Mini Mason Glass Jar
Mini Mason Jar soy wax candle
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Our Mini Mason Jars are the smallest jar in our Mason line. Create pocket-sized 1.5 oz candles to use as scent samples and promote new fragrances for your business, or to have on hand as go-to gifts. These sweet little jars add a special touch to your homemade bath salts, scrubs, lotions, and body butters. In addition to their special place in your crafting repertoire, there are endless household uses for these jars, from storing candy, spices, and drink mixes to displaying succulents or cotton swabs.

Tops are sold separately. The Mini Mason Jar works with the #38 Silver Threaded Lid, and the #38 Gold Threaded Lid.

How much will it hold?
Wax Weight (to Fill Line) - 1.5 oz.
Volume (to Overflow) - 1.69 fl. oz.
Manufacturer Spec. - 50 ml

Looking for a wick suggestion?
Soy and Natural Wax Blends - ECO 1 3"
Paraffin and Paraffin Blends - LX 12 3"
Check out our wick guide to see recommendations for other waxes! Our recommendations are estimates and should be used as a starting point for your own burn testing.

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Height 2.84"
Diameter 1.68"
Max Labeling Area 5.5" x 1.5"
Prop 65 Warning Required No


Average Rating:

(based upon 22 reviews)

Mini Mason Jars

I really wanted to love these new mini mason jars and planned on using them in my holiday line. I have tried the recommended wick and also another. These jars get too hot within the first hour of burning and I consider them a safety hazard. The only wick that I think may work would be a tea light wick if there was one long enough. I do not plan on selling them and the only thing I can think to use them for is to check for hot throw on specific fragrances.

Rebecca Shannon
CandleScience Reply

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Cute but Gets Hot

I have the same jar and the same size from another company with a handle on it. I tried the smallest size wick that Candle Science had to offer and even searched to find a smaller wick. They burn great but the wicks are too large. I would say the tealight wick (if it came in a longer size) would work better. But I am not going to make candles in them for sale - I will use my inventory for personal use because they get extremely HOT.


So adorable!

Very cute jars and I love using them in my line of candles. The burn has been great with the recommended wick as long as you make sure to follow usual burning guidelines like creating a melt pool for each burn and not burning them over 4 hours. The only issue I've found with these is they almost always frost the entire jar if I'm using any type of coloring. Love these regardless!


Wont waste my money on these again

I should of read the reviews first. l bought 2 cases of these because their adorable. Only problem is, they don't work! flame kept going out on its own, im assuming because its so small, and as the wicks goes down it suffocates the flame? Really upset about this. A complete waste.

Marissa Johnson
CandleScience Reply

Thanks for leaving a review! A member of our support team has reached out to you to better assist you!

I wanted to love these

I so wanted to love these and planned to use them as part of a holiday gift set. But I have tested two of the recommended wicks, and I continue to have problems with these mini mason jars. There simply isn’t enough space in the jar for the oxygen needed to stay lit. With the Eco 1 wicks, the candle burns beautifully for the first four hours and the scent throw is amazing. I was so hopeful. But when I lit the candle again with the wax midway down, it got so hot that it burned the inside of the jar and started to melt some of the label. The next morning I lit it again and it’s self-extinguished. I ordered four cases of these, the corresponding lids and wicks. Unfortunately, there is no way I can ask people to pay for these mini jars if they are going to get too hot or self-extinguish. Since shipping to return them would be costly, I guess I am going to use them as free samples. What a shame.

Creatively Intentional

Absolutely Love These!!

These adorable little jars are so cute! I recently sold 20+ for party favors that came out great! The only issue is that these jars get H O T. Being so small, the glass is very close to the flame, and it usually goes out about halfway through from what I'm assuming is a lack of air. Still, these mini jars are perfect for samplers and they're so darn cute! I can't wait to order more!

Cristina A.

Floral Mini Mason Candles

I like these cute minis! The only issue I have had is actually getting the wick to stick because of the way the candle is on the inside.


Cute and tiny

I don't make candles, I actually buy these to package up our BBQ Rubs and gourmet flavored salts. They're super cute. We love them! Please keep carrying them!


I like the jar, but

I like the jar but I'm not crazy about the HTP 41 wick. Seems to create a large wax pool. Thinking maybe ECO 1 wick????

Ladybug Candles Soaps & Things

King of Cartoons

I cannot get this jar to work. Tried every wick imaginable. Hard to relight also since there's a lack of oxygen in the jar. I wasn't the jars to work, they won't.


Hard to keep lit

The containers are cute and customers are attracted to them. But it's been hard to find a wic that works well for these containers. **I make beeswax candles** If the wic is too small, the flame goes out quick- only 30minutes to an hour burn (my guess is the jars are too narrow and the wic/flame don't get enough Oxygen). If the wic is too big, the burn time lasts longer but the flame liquifies a lot of the candle and eventually extinguishes itself after a couple hours of burning (burning up too much oxygen?). Haven't found the right wic...when it comes down to it, I believe these jars are a great shape for candles.


Not our cup of tea

Thought these would be amazing to add to our line - bought the recommended wicks and am using 444 soywax. The candles are okay looking, but they are hard to re-light once they burn down. I have used a longer lighter to reach the wick, but it's still hard to light. I think we will be handing this out for loyal customers as samplers to use up what we bought.

Crafty Cat


I recently created candles in these mini mason jars using EcoSoya Advanced wax (no longer available) but heated to about 140, added FO and poured resulting in a beautiful appearing candle. The smallest wick I had was an Eco 2 so used it, which was too big so burned too hot. It provided phenomenal hot throw but liquified the entire candle very quickly. I tried making a few using a WI700 series wick (735) and a different FO which achieved a slightly slower burn but the hot throw was not good at all. Because they are so adorable, I will try them again using the wick Candle Science recommends. They are quite cute.


Perfect Mini Candles

I can't keep these mini jars in stock. My customers love these little candles. Great for Christmas presents too. I use 464 and the HTP 41 and haven't had any issues with them burning. I would burn for 2-3 hours at a time and I got 20 hours of burn time with these little candles!
The only thing I do not like about these jars is the fact that the bottom of the jar is not flat on the inside and a wick sticker does not work well in these. I've had to use hot glue on the wick tab to get them to stick to the bottom of the jars.


Love them!

I love them. Great for samples too

Bottles & Wicks

Very disappointed

I was excited when these came out but i have had nothing but problems with them. After they burn about half way they do not stay lit. Disappointing since i bought a whole case, lids, and the recommended wicks.


Candle Maker

Okay, these are the most adorable sampler candles! My customers love them! They burn for quite a while. I do agree with another review where it gets harder to light them when the was is less than half the jar. Otherwise, these are amazing. Absolutely love these as samplers, favors, etc. Definitely adding to our product line.

Collective Harmony Co.

The recommended wicks do not work with these jars. They self extinguish in minutes, the wick is too small.


I ordered these as a trial and gave them to friends simply as testers - the positive feedback was incredible! Everyone has loved them and they burn for quite a long time with GB 464. The only suggestion I have is that they be lit with a match. As the candle burns down they can be trickier to light with a standard lighter or stick lighter. I will definitely be ordering these again!


Love these!

Perfect for samples! My customers love them



Awsome we are going to start a 6pk sample box with these jars

Blossom Creek Candle

So cute

Okay, these are so cute. Perfect for tiny favors or samples, and the first one I made actually had quite a scent throw! Definitely love these little jars.