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EcoSoya PB Pillar Soy Candle Wax
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Product Notice January 18, 2023: Moving forward, Kerax is manufacturing EcoSoya PB Pillar Soy Wax as pastilles instead of flakes.

EcoSoya waxes were a favorite of candle makers for nearly 20 years. When NGI made the decision to close their business in 2019, they left a big gap in the soy wax market. In early 2020, UK-based manufacturer Kerax purchased the brand and these popular soy waxes are, very happily, once again available.

EcoSoya PB is a great choice for creating pillar candles, votives, wax melts, and tarts. This all-natural, 100% soy wax exhibits very good scent throw, achieves vibrant colors, and releases easily from molds. 

Learn more about working with EcoSoya PB wax by checking out our lab notes.

For inspiration, check out our tutorial on DIY Valentine Heart Shaped Wax Melts.

Note: Wax is now packaged in pastille form.

Wholesale Soy Wax Ordering
View our wholesale page for more information on ordering PB Pillar Blend Soy Wax in bulk or by the pallet.

For help choosing the right candle wax for your candles, visit our Wax Guide.


Max Fragrance
6% or 1oz./lb. for Pillar and Votives, and 12% or 2oz./lb. for Wax Melts
Melt Point
Wax Type
Natural Soy Wax Pastilles
Pour Temp
160℉ (+/- 5°)
Pillars / Votives / Tarts / Wax Melts
Prop 65 Warning Required
Rec. Wick Series


Heat to 185°F using a double boiler. Add 6% fragrance (1 oz. per pound of wax), remove from heat, and stir for two minutes. Pour at 160°F (+/-5°F). Allow candles to cure for two weeks for optimal fragrance throw.

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