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Our contoured top rectangle soap mold is made from food grade plastic and can be used with melt & pour soap bases as well as cold process soap. This mold makes 4 bars, with each cavity holding 4.1 ounces (weighted). We recommend allowing your soap to cool for 24 hours for easier removal from the mold. If the bar won't release, place the mold in your freezer for 30-40 minutes and try again. We also recommend pouring your soap base at a maximum of 145°F. It's best to hand wash the mold with warm soapy water. Cleaning in the dishwasher or with hot water can warp the mold. Finished Soap Dimensions: 3 2/5" x 2 1/2" x 1 2/5" deep Made in the USA.


Prop 65 Warning Required

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5 out of 5 Stars.

This is my favorite soap mold. I make cold process soaps, and they pop out of these beautifully. The best part is that I don't have to cut any soap from a large loaf of soap. The bars are perfect and smooth each time. They look very professional. These plastic molds are a little thicker and a bit better quality than a different brand that I also use. They're very durable. I doubt that they'll break unless I purposely try to break them. I was hesitant to try plastic molds because I thought they would be brittle, but Mold Market soap molds are awesome. I have about a dozen of this bar shape, but I also have most of the other shapes that are sold here. I have many expensive silicone soap molds from various big companies, and I think these Mold Market plastic ones are preferable because the same shapes stack nicely inside each other, and they clean up easier because nothing gets left behind in the mold as long as you keep your soap in them long enough to harden. I have a slightly softer recipe, and I keep them in about a week. Melt and pour hardens within a few hours. Silicone can sometimes hold some scent from a previous project.