Standard 6 pc. Clamshell Mold
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Make wax melts and tarts quickly and easily with our crystal-clear clamshell molds. They snap securely shut yet remain easy to open. The Standard 6 pc clamshell holds 2.75 oz. of wax, and is the most common size in the market. Our clamshells accommodate high fragrance loads and pour temps up to 180°.

Recyclable under code 3, which is accepted by most curbside services.

Details: Holds 2.75 oz. of wax (for all 6 melts). Max label area is 2 1/4 wide by 3 1/4 long. Melt size is 1" cubed. Outside dimensions are 4 1/4" long, 2 7/8" wide, 1 1/8" high.

Pro Tip: If you open the clamshell up all the way and make a crease in the spine, they'll sit nicely on the table without tipping.

Recommended Waxes:
- Blended Waxes® Pillar Soy Wax (BW-921)
- EcoSoya PB Pillar Soy Wax
- IGI 6028 Paraffin/Soy Pillar Blend Wax
- Paraffin Pillar Wax (MP-137)

Made in the USA


Prop 65 Warning Required No


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Easy-to-use and the perfect size! These have quickly become my favorite item to pour and have on hand for my own use, as well as being popular among customers. The plastic is sturdy and they stay shut without being too difficult to open.

Dakota B


Love these clamshell's! I have stopped making candles and only make wax tarts. Love them and they sell quicker than my candles.

A Newer You

Quality well made product!




Loved it!

I absolutely love these. They arent crazy expensive and they are the perfect size. I use them for my excess candle wax and they are awesome! No wax wasted!

C & A Backyard Candles

Good Quality at a Great Price.



Love these containers


5 Stars

I absolutely love these clamshells. They are so easy to work with, and they are a good product to add to any line. No negatives from me.

Victoria Schultz

Amazing !

I love these clamshell molds for my business. I truly have no complaints!!


I love these!

These clamshells are perfect! I bought a few to test and was in love! Adding them to my line for sure! The only thing is that they come packed into a small box and when you try and get them out, they either get stuck, or all of them come out at once. It's not a huge problem at all though!

Leviosa Candle Co

I find them hard to open.


I made tester wax melts using the new soy pillar blend (BW-921) and I found it very easy to open and remove the wax. Also, opening it didn't damage or crack the wax. Now I'm considering adding these to my line!



These are perfect! I would give 5 stars but, unfortunately there was a hole in one of the 1st 6 I did and made quite a mess :(. Other than that, pretty good product.

J. Marie Candle co
CandleScience Reply

Hi! We're sorry to hear one of your clamshells had a hole in it! A member of our support team has reached out to better assist you!

You'll want to reorder this one

I order these all the time. The Golden 464 or paraffin blend work fine for me. Love them. Super easy to use.

Sweet Scents


Absolutely love far the best. Will you ever look into selling the Jumbo size wax melt containers?



I have tried so many clam shells these are the best by far! They open easily wax doesn’t crack opening them like other brands, I have wasted so much money on other brands right now i have 100 that are no use to me , I will only buy these from now on ..


nice product

nice product to use with melt and pour soaps and scented wax. I wish the manufacturer would make a polypropylene clamshell container (not your fault)


I like it!

I have been making wax tarts off and on for about a year now. Everything I have learned is by trial and error , there is no one way to make the tarts. And everyone seems to have their own ideas about this craft. I started using just 415 and Golden wax . By accident I combined Ecoya and 415 and found that I got a stronger outcome so that is what I am doing now. I have to wait for a week to see the outcome of the cold throw. But in the meanwhile I found that the clamshells are awesome to open , and I never have to bend them. They lay straight on my counter out of the box. I have also gotten good results with fill, I get 3 ounces out of each one instead of the 2.75. I am very happy with these clamshells. They cost a little more than the other company I was using before but they are a better quality of shell.


Worked well

I ordered a set of 10 poured some 464 in one batch and 444 in another in them and they came out fine for me.


I like it!

These are the BEST clam shells I have ever purchased! I don't even have to bend back the top to use and they release easily from the packaging. I will only buy these from now on!


I love the look of these clam shells! I feel like they're sturdy feel to them. I would definitely buy them again.

Amanda T.

Loving these clamshells

I love these clamshells. I'm using a mix of IGI 4625 & 4627 for my wax melts and can fill 7 from 1lb of wax. Getting them out of the clamshells does take a little bit of work though, but it doesn't seem to be out of the norm (it seems that some commercial brands of melts are soft and very difficult to get out of of their packaging). I did a test and put one in the freezer to see if that helped with the release. It did, so that's something I'll make sure to share with my customers.
Well, back to melt production. :)

Candles by Jen (Jennifer Young)

Thanks for adding this product to your Inventory!!!!

I use these clamshells all the time and I am very excited that you have decided to add them to your inventory. Candlescience is my favourite candle supply store and as you add more and more products to your inventory I will have less and less reason to shop elsewhere.


High quality

These are great! Thank you for carrying them. Great size for using up left over wax. The plastic is sturdy without being hard to open.


Very high quality

I had purchased clamshell tarts from another supplier..had to use a little tape to keep them closed. Not so with these high quality, sturdy clamshell tarts. once again, Candle Science impresses me with the high quality of their products. I just ordered more and am saving up to buy in bulk on these! :)

Lillian N

Good Price, but quality has lowered

Great clamshells. I did lower my rating by 1 star because it seems like on my most recent order that they have changed brands/manufactures and they seem to be a slightly lower quality (thinner plastic, rough edges).

Brandon M

First time

First time I have ever used a clam shell and it was definitely worth it esp for my 6 pks I sell. I love it and my customers did too


Wonderful Clamshells

I always buy these from you guys. I love them. They are the most reasonably priced too, great quality, altogether, just a pretty wax melt pack they make. My customers love my products. Thanks Candle Science for helping me grow my business. Without you guys, I would have no business. Thanks again.

Simone Musil

Clam shell release

These are a good product as is everything I purchase from CS: in response to the release question with 4630 you might try putting them in the freezer for 10-15 minutes after they have fully set up and cured. Your other option would be to mix the 4630 with some pillar type wax ie: the 4625 from the same company 😊


These clamshells are great. The wax releases very easily from them and they hold up very well


Great Product

These clam shells are great for wax melts. They are made from durable plastic and hold up well with higher temps of pouring.


I love these. I have tried some from other companies and these were the best. These are crystal clear and don't have any weird rounding on the edges. the pours are beautiful in these.


I saw that a previous poster used the Comfort Blend for wax melts... Any pointers as to how to get it out of clamshells?




i need the jumbo sizes anyone know if we can get here?

i thought i bought some here about 3 years ago. they hold 5.5 oz of soy wax and my customers love these



I use these clamshells ONLY. While I did experience a little leaking at first, I found that by pouring RIGHT UP to the fill line (and pouring very, very slowly), these turn out great. I use the Golden Brands 464 soy wax flakes for these clamshells... and frosting happens, but not a huge deal to me.


They are super sturdy and secure once closed. Will buy again


These Worked great!

I did bend the lid back and forth a few times so they will be a little more easier to open, other then that they worked great


Would not come apart

I ordered 100 of these and had to fight to get them to separate. Ended up ripping 3 of them in half. It took more time to get them separated than to melt the wax and pour them.
I like everything else we have bought here.


I use the comfort blend with these clamsell and my customers love them. I just let them know that the wax is soft and I show them how to get the wax out the shell I have had no complaints so far.



What a relief it was to find these containers for wax melts. It's such a time saver for us and looks great in the store. Customers love them too; it makes it easy for them to check the scent before purchase.

The Pondering Dragon

I was expecting them to be a little bigger. I now have to put two of these together to make up one order.


I loved these clamshells. They were the only ones I would buy. I recently ordered 30. (3 packages of 10). I used the first 10 no problems as usual. Then went to use the next 10 and after I poured my wax, noticed it wasn't the same shape of top. There were notches. They were completely different clamshells than the norm. I went and looked at my other package of 10 and yep theyre different too. I can't use these for my customers, they make the wax look cheap by adding a notch at the sides and don't allow for a smooth side finish like the normal ones do. I wasted a pound of wax and frangrance and now I'm out 20 clamshells.


Out of the first 8 clamshells I wanted to fill, 2 of them leaked. A waste of materials, time and lost profit. I'm sorry I bought these, and I bought 2 cases. All of the other supplies I have purchased have been excellent. The clamshells are a disappointment.


90% Perfectt

I really do like these, BUT about 10% of them leak, so they're wasted. So that sucks. But with that said, I'd still order again. Just be prepared that some will leak (I ordered 90).


Great produxt

I love this product! I find I have extra wax when pouring candles & these molds hold just enough of what is left! My customers love them & have had no complaints about popping out cubes. I do suggest opening & closing the clamshells a few times before pouring into them to make it easier for your customers to open them! Keep this around forever!


The Candle Collection owner

I do like these, however I find that my customers have a very hard time getting them open. That is the only reason I will not order these particular ones again.


I love these and order by the case. I use GB444 soy wax and it works fine. The only down fall is that my customers always seem to have a hard time opening them.



I bought 90 of them & they are great! I use EcoSoya PB to make my melts & they look fantastic in the clamshell. Sturdy, product as described...I will be ordering more

D's Sweet Scents

Love these! So easy!

These clamshells are so easy and perfect for using up extra wax when making jar candles! Thank you CS!


Will be ordering more!!!

I make jar candles but I always seem to have a little bit of leftover wax so I figured I would try out these molds. I LOVE THEM! I was nervous at first because I was using EcoSoya Advanced Soy but it worked perfectly. I will definitely be ordering a larger quantity next time.

Elizabeth Conrad

Using other Wax??

Has anyone used any other typ of wax with these?