Ecosoya PB Pillar Soy Wax

Ecosoya PB Pillar Soy Wax

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All natural soy wax for pillar and votive candles. Ecosoya PB soy wax is also our recommended wax to make soy wax melts and soy wax tarts. Ecosoya PB exhibits very good scent throw, vibrant colors, and excellent mold release. Truly the perfect natural wax for smooth and creamy structural candles.

Note: Wax is packaged in flake form.
50 lb. Case Size: 16" x 13" x 13.5"

How do I make soy wax melts?
Use our simple step-by-step guide to learn how to make soy wax melts.

Wholesale Soy Wax Ordering
Check out our wholesale page for more information on ordering Ecosoya PB Pillar Soy Wax in bulk or by the pallet.

Produced from US Grown Soybeans!
VIDEO: NGI uses American Grown Soybeans Dan Cap from Nature's Gifts International talks about where their soybeans are grown.

For help choosing the right candle wax for your candles, visit our Wax Guide.


Wax Type Natural Soy Wax
Appearance Smooth, Opaque
Max Fragrance 6% or 1oz./lb.
Applications Pillar / Votive / Tart
Pour temp 140° (+/- 5°)
Melt Point 128°

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Awesome Wax
Submitted on 2015-10-02

I just started making candles this wax has been great with color and scent cold or hot !
Mold release is great to I will buy more soon .
I have read bad feedbacks from People All I can say is you are doing
something wrong if your candles are not coming out right !
Just make some changes until you get it right !
Thanks Candle Science !

We love this wax!
Submitted on 2015-10-01

We've been using Ecosoya PB for a few years now, in tarts AND containers, and it's always been our favorite! I see a ton a negative reviews here. I'm pretty sure the complaints are coming from people who are making a mistake, not the fault of the wax itself. ALWAYS pour full pounds, not portions of pounds. We melt to 180 degrees. We always add over one ounce fragrance, up to 1 1/2 ounces. We add scent at between 160 and 155 degrees. Pour at between 145 and 150. These candles need to be properly wicked, and always wicked up! when we use the PB in a container measuring 3 or more inches across, use double wick. We've never ever had any complaints, our hot and cold throw is always amazing, and we'll never use another wax! Guys...just try adjusting your temps/measurements/wicks until you get the best performance.

Pretty wax
Submitted on 2015-09-28

I make wax melts in clamshells with this wax. Its absolutely beautiful and smooth. I have had a lot of great hot throws with this wax and also a handful of zero or weak hot throws. However, I do believe it has to do with where the fragrance oil comes from. Most of my candlescience fragances have done well in this wax. I think some scents are just naturally stronger than others. I use 10%

Not the best (i think)
Submitted on 2015-09-07

I'm new to candle making, but this wax has both good and bad properties. So far, the cold scent throw has been amazing, but there is very little hot scent throw. Tunneling has never been much of a problem (as long as I used the correct wick). Release from molds have been mediocre - not easy, but after some work it releases without damaging the candle. The most disappointing thing about this wax is the lack of hot scent throw.

Submitted on 2015-09-06

I'm at a stand still.
The reviews aren't to good on this wax. I'm making tarts in clamshell containers and I/2 oz. - 1 oz. plastic container cups with lids. I want a great scent throw and my customers to be able to pop the tart right out of the container. HELP

Submitted on 2015-09-02

Terrible wax! Hot or cold there is NO throw whatsoever!
I used 1 oz of fragrance oil to 8 oz of this wax. You can't smell the fragrance at all! Will never buy again.

Submitted on 2015-06-22

Have nothing but trouble with this wax. Worse I have ever used. Tunnels and scent throw is not good.

Submitted on 2015-05-20

I have always used this wax for my tarts and have never had a problem in the past. The last box I ordered, the tarts would not release from the molds and there was no scent throw. I just assumed that I had done something wrong when making them. My husband went through kidney cancer, so it was several months before I could make more tarts. I made another batch and the same thing happened. When I complained to Candle Science, they would not replace the wax. This was obviously a bad box of wax. After shipping, I pay almost $100.00 for a 50 lb. box. I have always purchased from CS in the past and never had a problem, but this was very disappointing.

Submitted on 2015-03-17

I bought this a few weeks ago, I haven't any issues with the soy. As far as FO, I use 1.5 oz. & my melts smell fantastic, hot & cold throw, awesome!

Microwave ecosoya pb?
Submitted on 2015-01-11

has anyone microwaved this soy wax? I love the golden 484 for just this reason with fantastic results.

Love it!
Submitted on 2014-12-27

This wax works excellent for wax melts! Hot throw has been great! I add color & fragrance at 185 degrees & pour right after stirring. Using 8-9% fragrance oil for stronger scents like Cinnamon Roll & 10-11% for lighter fragrances like Brandied Pear, has really worked good. I have a lot of requests to make more!

Horrible Wax!
Submitted on 2014-10-26

This wax hold zero fragarance. When its first poured I smeller dot a tad but there is no hot throw!

Ecosoy PB wax
Submitted on 2014-10-10

I love this week but I am having trouble with the hot scent throw in my votives. I used LX-14 for the wick. has anyone tried a different in their votives while using this wax? Help!

best wax ever
Submitted on 2014-09-26

Absolutely love this for tarts. Don't be afraid to add more fragrance oil i use 2 oz per lb and they smell awesome !!!! Thank you candle science x

Submitted on 2014-09-23

I'm a first time candle maker, and I decided to go ahead and try experimenting with the wax, dye, and fragrance. My little votives came out so beautifully and they smell absolutely amazing. The first thing I noticed about the candles' texture was that it was SO soft!!! I love how soy wax feels.

Tarts & Tea Lights
Submitted on 2014-08-14

I will tell you that this wax can hold more than the 6% per pound. We sale a lot of tea lights, votive and melts. We use 8.5% per pound and it does great. Get lots of praise about our product doing this.

Scent disappears in tarts
Submitted on 2014-07-31

I bought this based on the reviews but I am having the same problem as another reviewer that my tarts don't smell. I used 1 oz of the strongest fragrance per pound of wax. The fragrance out of the bottle was incredible but disappeared once poured. I just made my third batch with different fragrances and it is the same issue. I'm afraid to make any more and waste my fragrances. HELP

Scent disappears in tarts
Submitted on 2014-07-30

I bought this based on the reviews but I am having the same problem as another reviewer that my tarts don't smell. I used 1 oz of the strongest fragrance per pound of wax. The fragrance out of the bottle was incredible but disappeared once poured. I just made my third batch with different fragrances and it is the same issue. I'm afraid to make any more and waste my fragrances. HELP

Submitted on 2014-07-06

I'm new at making tarts and votives. What temperature should i add fragrance? How much tablespoons of fragrance oil should i add to 6 tarts or a clamshell?? How long do i wait to cure? I want a strong scent throw.

A must have for pillar candles
Submitted on 2014-06-17

I have been using this wax for about six months now and have never been happier. It looks prettier than paraffin, it burns cleaner, and it holds scent amazingly well. I haven't had a single complaint from a customer yet, and have even had one customer return her "candle remains" to me so I could melt them into votives for her. To the person who complained that the scent isn't there for the second burn, you may not have added enough scent. I make my candles one at a time and with this wax I've never had an issue with a lack of scent (especially using the scents bought here!) Color holds fantastically and this is a great wax for experimenting and mixing colors. I don't think I'll ever buy anywhere else again!

Candles Only smell the first time you light them
Submitted on 2014-04-11

I read on another review that this wax could be used to make container candles as well, so I decided to take a chance and buy it because of how many stars it had. I am happy with the appearance of the candles, they come out beautifully. But sadly after you have lit the candle and let it burn for a bit, you won't smell the fragrance the next time you light the candle again. I wish Candle Science would sell a sample pack, or at least 1 pound bags of the waxes. That way you wouldn't be able to buy 10 pounds of wax just to find out that it doesn't work for you.

Please include a 1 pound bag of wax in your product selection. It would save a lot of headaches.

Sadly disapointed
Submitted on 2014-04-03

We normally order our wax from another company, decided to order from you since we purchase everything else through your wonderful web site. Sadly, our purchase of this Ecosoya PB Pillar Soy Wax was not the same as what we have been ordering elsewhere. The description was the same as what we usually purchase from another company but the wax was definetly different. Not sure if maybe we were shipped a different type of wax and it was mislabeled but your Ecosoya PB Pillar Soy Wax is sadly not the same as what we have purchased elsewhere.

This was not a bad wax, it was just not the same as what we purchase. The ONLY reason I rated it 1 star is because it's not what we expected. we used it all but was just not happy with the results. We loveeeeee your fragrance oils and dye chips and will continue ordering all of that product and will try other products from you. This one experience will not change our minds of your company. Thank you :)

Great Wax
Submitted on 2013-10-05

This wax is excellent for tarts, votives, and pillars..made my very first pillar today. Could not have asked for a more beautiful result...I can't say enough about this wax...I love it..

Great wax for a beginner.
Submitted on 2013-09-07

New to candlemaking but I have exp with bath and body products. I made tarts and votives to start. My votives turned out great! Very easy. One pour and perfect. My tarts however have zero
Hot scent throw and I don't know why. Not blaming the wax as I have plenty of throw in a votive. It's something I am doing. Tried twice. Two diff pour temps. Two diff temps I added fragrance. Still nothing. Wish I could figure it out! Anyways, I would recommend this wax to anybody new to this art as its simple and forgiving. Wax pops RIGHT out of the mold!

Finally a wax for tarts that doesn't get mushy.
Submitted on 2013-05-17

Coupled with Candle Science's high quality clamshells that actually lock and stay locked (thank you!) this wax is perfect for wax tarts. Don't pour too hot but don't wait too long. They set up fast. The owner of one of the shops I sell in was very pleased. Kudos Candle Science on a great wax for tarts!

Wow! Super Pleased
Submitted on 2013-04-29

I just got this today and used it on my tarts and container candles. The wax is amazing, not to mention I did not need to re pour. The tarts were superb. I love it!

Amazing wax!
Submitted on 2013-03-09

Purchased this wax to make votives and they look amazing! Does require a second pour. Mold release is clean and easy. Cleaning the equipment form the wax is very time consuming (not easy to remove from pour pot), which is my only negative with this wax.

The Best Wax Ever !
Submitted on 2012-10-10

I originally got this wax to just use for my tarts , which turned out fabulous but I have also started using this to make my container candles with as well. I had a customer tell me that she has not even lit her candle yet and she can smell it everytime she walks into her house. It just works out for the best if you have candle wax left over from pouring a candle but not enough to make another candle but just enough that you can just pour into the tart mold , two products with one wax , gotta love it and I know I do ! Definately worth the money !!!

great wax
Submitted on 2012-03-21

I just got this wax a week ago, just bought 10 lbs. because I wanted to try it out and I was very pleased with it. coming back to order 50lb. more.

The Best Wax For Tarts!
Submitted on 2010-11-17

This is definitely the best soy wax for tarts! The tarts turn out so pretty and nice. I will definitely use this one from now on for my tarts! Great product!

Submitted on 2010-09-30


Submitted on 2010-01-06

Love it, will NEVER ever leave it! Best wax ever for my tarts! pops right out!

Very nice product
Submitted on 2009-07-29

This is my first time using this wax and it works great. My first batch of tarts turned out perfect. Nice release from the mold.

Charles Grantland
Baltimore, Maryland

Works Great!
Submitted on 2009-05-31

Wonderful Pillar Blend, I started with making votives - has easy mold release, holds scent well, great product.