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Stock Updates

September 21, 2020

“What’s going on with all these stock issues lately?” 

It’s a question we’ve been getting a lot, and probably one you’ve asked yourself if you regularly order candle and soap supplies. Many things in our industry (not to mention our world!) are very different than they were a year ago. 

Since the stay-at-home orders began, interest in fun activities you can do at home has increased dramatically. Remember how everyone was baking their own bread and growing their own sourdough starters a few months back? Well, bread isn’t the only DIY project folks are getting into. Canning, pickling, homebrewing, DIY skincare and beauty products, and of course, candle making. 

The stock shortages and delays we’ve been seeing in the candle and soap supply industry for the last several months are no doubt frustrating to us all. But there is some good news here: the market for handmade candles, soap, and all the other good stuff this community creates is booming. It’s an exciting time for our industry. Your products are in demand, but that means the supplies you use to make them are, too. 

Logistical challenges are also at play. Supply chains have been disrupted and staffing capacities are limited due to necessary physical distancing. Manufacturers of the bottles used for holding fragrance are diverting much of their supply towards hand sanitizer. Glassware companies are dealing with the high demand from both candle makers and makers of canned/jarred goods, among others. 

Here at CandleScience, we’ve been seeking out alternative suppliers for many of our products to help ensure we have backups, and backups for our backups. Over the last several months, we’ve also hired dozens of warehouse associates across multiple shifts so that we can keep getting orders out the door in the timeframe you expect. We’ve brought on new team members in our customer support department so we can continue providing the best help and support possible.

We’ve all had to adapt to many changes in our day-to-day lives. But perhaps looking at supply shortages as an opportunity rather than a roadblock might alleviate some of the stress of not being able to obtain a container or other item you typically use. Position a different jar as a “limited run” for your customers or experiment with fragrance blending. Test out a new product offering like sugar scrubs or body butter. Play around with that one wax you’ve been meaning to try. Channel that creative spirit that first sparked interest in your craft!

While things are beginning to get back to something like normal, 2020 has shown that nothing is guaranteed. We’re doing everything in our power to keep our supplies stocked, knowing that new indie businesses, established brands, and hobbyists alike depend on getting what they need, when they need it. 

As always, we’re here to help so please reach out anytime you have questions or need a hand. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding as we all navigate this new landscape.

—the CandleScience team