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Green Matte Tumbler Jar

Product Notice: We've rebranded our Matte Tumbler Jar line as Astra Tumbler Jars. This is a name change only and the line is physically unaltered.

Our luxe Green Astra Tumbler Jars feature a matte exterior and a warm gold interior ideal for a luxury candle line.

"Astra" comes from the Ancient Greek word for stars glimmering in the night sky, a perfect fit for this tumbler's electroplated gold interior that reflects a lit candle's soft glow. These statement-making containers make us dream of green forests, moss covered rocks, and soothing scents. Capture your brand with this sophisticated candle jar, which is also available in black, whitecornflower, and cranberry.

These containers have a gentle taper that can make large labels challenging. We suggest using smaller labels for this product.

Looking for a lid?
Try our metal flat lids in black, silver, bronzerose gold or gold. Please note that our gold metal flat lid does not match the warmth of the matte tumbler's gold interior. 

Note: Do not pick up jar by lid.

Candle Maker's Notes:
If you typically wick our Straight Sided Tumbler or similar tumblers by sight alone, note that the reflective inside can make eyeballing the center of these tumblers difficult. A wick setter is recommended. 

How much wax will it hold? 
See this information in the Properties section of this page. Learn more about container wax weight and volume.

Looking for a wick suggestion?
Check out our wick guide to see recommendations! Our recommendations are estimates and should be used as a starting point for your own burn testing.

Looking for labels?
Put the finishing touch on your candles with the perfect product label from Avery WePrint. Browse designs, create your own, and take 10% off all label orders!

  • Already have an idea of what you’d like to do? Head to to get started.
  • Not sure what label size or shape to use? Check out Avery’s Label Sizes Chart.
  • Looking for labeling tips or want to see the latest in design trends? Explore Avery’s Candle Label Inspiration & Ideas for your candle line.

Need packaging for this jar? We have options!

  • Try our Kraft or White Straight Sided Tumbler Boxes! We recommend using either a lid, OR a tumbler box, not both.
  • For an upscale, tactile experience, try our Luxe Soft Touch Tumbler Boxes in Gray, White, or Black with or without a Metal Flat Lid. 
  • Want a sophisticated and recyclable option? Try our Black, White, or Kraft Paper Candle Tubes with or without lids.

Need shipping boxes? 
Flush Packaging offers durable shipping boxes custom fit to a wide variety of CandleScience vessels—ensuring your finished candles get delivered safely.



Painted, Matte
Glass Transparency
Wax Weight (to Fill Line)
8.3 oz (235 g)
Volume (to Overflow)
10 fl oz (296 mL)
3.5" (8.9 cm)
Inside (Top) Diameter
3.0625" (7.8 cm)
Outside (Top) Diameter
3.1875" (8.1 cm)
Inside (Bottom) Diameter
2.785" (7.1 cm)
Outside (Bottom) Diameter
2.91" (7.4 cm)
Max Labeling Area
10" x 3.5" (25.4 cm x 8.9 cm)
Prop 65 Warning

Product Reviews

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5 out of 5 Stars.

these jars are even more beautiful in person! I had been wanting to use these since they came out and I finally bought some for a special collection. I love how elegant they are - I've paired them with wooden wicks to give them a more elevated earthy feel (btw when are you going to start offering wooden wicks, CS??). when you pour white wax in them the gold interior looks like white gold and is so pretty. they are pricey so I can't imagine using them all the time but they have been great for a special purpose.

5 out of 5 Stars.

I go wood wick with these bad boys and they're so dope. They look amazing; super clean look with that matte finish.

5 out of 5 Stars.
Love the color!

I just received these yesterday and I love them! I cannot wait to make my candles in these jars! I wish that they came in other sizes as well! :) I would love to create the sets!

5 out of 5 Stars.
SO lovely!

I have a new favorite jar! It looks so professional and fancy. I use 464 though and my wick was more in the CD8-10 range (depending on fragrance)…. Just a heads up in case anyone is in the habit of pouring and not testing. Be sure to test!!!

4 out of 5 Stars.
Great jars!

I do feel that these jars are really expensive. Especially since you have to purchase lids separately, and shipping is through the roof! However, they are high quality jars! The color is nice and they are so thick that the jars do not get too hot. I really love them! I hope you are able to keep them in stock for a long time, because good jars are hard to come by.

5 out of 5 Stars.

Absolutely beautiful! I got all three to test out and add to my collection and they came just as expected. The green is just gorgeous and perfect for the holiday season.

5 out of 5 Stars.

I am not sure if the recommendation changed or if I simply ordered the wrong ones, but upon review I did NOT use the correct wick, so therefore please disregard my 4 star review! That was my fault!

4 out of 5 Stars.
Gorgeous Jar, Wick recommendation off tjough

The vessels themselves are gorgeous, a lovely sage green with a very reflective gold on the inside. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is more due to Candle Science’s recommendations and nothing to do with the jar itself. I used 464 wax and used the recommended wick size listed (ECO 13) and it tunnels. I am a tad disappointed that I will now have to order and retest other wick options. The jars themselves are beautiful though.