple cinnamon. That's the only spray I buy! The scent was nice, but I was expecting it to be a little spicier and warmer, rather than mostly apples. It's still very pleasant. Other people seem to really like the scent too. The hot throw is a little light, which could be due to the fact that it was one of my first attempts at candle making and I had not perfected my technique yet. I might buy this again because the scent is really nice, but if I can't get it to throw better I will not give it a third try.


My favorite!

This is my favorite fragrance to date! There are many great fragrances here, and I admit that i've only tried a few so far. This fragrance is my most used at home, and has been the number #1 fragrance for my candle testers. LOVE IT!



This scent has an awesome hot and cold throw! Definitely smells like apple harvest, one of my personal favorites! Perfect for the holidays and all year around.

Angela P

Great fit for Fall

This is a nice strong scent and smells really nice after I make my candles. A
perfect scent for the Fall season.


Who needs to go apple picking when you can just burn this?

Perfect apple scent with a hint of cinnamon. Great hot and cold burn.


Favorite scent of all time

I actually can't believe how much I love this scent. PERFECT fall scent. Great hot and cold throw. I can mostly smell apple and cinnamon, the other smells are less dominant. Still, it's a delicious scent that is mega popular with customers. I made a giant one for myself, couldn't resist.



I totally agree with the last review, this is by far the best apple scent I have ever came across! All my Apple lovers can't get enough of this scent! You rocked it when you made this one Candle Science NICE!!!

C-Light Candles


By far the best apple scent on the market, I would use this over any apple scent out there. A must have for your soy wax candles. Used 1 oz to 1 lb of c3 soy wax. Came out perfect!



Truly smells like apples. Great scent. Great throw.


Not that great

I bought this fragrance based on reviews. It is just ok, nothing great. It smells to me like glades apple cinnamon.

Andrea Simpson


This is a fantastic scent! Great cold and hot throw and has been a big seller for me! Thank you for this one!


Favorite scent

You cannot go wrong with this. Everyone loves it!!
I have bought this many times over. Great for Fall and winter. I have also mixed this one with Spice Market and loved it. works perfect with all waxes types.


I love this scent and so do my customers. Awesome and strong scent. Always a favorite and always the 1st to sell out!


Lovin' It

Ok, my daughter & I are newbies at this. We made 2 (4oz) mason jars using 8oz. 464 wax & 5oz. apple harvest as a test candle. Oh em gee does it smell nice! The cold & hot throw is amazing! My opinion, it has the right balance of apple & cinnamon scent.


Revised My Review

Sorry y'all! Oops, I'm revising the oz. measurement of the scent. I used 0.5 oz of apple harvest not 5 oz lol & 8 oz. Soy GB 464