ECO 12 6" Pretabbed Cotton Candle Wick
ECO 12 wick dimension 6 inch x 20 mm
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Product Update:
You may see some variation in the wax coating on the wick due to different coating processes. The variance of the wax coating on the wick has no impact on the burn of the candle.

About the ECO Series
ECO wick is constructed from natural flat cotton threads interwoven with paper threads that produce a rigid structure for easy pouring. The consistent flame and slight curl of ECO wicks work well with natural waxes and ensures an even burn. ECO wicks are lead and zinc free. For help choosing the right wick for your candle, visit our wick guide.


Tab Size 20 x 6 mm
Length 6"
Wax Coating Natural
Prop 65 Warning Required No



Average Rating:

(based upon 32 reviews)

Great wicks for soy wax

I used these in my 8oz temperature resistant jars with soy wax and about a 10% fragrance load.
They work great, I burned my candle in two hour increments for two days to see how the wick would perform.
I didn't get any tunneling, mushrooming or soot after burning for two hours each day at a time.
However, I decided to burn my candle longer than four hours with a watchful eye.
I wanted to see what would happen if someone doesn't know to burn the candle only four hours max and of they didn't know to trim the wick....
I burned the candle for eight hours.
Yes eight consecutive hours! My candle burned great and at the 8hour mark some soot started to occur.
I simply blew out the candle and wiped the soot away.
Great wicks. I hope this review helps someone.


Review for wrong manufacturer below

Disregard the review below! These wicks did not come from candle science. I just received my wicks from them and they are burning perfect.

Christina Perry

Not like the old 1000 pc bag!

We've ordered 2 of these 1000 pc boxes and they're great. Overall, the wicks are strong and almost straight, easy to pick apart and use. We all remember the spaghetti wicks of the old 1000 pc bags- all twisted, bent and at least 10% completely unusable. Happy to say this box is much better!

Candlemaker in VA

Owner of W.V. Candle Co.

The wicks keep pulling out of the metal tabs even though I’ve been very gentle when centering the wick. I have so many jars with a lining of wax and a metal tab stuck to the bottom because I had to pour the wax into another jar after the wick pulled out. So frustrating. I’m not sure if any other size is doing it, but I mostly use 12 so I know it is for sure. I really want to be able to give 5 stars but it happens too often.

Camilla Bettencourt
CandleScience Reply

Hi there! I'm sorry you're having difficulties with your ECO 12 wicks. A member of our team has reached out to you via email to better assist!

I have been making candles for 10 years and have always used the same wicks with great results. I dont know what has changed in the last few months, but these wicks are total garbage now. I've wasted a lot of time and money. They barely burn. I am extremely disappointed and frustrated.


I have wasted so much wax and oil with these wicks. I kept making new candles that wouldn't burn correctly not realizing it was the wicks. When I finally ordered new wicks from a different company ( after seeing the other reviews) the candles burned perfectly like these wicks used to. I like a lot of the Candle science products but please test these thoroughly before selling them. :(


Ok, so it looks like I’m not the only one something is wrong with these wicks right now. I had been using these for a long time, no problem great burn but this week I’m suddenly getting so many pictures of candles barely burning. I’m going to have to try to recall so many candles I don’t even know what to do.


I was a bit relieved to discover I'm not the only one struggling with these wicks and can rest assure it's not something I'm doing wrong. I've been using these wicks for about 6 years with fantastic results but for the last couple I've had a lot of problems with candles not burning properly. The issue has gotten to the point to where I'm going to have to throw away the rest of them and find something else. It's been very costly.



Not sure what is going on with these wicks, but some customers have experienced tunneling. Or they say the flame burns really low (closet to the scent throw). I need to restock and now unsure what wick to use😩. It’s been a hit or miss lately.

Marie G
CandleScience Reply

Hi! Our support team will be reaching out via email to assist further.

Bad wicks

I will have to agree with other reviews about the wicks. They have ruined a few of my good smelling candles and I thought I was doing something totally wrong. I'm not sure what has happened to these wicks but now I have to find an alternative.



these wicks smell horrible... like sulfer or lighter fluid.... made a beautifully scented candle and it completely ruined it from the Oder from the wick! wasted a pound of wax and 3 oz of fragrance.... super unhappy and disappointed. waited two weeks to burn it then it turned to junk after one burn.

CandleScience Reply

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback! We really appreciate it. We have reached out via email to see if we can better assist you!


I have used these wicks before and they have always worked well in 464 soy wax. However, not sure if there has been a bad batch recently, but I have wasted many wicks as they pop right out of the tab when straightening them into the wick bar. Will not buy these again.

CandleScience Reply

Hello and thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you had trouble with your wicks. Thank you for reaching out to us and giving us the opportunity to remedy the situation. If there's anything else we can do for you, please feel free to reach out again.

I have poured hundreds of candles using this wick and have never had any issues or complaints from my customers. I use
them in 8 oz status jars and 8 oz mason jars along with the 6 oz tins and have never had a jar to crack or soot. I remind my customers they have to follow the wick care instructions on my warning labels to avoid ballooning and excess burning. They do arrive bent at times but once I adhere them to the bottom of the jar and secure with the wick holder they are good to go!

Becky Simmons

Happy with them

I've been happy with these wicks, and use them in multiple sizes. I don't understand the complaints about wicks being bent. Just seems like a non-issue since I glue them to the bottom of the container and then use a wick bar. Never even occurred to me that they were "defective".


Relative, But Perfect

Use for my 3" 12oz status jar GB464 candles, works perfectly.


Bent wicks?

I've ordered the 1000 count bag, and I haven't had any problems. What is the issue with bent wicks? They are waxed cotton braids. Bending them doesn't do anything. Do you not set your wicks before pouring your candles? That will straighten them out just fine. I've had hundreds of bent wicks that didn't have a single issue or look bad at all once I set them, straightened them out, and poured my candle. This is a lot of whining for no reason.



A while back I ordered a 100pk bag of these ECO 12 6” wicks. I first tried them in the 4oz and 8oz metal tins along with EcoSoya CB Advanced Wax. After letting them sit for a couple days, I tried burning one of the candles and the wick would not stay lit. I tried another and got the same result. I then figured that maybe it will work better in a glass jar so I tried it out. Unfortunately it still didn’t work. Every time I light one of these wicks the flame goes out not even a minute later. I constantly have to re-light it which still doesn’t work unfortunately. Now I don’t know what to do with the rest of these wicks. I’m really disappointed and wish my money went to something better and not something that seems to be defective.


works fine

i did some wick testing on the 8oz jellied jars i used the gb464 soy wax, 2oz per pound of wax/ no dye/ the eco 8 after 3/12 hours finally got a melt pool of 1/4 inch burned straight across with a nice scent throw; the eco 12 has a larger flame and flickers alot ; the melt pool after 3 hours was 1 inch; so it burned faster glass wasnt so hot to touch; after trimming the wick on the eco 12 for second burn it was a lower flame and steady burn scent throw was amazing; i will try the eco 10 i didnt have any i just ordered them and see how they work since its kind of a in between the 8 and 12 ; but for now this eco 12 seems to be working ; oh one more thing there is some small mushrooming build up on the eco 12, i will cut that off before next burn ; if anyone has input please do so to help me find the perfect wick using the 8oz jellied jars they are 2 and 1/4 inches wide/ i only use the gb 464 soy wax thanks for any help


Bent wicks aren't a problem

I might be misunderstanding the problems reported here in the reviews about bent wicks, but I haven't had a single problem in the last few years. I always order the large 1000 pc bag and they are definitely bent and all willy-nilly in the bag sometimes, but it's seriously not even an issue. Straighten it out (don't worry about dipping it or coating it in wax), put it in your jar, pour, set the wick holder and you're good to go. Again, maybe I'm misunderstanding the problem, but bent wicks are not a problem in our little bungalow in Small Town USA - Cheers!
Aggie's Candles
Union, Oregon

Lisa at Aggie's in Union, OR

1000 count bag needs a redesign

Ordering the 100 count bag ends up being cheaper than the 1000 count bag due to the number of unusable wicks in the 1000 count bag that are bent beyond repair. I'm sure some people have time to do what candle science customer service recommends (dip the bent wicks in your own wax to straighten them out) but this just doesn't work when you're making a lot of candles and it's a huge waste of time. You shouldn't have to buy a product and then have to fix it in order to use it. Really wish they'd get rid of the 1000 count bag and just offer a bulk discount on the 100 count bags instead since those ones are packaged perfectly.


Wicks are good, 1000 count packaging and customer service response is awful

The usable wicks themselves are 4-5 stars. The 100 count packaging is 5 stars. The 1000 count packaging is awful. I've ordered multiple 1000 count bags and each time 200-300 are unusable for the reasons that others on here have stated. It seems like offering the bulk discount if you order 10 of the 100 count bags would be better customer service and would reduce candle science's replacement costs and customer frustration since I know they're losing business on this.

**Customer support's response to being contacted about this:
You are welcome to return items within 60 days for any reason, however the coating is easily remedied by dipping them in your wax a couple of times. They are not considered defective. We can replace the 300 that you are unsatisfied but going forward if you are unhappy with the way they come packaged I would suggest to order the 100pc bags....We sell 1000's of wicks a day and this is not a common complaint of how they are packaged.**

Telling a customer to fix your defective product that you're claiming isn't defective is not good customer service. Recognizing that your packaging is the issue and getting it fixed is. Also saying this isn't a common complaint when almost every review on the product is complaining about it is ridiculous.


Great for Status Jars 12 oz.

These work very well with my 12 oz. Status Jars and I get a lot of good reviews from my customers!


I like them

I agree... The wicks are always bent when I receive them, but it doesn't really bother me. I however think they burn perfect. I never have soot. I use them in the 8oz tins and in the 9 0z Libby status jars. I test test test and ECO 12 always works the best.


Struggling Needlessly

I purchased a bag of large wicks a few years ago because I felt that it was such a waste to throw away the unmelted waxes from expensive scented candles that I had been given as gifts. As others have complained, my wicks were bent right at the metal base and are impossible to set up straight. Even after carefully straightening, the stiffening agent has crumbled away from the bend directlyat the base where the wick emerges from the holder, leaving the wick absolutely soft and limp and unable to support itself, which defeats the purpose of what this specific design promotes in its feature's description. After watching the wick tutorial that popped up in my search for solutions, I see that I may have had no remaining wax had I followed the steps in the video. I do appreciate that information and will be sure to use it in the future, and may also need to purchase wax from this company in the future as well. Now that I see that I am not doing anything improper with my wicks, I would welcome any suggestions as to what could be used to reset the stiffness of the wicks. I have tried with other spent wicks to widen the hole that was clamped over the old wick so that I could reuse the base but I have had no success because the wick was too wide for the opening I was able to make. Being able to do just that with these would solve the issue, for me at least, because I am always left with plenty if excess wick to trim in the end, so pulling it back through to beyond the break/bend in the wick and trimming it from underneath would be the perfect solution. I welcome comments from anyone who has had any success with this attempt or another solution. Thank you in advance!



I have purchased multiple bags of 1000 cts of the eco 10's. While they make great candles, Candle Science's packaging is really quite poor. They are all bent, crinkled, and never straight at all. The 14's typically are placed more uniformly in the bag but the 10's are always a mess and make it especially hard to keep the wicks straight in the candles even with wick holders. Buy them somewhere else if you want nice straight wicks because you certainly wont get them from Candlescience.

Hannah S


Used these in some pint sized ball jars and I had 3 out of 4 jars crack. I have NEVER seen this happen before with any other wick. Can't even use them now. No clue why this happened. Used the same wax I've been using in these jars for over 2 years.


Nice burn

I have shopped around for the perfect wick for my 3.25 inch clear candle containers to use with ecosoya cb 135. I started with eco 10 and the burn pool was not achieved in 4 hours of burn test time. I've even tried using 2 eco 10 wicks in one candle as well as 2 eco 1 wicks in another candle and both made the container extremely hot. This is by far the best wick I've used to make my candles. It burns straight across in 3 hours time. The only thing I'm testing for at this point is hot scent throw. I've noticed after reducing to just 1 wick (Eco 12), the candle appears to need more fragrance oil.


Poor packaging

I bought 1000 wicks and they were not straight at all. 75% of them were bent. Poor packaging

Matthew Locher

Don't order the 1000 count

If you're interested in saving $20 by ordering the 1,000 count bag, go ahead. Be aware that you're going to have a hard time straightening your wicks out because they all come bent in a large jumbled mess. I weighed them to verify the number of wicks in the bag. Stick to the small bags if you don't have time for that, they're packaged better.


I use this one for my 12 oz. Status Jars and it burns nice and clean straight across.

Mary Wilber

Not for Mason Jars

These do not work well for mason jars. Im using 1 pint wide mouth Ball jars. These size 12 ECO wicks are to large. To large a flame and excessive soot. It will completely blacken the inside of your jar. So I tried the size 10 ECO wick. Good flame but again, it will completely blacken the inside of your jars. I am using ecosoya CB-135 in my candles. So far it seems the CSN 12 wicks have worked best. Still on the hunt for the perfect wick.


Works well with beeswax

Bought these for my jelly jars and decided to go with eco10. But I tried the 12 for my beeswax candles and it was great! I got a great melt pool in a decent amount of time.