Moroccan Cashmere Fragrance Oil Clean Scent
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Soft and sophisticated, cashmere is one of the most luxurious fibers in the world. Moroccan Cashmere fragrance oil weaves itself into an elegant fragrance with powdery top notes, a sweetened heart of lavender and vanilla, and a woodsy base of musk, amber, and sandalwood. If you were a fan of the musky notes of Moon Lake Musk, you might love this fragrance, too.

Moroccan Cashmere performs well in candles, tarts and wax melts, and creates luxurious bath and body products from soaps and scrubs to lotions.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils including spearmint, lavender, clove bud, and eucalyptus.

Blend recommendations: Leather, Neroli and White Jasmine, Suede and Smoke

Alternative branding ideas: White Cashmere, Cashmere Vanilla, Vanilla Patchouli

Note Profile
Top: Bergamot, Powder
Middle: Sugar, Lavender, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang
Base: Amber, Musk, Sandalwood

Suggested colors: Natural, Ivory, Light Tan, Light Pink

See our complete list of candle making candle making dyes and soap colorants.

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.


Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe Yes Usage: 2-6%
Vanillin Content 2.01% - 5%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint 216 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required No
Diffuser Base Compatible No

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.


Cold Process Soap Performance
Acceleration Discoloration Separation
None Tan None

Lye Water Temperature 108ºF
Oil temperature 120ºF

We did not experience any acceleration or separation. The oils and water were slow to come to trace and the batter turned yellow. Initially the batter poured smoothly into the mold but we did see the last amount to pour out were starting to thicken. After 24 hours, we observed the soap only reached a partial gel and only the outer edges discolored tan while the center area remained yellow. The scent remained true to the out of bottle character and was strong but not overwhelming. After 30 days, the soap remained a tan shade with dark brown marbling in the center. The scent was mild but still true to the out of bottle character. We’re not sure what caused the marbling effect but it could have been where glycerin rivers formed during the initial saponification. This would be a great scent to embrace the discoloration of this fragrance and incorporate it into the soap design.

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Average Rating:

(based upon 20 reviews)


Ordered this as a sample by accident and FELL IN LOVE! I'm very sensitive to musky scents, but this is perfectly balanced and absolutely beautiful. Ordered a big bottle, and can't wait to use in my winter line!

CT and HT were perfect and strong. Used soy 464 with a CD 8 wick in a 9 oz straight sided container. 10% fragrance load.

J. Raven

Moroccan Cashmere

I loved this scent in the bottle and could not wait to try it in my candles. I used 444 wax, but I’m disappointed in the HT, it was weak.

Jen M
CandleScience Reply

Hi there Jen! Thank you so much for your review. We're so sorry to hear you're running into difficulty with the hot throw. We'd love to help figure this out with you, and a member of our Customer Support team is reaching out via email to further assist.

Hot Throw Disappointed.

I purchased this scent to add to my fall drop, but the hot throw is disappointing.

The CT is amazing but after burning i don’t even smell it. I would love to add this to my line. Help!

Darité Collections
CandleScience Reply

Hey there! A member of our Support team will be reaching out via email to help.


I really love this scent. The CT smells amazing but the HT is barely there. I also let it cure for two weeks. Used golden wax 464 and wick ECO 8. Can anyone help me with this?

CandleScience Reply

Hi there! Thank you for leaving your review of Moroccan Cashmere. We're so sorry to hear the hot throw is being difficult in your candles. A member of our Customer Support team is reaching out privately via email to assist you!




Took me by surprise

So I decided to try this scent in both wax melts and candles. Beautiful scent in the both and during the making but the HT is weak and very light. I will test again with a different wick and see how if anything changes.


Oh so great

Oh my goodness.n this is scent is so good. It's sultry, sweet and sexy. It's right up there with
your pink sugar crystals (which is amazing and my customers love it) and your sea salt orchid. I'm so glad I chose to order this and try it. I know my customers will love this too.


It's not Moon Lake Musk but that's ok.

I'm writing this review as someone who came looking for an answer to the missing Moon Lake Musk. The scent's fine and Candle Science's general brand of excellence and quality. Which is what makes this so frustrating to write.

Both Moon Lake Musk and Moroccan Cashmere are both very musky scents which is nice but there are some very key differences between the two. Moon Lake Musk is a bit of a lighter, more watery scent. It has a floral lakey notes to it. A very cool nights forest breeze over a lake.

Moroccan Cashmere on the other hand is a on the heavier and ever so more earthy side. It's traded in the water and floral notes for a more spices and oils vibe. It has a more lived in smell. Very village like and less wilderness. It's good just not Moon Lake Musk.

I've been sitting here trading one scent for the other under my nose as I write this. Moroccan Cashmere is good enough to stand on it's own but as a replacement for Moon Lake Musk it falls flat.

My rating is purely based on the suggestion on Candle Science's part to try Moroccan Cashmere in place of Moon Lake Musk and it sucks that I have to give it a hit like this cause it's a good scent just poorly shoehorned into the place of another. I wish I could do this review without the baggage but that's sadly not possible.


Both attempts were a fail

Tried it by itself and blended with another fragrance, zero HT from candles. Not even a little. And I wanted to love it but no such luck.

N. K.
CandleScience Reply

Hey there! Thanks for reaching out. One of our Customer Support Team members will be contacting you shortly to help troubleshoot.

Candle Maker

This scent is a far cry from the discontinued Moon Lake Musk scent. Moon Lake Musk was a very distinct scent that my clients LOVED and was a great blender fragrance. This Moroccan Cashmere fragrance has a very faint scent that I can barely smell. I have tried all of the suggested combination to blend with this and nothing has made this scent strong and distinct like I like. I am totally disappointed in this scent being advertised as a substitute for Moon Lake Musk because it's TOTALLY NOT!

If you want a very soft and barely scented fragrance, then this one may be for you, but if you want an amazing HT, look for another scent.


Not for me or clients

This one I was excited for…but it didn’t go well. I’m still waiting on the candles to cure but the melts didn’t have a good smell as the out of Bottle didn’t. Fingers crossed for candle.


This scent is so good I had to buy more!


Not a smell for me or my clients who help decide on "keepers"

This just proves everyone's smells are a personal difference. I personally found this to be the worse fragrance I have ever purchased . I thought it smelled very powdery and musky .I have several clients who I give samples to and they help me decide on what they like and don't for me to have for keepers or not. Sadly not one of them liked this smell. I have one person say it gave them a scent of kerosene.....
Again.... This just shows reviews are good but not always something to base your purchase on. If anything, always give a sample a try for before spending alot of money on a fragrance for liking or disliking it. We all have different smells.
I also have white sage and lavendar which is my most loved fragrance and I absolutely hate making it cause I dislike it so much.



It smells soooo good. For reference, it is very similar to the scent of MoroccanOil (argan) hair products. If you like that scent, you'll adore this.

Elle W

This scent is AMAZING!

I love anything Cashmere so it wasn't no surprise I like this scent. The Moroccan is a nice touch.



As soon as I saw cashmere, I bought a 16oz bottle! Deep, rich, and very comforting on a cold evening. I do think it's comparable to Moon Lake Musk, but with less floral and more sweetness with vanilla and sugar. I'm interesting in mixing it with Leather or Egyptian Amber to pump up the earthiness of it!



I'm in Love with this new scent. A very sophisticated and sultry scent. I cannot wait to sell this in my soy candles and tarts. Will make a wonderful Holiday scent

Pulliam Creek Farms


So Cashmere has been my thing lately and this Morrocan Cashmere fragrance was beautiful out of the bottle. It was a bit flowery on top so I blended it with Patchouli for a more masculine and spicy appeal to mellow out the powdery scent and wow it really created something rich and luxurious. I’ve only made body butter in this fragrance but the compliments are non stop. I can’t wait to launch this fragrance in a candle. Great Job Candle Science!!

Chinesha’s Closet


Not gonna lie, I didn’t think I would adore this as much as do! OOB and CT is amazing. I’m letting my candle cure for a few days before I test it. I’m about to purchase more because this one blew me away !! And cannot wait to try it in CP soap

Mo K

Moroccan Oil @ last!

I've been hoping that a company would come out with a realistic oil that successfully mimicks the Moroccan hair oil product - to a point where I was about to pay another company to duplicate the product. Out of the bottle - smells just like the argan/Moroccan oil. I have NOT cooked it yet to make a candle but I will definitely be updating my rating accordingly. So far, spot on! Good job CandlesScience!!!