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How to price your candles

Candle tins stacked on a table.

Where to begin?

Pro Tip!

Understanding your costs: the basics

You have to know your candle making costs down to the penny. Otherwise, you could be losing money. It’s a very important aspect of going from a hobby to a business. You have to do the numbers, and it’s a huge win for you when you do.
– Jennifer G. | Wax Cabin Candle Company
For pricing, I always start with my cost. I weigh and measure every component of my candles to get the exact cost, then figure my fixed overhead, and put a markup from there. That helps me cover operation costs as well as make a profit.
– Aubry P. | Witty Wicks Candles

Adding up your costs

Step 1. Calculate variable cost

Step 2. Calculate fixed costs

Step 3. Calculate total costs

Setting a price

A quick reminder: circle back to your target market

Pro Tip!

A template to help out

Moving forward: adapt and grow

The Takeaways