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IGI 6006 Paraffin-Soy Blend Candle Wax
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IGI 6006 Paraffin/Soy Blend Wax is the best of both worlds for container candles and tealights, offering paraffin's strong fragrance throw and easy burning with the appealing look and usability of soy. This blend can hold up to 10% fragrance oil per pound of wax and creates a semi-glossy finished candle. IGI 6006 makes it easy to get smooth tops and glass adhesion. It requires no additional additives to achieve optimal performance—just add color and fragrance.

Packaged in soft slabs, IGI 6006 is easy to cut up and measure for use. The weight on slabbed wax can vary slightly. Cases contain 4 slabs of wax packaged together in a reinforced cardboard box.

Candle Maker's Notes: 

Paraffin waxes tend to have darker soot over soy when burning. If you're experiencing excessive soot, we recommend testing different wick sizes, or double wicking in larger containers (3.3"/8.4 cm diameter or larger).

Helpful Tips

  • Cure for 5 days before burning for maximum hot throw.
  • Use our Wick Guide to help get your testing started.
  • What’s the right wax for your needs? Visit our Wax Guide.

Wholesale Ordering
View our wholesale page for more information on ordering in bulk.


Wax Properties

Wax Type
Soft Slab
Opaque, Semi-Gloss
Recommended Wick Series
Melt Point
133°F (56.1° C)
Pour Temp
170°F (76.7° C)
Oil Content
Prop 65 Warning


10% or 1.6 oz/lb. (45 g/454 g)
6% or 1.0 oz/lb. (27 g/454 g)


Heat to 185°F (85°C) using a double boiler. Add fragrance or essential oil, remove from heat, and stir for two minutes. Pour at 170°F (76.7°C). Allow candles to cure for five days for optimal fragrance throw.

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4 out of 5 Stars.
282 reviews

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5 out of 5 Stars.

I made some candles with this wax and love it! Easy to work with and candles look beautiful. Can you tell me what is the ratio of paraffin and soy in this brand? I want to be able to tell my customers if they ask, also how should I label my candles? Soy?

Thank you in advance

CandleScience Profile Avatar
CandleScience responded: 2024-05-22

Hi there, thanks so much for your review. A member of our Support team has reached out to you via email to help with your questions!

5 out of 5 Stars.
Love this wax!

I started my candle business journey last year and have been in the " testing phase" for most of that time. I tried so many other waxes and none of them stood up to the quality of scent throw that I wanted to see in my product and still remain in the soy candle area. Everyone that gets one of my candles now reviews back on how well they smell. I have just one concern and perhaps there is something I could be doing to prevent the side shrinkage, since I use the status jars and straight sided libbey jars, the shrinkage is pretty noticeable, but it doesn't do that to all the candles. Is there something I need to make sure I do? Im not sure what im missing because I usually make batches of 2 to 4 at a time. Is it just inconsistent temps? either way thank you Candle Science. I love your oils too.

Ps I use HTPS 377 or 399 depending on my jar im using and the scent throw fills up my 30 ft living room and drifts into the kitchen

5 out of 5 Stars.

I started making candles in 2020 with this wax. I've been a fan since. the only issue I had was with wicking. I found that for me, CD wicks work best. Some people will say to try others to see if I still feel the same way, but if its not broken I'm not trying to fix it.

5 out of 5 Stars.
Wick Help

I use cd 12 with the igi 6006. I love the hot throw. But the jars get extremely hot and the soot is horrible. Which wick is the correct wick to use?

5 out of 5 Stars.
User Friendly & Doesn't Disappoint

I love IGI6006. Works well in straight side libbey jars 10oz double wicked if you dont have a medium wood wick or small wood wick with booster. I did a Power burn and short burn 4hrs on point in HTP wicks with this wax & they came out perfect with CS oils. No smoke. No high flame. Enough to fuel the scent to fill the kitchen and into the living room. Would buy again and again, easy to work with and add a little.more soy if you need to. Cure time is 24-48hrs. The longer you cure, the better it smells and a better turnaround time than straight soy where many are allergic to. So glad I switched to this wax at the beginning of this year. My package arrived nicely and customer service was on point with a quick fix for a spillage. No complaints. 💯

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