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DIY peppermint mocha latte candles

3 hours+
3 candles


Pouring soy wax flakes into a pouring pitcher on a candle scale.
Cleaning out candle container with rubbing alcohol and wicked candle tumblers.
Adding brown liquid candle dye to melted soy way.
Weighing fragrance oil and pouring it into melted soy candle wax.
Pouring brown dyed soy candle wax into a white straight sided tumbler.
Pro Tip!

Closeup of melted soy wax cooling in pouring pitcher.
Pro Tip!

Piping soy wax into a mocha candle
Cutting brown soy wax with a knife into small shavings.
Sprinkling soy wax shavings onto diy coffee candle.
Closeup of mocha candle with soy wax whipped cream and dyed candle shavings.
Peppermint mocha soy candle with soy wax whipped cream.