Pumpkin Pie Fragrance Oil Clean Scent
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A true-to-life fragrance oil with notes of pumpkin, spices, and a touch of vanilla and caramel. Pumpkin Pie has fantastic hot and cold throw in paraffin and soy. Pumpkin Pie isn't as sweet as our Pumpkin Soufflé, but it is incredibly strong and true.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including cinnamon, clove, and ginger.

Blends well with: Creme Brulee, Fireside

Note Profile:
Top: Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg
Middle: Pumpkin, Clove
Base: Vanilla, Pie Crust

Suggested Colors: Orange, Brown
See our complete list of candle making dyes and soap colorants.

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.


Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe Yes Usage: 3-5%
Vanillin Content 0.01% - 2%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint 212 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required No
Diffuser Base Compatible Yes; Up to 25%

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.


Cold Process Soap Performance
Acceleration Discoloration Separation
None Dark Brown None

Lye Water temperature 91ºF
Oil temperature 89ºF

We did not experience acceleration or separation. Once the batter came to an emulsion, it turned a bright pumpkin orange color. The batter came to a light trace immediately. But the batter was easy to work with and did not become stiff too fast. After 24 hours the soap was a light tan shade and the scent strong. We did observe almost a full gel with minimal insulation. After the cure, the soap was a dark brown shade, and the scent was mild and pleasant. Due to the discoloration, it would be ideal to separate out a small amount of soap to leave unscented and add color.

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Average Rating:

(based upon 52 reviews)

Pumpkin Pie

This is one of our favorite CF ever! Amazing HT and CT! Out of the bottle it smells a little different than what you would expect but in a candle it's amazing! We also turned these into Waxmelt's for our Fall collection and those turned out beautifully! Will be ordering again!


Pumpkin pie!

Wow! This is true pumpkin pie smell. It’s cinnamo-y but with an actual pumpkin smell. It’s not overly sweet or spiced. Happy to have found it.


Really incredible

I was skeptical about this scent because straight out of the bottle it doesnt have a strong pumpkin smell at all. But once it cures its really nice. Not too sweet but still very much a dessert scent. I just wish it didn't go out of stock so often!! Love this one


Owner, Kepi's Custom Candles

WOW! I've actually found a strong contender for the banana nut bread fragrance, at least out of the bottle! I have yet to make a candle with it since I only ordered to prepare for fall, but straight out of the bottle it smells just as amazing as banana nut bread did straight from the bottle but with that nice pumpkin spice tone that I love so much and reminds me so much of my favorite time of year. Absolutely amazing, 10/10 would absolutely recommend!


Pumpkin pie reveiw

this is the best thing since slice bread I love this so so so much

Aphrodite's shop

Pretty good pie

There's a LOT of cinnamon in this one, but overall, the scent settles into a fabulous pumpkin pie filling fragrance. Smells like you could eat it. Delicious, but heavy on the cinnamon, like most pumpkin pie scents. I'm always hoping for a little less cinnamon. (Enter CS Toasted Pumpkin Spice: Still lots of cinnamon, but tempered by other notes. Edible. Adored.)


I wanted to love it

I really wanted to love it - especially given the great reviews! But I poured it at 10% in 464 with an Eco 10 wick, cured for two weeks... and NOTHING. Luckily I only poured three. I'll just melt them down to wax melts, I guess. I really wanted to like it, but it just didn't throw for me!

CandleScience Reply

Hi there! We're sorry to hear you're having issues with your hot throw! A member of our support team has reached out to assist you further!

Love it!

I mix this with cardamom and anise 60/40 and it is amazing in parasol!!

PYT Candles

maybe I'm biased....

I've always been a big fan of sweet, cozy, buttery type of scents but maybe as I grow older I'm stepping out of that, who knows... anywho, this fragrance is not my favorite. maybe I've never smelled REAL pumpkin pie??? but this doesn't strike me so much as pumpkin pie like many others say it does. though I do agree with a few reviews on here. this fragrance oil smells sweet (and I mean it does smell like pumpkin pie). but definitely smells more spice to me. maybe too much clove/nutmeg smell for me personally, but I am about to bring it out so we shall see the feedback soon.


Such a disappointment when you color a soap a beautiful orange to have it turn chocolate brown.
All the research CS is doing with their formulas can you figure out how to avoid this ? Does the Pumkin really need vanilla to make it be so?
I have 10 people lined up for this soap, I sure hope they buy it Brown 😭


I commented below that there was no hot throw, I had to come back and correct myself. The fist time I lit the candle I didn't smell anything, however after the second time it was a very strong, and beautiful hot throw! Highly recommend!


Really strong, but good scent

It's SO STRONG. Oh my goodness, my whole kitchen and house smelled like 1000 pumpkin pies. It's more sweet than spiced. It poured great, no issues at all. The cold throw is really good. I used an ounce for a pound of wax, but I might use a little less next time.


No Hot Throw at ALL!


The most amazing Pumpkin!

This Pumpkin Pie is the most incredible PUMPKIN scent ever. It only has a touch of bakery and a touch of pumpkin spice, but it's LOADED with the smell of cooked pumpkin. It's phenomenal as-is and blended with other scents that need more pumpkin and less pumpkin spice.


Love this fragrance. It isn't sickeningly sweet. I used only .7 ounce per pound because of comments about how strong folks thought it to be. It's scenting average to lightly at this concentration. I think I will increase it to 1 ounce per pound.Very pleased on the clean scents cert too.

Dawn Buehler

Nice cold and hot throw

Made this scent with soy 464. Very happy with it, its not an overpowering pumpkin smell.


Yup. Pumpkin Pie

This is exactly pumpkin pie filling. The cinnamon comes up pretty strong as it ages,, but it’s essential oil, so no surprise there. Eventually the oil settles a bit more back to pumpkin pie filling towards full dry down. You can smell the crust and everything. A very good pumpkin pie scent and the cinnamon does not take over completely like 95% of the pumpkin pie fragrances I have tried over the past ten years. I prefer the Toasted Pumpkin Spice (something in that caramelized spice is EDIBLE) and am hoping vainly that one day someone will release a scent that actually smells like pumpkins and not spice in any way, but this is as advertised. Exceptionally well done!


My favorite

This is my favorite fragrance, it's a perfect blend of spice and pumpkin. I keep it around all year long. It works really well in our diffusers and candles.


Are you kidding me?

Are you serious? I have never smelt anything that was titled pumpkin pie before that smelt so scrumpalicious(scrumptious and delicious combined)! I love this fragrance SOOOO much! Definitely buying again next fall(I still have quite a bit left. The perfect combo of spicy, pumpkiny, pie crusty, and sweet. All those professional candle makers out there: this is a must buy. My family loves it and so do I. Super happy with this fragrance.


Pumpkin pie

Using 6006. Smell more spice then anything else. Couple returns on candles because of this. Any suggestions what I could add to calm the spice scent down a tad to make it smell more like pumpkin pie


Very Nice!

I made pumpkin latte bath bombs (I got the idea from brambleberry) and mixed 1 tsp of pumpkin pie to 1 1/4 tsp of coffee fragrance oil and they smell soooooo delicious!! It has a strong scent and I notice the cinnamon is more prominent.


Are you for real?

psh. HA. THIS FRAGRANCE OIL?! Listen Candle Science, take this fragrance oil and shove it sooo far up on your top 10 favorites because this. Is. AMAZING. Most scrumptious Pumpkin Pie scent I have EVER smelled. This FO is truly kick ass. Not too sweet, but you can definitely smell the "pie crust". ugh. just love.•


Absolutely love it!! Smells exactly like Pumpkin Pie!! My new favorite!! Highly recommend it! Used 464 Soy, FO 1 oz for 1 lb, heat to 150, added FO at 130, great hot and cold throw!!



Yep! Love it!

Southern Dezires

Excellent candle fragrance

Love the hotthrow. Love the fragrance. Love how it holds to the wax. Love everything about it. It was a hit for my small business!!


Fantastic hot throw

I was testing this scent, only used 5% ratios to wax. It is amazing! A single melt has been going for 8 hours and the entire main floor of my house smells fantastic.


Pumpkin Pie Fragrance

I think this is such a great fragrance...everyone who smells it loves it! Ty Candle Science :)

Alisha Nelson


Smells like buttery crust, nutmeg & pumpkin. A bestseller!

Ashley G


OMG. This is the best. Very strong with the GB464 Eco#10 wics. The throw was insane. This is the best Pumpkin Pie fragrance oil out there. Great Hot & Cold Throw.

Thanks CS


Throw While Burning Disappontment

I received a comment from a "burn tester" friend of ours that the cold throw was great but burn throw minimal. We are testing (2) right now, different homes, and sure enough, I can barely notice any scent. Not sure why my experience was so different from the rating or the other reviews. I do LOVE CandleScience oils though, have always been the best!


Great Fall Scent

Made votives up in SB Palm wax with this and they were perfect for Thanksgiving and fall. My family really likes this scent.


Awesome Throw

Wonderful fall scent. I a candle in a small room and the whole room smells delicious, even when I am not burning the candle.


Not a Great throw...

I wish I had the same experience as the people below, but when it came time to light the candle, no throw. It smells great cold though!



Just received a large order for the first time with Candle Science and pulled out the Pumpkin Pie. I used a large Libbey Whisper jar and double wicked with Eco 14 wicks. The melt pool was perfect and the scent throw was incredible. As the teenagers walked through the house and asked what the amazing smell was. "Candles Boys", we are making candles.

Mountain View Candles & Gifts

James O. Bynion

Wouldn't mix with wax!

Would not mix with 4627 Comfort Blend wax even with DPG added. Will not use again.


Perfect Pumpkin

I love this pumpkin scent. I tried the souffle last year but this one is by far my fave. It's spice & pumpkin. Not overly sweet. I used GB464 and it blended perfectly and test burned very well. Great hot and cold throw.


Pumpkin Cream

Everyone loves this scent. This has been one of my best sellers since creating the candles. I call it Pumpkin Cream, and I have not been able to keep them in stock. I absolutely love this scent. I use it in GB464 and it throws very well.


Great Scent for the Fall

I just made a batch of candles for the first time yesterday with GB 464 wax. I'm still waiting a few more hours to do a test burn, so that is why I'm giving this FO 4 stars not 5, but I can say that the cold scent throw is nice and strong. I'm excited to see how the scent throws while burning.


VERY TRUE Scent! Finally a true pumpkin pie FO. Love it!

This is the best Pumpkin Pie scent I have found from any company. Many of the others I've sampled from other companies smell ONLY of cinnamon and no pumpkin or even other spices, and cinnamon isn't even the dominant spice in pumpkin pie to begin with. I received a 1oz bottle as my free sample for a very large order so I could test it first, and am so glad I did. I will be ordering a larger bottle of this now. It truly smells like pumpkin pie, which is so refreshing after searching for one for years! Great job Candle Science! I wish you would offer more "free" samples for very large orders, because I believe it would lead to me purchasing more based on being able to smell them first.



If you like a mild fragrance oil this is the one for you. Personally, this is one is not meant for my brand, as it takes a full burn pool to reach out about 25-40 square feet around. I'm using 464. I wish it was as strong in wax as the concentrated amount.

Torie Harmon

Not Pumpkin Pie

This fragrance oil smells more like spices (mostly clove) and nothing like pumpkin.


I have tried a couple other pumpkin pie fragrances and this one is my favorite! I've used it in combination with a couple other CS fragrances and it's a very warm, rich pumpkin scent that has a good throw (especially after curing). I use Ecosoya CB Advanced soy wax and used a standard 10%. Will definitely be buying again!


Pumpkin Pie

I really really love this scent. It's is a little weaker than other scents, so I used 11% in GB464 per pound. I may add 12% next time. It doesn't remind me of pumpkin pie exactly, it is more mellow and vanilla-y than a true pumpkin pie scent. So I added the golden honey dye instead of the orange and I'm naming it Spiced Pumpkin Brulee. It's perfect.

Ivory Forest

Smells good - but nothign like pumpkin pie

doesn't smell anything like pumpkin pie. i had several people smell the melters I made and no one said it smelled like pumpkin-they guessed "spicey" and "cookies"
I was hoping for a nice fall scent and I am not sure if this will sell well or what to even call it when I sell, since I think pumpkin pie is not a proper title for it.


This doesn't smell exactly like pumpkin pie to me, but my customers love this one. It sells very well.

The Burning Mitten

Correction to the review I made (see below). Used Ecosoya CB Advanced. Used two melting pots. Each pot held 3.5 lbs soy and I added 6 ozs of this fragrance. NO throw.

Linda Kuhlmann

VERY disappointing. I have the urge to remove soy from the dozen jars, remelt and try to fix. Used 7 pounds of soy and 6 ozs of Pumpkin Pie fragrance. No throw. Any suggestions?

Linda Kuhlmann

Perfect for Fall

This smells just like pumpkin pie. I used 12-percent fragrance in GB464. Great cold and hot throw. This has become one of my favorite scents.


Ecosoya 135, NO Hot throw

I made test candles with this fragrance in Ecosoya 135 at the recommended 9% fo load. With three different wicks, CD, LX, and ECO, ABSOLUTELY NO HOT THROW. Will try in IGI 6006 next



waste of money, made candles and they stink. I can't sell them. nothing like described. other products from candle science have been great but not this one.


One of the Best Pumpkin Scents EVER!

This is one of the best Pumpkin fragrances ever! It's replaced Pumpkin Souffle in my line as the #1 best seller! It has an excellent hot and cold throw. Very pleased!

Aurora Borealis Candles


This pumpkin is good, it has a bit more spice than the pumpkin soufflé and maybe more vanilla.... not sure. I did like it though. The only downside I noticed was that it was pretty strong at first but then as my candle burned down, it started to smell more like vanilla. Could be my container or my wax (C3 nature wax) but I'm gonna stick with the soufflé because of the throw and I enjoy the notes in it more.