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Where to sell your candles: finding the right sales channel

Tablet showing an Etsy website selling candles

Selling online

1. Etsy

2. Social media

3. Your own website

Selling locally

1. Farmers markets

2. Craft fairs and festivals

“Selling locally lets you know if your branding is cohesive enough—if people get what you’re trying to do. You can introduce your brand to people, get a customer base, and hear all kinds of feedback. And all of that is so invaluable.”
– D’Shawn R., Southern Elegance Candle Company
“Selling locally gave me the confidence to grow my business. At first I was shy and nervous, but I eventually got overwhelmed with all the support from complete strangers praising my products. It encouraged me to attend larger shows, meet local shop owners, and begin wholesaling my products.”
– Heather B., Good Scents by Heather


1. Shops

2. Boutiques

3. Etsy wholesale

Consignment Note:

Wrapping up: stay true to your brand

The takeaways