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White Currant Fragrance Oil
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White Currant fragrance oil is a versatile fragrance with wide appeal, thanks to the alluring balance of tart and sweet. Red currant and zesty lemon peel combine with airy ozone before giving way to a botanical heart of juniper and geranium. Black currant and just a hint of peppermint in the base reinforce the tart freshness of this year-round scent. White Currant is the perfect scent for creating modern, trendsetting home fragrance options like elegant candles and wax melts. Don’t sleep on this fragrance for bath and body either—the blend of tart and sweet is beautiful in artisanal soap, body butters, and lotions.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including lemongrass, fir needle, orange, geranium, and peppermint.

Blends well with: White Birch, Cranberry Prosecco

Alternative branding ideas: Winter Cassis, Wild Gooseberry

Suggested colors: Burgundy, Ivory

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This product is Candle Safe usage: 3-10%
This product is Soap Safe usage: 3-6%
This product is Lotion Safe usage: 1-2%
This product is Phthalate Free
This product is not Diffuser Base Approved
Soy Performance
3 of 3
163°F (72°C)
Vanillin Content
This product is not Prop 65 Warning Required
*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels. Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.

Cold Process Soap Performance


Lye Water Temperature 100ºF (37.8°C)
Oil Temperature 110ºF (43.3°C)

We did not experience any acceleration but there was some ricing noted after the mixture came to a light trace. With continued stick blending the ricing stopped but the batter still had a grainy texture. We were able to bring the batter to a thick trace and completely smooth it out. The batter poured smoothly and easily into the mold. After 24 hours the soap had a slight pink discoloration around the edges where it had not reached a full gel. The scent was very strong. After 30 days the soap had discolored to a tan shade and the scent was still very strong. Even though we did experience some ricing initially, this would be an ideal fragrance for a design that requires a thick trace since there was no acceleration.

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Product Reviews

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5 out of 5 Stars.
Body Scrub

Strong but sweet scent. I used it for an emulsified body scrub and I love the subtle peppermint aromatherapy. Keeping it as an all year round product. Unisex too.

5 out of 5 Stars.
My new favorite

Oh my goodness this scent is lovely! The citrus notes definitely hit my nose first and the sweetness is just right, not too much. I tried blending with White Birch and I'm in love, smells amazing.

5 out of 5 Stars.
Wow - Really Nice

1st Time trying this scent. ** Love it ** I was really surprised. Fruity and Floral. Amazing. I used in melt & pour soap, and it will be great in my holiday gifts.

5 out of 5 Stars.

Great scent that's not too sweet, a great winter candle.

5 out of 5 Stars.

This scent is my customers favorite! Sweet and fresh

5 out of 5 Stars.

This fragrance is by far the best one i've gotten from candlescience, and continues to be the best. Every customer comes back raving about the HT saying it absolutely fills the room, and the CT alone makes this candle sell INSTANTLY in every store my products are in. It's a beautiful light fragrance, fruity, and delicious. I could not recommend this scent more. Definitely try this out! P.S. I use 464, as well as a coconut soy blend, and use 8% fragrance load.

5 out of 5 Stars.

I tested this alone and mixed with White Birch in 464 wax at an 8% fragrance load. I let both candles cure for 3 days and I wasn't expecting both to be strong given the short cure time (I usually cure at least one week before testing fragrances) and I'm very pleased that the HT is strong! I'm loving this both as a stand alone and a mixer and it performs beautifully. It smells so fresh and fruity.

4 out of 5 Stars.
Light Then A Subtle Burn

This fragrance is light on the nose at first smell, then gives a slight burn in the sinus that some may find unpleasant when used in heavy amounts. A good scent for mixing, surprisingly perhaps with an earthy scent such as tomato or hemp, where it uplifts the overall effect to something more useful in communal areas, such as a living room.

5 out of 5 Stars.
Top seller

beyond 5 stars white currant is my top seller fragrance smells clean and citrusy!

5 out of 5 Stars.
very nice!!

This somewhat reminds me of Twigs and Berries by another vendor. I really like this! It smells fruity but also has deeper elements. It's not sweet and smells like a cousin (not a sister) to the popular Red Currant scent. I am loving these oils although I am only going off OOB for now.