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DIY bleeding heart wax melts

1½ - 2 hours
amount varies


PART 1: Create the "blood" embeds

Weighing and melting candle wax.
Cutting red dye block and adding it to melted wax.
Pouring melted red wax into wax clamshell.
Removing wax melts from clamshell

PART 2: Prepare the wax hearts

Weighing and melting wax.
Pouring fragrance oil into melted wax.
Stirring and pouring melted wax into silicone heart mold.

PART 3: Embed and hide the "blood"

Cutting up red dye blocks into small pieces and adding to warm wax in silicone heart mold.
Adding a top pour over the bleeding wax melts.

STEP 4: Remove melts from mold and enjoy!

Removing wax melts from heart mold
Completed bleeding wax melt hearts.