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pretabbed candle wick

Save time and frustration by using pretabbed candle wicks. Pretabbed candle wicks are convenient to work with and simplify the wicking process.

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All of our pretabbed cotton candle wicks have a high-melt point coating of natural wax for maximum rigidity and easy pours. All of our wicks burn with a slight curl that creates a 'self-trimming' effect with minimal carbon buildup (mushrooming), reduced smoking, and a stable flame.

What wick should I use?

Finding the right wick is one of the more difficult parts of the candle making process, but don’t worry—we’ve got you! Visit our Wick Guide for help choosing the best wick for your project. For help choosing the right wick for your candle project visit our wick guide.

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what are wick assemblies?

Learn the how pretabbed wick assemblies are produced and the purpose of each component.

how to choose the right wick size

Learn how to conduct a burn test to identify the right wick size for your candles.

get a wick suggestion

Consult our wick guide to fine a wick recommendation for your next batch of candles.