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ECO 12 6" Pretabbed Cotton Candle Wick
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Product Update:
You may see some variation in the wax coating on the wick due to different coating processes. The variance of the wax coating on the wick has no impact on the burn of the candle.

About the ECO Series
ECO wick is constructed from natural flat cotton threads interwoven with paper threads that produce a rigid structure for easy pouring. The consistent flame and slight curl of ECO wicks work well with natural waxes and ensures an even burn.

ECO wicks are lead and zinc free.

For help choosing the right wick for your candle, visit our wick guide.

Conveniently secure your wicks with Wick Stickers (large) or Wick Stickers Pro.


6" (15.2 cm)
Tab Size
20 x 6 mm
Wax Coating
Prop 65 Warning

Product Reviews

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2 out of 5 Stars.

I purchased the ECO 12 wicks to burn test in small container 2.5" in diameter. Coconut/Soy 464 Blend 6% FO. Candle is tunneling and it's been burning for 3+ hours. I used the wick guide recommendation. I did read lab notes and maybe I'm confused. But this wick seems very thick for this size container so I'm at a loss. I tried a CD 6 which gave a great melt pool and did reach sides of container but left some wax on the sides of the container. Help :/

CandleScience Profile Avatar
CandleScience responded: 2023-09-25

Hi Meagen, thank you for taking the time to share your review. We're sorry to hear that you're seeing a bit of tunneling in your candles, and we'd love to learn a bit more about what you're seeing so that we can help. There are quite a few variables that can contribute to tunneling, and a member of our Customer Support team is reaching out via email to further assist.

3 out of 5 Stars.
Smoky with large flame for coco-soy wax

Help! I purchased this on wick guide recommendation for my small container (2.35'' diameter) candle using cocosoy wax - I tested it on a couple of different scents, and both produce a large flame and the point that it's difficult to smell the scent behind the smoke. What wick should I be using instead?! Would the CD or LX series be any better? I've also read good things about the HPSP wicks.

CandleScience Profile Avatar
CandleScience responded: 2023-09-26

Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review on the ECO 12" Pretabbed wicks. We are sorry to hear that you're having some difficulties. One of our agents have reached out to you so we can further assist you!

5 out of 5 Stars.

I love these wicks! I have been using this wick size for a year now with 464 soy wax . I double wick my 8 oz. Apothecary candles, awesome heat throw, even burn, no soot issues with my candles. I even use these wicks for my 22 oz. Three wick candles and my candles are perfect every time. No customer issues or complaints! Thank you Candle Science!

3 out of 5 Stars.
Not what I expected

I picked the wick using the guide and it doesn't burn evenly, and the smoke at the end is concerning. I ordered more thinking they were correct and now I don't know what to do.

CandleScience Profile Avatar
CandleScience responded: 2022-12-02

Hi there,

We're so sorry to hear that you're having some wicking issues. One of the members of our Support team will be reaching out via email to assist!

5 out of 5 Stars.

If you burn a candle more than the recommended time, even the correct wick size could result in tunneling. Therefore, I like to include a reminder to my clients to burn 2-4 hours at a time.

5 out of 5 Stars.

I have used only Candle Science’s ECO wicks for over four years. I burn multiple candles daily and haven’t had problems or customers report issues. Depending on the fragrance oil, ECO 12, 14 and 16 work perfectly in 9oz (medium) straight-sided glass jars. I use GB soy wax 444 with the maximum fragrance load. This always produces incredible hot throws! I perform a wick test for every fragrance before making a new scent combination available. In the beginning, I wasted a lot of wax and oils by creating entire batches with the test candle. Now, I make one test candle at a time with the jar a little over 1/2 to 3/4 full. This saves a lot of money! I’m able to clean out and reuse the test jars.

1 out of 5 Stars.
Wicks tunneling

I am a beginner, so it could be me. I followed the guide to wicks, scaled the wax and fragrance according to the guides. Made several candles for gifts and having tunneling issues as well.

1 out of 5 Stars.
Wicks tunneling

Every candle I made with these wicks has tunneled. They were small 4oz candles too. Do not recommend.

CandleScience Profile Avatar
CandleScience responded: 2021-12-13

Thanks for your review. A member of our Customer Support team will be reaching out shortly via email for more information.

5 out of 5 Stars.
Great wicks for soy wax

I used these in my 8oz temperature resistant jars with soy wax and about a 10% fragrance load.
They work great, I burned my candle in two hour increments for two days to see how the wick would perform.
I didn't get any tunneling, mushrooming or soot after burning for two hours each day at a time.
However, I decided to burn my candle longer than four hours with a watchful eye.
I wanted to see what would happen if someone doesn't know to burn the candle only four hours max and of they didn't know to trim the wick....
I burned the candle for eight hours.
Yes eight consecutive hours! My candle burned great and at the 8hour mark some soot started to occur.
I simply blew out the candle and wiped the soot away.
Great wicks. I hope this review helps someone.

5 out of 5 Stars.
Review for wrong manufacturer below

Disregard the review below! These wicks did not come from candle science. I just received my wicks from them and they are burning perfect.