Christmas Hearth Fragrance Oil Clean Scent
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Product Notice: Due to the IFRA 49 amendment (2021), this fragrance's soap safe usage has changed from 0% to 2%-6%. You may receive a bottle that was labeled prior to this amendment. Please be assured that the soap safe usage listed on this page is correct. You can view a full list and explanation of IFRA 49: Soap Usage Recommendation Changes here. 

A classic holiday scent that tells the story of a cozy holiday night spent sipping wine in front of the fireplace. Christmas Hearth fragrance oil combines orange spice notes from the kitchen, fir and pine notes from the Christmas tree, and an earthy smokiness from the fireplace. It's Christmas Eve, in a bottle, any time.

This fragrance is infused with with natural essential oils, including orange, cinnamon, clove, vetiver, and pine.

Blends well with: Blue Spruce, Fireside, Peppercorn Pomander, Ginger and Spice

Alternative branding ideas: Yuletide, Christmas Day

Note Profile:
Top: Orange Peel, Cinnamon, Ginger
Middle: Cypress, Clove
Base: Pine, Fir

Suggested Colors: Green, Orange, Red
See our complete list of candle making dyes.

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.


Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe Yes Usage: 2-6%
Vanillin Content 0.01% - 2%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint 205 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required No
Diffuser Base Compatible Yes; Up to 15%

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.



Average Rating:

(based upon 135 reviews)

Mariam Farag

Best Seller Every Year

I absolutely LOVE this fragrance! It is a best seller every year for my snap bars and candles. I tried it in CP soap this year and it sets up VERY fast so if you try, be cautious but the smell is too good not to try!


Hot throw is subtle

Perhaps it is just a case of "noseblindness" because I have been testing so many fragrances but I used 10% in soy 444 and it I am not detecting a strong hot throw. Mostly pine and it is subtle. Lovely scent out of the bottle.

CandleScience Reply

Hi Caitlin! Thank you so much for leaving your review. We're so sorry to hear you're not getting a good hot throw with this fragrance. A member of our Customer Support team is reaching out by email to help troubleshoot this with you.


I am obessed with this scent. I cannot wait to introude this to my customers this holiday season. I think this will be a huge hit!


Not a strong hot throw

I love the smell of this in the bottle and even when I’m making the candles. I’m using 9% now in 6006 and don’t know why I’m not getting a stronger hot throw.

CandleScience Reply

Hi there, thank you for taking a moment to share your thoughts and experience with us. A member of our team has reached out via email to help with the hot throw issue you've been experiencing!

Gorgeous Christmasy scent

I love this fragrance, the scent is just... Pure Christmas. Smells very much like Fresh Balsam from BBW. Just gorgeous. Behaved great in soap and lotion as well.


Lovely, but tricky..

I am in love with this scent and it’s already a good selling candle at market. I DID try to use it in a CP soap though and it riced and seized almost immediately! I had to work really fast to get it into the mold. In that way I’m kind of disappointed because I really wanted to use it for soap. Life I’d so much more streamlined when you find a fragrance that you can use for candles AND soap.

Ravens Nest Products


I don't know how to describe this scent, but I like it. I honestly didn't know how I felt about it out of the bottle, but I made a few candles out of it that smell great. It is definitely chirstmasy and warm. It is perfect for a holiday evening.

Hannah Reed

I am in the process of wick testing with virgin coco soy wax and figured to use this in my test because I had a sample of it and I liked the way it smelled OOTB. After a few days, the HT for my candles has been super strong and they have been burning beautifully. I love this scent! It smells so Christmassy! I'm always like, "what is that note?" but it is the clove!!! The clove comes out so strong, but it isn't out of balance with the woody/other spicy notes. I've had several people at festivals ask me if I had any clove scented candles and I never did but I might make a few of these candles as my clove stand in for future events!


Love this one

First of all, this is a staple in my winter candle collection and blends well to add some extra cozy for the rest of the year. I love it and my customers love it.

Do not use it for cp soap though. I've made hundreds of soaps and three other batches that day, but this scent gave me my very first lye pocket. A big one that ran the whole length of the loaf. It riced really bad and was an expensive mistake. But it is an absolutely wonderful candle scent and I can't recommend it enough for that.


Wonderful fragrance

I bought this oil having never bought from this company before, and was thoroughly impressed! It smells as if it contains every hint of Christmas in one bottle. I will definitely be buying a larger size in my next purchase. I would fully recommend this brand!

Alaina Reardon


I used 8% in coconut wax and I didn't smell anything. In the bottle the smell is perfect, but when you light the candle it doesn't exhale.


Soap Business Owner

Christmas Hearth is an extremely popular scent. I sold about 180 bars of soap scented with this fragrance oil, already this year (october) I've soaped at about every temperaure trying to reduce acceleration. You will need to go from adding fragrance to pouring in the mold in a minute or so. Just know that you will not be able to do an intricate design with this scent. I use titanium dioxide at the rate of 1 tsp PPO and the end result is a slightly off white/cream color bar. Scent retention is strong at 5%



I used this in my beeswax wax Melts with a few drops of Christmas Tree fo. Buying more.


Christmas In A Bottle

This scent is exactly what I think Christmas should smell like. It's the most perfect scent and I will be using it for my holiday collection in candles and melts. It's absolutely beautiful. Well done Candle Science.


This is Christmas in a bottle!


candle making

Great in a candle. Unique Christmas scent



I wanted to like this scent. I tested it several times and even mixed other scents with it, but it just smells like something obnoxious; like smoke and another odor I cannot quite describe. It does not smell like a Christmas tree like others claim, or anything related to Christmas. It smells like a hearth in the morning when you're cleaning out the fireplace (which isn't a terrible smell, really, but this fragrance oil isn't one I recommend personally).


Great holiday scent

Made candles for Christmas gifts with this scent this past year. Big hit!


this is by far.... a very good STRONG scent.... I use it in candle melts all the time...


love it

This fragrance has a smell distinct to it's own but I would not call it Christmasy. Smells great though , actually I love it! It is my new favorite fragrance!


Best Seller!

This is my best selling candle for the holidays, everyone loves it. Classic Christmas scent. My only issue is that every single one of my candles has pits after curing, it is only this fragrance, I don't have issues with any other fragrance. Has anyone else had this issue?

It's Essential

Wish I could find the perfect combo

I like the smell it’s amazing after it burns for a while just like Xmas at home , smells like you have a fresh cut tree and something baking in the oven . I wish I knew it didn’t pair well with wood wicks . They won’t burn wahhhhh



Out of the bottle, and from the smell of the unlit candle, I am not a fan. A bit strong and perfumey, not a natural scent. Hard to pull out the notes in the description. Maybe I'll feel differently after burning it.


Not what I expected...

I am a bit disappointed with this fragrance. I got it because it's Christmas time and it has 5 stars. It has a very strong, potent smell in the bottle, but the CT is very faint. The HT is stronger than the CT, but not by much. When I walk in the room it smells more like a regular candle has been burning, than a scented one, and that's after using 10%.

Artistically Thoughtful


My biggest seller by far this holiday season!! Wonderful scent!

Superstition Scents


This is absolutely one of my favorite scents! Reminds me of Christmas!

Stephanie G.

love it!

This is one of my favorite holiday scents so far and other people love it too! No one has disliked this one so far. It is truly a wonderful Christmas scent!

Wicks Candles - Jessica

Great smell!


Top seller

This scent is one of my top sellers with my holiday line.

Heather Joslin

Doesn't Sell

Surprisingly this was the one scent I couldn't sell last Christmas. It was the only one almost entirely left over after my holiday markets wrapped up. The scent is indescribable and not necessarily unpleasant, but it doesn't seem to fit in a Christmas line.


Candle maker

I give five stars!!! Everyone loves it !!! You can’t go wrong with this smell it smells just like Christmas!!!!! Love love love


Xmas in November

Wow!! Simply amazing. Smells like Xmas at my grandma. This scent is so delicious I am sure it will be a complete success.

Mr. ManCave


I really like it, Fabulous

Anita Louise

Christmas Perfection

Got two 1oz. samples to try and omg it smells just like Christmas at my moms. Its the perfect Christmas scent with a STRONG cold and hot throw. I bought it to make Christmas presents, but I'm already burning them for myself in October. Ordered another 4 oz. bottle for my gifts :)


Great Christmas Scent

I got this scent for my Christmas Candle last year, it was a huge success with my clients. Smells really Christmassy, strong pine and spice notes are perceived. Got great CT and HT.



Of all my Christmas scents (and I have a LOT!) this has to be my favorite... seems to appeal to almost everyone! Definitely recommend!!


Great First Impression

It delivers what it promised, straight from the bottle. But the side notes that give it a Christmasy fragrance are gone after a few minutes. The remaining fragrance is clean and pleasant, like a nice soap, but the Christmas element is lost.



Right out of the bottle, this fragrance oil smelled ever so good. While mixing the candles, it filled the whole area and it smelled even more delightful. Candle Science really did it with this one. Once my candles cure, I will definitely be back to share my experience after lighting the candle. For right now, its an A+ from me.



I can see why some people might say this smells like Christmas, but it's not my cup of tea. To me, it's really heavy on orange and clove notes and it's a little overpowering. I grew up in New England, so Christmas, to me, smells more like the Balsam or Christmas tree fragrances by CS. Maybe this one is more "old-timey" Christmas. haha! It's a lovely fragrance though. I think it's just a matter of taste.

Casey M


This is such a beautiful fragrance. Delicate and strong at the same time. Strong because it has an amazing ct and ht, and delicate because it’s not a punching fragrance like apple & maple bourbon (amazing too) without compromising the strong smell

Lourdes Diaz


Can I rename the scent? or should I post it like you already named it? im asking, beacuse some of your fragance bring me a lot of good memories from my past which it has a name.

Can I?

Elvis York


I cannot express how much I love this scent! I call it "Christmas Morning" because when I smell this scent, it brings every good memory of Christmas pasts right into my mind. It's the perfect balance of citrus, pine and hearth and makes me smile every time I smell it!

Rebecca K.

Good Christmas scent but flaking on top of candle

Nice Christmas scent, smokey snd pine smell (little heavey on the smokey side). I am a bit new to candle making but when made using GB 464 10% fragrance load I noticed quite a bit of crusting or flaking on the top of the one candle I made. I am sure it can be fixed with a heat gun but expect a little more time finishing at the end.


Top selling Christmas candle

This scent has been my top seller for the past two years that I have been using it. It smells so good and I get such good feedback from my customers. I use golden brands 464 wax and it turns out smooth every time. Great Hot and cold throw

Sasha P.


Only gets two stars because my husband seems to like it. I, on the other hand, can't stand it. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it just smells so bland and uninspired. Hard no!


New England Candle

Great smelling scent! So far so good, a favorite from our customers!



This scent makes me sick to my stomach. I ordered it because it had 5 stars - and there is something about it that doesn't sit right with me.


Worth giving a try

It had a bit of an "off" smell in the bottle, but boy oh boy did it finish out nicely in Golden Soy Tart wax. Smells exactly like the name. I'm getting hints of spruce, cinnamon, and a smoky fire. Not as intense of a smoke scent as Fireside, this is a good holiday scent.


The Epitome Christmas

I had my (adult) daughter close her eyes and then had her smell the test candle of "Christmas Hearth".
Without hesitation, she said, "It smells exactly like Christmas!". And it does! Everyone LoVeS this fragrance!
Amazing cold & hot throw!!!

High Desert Handcrafted


Wasn't too fond of the scent in the bottle but now that the candles are made - it smells wonderful! Embodies all the scents of Christmas!


Amazing scent!!!

Everyone fell in love with it and is one of my favorites. I highly recommend, trust me, this will be a big hit for you.


Literally My Favorite Scent of All Time

I first bought this scent when I started learning how to make candles. Those first candles smelled amazing. I recommend this scent to anyone!!


Holiday in a Bottle

This captures the essence of the Winter Holiday Season. Enough said. Buy it!

Rick M.

I love it

Oh my gosh, this is by far my favorite of the Holiday scents. It smells so good, I can't stop smelling it out of the bottle and I haven't even made a candle yet!


Highly Recommended!

This scent is so perfectly Christmas without being too pine like or to sweet! It is a perfect blend of all things Christmas. The fragrance has a great cold and hot throw and I received so many compliments from the candles I made with this scent. The scent filled my home without being obnoxious and overpowering.

Kelly R.

A holiday favorite

I've made this fragrance for the last 2 years during the holidays to sell and it is snatched up quickly by very happy customers.
The smell is a lively reminder of Christmastime.
Great cold & hot throw, too!


My favorite

This is my favorite fragrance ever. It smells like all the great Christmas smells all in one. Great hot and cold throw. Everybody who has burned this one raves about it.


My favorite scent! Great hot and cold throw.


My favorite!

Out of the handful of highly rated holiday scents I made for friends/family/coworkers this year, THIS was my favorite! Such a wonderful mix of Christmas tree scent and spices. I absolutely love it and am ordering more right now. :)


Orange You Glad It's Christmas!?

I'm new to candle making. As something fun to do with my daughters when they are visiting over the holidays, I bought a 10 lb bag of GB 464 Soy Wax, 12 jars, 12 tins, wicks, and 6 small (1 oz) bottles of FO including this one. I was very pleased with how quickly my order came and how nicely everything was packaged. This scent, Christmas Hearth, was our favorite. We used 1 oz per 1 lb wax and added a few drops of Orange EO. Cold throw was AMAZING a few hours after making it! Everyone that comes into the house comments on it. As others have said, it really does smell like Christmas in a candle. My daughter took one home with her and wrote that the hot throw is great also. I am so glad I've found Candle Science and this wonderful new hobby!


OMG! This is my favorite scent of the whole year!!! 10% in 464 and the hot and cold throw are both amazing. So cozy and Christmasy.


Christmas in a Bottle

Whenever I buy a Christmas fragrance I'm always worried it is going to smell cheap. Personally, their is a note in many Christmas fragrances that always screams cheap to me. However, this fragrance doesn't have that note. I think this fragrance is more upscale than other holiday scents. I believe the earthy smokiness that lingers in the background creates a fragrance that is more complex and interesting. I haven't tried all of the Holiday fragrances at CS, but so far this is my favorite Christmas scent at CS.

Kevin G.

Love love love!!!

I mix this with Blue Spruce and WOW am I impressed! This is easily one of my top sellers and I hope it is here to stay <3

Modern Magix

sold out in one day !

this is my best selling candle they sold out within a day

wishtree candles

Awesome Scent

I bought this in hopes to get a scent that was like the holidays, and I was not disappointed. This is such an awesome scent and has replaced my normal fall scent. This smell makes me feel like Christmas day is here, and I am a little girl again going to my Grandmas. This is my new favorite!! Not to strong and not to weak. It has a great hot and cold throw.

Sheppards Corner


This fragrance for me with both coconut and soy waxes threw both hot and cold phenomenally with multiple different wicks as well. I love it!



Amazing smell!! Loved it!



Can I use this fragrance in a Linen & Room Spray?

CandleScience Reply

Yes, you can use this fragrance in a linen or room spray. Be sure to follow the usage recommendations on your recipe!

Highly Recommend

I opened this up and told my brother to smell it and tell me what he thinks it smells like, his response? "Christmas. Like those scented pine cones." Used 11% in 464 for candles, smells great.


Amazing hot and cold throw

Ok so first off, the scent is VERY strong. 1oz to 1 lb is plenty! I made melts out of this, and tried them..... It smells very strong and good! And I'm not even a fan of Christmas scents!


Christmas in a bottle!

I can't describe it any better than the others--I can tell you you won't be disappointed by this scent!


A Holiday Favorite!

We love Christmas Hearth - and so does everyone we gave it to! Great hot and cold throw. Perfect holiday scent that appeals to almost all preferences - a hint of tree, a hind of sweetness. Just buy it. It's perfect.



This is first of all MY favorite Christmas candle scent, and is also a huge hit when we have these on the shelves. People LOVE them! Such a great fragrance. It incapsulates Christmastime so well.


Love it

This scent is amazing and one of the best Christmas smells I have ever smelled. Can not wait to make melts with it. So amazing!


Perfect for christmas!!!

It is true to CandleScience description I use it in 6006 @8% load with two CD#4 wicks in a Libbey glass bowl Burns perfect!!

Jay.B Candlestik Candles

WOW! Awesome Christmas Scent!

Christmas Hearth is exactly what it says it is - a true Christmas scent, with the pine from the Christmas tree, and smoke from a fire. It is not overly smokey smelling, it is just perfect. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It smells just as good burning as it does in the bottle. Please hurry up and get it back in stock!

Kathi from Newtown

more like Bayberry

I personally was not crazy about this scent. All I could smell was pine.. similar to a bayberry scent.

Kimberly Williams


Love this scent!!! The smell of the fireplace in the background of this scent is exactly what I have been looking for in a scent! I think many customers will love this scent!!!!! Very Christmasy!


Very Nice

I really love this scent, it smells like your sitting around your fire place around Christmas time!


Very Nice Scent

Made with GB 464 Eco#10 very nice christmas scent. Not too strong. But nice



Smells like someone spilled egg nog on a wood stove. Heavenly! Used it in IGI 4794 votive wax.

A Hicks

Perfect holiday scent

I used this to make small travel votives for my clients as gifts. It is a very nice fragrance, not too pine-y like some holiday scents. Love this, and will return to next year. Also like it a year round masculine candle scent option : )


An Ideal Holiday Fragrance!

Used this fragrance with the Cargill C-3 wax for a candle making class I was teaching. Beautiful fragrance that aptly fits its description! Releases scent wonderfully in both cold and hot throw. My teaching assistant said 1 small candle scented her whole house. Keep up the good work!


Awesome Christmas Scent!!

I was looking for a scent that would make my customers think of Christmas every time they smelled it and this is definitely it! I love this scent!! Cannot keep it on the shelves in candles or tarts!

Amy B.

very good

I used GB 464 soy wax with this scent. Very strong hot/cold throw. Stronger tones of orange with a slight pine and very slight "smokey spice"(clove?). Smells very good.


Love it!

I use GB 464 soy wax. It has all the smells of Christmas, rolled into one! A must have!



This is a wonderful, complex fragrance. If you are tired of the same old Christmas scent, then give this a try. It has hints of cinnamon, Christmas tree, and wood smoke. Really neat. The wood smoke smell is very faint, dont worry that your house will smell like a barbeque. I will order more of this, for myself and my clients. Used 1 oz/lb in GB 464, both hot/cold throw were great.


Still a best seller for me!

I have been using Christmas Hearth since it first came out and it consistantly ranks a #1 when stores order from me. It is like Christmas in a bottle. You can smell the pine and the subtleness of the fire going in a fireplace and beautiful spices intermixed within. I sell this as Hearthside when not for the holidays. It is a blow your socks off fragrance! I live in the mountains and I consider myself to be somewhat an expert on pine scents. The other scent that is lovely from Candle Science is Scotch Pine; somewhat different but very beautiful. Their Christmas tree is another one that is slightly more softer but very nice. Their Blue Spruce is a very invigorating scent and quite beautiful! It is quite rare that a company can offer a selection of pine scents and be right on the money as what I have found with Candle Science. I'm going to be putting Pinecones into wax today and see how that one goes. I sure wish they would come up with a true "Balsam Fir" fragrance! I presently use GB464 wax with jars of the Salsa Line and Status Jar Line and usually wait a week or so to cure for my scents. Candle Science is my #1 company for fragrance, beautiful ship times and wonderful products!


love it

Cold throw was much stronger than warm throw but still a great fragrance.


Scent from Heaven!

I opened my bottle as soon as I received it. I immediately fell in love. This is my new favorite Christmas scent. Please keep it around.


Perfect Christmas Blend!

Absolutely love this fragrance. Used with GB 464 Soy and it has the perfect balance of citrus and pine, with a touch of smokey fireplace, just like description. An absolute must for your gifts this year!


Smells like Christmas in a bottle!

The smell of this is amazing! I used it in some soy candles I was making for gifts and am very pleased with how it turned out. I think I should have used a little more fragrance to my wax ratio bc the scent throw is a little lite for my liking. I'm sure for others it would be great!


Excellent scent

Like other reviewers already said, this scent is a pure Christmas scent. It really smells wonderful. I used it with a soy/paraffin wax blend IGI 6006, and the candles turned out excellent.


Wonderful scent - not overly holiday smell

Perfect blend that is festive without being overly "holiday" smelling. Love the hint of orange.


Makes me Sick!

Nice fragrance concept. However, the first time I poured this, it gave me a headache. Some of my customers really wanted it so I kept making candles. There must be something in the fragrance that has sensitized my body because now I feel physically sick when I smell the fragrance. Not only that, it has a weak hot and cold throw in GB 444 and GB Pillar blend. I spent the day before Thanksgiving all the way through a few days before Christmas (when I stopped making candles)sick with sinus problems. Will not be re-ordering. Someone else can provide that fragrance in candles but not me!


Smoky and Spicy

I would describe this scent as smoky and spicy. I don't detect the pine notes at all which is kind of disappointing for a scent called Christmas Hearth, but I really like the subtle fireplace scent. To me it smells like cinnamon and spice by the fire. It's a cozy Fall and Winter scent.


Christmas Hearth

I can not keep it on the shelf..... perfect blend for the Holiday Season!!

Jim Cosenza

My favorite and my best seller

This is probably one of my all time favorite fragrances. I use this in 464 at 10% and the cold throw is really good and the hot throw is amazing! This fragrance is definitely a keeper for me at the holidays, the candles sold as fast as I was making them. The fragrance reminds me of sitting in a cabin with the smell of spices in the air, fresh cut Christmas tree and a roaring fire.


Not my favorite but my best seller

This was my first candle to sell out. I only made 8 - 9oz tumblers and 6 - 8oz tins and it sold out fast. To me it smelt just like a Ralph Lauren Christmas room spray I got years ago at t j maxx that i hated. To me it just smelled like oranges with a hint of cloves. I will definitely be making alot more next fall. Customers that bought this liked it so much they came back for more after i sold out. I used at 10% with para soy blend ig6006


I love this fragrance out of the bottle, but it doesn't do much for
me in my soy candles. Weak hot throw, no matter how long I let my
candles cure.



This is a wonderful Christmas frangrance. I only got a small amount and wish I had more.


Smells like Christmas

This is one of my favorite Christmas fragrances and it's extremely popular with customers, I burn this one at home. I use 464 and do a 10% FO load with this and it had an amazing cold throw and a strong hot throw, perfect!



This scent is absolute perfection! Throws like a beast in every wax I've put it in, 100% soy, parasoy and 4630. Perfect fall/winter fragrance and has wide appeal.


Love it!

I ordered this fragrance to get a great scent for Christmas. I did samples in wax melts to advertise new fragrances. A little concerned about the hot throw using GB464 for the melts, but I will have to say it is Awesome. The cold and hot both are excellent. Christmas Hearth is going to be a favorite.


Customers love it

I debuted this one at a couple festivals this summer and people loved it.



This fragrance oil smells more like soap than Christmastime.


One of my favorites

This has to be sniffed to be believed! It definitely is Christmas Eve in a bottle! My husband said it reminded him of his parents' summer cabin. I think this particular FO will conjure up many memories of holidays, places and events for people. Its just so beautiful and excellent CT and HT. CS has done it again!


Absolutely beautiful!

I poured this FO about two hours ago. The cold throw is already strong and just beautiful. Lovely combo of fireplace, pine and Christmas spices. This is my #1 fave CS fragrance!!!


Christmas Bilss

Smells just like I'm sitting near a Christmas tree. Great pine scent

Linda G

A+ Holiday Seller

Another A+ scent from Candlescience. A top seller for me this season. Used in GB 464 at 11% excellent hot and cold throws! A keeper for the holiday season line.


Love this scent.

Used this at 10 % with GB 444 wax, and green dye chip in small jelly jars. The cold and hot throw were both fantastic. I burned the candle in my study and the scent lasted for over a week. Love it and am now making it for family for the holidays.


Holiday Favorite

My favorite holiday scent! It has a great tree scent that isn't too strong.

Laura P

I was so excited for this scent...however, when I made it using GB464 there was absolutely no cold throw! Hoping the hot throw is much better.


Has anyone had issues storing fragrance oil and making candles in their garage? We live in North Carolina and the overwhelming smell of all the oils and lack of proper ventilation in our home is too overwhelming. We are looking for other options. Thanks!


All Time Fave Holiday Scent

I will admit to burning this year round...I love it that much. It's the perfect holiday scent and a wonderful blend of Christmas tree, spice, vanilla, sweet...just very, very nice. I renamed it because I think it's a great fall and winter scent.

Queen Creek Soapworks & Candlery

Awesome Fall & Winter scent!!

This is my favorite scent from Candlescience! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!


I like this scent because it is a little softer than some others I use.
It will make a nice addition for the holidays!


Kentucky Moonshine Candles

I LoVe this fragrance and so do my customers. I renamed it Rocky Mountain High for the off season. The name is perfect.
It has a great scent throw in the soy and tarts.

Tammy Sabens

Smells exactly as described.


Christmas Hearth

I usually don't love woodsy scents at all. I got this for my husband. But, I loved this scent the moment I smelled it out of the bottle. It's the perfect blend of a fireplace, with evergreen, then the citrus comes through, they all compliment each other so well. It reminds me of Christmas Eve by the fire.

Ivory Forest

Depends on who you ask

I almost didn't make this scent after smelling it because it was a bit nauseating to me. That being said, it ended up being the first to sell out at this year's holiday market. Guess it's a love/hate scent.


This performed TOO well in GB 464...very strong...but it's definitely a Christmas scent. Maybe just use a bit less than you normally would.

The Burning Mitten

Customers Loved It

My customers loved this scent. I'm trying to think of a way to market it year-round. It smells too good to be offered only at Christmas. When I smell this, it is a blend of citrus, spice, pine, and only a very subtle fireplace scent. The combination is perfect.


Christmas tradition

This is an excellent "Christmas" fragrance. I make a few just for myself every Christmas. It reminds me of combination of pine, cinnamon, and smoke from the fireplace. Highly recommended.


Amazing holiday scent

i tried a sample of this and I love it! i used golden wax 464 with 1 oz. of scent per 1/2 lb. of wax. it is the most wonderful smell. I will definitely order more. Catches a hint of the fireplace in the background of wonderful Christmas pine and spices. LOVE IT


Christmas Hearth IS Christmas

This scent brought back so many Christmas memories! It seriously hits all of the Christmas notes - the pine, kitchen spices, even bayberry which they don't even mention in the description. Everyone that has come over and smelled this scent has been impressed. Great hot and cold throw as well.


This fragrance is my very favorite holiday scent. I seriously can't get enough of it! I have these candles burning in my home and at my vendor events constantly from Thanksgiving through New Years. It has a great scent throw in soy and is also popular with my friends, family, and customers.


Great scent

I made this candle scent with eco cb advanced wax and put it in a basket along with a blue spruce candle, an apple harvest candle and gave as a gift. My friend said the Christmas Hearth was her favorite. I will be making more as this has received rave reviews so far for me.


Best Christmas scent!

I have to say this is the best Christmas scent out of 6 that I've ordered from different suppliers. Thank you Candlescience, this is awesome! It is Christmas in a candle :)


Christmas Hearth

Candle smells awesome before I light it, but so not smell it after its lit, is anyone else seeing this? Love the look and the way the candle turns out, used 1 oz to 1 lb 464 Soy. Any other options or tips someone can help with? Thanks everyone!

kandle flickers and mrs wicks

I am not sure what this is suppose to smell like. It's very unusual and in some way offensive. Has a hint of petroleum or something strange.


Uncle Dick's Rude Candle Co

This one smells amazing! It's not too Christmasy either. E.g. I called it "pine" after holidays ended and people still buy it.


Wireback & Co. Candles

This scent has been an unexpected best. I've had to re order several times because it sells so fast. It took a couple of weeks to take off, but with the right description to your customers, you can't go wrong.
I have a small apt, so the hot throw at first was overwhelming for a smaller area, and I didn't understand the scent. My parents also make candles and I convinced them to try this scent. They have a huge library, and burned this scent the day I visited. WOW!! what difference. I Thought they had a fire place!! it was wonderful, and it evoked pleasant memories and time of season.