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Marrakesh Market Fragrance Oil
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Aromatic and intricate, Marrakesh Market fragrance oil fuses an array of scents reminiscent of a vibrant spice market. Inspired by Marrakesh, Morocco’s renowned souk (market) in Jemaa el-Fnaa square, it evokes the sights and smells of colorful pottery, food stalls, local crafts, and overflowing bowls of exquisite spices.

Warm cardamom and peppercorn merge with bergamot before transitioning into a heart of earthy saffron, incense and smoked paprika. Notes of patchouli, vetiver, and fragrant tobacco round out the base of this upscale scent.

Dream up your own Moroccan spice market in candles, melts, or tarts. Or add warmth to your soap, scrubs, and lotions.

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils including black pepper, patchouli, orange sweet, clove leaf, pine, elemi, eucalyptus, nutmeg, galbanum, coriander, caraway, lemon, and carrot seed.

Blends well with: Olive Leaf and Citron, Moroccan Cashmere, Pink Sugar Crystals

Alternative branding ideas: Crimson Spice, Spice Bazaar, Moroccan Spice

Suggested colors: Red, Orange, Brown

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Soy Performance
3 of 3
189°F (87°C)
Vanillin Content
0.01% - 2%
This product is Phthalate Free
This product is not Prop 65 Warning Required

Recommended Applications

This product is Candle Safe usage: 3.0% - 10.0%
This product is Bar Soap Safe usage: 2.0% - 4.8%
This product is Liquid Soap Safe usage: 0.5% - 4.8%
This product is Lotion Safe usage: 0.5% - 2.0%
This product is Room Spray Safe usage: 0.5% - 10.0%
This product is Perfume Safe usage: 10.0% - 12.2%
This product is not Diffuser Base Approved
Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels. Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.

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5 out of 5 Stars.
6 reviews

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5 out of 5 Stars.
So rich...so everything...masculine and feminine
AM 2024-07-12

When I read the description of this new scent I knew I had to try it. I was surprised it debuted with other scents for the colder months. This scent is definitely a year round scent in my book. Hmmm mmmm mmmm. This new scent mixes the robust earthiness of vetiver, patchouli, bergamot with the gourmand flavors of cardamon, paprika, and saffron, and the sweet hint of orange. The very faint, yet distinct, base of tobacco leaves gives the layers in this scent the final kick in a rich concoction of pleasure for your olfactory senses. It is masculine and feminine. Hmmm mmm mmm.

I used this to make a lotion bar with white Candle Science beeswax. I will be making more and I will be sticking this in candles as well...not mixed with any other scent because it is amazing on its own.

This new scent is outstanding. Try it!

5 out of 5 Stars.
Marrakesh Market
Iffat 2024-07-09

Very soapy smelling. Unique fie sure. Don't know yet how will it perform for candles

5 out of 5 Stars.
Marrakesh Market
Heather 2024-07-07

I've poured most of the new scents recently and after a weeks cure I lit this one today. It smelled as amazing as it did out of the bottle. Its a warm scent without the sweetness or spices that are usually associated with the holidays. I'm going to pour some more today. This will fill a gap in my woodsy line year round.

5 out of 5 Stars.
Just what I’ve been waiting for!
Sue 2024-06-28

I really like Moroccan Cashmere but the people who test for me kept bringing up the powder smell they pulled from it and the associations they had with the scent were not in line with my brand. This scent blended with Moroccan Cashmere is the scent I wanted to achieve a year ago! Thank you for this one!! I’m rolling it out asap!!

5 out of 5 Stars.
Great Scent
Stephanie 2024-06-26

At first smell, I could get all of the layers but after I put in the Wax. Oh wow!! I will be putting this in my fall line for sure even though it could be used year round.

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