AAK Golden Wax Melt and Tart Soy Wax 5714-94
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As of 12/15/2020:

This product is discontinued and no longer available.


This all-natural soy wax from AAK was specifically developed and formulated for melts and tarts. Golden Wax Melt and Tart Soy Wax (AAK Golden Wax 5715-94-77GW), also called 494, has excellent scent throw, exhibits vibrant colors, and releases easily from molds. This wax uses a 100% soy and botanical oil formula that creates a smooth appearance. Due to the high amount of botanical additives, this wax blend is not designed for use as a candle wax and won’t burn with a wick.

Blended Waxes® Pillar Soy Wax and Ecosoya PB Pillar Soy Wax are great options for making soy melts and tarts.

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Note: Wax is packaged in flake form.
For soy wax melts and soy wax tarts only.
Not designed for candles and won’t burn.
50 lb. Case Size: 16" x 13" x 13.5"

Melt and Tart Golden Wax can be used with our tart molds and wax melt clamshell packaging.

How do I make soy wax melts?
Use our simple step-by-step guides to learn how to make soy wax melts and how to make clamshell wax melts

Wholesale Soy Wax Ordering
Check out our wholesale page for more information on ordering Golden Wax Melt and Tart Soy Wax in bulk or by the pallet.

For help choosing the right candle wax for your candles, visit our Wax Guide.


Max Fragrance 12% or 2oz./lb.
Melt Point 120-125°F
Wax Type Natural Soy Wax Flakes
Pour temp 160°F (+/- 5°)
Applications Tarts & Melts
Prop 65 Warning Required No



Average Rating:

(based upon 88 reviews)


I hope this is still available elsewhere -- seems like Candle Science is discontinuing alot of the products I have been purchasing for many years. Really not happy about this. This is the second write-up for discontinued items that I've purchased in the past. It is really difficult for small businesses that rely on consistent products and pricing to deliver the goods that our customers have become accustomed to receiving. The amount of number crunching and testing we do all goes down the drain when products we use are discounted and we are forced to look for the product elsewhere.


I hope the manufacturer has not discontinued this, because then I know I can still buy it elsewhere. If it was a Candle Science decision, then it was totally a bad call. I have tried too many different types I've lost count and the 494 is the only one that worked for me.


Im very disappointed that this product is discontinued. Ive used this product since ive started my business (in 2019) with no complaints from my customers. In fact they loved my products. Very disappointed

Candle maker

Please bring it back!!

I absolutely loved this wax!! It was so easy to work with. I loved the texture and the scent throw. Pleeeeeaase bring it back!!!



So sad this wax is discontinued! I absolutely love this wax and I only use this wax for my wax melts and the majority of my business is with wax melts. Please please please bring it back!



I really miss this wax. It was so smooth and felt moisturizing. It was easy to clean up and gave me the best results! The new waxes and alternatives are super tough, hard to clean up after, and has this nasty matte finish versus the 494 gave a nice smooth silk finish and just was so good! I wish y’all would bring it back. If we keep begging will you bring it back !!! I wish I could petition this :/

Just me

NO!! WHY??

Please bring this wax back! It's the only one I use - it's the best wax for melts!



Is there a close comparison to this wax? I neeeed it :(

CandleScience Reply

Hi! We recommend either our Blended Waxes Pillar Soy Wax BW-921, or our Ecosoya PB Pillar Soy Wax for alternative soy options for melts!

This is the only wax I use for wax melts!!!! Why?!?

I only use 494 for my wax melts, which are a main seller for me...bring it back!!!! PLEASE!!!! One star because I have to rate it and you longer carry it! 5 stars if I could still buy it!


Why discontinued?!

I have always used this wax -- American soy wax is a selling point. Will 464 follow?!

Jennifer K
CandleScience Reply

Hi! We do not have any plans to discontinue the 464 at this time.

Why is it being discontinued????

I have only ever used this wax. I absolutely love it. Why is it being discontinued?


Candle maker

I love this wax. It makes the best wax melts and the price was reasonable. I hate that this is discontinued.



I just purchased a 10 pound bag to try and I just made my first melts this afternoon. They turned out PERFECT! I checked back to see if I could get more and it's been discontinued?? Why? Is there another option? I want to stick with soy

Casey M


This was the best wax and now that it is discontinued I am heartbroken, I’ve been selling melts with this wax for almost a year now. I’m not sure if I will be able to replace it and continue selling. It had an amazing cold/hot throw. Rip.



Absolutely love this wax for tarts! was just about to purchase some more and see that its being discontinued?! HUGE bummer.



I just bought the wax and liked it. Planned on buying more. Why are you discontinuing it!

Business Owner
CandleScience Reply

Hi! A member of our team will be reaching out shortly!


I still have a lot of this 494 wax melt wax and have had no problem. Why is it being discontinued?

Jynell Kingsberry

Great tart product

I don't know how this can be topped. Cures smooth and holds scent wonderfully. What is a close comparison to this wax for my tarts? Sad this has been continued

Pulliam Creek Farms

New to candle making

I have recently started making wax melts with this wax and I love it. With this wax being discontinued I need help with which wax would be most comparable please?


Candlescience has nailed it again. First time using this wax and I took a leap and made 64 clamshells in one go tonight. I had one set of 8 that cracked pretty bad but it was only the one set so I’m sure it was a temperature issue or maybe my fragrance. Not sure what it was but seems like user error. They take color well. After a few hours the hearty scents like the baked goods style seem to be much stronger but that is yet to be seen until cured.

Matthew McLean


I bought this for my clamshells, I have good CT but my HT isnt there unless it is a strong scent like peppermint but just like others i to am having trouble with the frosting.

Tabitha nash


I made my first ever wax melt yesterday using this wax. I used a 10% fragrance load. The cold throw was AMAZING!!!!... I know you are supposed to cure soy wax for up to 2 wks but the CT was so good I just couldn't wait to try the hot throw. I used a bulb heated wax warmer. The HT was PHENOMENAL!!! It lit up my entire great room which is 2 stories and includes a loft. I really didn't expect this since I've been struggling with the HT in my candles. I wish I could get results like this with them too. I'm letting the rest of my wax melts cure to see how much stronger they get. Love this wax!!!

Shana DuPont

Beginner friendly.

I am making my own wax melts for the first time and so far so good! The melts came out of the mold smoothly/easily. I haven't experienced frosting or any other aesthetic issue.


Good wax for beginner

I purchased this wax after doing beginner level research into wax melt making to add to my Etsy shop. In clamshells they’ve been wonderful with no frosting or sinkholes and in my molds like waffles and macaroons they have been perfect as well. Some fragrances give better cold / hot throw than others I’ve noticed but I definitely do not think that is the wax’s fault. I would def recommend this to beginners. Through research from tip and trick Facebook groups I’ve been recommended to try other wax blends for tarts and will try it out in the future but this wax is definitely 5 stars and good place for beginners to start.

Benjamin Norte


I bought this wax despite some negative reviews

The wax is smoothed but I struggle with getting it to melt in a bulb burner. Today I am going to add some additional soy wax to see if it changes the outcome. If it does not work then I am going to have to go with another companies wax mix.

Chazzman c

Owner of Scents By Chelle

Truly love this wax. I have been on this journey for approximately 4 months. I use this wax to make scented melts in clamshells and molds. I love the way my clamshells turn out smooth on the top, and not much frosting. My melts pop right out of the molds, when it's time to release. I allow my molds to sit overnight. It's not broke so im not trying anything else.


Michelle W.


I found pouring at a much lower temperature helps with this wax. 140* works for me to get smooth melts without looking grainy or frosty.

Hawaiian Soap Lady

great wax for Votives, tarts and waxmelts

I know that this says that this wax does not work well with Votives, but IT DOES! I have made many and I use a ECO 1wick and it burn well!!
I would recommend anyone who is looking for a great 100% soy wax for Votives to use this one!!


This wax keeps frosting. Since the pouring temp is 160 and I still get frosting, I have tried 5 degrees on both ends and it still frosts on me. Sadly I bought 20 lbs worth of this wax. It does hold fragrance well that the only thing I enjoyed about this wax.

CandleScience Reply

Hi! Thank you for your review. A member of our support team will be reaching out to you via email to assist!

First time making wax I’m using golden soy wax for tart and wax melts using the clamshells. I need a recommendation for wax to fragrance ratio. Please!!!



I'm reading a lot of feedbacks, comments and etc. I see few post that suggested waiting three weeks curing. Does this means I need to wait 3 weeks after I make my wax melts to sell them to customers? I'm a little confused .

CandleScience Reply

Hi! With our soy waxes, we recommend a 1-2 week cure time for a better hot throw! You do not have to wait this long before selling them, but the cure time does help improve the overall hot throw.


How much FO do I need to use per pound?

CandleScience Reply

Hi! This will vary based on how much fragrance load you would like to use. For this wax, the maximum you can use is 12%, or 2 oz pr 1 lb of wax.

is this vegan

is this wax vegan

CandleScience Reply

Hi! Yes, all of our soy waxes are vegan friendly!

DIY Hobbyist

This wax comes out of molds really well. You need more coloring as the creamy color dulls it down. It has great scent throw. In fact the scents gets a lot stronger after about a month of curing. I'd suggest you start at 1 ounce per pound. I've had to redo two batches to decrease the scent added. Wait till at least 3 weeks before testing. I give this a 4 star rating because it never looks fully melted or dissolved in warmers....does not effect the scent however so I don't care.

Dawn Buehler

Will this be shipped from North Carolina any time soon?


When it arrived the bag had about a 3in slit right across of it, some wax spilled into the box but I just ignored it because it wasn't much and stuff happens not everything can be perfect, I taped the bag and kept it going. When I used it the first time for clamshells with “Sea and Orchid” it worked well for me excellent ht and ct. BUT i noticed black dots in each clamshell, 1 or 2 in each. I thought that i had dirty the wax somehow, next time i must be more careful. I really should've checked the wax first before doing another batch with another fragrance, because then i noticed that the wax comes dirty or burnt i don't even know what it is exactly as im new to this. i wish i can upload a picture of the flakes with the black dots on them. Customer’s are picky i’ll be lucky if i can sell these. I wasted my money, my dye and my fragrance in these! What am i suppose to do with this 10lb of wax now?

CandleScience Reply

Hello! We've reached out to you via email. Thanks for giving us the chance to make it right!

Great for Melts!

When I follow the recommended temps and cure for about a week, I always end up with beautiful, strong melts. I add 10% FO and get excellent HT from my warmer, some scents will fill my entire (small) house. I love how I can use this in individual molds as well as clamshells, it pops right out after cooling. I've noticed no frosting in any of my melts, even the colored ones. Just add at 185 and pour around 160, you should be good.


Raven Pure Botanicals

I love CS, but this wax was awful! Not sure if it was just a bad batch or not, but I usually use soy wax in my clamshells for wax melts. I saw this wax and tried it out, but it cracked in all the clamshells. The back side of all 72 clamshells ended up with cracks. I will say they do slide out easily of the clamshell, but it is not aesthetically pleasing to look at when they are all cracked on the backs. I wasted money on this wax as the order I made all failed and I had to re do them all with the regular soy wax. Totally bummed. =(


I'm a newbie, I ordered the Chandler and me to do my melts in and it works amazing together.
My customers love my melts. And I have used molds too. Everything comes out great!


Owner - Mesa Candle Company

I must make a correction to my previous review. I stated that we have used this wax since we started making soy wax melts in 2016. That was inaccurate. We started using this wax when it came out in 2018. The rest of our review remains the same - We love this wax!!


Owner - Mesa Candle Company

We have been using this wax since we started making soy wax melts in 2016. We love this wax. We have gotten so many good reviews from our customers because of the CT and HT of this wax. As long as this wax stays the way it is, we will use no other wax. So glad we discovered it! We would highly recommend this wax.



I use nothing but 464 and thought I’d give this a try for my wax melts. WHAT A MISTAKE. No CT or HT. The wax doesn’t stay in the clamshell.. therefore breaking apart is a huge mess. Incredibly disappointed. And what a waste of money :(



Easy to work with and works great when you go by the recommended temp for pouring. My customers rave about how good the melts are. Remember, not all oils have great throw, some are going to be weaker. That's just the way it is.


Owner, Old Hickory Candle Company, L.L.C.

We have used this wax exclusively for our wax melts for 3 years. Our clamshells come out perfectly smooth every time. It also unmolds easily when we make shaped melts. It throws amazingly, hot and cold. Many customers comment on how long the melts last in comparison to other brands they’ve used. They also hold up well in very hot and humid outdoor shows in the summer with proper shading.

Kim S.

Not happy

This wax by itself I am not pleased with. I can barely smell the fragrance oil and experienced cracking when trying to get out of the clam shell. However, I did mix 40% of it with another wax with the same melting point and I can smell the fragrance oil better, although not as strongly as I'd like and did not experience cracking or frosting. I give it 2 stars because I like that its flakes and comes in a huge ziplock. I am currently ordering a different wax and putting this one aside. If I come up with the perfect blend using this, I will come back and post another review. I haven't totally given up because I paid a lot for this wax and shipping that I'm sure I can come up with the right blend but I might be at the bottom of the bag when I do.



I was using the Q230 but since it was discontinued I had to buy this one. I really don't like it at all. The wax is very delicate inside the clamshell and it breaks and cracks. Pretty hard to sell a product that looks like that. I need a better wax!



I wasted a whole bag because I was not pouring at the right temp. Bought me a temp gun, more supplies and will try again. Is there any way we can have a blog, or group chat, or some way that the candle makers can communicate on this site about pros and cons of candle making? It would be very helpful. Just an idea.


Works just fine for me!

I love this wax! I melt to 175, add fragrance at 160, stir for two minutes then pour at around 140! Prevents frosting and allows for amazing throw. :)

Michelle Root

Owner Wickity Wick

This is a very nicely made tart wax. I don't understand the negative remarks on it. This wax pours very smooth and has great cold and hot throw. Its Soy, so you gotta give it a minimum of 2 weeks to cure. I have tested at 3 days and still fill the room with strong scent. Like all waxes, there might be some scents that just don't work very good, but I have yet to make a bad one with this wax. I find with any Soy, that the best scents are bakery. I will always try others, but for the people that want a Soy tart, I recommend this wax. And yah, something needs to be done about the high shipping cost.

Ernie F

High shipping costs

Love the wax and supplies that I received from Candle science but shipping costs make it impossible to be competitive in pricing.



What can I do to elimanate frosting?? Seems every batch of melts has frosting 😩

CandleScience Reply

Hi! Frosting can be a common occurrence in soy wax and generally should not affect the quality of your melts! While it can be difficult to eliminate completely, adjusting your pouring temperature may help lessen the effects. We'd be happy to help troubleshoot further at support@candlescience.com!

No hot throw

First wax I ever ordered to start. I added 1oz to 6oz of wax and nothing. I can barely even smell it. What a waste of money.



I purchased this wax over a year ago and had NO issues with frosting. I’ve been making wax melts all day and have had frosting on every single one of my clamshells. This has NEVER been an issue before. I feel cheated out of my money. Extremely disappointed and will likely look elsewhere for tart wax.


Cure Time

How long should the Melts be allowed to cure with this wax?

CandleScience Reply

Hi! We'd recommend allowing the melts to cure for at least 24 hours and up to a week before evaluating the scent throw. We'd be happy to help troubleshoot further any time at support@candlescience.com!

I LOVE this wax. Ive been told that my tarts are better than Scentsy! That's a compliment. I tried using color and got frosting though. It's still a great quality.


Hot throw is not there


I'm new this making candles and I can not see to get the hot throw that I would like with this wax. I have made several batches and let cure for a week. I open the container that I had the melts in and the cold throw is amazing, test it in the warmer and the hot throw is very lite smell and I also had a little bit of frosting. Can someone please let me know how to fix it.

Feeling frustrated in VA

Help with temperatures - pouring and adding oils

Hello -
I was wondering if someone could please help me out with the correct temperatures for pouring and adding the oils to the wax?
I am using the Golden Wax Melt Tart Soy. I have seen so many different temperatures that I am a bit confused, I appreciate this very much!

Thank you!

CandleScience Reply

We recommend adding the fragrance to your melt and tart wax at 185°F for the best results.

Great for clamshells... Terrible for molds

I've done both clamshells and molds now, but I'll say this wax is fairly fickle. It works wonderfully with clamshells, if you follow the recommended temperatures (heat to 185 pour at 165-160) they turn out great, nice and smooth, very little cracking and good scent throw so far.

However. In molds... It -always- has frosting. It seemed like no matter what I did there was always frosting with molds! I used the same temperatures. Frosting. I lowered it a bit. More frosting. I raised it. Frosting. It was infuriating. So I'll be trying a pillar wax for molds and cross my fingers it will work better but this works for clamshells so I suppose I'll keep this too XD if it's not broken don't fix it as they say lol

Home on the Range Candles

Great Wax

I use this wax just as recommended with 2oz per lb and it works wonderful. The cold and hot throw is amazing if you're using a quality fragrance.



I have nothing but GOOD THINGS to say about this wax! AMAZING hot AND cold throw...looks beautiful AND performs perfectly every time! My customers love my melts/tarts and this wax is the only wax I use for them. :D


I like it!

I really love this wax. I enjoy making wax melts and this wax is ideal! It releases easily and so far I have not seen any frosting. I am very happy with the products I buy from Candlescience and this product is no exception. They only sell top quality !



I’m hitting the dislike button on this wax... the cold and hot throw is horrible. I got not frosting and I got no smell.

Burn Out Candle Company

Price Jump???

I bought this wax approximately two weeks ago. I loved it, but I go back in to purchase to see a price increase. I've spent so much time working on a budget and calculating my costs and then this so quickly!! This is upsetting. I would give five stars because of the product, but the rating goes down if things aren't consistent.


I'm in love!!

I'm a newbie to this industry and I ordered this wax out of constant frustration trying to make melts out of GB 464. At the time I didn't know how soft 464 was and my melts looked more like a coat of powdered sugar had been applied with all the frosting. I got the package in, tore open the box and waited with bated breath. I am smiling from ear to ear!! Absolutely perfect molds, smooth as glass and released with such ease!! Thank you.. I will be going on a melt pouring rampage from here on out!


I love this parasoy blend! My customers love the wax melts I make with it. Very strong hot throw after two weeks of curing. Very minimal frosting but that doesn't bother me. It also takes dye beautifully. I thought about switching to a less expensive wax but I'm very happy so I'll continue to purchase.


Better than expected

I poured my first ever tarts. I used Pumpkin Caramel Crunch and this wax and no color. I was very nervous. They turned out fantastic. I’m just using them for personal use. The throw was fantastic and the house smelled so yummy. Thank you Candle Science for all the great info on your site.


Love This Wax

I bought a 10 pound bag of this wax to test out and love it. I had no problems whatsoever with my melts cracking, and they looked beautiful. I started making my melts with my 464 whenever I ran out of this and I've had nothing but problems with my melts as far as cracking coming out of the tarts or molds, and they frosted a lot with the 464. I'm seriously thinking about just going with this wax for all my melts because I sell a lot of them.


Awful frosting

I really wanted to like this wax but the frosting is horrible. I actually had someone ask me if it was mold.


I do not care for this wax at all. I have used a variety of scents and can not get a hot or cold throw. I have used at 9 and 12% FO.

Shawn C

Cracking & Crumbling Tarts

They look great, smell great but crack. I am using the melt & tart soy wax and it continually cracks. Any suggestions? I do dry them in a warm environment. has anyone added golden 464 to this? has anyone switched over to the new ones? I miss the old pillar blend.


Gift Store Owner

This wax is great for wax melts. My customers keep coming back for more. I'm very happy with the hot throw too.


I think this wax works great. My customers LOVE my wax melts. I have thought about changing to 464 many times because it is less expensive and may do that at some point, but this ain't broke so why try to fix it?? I have had no bad luck with this wax and have ordered many times. Maybe I have been lucky but I love it. Also, keep in mind that this is a natural plant based product.... it will not always be exactly the same, just like no two plants are alike, even if they are the same kind. You can go to the store and buy 2 apples from the same bin, both the same type, and they are always a bit different. I would assume this would be the same for plant based waxes. I have not found any of the differences to be deal breakers. I hope you all love it too. :)


Inconsistent results....and FROSTING!

This wax is decent but unreliable. Sometimes I have great results, other times it's frosting city. I've also noticed it doesn't always harden as much as I want and breaks off unevenly.

Kim McPhee

Awesome for Melts

This is the best Wax for Melts I used.

Ladybug Candles Soaps & Things

More frosting than a birthday cake.

This wax has great cold and hot throw characteristics, lasting many many hours.. Sadly the wax does NOT resist frosting as stated. We had absolutely terrible frosting with dye drops, bad frosting with blocks and even frosting with uncolored wax.


Frosts so much

Since the Eco Soya has been discontinued, I had to try this. I am so disappointed with how much frosting my wax melts have. I have adjusted the temps for pouring and mixing the scents to no avail. I will not buy again.

PinkHoney Candle

With discontinuation of EcoSoyaPB I had to use this. Heated to 188° added scent, poured at 160° into clamshells. Visually and texturally perfect, cold throw pretty good, hot throw is terrible! Will not purchase again!

Lindsay Jackson

I like it!

I love this wax! It is very easy to work with.I only make my tarts with this wax and my candles with the new Ecosoya.


Tart making issues

I have been working through my first 50lb batch of the new soy melt wax. first 80 turned out great, second batch is cracking everywhere? What did I do wrong? I heat to 180ish add fragrance at 175 and pour around 165.


Good for wax tarts

This wax has performed beautifully when making my wax melts and tarts. It takes the form of the molds nicely and doesn't crumble with a bit of pressure. The only reason why I didn't give it 5 stars is that it does frost when it says it's made not to. Besides that no complaints.


Good and bad

I ordered this wax a few days ago and just decided to try it out yesterday. The first thing I noticed is that it takes much longer to melt than the 464 wax that I'm used to using. Which is fine because I assume that's due to the fact that it hardens quicker and more solid than The 464. The only thing that I am disappointed in is that it says it resists frosting. And when you don't add color to the wax that seems to be true. But I've noticed that there is a good bit of frosting in my wax melt clamshells when I add color. This is somewhat disappointing due to the fact that I bought this wax specifically to avoid frosting. Aside from that I have no complaints.



I like it. When I purchased this new wax ( I used to buy Ecosoya PB) I was bummed out that we couldn't use this wax to make candles... However, I've made tea lights with this wax using CSN tea light wicks and they turned out great! My tea lights burn so nice! And that's why I'm giving five stars. My clamshell tarts came out great as well. Very smooth and hot throw is great. Make sure not to pour below 160. This wax sets fast.


I love making tarts

I was ordering wax off line for 2 months there is a warehouse ten minutes from me open 3 days out of the that does amazing orders I'm paying 10 dollars less for my 10lb bag now they have over 1000 oils soon as they open I'm heading that way I've only been there once I'm pumped I spent so much money first time I walked in there didn't know it existed I was looking for molds online took 10 minutes from my house I was like really love it 😀❤🌸


Easy to work with

I used to use a blend of eco soya PB and another soy for my tarts but when that was discontinued and I ran out I decided to give this tart wax a shot. It's easy to use. Sets about as fast as my previous blend. Nice even creamy appearance, no frosting. The throw is fantastic. One cube and our whole house smells lovely. The problem I'm having (and a few others) is it does not break at the seam for clamshell molds. It crumbles into the adjacent cubes. It's not a deal breaker and I'm sure I can figure out what to add to harden it up but it's worth noting. I'd recommend giving it a shot :)


Great for clamshells

I had been making candles with 464, but made the switch to clamshells because they're easier honestly. So far, (20 lbs later) I like this wax a lot

Heat to 180, add FO and dye, mix slowly and consistently (cools quick though!)
Start pouring at 165-160
Go as long as you can without moving the products after pouring.

Great cold throw. So far good warm throw also


First test turned out alright, will test more.

I'll come back and update once I've tested more, but my first batch turned out okay. Visually, they look a little messy as it's not a solid consistent cream. There are white flecks that make my melts look less professional, they do bother me. It could be that I need to adjust pour temp, but I have only tested one batch following the instructions listed on candlescience. They did stick in my moulds a bit, which does worry me, as that will definitely be a deal breaker and a nightmare for production. The solid texture of my melts seems a bit soft for my liking. I actually had a few melts break in half as I was removing them from the mold...again another deal breaker if that happens regularly. I have not tested the hot throw yet so I can not speak to that. I will continue to test.


Works Great!

This was my first time using this wax to make soy wax melts, so I was a little nervous. After my first batch of wax melts came out perfect, I decided I better make a few more batches before writing my review just in case I had beginners luck. :) It's safe to say that I am very pleased with this wax. Wax melts are SO much easier to make than candles! Here is exactly what I did step by step in case some of you are curious.
1. Melted 15 oz of this wax to 185 degrees F.
2. Took wax off heat and poured in 1.5 oz of FO in @ 180 degree F.
3. Poured @ 160 degree F into six clam shells. (Make sure to bend the back of the clam shell back so it will stay flat more easily before pouring)
4. Let harden. (they seriously harden super fast)

All of my wax melts had smooth tops and no cracking! I love candlescience, I just wish I lived closer so I didn't have to pay for shipping. :(


I am very disappointed with this product I have had nothing but issues with it.

First: It is not throwing a good hot scent. With the eco soya I got a great throw.

Second: when using the clam shell they are not breaking clean it breaks way over on the melts next to it.

Third: when using it in my silicone molds it does not release and breaks off and parts stick to the mold.

Over all I'm very disappointed and basically waisted my money on a 50lb. Box plus shipping.

Please don't waste your money on this like I did.