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12-84 cases $5.48 $0.46 /pc
85-152 cases $4.73 $0.39 /pc
153+ [pallet] $4.23 $0.35 /pc
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With its clean, minimalistic look, this jar is great for a wide variety of uses. It is easy to wick and a great choice for tester candles.

Tops are sold separately
The Medium Straight Sided Jar (Twist Top) works with the #70 Twist Tops in gold or silver.

Please Note:
Due to the taller neck of this jar, the #70 Twist Top lid sits higher than on other similar jars and leaves a visible gap between the shoulder and the bottom of the lid.

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How much will it hold?
Wax Weight (to Fill Line) - 5.8 oz.
Volume (to Overflow) - 9.3 fl. oz.

Wholesale Ordering
Check out our wholesale page for more information on ordering candle supplies in bulk or by the pallet.

Height 3.52"
Diameter 2.83"
Max Labeling Area 9" x 2 3/8"
Prop 65 Warning Required No

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Has the lid issue been resolved

I would like to order these jars but based upon the reviews the lids are not a hit for this jar which is hindering m from purchasing them today. Any update? Or would anyone like to recommend a site that I can purchase the lids from if I do get them?
Thank you!

CandleScience Reply

Hi! These jars are compatible with #70 Twist Top Lids, which we carry in gold and silver. They are sometimes referred to as 70mm Lug Lids. These lids are designed specifically for this style of container and fit as shown in the photo above. They are often confused with 70G Threaded Lids, which do not fit this type of jar. For those that prefer the look of 70G Lids, we recommend using Mason, Jelly, or Canning Jars.

Black Lids Purchased Elsewhere

Other users - where are you purchasing the black lids for these jars? I love the jars but would have a much better product with a black lid that fits.

Show us the lids

These are awesome jars at a decent price problem is the lids provided by Candle Science are horribly ugly and cheap looking. I have been buying nice black lids elseware to complete our amazing high end look. Please consider giving your customers what they want and ask for Candle Science. Such a great company to only give us 75% I know your capable of 100%!

Great size Perfect for Big Labeling

These jars are my go to for my candle line. The 9oz (ish) size is perfect keeping pricing and sales moving, anything smaller didnt seem to move and anything bigger was too much.
Unfortunately my only complaint is I have to buy black lids from a different supplier. The gold or silver only options for these through candle science is sad they just make my Candles look cheap on the jars with my Labeling And since switching to the black lids sales have increased.

I Absolutely Love These Jars!!

I absolutely Love These Jars! They are 16oz jars and when I put my candles together and put the lid on them, they look just like the famous candles you see at Yankee or any other famous candle store. I love them! They are the perfect size and the lids are perfect as well! Love, Love, Love! These are the jars I'm sticking with! Thank you so much!!!

UPDATED: Recent change in color of glass

I just wanted to update my below review. Candle Science just called me to explain that the jars are made using partially recycled glass, and that sometimes depending on the recycled glass used, the tint can vary slightly. Although this isnt ideal for the look of my finished products, I was so pleased that they took the time to call and explain WHY this is happening made me want to write a second review and adjust my original rating. This is why I keep coming back to CS! I have never had a bad customer service experience.

Recent change in color of glass

I love these jars, I've been using them exclusively for about 2 years now. However, the last few dozen I ordered looked almost tinted! The class was much darker and not as clear as my previous ones. I have them side by side and the difference is really obvious. This also changes the appearance of the wax. I don't add any dye to mine, so the new jars make my wax appear to have almost a light green tint. I'm really disappointed, but I need the jars, so I don't have a choice.

Cannot Use

I have purchased straight side jars from other vendors to go with the #70 black upscale poly lids I already have. They've all fit perfectly, with no problem. I recently purchased straight side jars from Candle Science because they could get them to me in time to meet a deadline. My lids do not fit this jar. Service was good, shipping was fast, I just cannot use these jars. It apparently is not a standard jar.

Shop Owner

I've been using these jars for my candle business for about a year now, and I have absolutely no complaints! They're beautiful, straight jars, and even though the lids don't 'fit' perfectly, they still look quite nice. If you didn't know any better, you'd just think they were supposed to be that way. I do also wish that there were threaded lids for these, or that Candlescience would get some straight sided jars that the threaded lids worked on, but I still love these. I get compliments on my candles all the time!

Love the jars, hate the lids. What is the chance of you selling a black lid like the one that comes with the jelly jars? Three stars only because they aren't useful for me as is.

Black lids

Would exclusively buy these if black lids were available

Ugly Lids

I wanted to buy these jars until I saw the ugly lids and from others' reviews, the lids also don't fit. The lids should be the same style as the mason jars and they exist in the market. Please change these lids. A small change that will for sure increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Seriously need lids to fit this

The lids are not a deal breaker, but the presentation of the candle would definitely look better if the lids fit properly.

I am not sure what fill line they are using but the candle holds 8 oz of wax to the fill line. (Which I the bottom of the ridges for the screw top). It holds the same amount as the mason jar.

love this jar!

i use these jars w the gold lid, so in love! sleek and modern.


We love these candles jars, size look, price, etc... The best thing about this candle is the burn quality we are getting using these containers. The dimensions of the jar are just perfect for burn and giving our customers the illusion of much larger candles even though we its close to the size of he tins and cheaper per unit.
The only con I can selfishly think of is I would love black lids, however the silver matches everything great.

Awesome Jar

Since I started making soy candles, I used this jar. I think its cute and will look elegant. Well, my expectation was right.

Cute Jars. Wish the lid fit

exactly what i was looking for to make my first candles! I read the previous reviews about the lids not quite fitting but figured id take my chances. they do technically fit. the lid goes on the container but the lid is a pop on kind of lid and the jar is meant to have a screw on lid. glad they added the disclaimer about this now so future buyers are aware of the problem but for a first timer i think theyre great! perfect size!


These jars are awesome. The lids have NO affect on how my candles turn out. They screw on and look nice! I do not regret adding these to my line!

why in the world would you show inexpensive jars with the "matching" lids that are not the right size??!?!