Apples and Maple Bourbon

Apples and Maple Bourbon

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A fall favorite that is a twist on the traditional apple fragrance. We start with fresh apples and blend in a touch of vanilla, maple, and a punch of smooth bourbon.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including Cinnamon.

Suggested Colors: Red, Gold, Light Brown
See our complete list of candle making dyes.

Apples and Maple Bourbon Revision
It is CandleScience policy to notify customers if any part of a fragrance has been changed for any reason - even when the revised fragrance cannot be distinguished from the old one by our test panel.

As of November 12, 2012 our Apples and Maple Bourbon Fragrance has been revised to meet our newest, more stringent safety standards. While the basic notes and description remain the same, the new fragrance has a more subtle maple note and a stronger, punchier apple note - especially when burning.


Usage Candles Only
Flashpoint 169 °F
Soy Performance 3 Leaf Rating
Phthalate Free Yes
Diffuser Base Compatible Yes; up to 25%


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Excellent throw
Submitted on 2015-10-06

This has an excellent throw! I use ecosoya cb 135 wax 1oz/lb. Definitely ordering more

Unexpected appeal
Submitted on 2015-09-17

I didn't know what to think of this scent right out the bottle, a lil to whiskey scented for me, but once in a candle the apple really comes through. Used 1.5 oz of C3 soy wax to 1 lb of wax. Really nice scent once the candle cures.

Submitted on 2015-08-31

Smells pleasantly of an old lady's house at Christmas time.

Great scent (could use more bourbon)
Submitted on 2015-05-23

I, and everyone I've gifted these candles to, adore the scent. However, it's definitely apple and maple, with no discernable bourbon scent. It would be great to have a strong, deep bourbon option, but this is still a very likeable scent that performs well in soy (10% in GB 464).

Love this.
Submitted on 2015-05-16

The apple smell is delightful. There is a light touch of maple but it is difficult to smell the bourbon. Either way this scent is comforting and sweet!

Very pleasantly surprised
Submitted on 2015-04-08

I am NOT a fan of apple-cinnamon scents. At all. I can't stand them. I understand that other people like those scents, but they just grate on my senses. I got a small bottle of this based on the reviews, & was really hesitant, thinking it was going to be another apple-cinnamon thing. It's totally not!!!! I am only leaving 4 stars because I really really really love the scent of a good, caramel-y bourbon, & I wish this had a little more of that element, but it's still great. It's very warm & inviting. The apples, maple, & bourbon scent blend well together, none of them sticking out more than the other. I think people are going to love this one - so much better than just your boring drugstore sweet candle smells.

Makes me happy
Submitted on 2014-12-18

Received this as a Secret Santa gift from a friend who makes her own soy candles. I love it! It's apple-y, and I can smell the maple in the background, too. Not sure if I smell the bourbon, but it doesn't matter to me as it smells so wonderful that it makes me happy. It's a light sweet scent, not overpowering, but not weak in my opinion. I'm going to order some for myself so I can make my own candles!

The Perfect Fall Apple Scent!
Submitted on 2014-09-29

This is a huge hit with my customers compared to the Apple Orchard fragrance. This one is definitely a keeper, although I removed 1 star because I'd prefer it to have a slightly stronger bourbon fragrance.

Submitted on 2014-09-21

This is an awesome fragrance every time! If this one is not included in your fall scents you are missing the boat!!

Amazing fragrance
Submitted on 2014-09-19

My customers love this scent! I introduced it last fall and it has been a huge hit!

nice scent
Submitted on 2013-11-26

I bought this FO and used on my very first attempt in making soy candles. It's a nice scent I made a small batch and used about 2 of the 1oz cap fulls in my batch. The throw while mixing and cold is nice and pretty strong but during the burn test the throw was weak....which is nice for those with allergies or low tolerance for smells/scents. Doesn't really smell like apples to me but more cinnamon and bourbon, but still is a nice fall scent.

great mixer
Submitted on 2013-02-23

I mixed this oil with Macintosh apple and caramelized pralines. It made a WONDERFUL caramel apple. Strong scent throw both hot and cold. I used GB464 in a 4 in container and used 3- eco 4 wicks. perfect burn and pool.

Ahh just okay...
Submitted on 2010-10-17

I was a little bit disappointed in this scent. I ordered this for my sis-n-law. She liked the scent a little more than I did. Not her favorite, but definitely not her most unfavorite either. In my opinion the apple scent overpowers the maple boubon scent. I really just smell a green appley scent. I probably will only order more if requested by a customer. There are a lot of other scents that I like better. It does have a great hot and cold throw if you love apples.

Submitted on 2010-03-24

Strong aple and bourbon influence. Unique and sultry.

Love This Scent
Submitted on 2010-03-20

I got this scent as a sample with my order! Really nice, CS, another job well done! Got orders right away for this one!

Submitted on 2009-11-03

I loved this fragrance, but it was weaker than the others I ordered. I would use it again but would use more than 1 oz/lb.

Using this as a mix
Submitted on 2009-03-10

This is a very awesome fragrance. Mixed with Strudel Spice, it is a very nice Apple Pie. Better than this and cinnamon stick(apple cinnamon).Granted apple cinnamon is a different set of cutomers.

Great scent !!
Submitted on 2008-11-21

What a lovely scent. Strong hot and cold throw using 100% soy wax and 1.5oz FO per lb. Just made this and have lots of orders already for it ! THank you CS !

Everyone Loves This
Submitted on 2008-01-09

This is a fabulous, unique apple scent that everyone loves. I have had rave reviews on this one. It is apple with a twist. One of my favorites.
*used w/CB Advanced throw is very nice

Great Apple Smell
Submitted on 2007-09-10

This works very well in my GB 415.
It has a wonderful CT & HT
I smell alot of Apple smell..

Submitted on 2007-08-13

I made this in a tart and votive last night. Didn't have the patience to wait for cure. Melted the tart in my daughters room.WOW!! The votive i will be trying tomarrow with htp 83 in a 3 oz. votive

Unique Apple Scent
Submitted on 2007-08-02

Tested in GB415, 6 oz tin, 8% FO load and a CD16 wick. After 48 hours this scent was kicking butt! Sure to be a huge hit with customers who love apple but get tired of the same old, same old apple scents.