Black Sea Fragrance Oil
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Fill your space with the airy, balanced notes of our Black Sea fragrance oil. The sweet yet salty oceanic accords combine with an undercurrent of amber and vanilla. Geographically bridging modern-day Europe and Asia, the Black Sea was known to ancient civilizations as the end of the known world. Today, its shadowy waters are even rumored to hide the lost city of Atlantis. Hints of its mystery and intrigue combine to inspire this scent’s seducing aroma. Black Sea is an ideal year round scent that makes an excellent addition to your high-end candle or soap line. The fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including cardamom seed and clove leaf.

Note Profile:
Top: Citrus, Sea Salt, Ozone
Middle: Plum, Cardamom
Base: Amber, Dark Musk

Suggested Colors: Black, Blue
See our complete list of candle making dyes and soap colorants.

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.


Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe Yes Usage: 3-6%
Lotion Safe Yes Usage: 1-2%
Vanillin Content 0.01% - 2%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint 205 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required No
Diffuser Base Compatible Yes; Up to 25%

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.



Average Rating:

(based upon 153 reviews)

Customer Favorite

I make goat milk soap (bars and liquid) and bath bombs using this fragrance and its very popular with men and women both!! One of my customers says he’d wear it as a cologne if they made it! It smells really good and behaves very nicely in CP.

Nikki Rolando

The worst

Very good fragrance ! Smell amazing but no good for cp soap in a second my soap was hard as rock. I had to throw it out.


I love this Scent

The only thing I'm upset about is that I did not buy a bigger bottle.... it smells so good!!!! Candle Science just take all my money 😂😂😂😫😫😫😫....


Not for CP soap ...

First of all ... this FO smells really good! I love it, but the fragrance does not work for CP soap. The primary reason I bought this FO was to use in CP soaps ... not a good buy!I It seized my batter in seconds ... I had to throw away my soap ... bummer. I tried twice and it happened both times ... I still have a good amount of FO left, so I have to find a different use for it.


Turned into a solid mass

I wish I had read the reviews before I added this to my CP soap. It smells great OOB but turned my fluid batter solid within seconds. I even had a hard time scooping it out of the cups into my mold. I ended up wasting 50oz of soap. What a shame.


Simply the Best

I use this FO in 444 wax and it performs magnificently. The scent is rich and more on the manly side, but such a hit! This scent captures the "feels" of being at sea. It has a wonderful hot and cold throw at 6% FO. This is my go to scent!

Meghan V.

Not for Cold process soao

Not my favorite however people do like it, candles came out great, now it has been 4 weeks, I don't smell it as strong as the first few days. I just tired it in CP soap making, just had to throw away 65 oz of soap, it just thickened within 10-15 seconds, then within a minute it hardened, I was so sad. I ordered a large bottle, just going to focus on candles, not sure if I might order it after it is gone, depends on my customers.


Business owner

My husband and I own a Soap and Candle business.
I make CP soaps and he makes the candles and one of the top choices for our customers is this CRAZY fragrance! It literally sells MORE than any other scent that we use. Honestly, our customers absolutely go nuts over this candle.
If truth be told, this it is not my favorite, but it goes to show you that if you make only what YOU like, you could be missing out of a tons of sales.
GREAT JOB candlescience.

Linda Mazzara


I absolutely love this scent!!! Every single person i have smell my candles also love it! It is definitely a favorite !



A great and interesting scent

Smelling this fragrance out of the bottle, I was a little hesitant. It smells much less like cheap cologne once it is out of the bottle. I love the scent, and so do customers.


Owner - Little Bird Soap Company

I love this scent but it seizes immediately in CP soap. I tried twice with the same results both times. I tried mushing it by hand and mashing it into the loaf and it turned out splotched and ugly. I ended up having to do a HP the next day in order to save it. It works in M&P and HP, but I don’t recommend using it in CP.


Black Ses

Love this fragrance and I keep it in my arsenal


love it

This is a wonderful scent! I use it in my wax melts and it is fabulous.


Co-Owner, Linked Keys

This is one of my favorite and best selling scents! The scent throw is absolutely amazing, in everything it’s used in. I sell out in this regardless of the product: bath and body as well as candle/wax melts. This is one scent that CS needs to keep!

Kimberley B


I made my practice loaf using a tried and true recipe. I soap at room temperature about 74 degrees, at light trace I had no sooner poured the fragrance oil and stirred (by hand) and I was left with batter on a stick!! I quickly tried to stir it down with the blender to poor avail. I scooped and pushed it into a loaf mold. Next day it is hard but stuck to the mold, it is now in the freezer to see if it will separate from the mold. Nice fragrance but not sure I will purchase again for soaping as it moves like lightening.

Nopalito Blossoms

Very good scent throw hot and cold 10/10


The scent is great

Smells amazing; masculine, like cologne right from the bottle. However, I made this using 444 at 11% and it barely gave a HT. I just made a new batch using 464 to see if I get a better HT. This scent is definitely worth the trial and error.


Sexy, Bold, Fresh,

Nice scent, it won't disappoint,


STRONG Scent! Very Masculine

I sold out on this scent this past weekend. My customers says it smells like a sexy good smelling man and it does! Very masculine, cologne type scent. However, use a little less in your batch. This burned my nose it’s so strong of a scent even when burning. However, my clientele loved it and it was the first time selling it in my business.

Business Owner

One of my best sellers

This is one of my best sellers. The scent out of the bottle is a little different from the hot throw. The hot throw releases more of a sea salt vibe. It makes for a great clean and neutral scent that both men and women will love. This scent is perfect for beach lovers everywhere.


Love The Smell

This is 3rd time buying black sea and I love it. I live on the east coast and this scent definetly gives me beach vibes.

Leighs Gift Shop

Wow, now I know what all the hype is about! Out of the bottle, I wasn't terribly excited, but once it hits the wax, my oh my! Will definitely be making more of these for family and friends. :-)


Absolutley wanted to keep this ob in my cp soap line up. It smells fantactic oob but turned to instant gel in soap. Managed to wrangle it in the mold. Sent retention is fantastic but the gel will keep me from getting iij mg it again 😪😪😪

Heather Glenn

Love this scent. So far one of my best sellers. I will recommend this scent to everyone.. smells like a perfume.


Love this

Can't go wrong with this one. Good unisex scent. Gives a great scent both cold or hot.

Sweet Scents


One of our best selling in our men's line!

Crafty Cat


I was given a candle with this fragrance and love it: however in Cold Process Soapmaking the product goes from very light trace, to jelly stage (if you make candy or jelly, you know what I mean), to you are pushing a solid mass into your mold in under 15 seconds. I expect this when I made the second batch immediately following the first, colored half of the soap material, then added the F.O to each half and dumped them together, and tried to pour into the mold but it still became a solid mass and I had to use a metal utensil to push it in the mold. I would highly not recommend this F.O. for Cold Process Soapmaking

David Johnson


This smells pretty great in 464 and has decent HT.


Oh my gosh! This scent smells of a well dressed man. It is masculine and sexy. So far, I have only used it in cold process soap, and it accelerated terribly. I use a rather fluid recipe and was just able to design it and get it into the mold before it seized. Even with the acceleration, I still give it 5 stars for the smell alone. I can’t wait to use it in candles.

Pat P

Smell changed slightly after it cured

Used in 464 soy wax with a 10% fragrance load.

Out of the bottle, this one had a nice, cologne-like smell to it. After letting it cure for a week, it still smelled nice and had a good CT, but it had definitely become a little sweeter than expected.


One of the favs!

I absolutely love this fragrance! I'm making a list of my favorite scents and this is one of them! Clean, refreshing, strong scent (I love a strong scent). Walking into a room that smells like the candle and it's not burning is a winner.


Smells AMAZING but...

I make cold processed soap, and candles. In candles, this is AMAZING. In cold processed soap - it accelerated in seconds and seized my batch (oils @ 99 degrees and lye at 102 degrees). I came to emulsion, added this and gave it two or three stirs with my whisk, and turned to put the container down - came back and it had accelerated to the point where I couldn't mold it. I'm going to rebatch it with hot processing, but won't use it for CP again. Will absolutely use it again in candles - scent throw is sheer perfection!


Best seller

I absolutely love this fo. It has a great hot and cold throw in 464 was with a 9% fl. Any customer that smells this loves it. This may be the best fo you all sell


Absolutely amazing



I hate to say it, but I don’t love this scent! I pictured much more ozone and sea salt, but to my nose, it’s an overwhelming “grape”’ish scent. I know plum is listed, but to my nose this is mostly a grape scent. Most people seem to like it, but I’ve decided not to sell the scent after taking a risk on an 8 oz bottle. Maybe it will Be for you!

Mr Holiday Candle co.

Love it!!

I'm so glad I decided to give this scent a chance. I added it on as a free sample, and I couldn't be more happy with it. It smells like really good men's cologne, but it's not too overpowering. I think it might just be one of my new favorites! My mom loves it as well.


Amazing Scent

This Scent is absolutely one of my favorites my Candle's smell so amazing 🤩

Luxture Fantastique

Nice scent but quite masculine

I liked this scent a lot and of course scents are always subjective, everyone likes different ones. This scent is a great smell but it does have a masculine quality to it.

Alison Luciana

I Love Black Sea

I love this fragrance and so do my customers. It is pleasant and has a balance. Its not overpowering. Its just right.

Tartra Little

A happy customer

I absolutely love this scent. I am new to candle making and this scent has been a customer fav. I will be ordering more!!


Cologney But Fresh

I found this scent to have a cologney vibe to it but I still really enjoy it. It's musky but fresh and smells really clean.


Modern aquatic fresh

This has nice rich base notes but they are overwhelmed with the citrus/salt harsh men’s cologne elements. Not a bad scent but 100% men’s cologne. I would enjoy this in candles for sure, but I make perfumes, lotions and soaps, and this won't be a hit with most of the women. That being said, it's excellent for the men and might blend down with sweeter or floral notes to temper the modern aquatic feel.



Masculine and nice! Customers love.

Dancing Orchid Soapworks


ABSOLUTE BEST ALL TIME FRAGRANCE OIL! This fragrance is AMAZING! I can never get enough of it! Men, women, everyone loves it! I personally have had NO ISSUES whatsoever with sink holes or glass adhesion and treat this oil just like every other one when making my candles. Definitely strong OOB and great hot throw. Just a word to the wise - I've sampled the "Black Sea" fragrance from a number of other suppliers and if you love this one, don't waste your time looking elsewhere. No one else's smells anything like the CandleScience version and you'll just be disappointed at having spent the $. Don't get me wrong, the others smell nice, but if you're looking for a dupe, you won't find it - this is a one of a kind! PLEASE don't ever change or discontinue this one CandleScience!!!!!

Candle Keepers



Great scent, however, I tried it in two separate batches of CP soap and the acceleration is SERIOUS! It was light trace, I turned around and picked up my mold and had to spoon it into it - so thick. Not my plan at all - too bad. I'll use the rest in candles and melts

Karen VanderKarr


Im in love with all of the scenes but as soon as I opened this one, being my free sample, I haven't closed ot since! Im kicking myself for not buying it in the 5 gallon. It's so amazing! A must have!!!!!!!!!!


So Glad I bought This!

I really like this scent. It smells better than I thought it would. I would definitely recommend it. This fragrance would be great on it's own. But I mixed it with Oakmoss and Amber, and White Birch to give it a dark/ night time, outdoor feel. I agree with others here when they say that the fragrance could be enjoyed by both men and women.

Siren's Muse Designs


This is one of my personal favorite scents! We use it year round as a cologne and it’s amazing. I wish the hot throw was stronger when burning in candle form but the cold throw is great and is a top seller. We mainly use in body products because of the poor hot throw


Sold out!

This fragrance is so popular by both men and women, I sold out on my second day of sales. Great Cold and Hot.

Cynthia Bernabel


Great for men and women. Not too masculine but has a definite clean cologne scent. Great throw. I love it!

Lavender Lady Candles


First let me start with how amazing this smells! Its fresh, masculine and can even get away with be feminine. I first got this as a sample, but I HAD to get a bigger bottle. I used this fragrance in cold process soap. It worked beautifully. Yes it does accelerate. I split my soap batter into sections and as I was working with each section I added the FO as I was ready to pour the soap in the mold. I keep smelling the loaf. Its amazing!


Favorite smell so far

In love with Black Sea. Amazing hot and cold throw in soy wax 464 using 1 ounce FO to 8 Oz wax. Candles cured absolutely perfect. Used straight Libby tumblers and CD 18 wick 🤩


Owner/candle maker

It would be REALLY NICE if people would say what wick they're using so the rest of us have a solid direction to go in. Nothing worse than missing information that's of the utmost importance.


We love it but it's tough to work with

We love 'Black Sea' nd it's very popular with our customers however it is a pain to deal with with my soy 464. I always get "ripples" and uneven surfaces with this fragrance. My customers don't seem to care but I do. It brings a profit so I will keep working with it and keep selling it.

Our Simple Life Candle Co.


We make soy based bark wax melts and literally cannot keep our Black Sea melts in stock. It smells manly compared to other scents, but definitely has appeal to both men and women.

Trish at Ollie & Me


I am so impressed with the smell of this fragrance!

warrior earth

Smells great but misbehaves in wax

This scent is one of the favorites from my most recent purchase of 1oz samples to test with the Harmony Blend wax and my coconut soy mix. During curing I got sink holes in my Harmony Blend, and in both I got almost no glass adhesion, with a weird oily look all over the sides (but not top?...weird). All of the other 7 scents I sampled came out perfectly with that batch and exactly the same conditions.

DS in CO


While the scent is amazing, it performed poorly with soy 444. My candles had terribly uneven surfaces. Even with reheating multiple times, surface remained full of lumps and pin holes. I was very excited to use this scent as I ordered a 4oz bottle, but was unfortunately disappointed. If you work with soy 444, please do not waste your money or time.


Black Sea

I love, love, love this scent. One of my favorites.


Best Seller!

I don’t understand how this has 4/5 stars. This is hands down our best seller. Great cold/hot throws in 444. We’ve released our fall & winter scents recently and this one is still hard to keep in stock. Currently buying by the 5lb jug.




Hands down my number one seller to both men and women. Excellent cold and hot throw in my 464.


This Fo is incredible

I can’t get enough of the sad it is so beautiful it’s soft and masculine and feminine all at the same time I love it great job CS



This is amazing in cold process soap!! It soaps well and maintains its scent string for a very long time. I sell this to men and women not just men. I keep selling out so I keep coming back for more


Customers go crazy over this scent!

I have been using this scent for a few years and this one is one of my top sellers. I know that all product with this scent will sell so it is my staple scent all year long. I use it in Soy candles, Soaps (HP and Liquid), Lotions, Bath Bombs. I personally think it is more masculine scent but women love it as much as men.


Still Not Adhering

I wrote a review several weeks ago and the scent still is performing poorly in soy. Every batch comes out frosty with oil separation. I had a whole batch of candles I had to throw away because the oil had separated so badly that I could literally pour the fragrance out of the candle. In some cases this was several ounces of oil. I would NOT buy this fragrance until they fix its adhesion issue otherwise you'll end up wasting money like I have.



Smells awesome and not to strong. This completes my maculine line!!


Smells great but not good for soap

I LOVE this scent, I think it is such a sexy manly scent. I used this in melt and pour a few years ago and it was great. I bought more and used it in my cold process soap this time. It accelerated so quickly that I had to spoon the batter into the mold and try a chopstick swirl. I soaped at room temp and used a tried and true recipe so it wasn't the batter/ingredients. I would absolutely buy this again since I LOVE the scent, but I would only do a 1 color soap with a cool top. I think my customers are going to love this as much as I do! I absolutely recommend this fragrance, just watch your trace.


Great seller but horrible to work with.

I am with Matt. I personally love Black Sea as well as many of my customers. It never cures right ... poor glass adhesion like it doesn’t bind well with the wax, pin holes on tops. You can use a heat gun to smooth out your tops but that always creates a thousand more pin holes. You spend so much more time trying to fix you Black Sea candles. Hopefully someone can work on this scent because this is a very common issue with this scent.


The only reason I gave it 4 stars was because of my own personal preferences. It's a clean smell, but more of a masculine scent. My hubby really likes it, and so have some other people. It's just not my favorite. It has produced great CT & HT in my candles though at a 1:1 ratio.


Bestseller but horrible pours/frosting

This is one of our bestsellers but I've never had a good pour with this scent. No matter what I do this scent always causes the candles to come out frosted. I've tried pouring at varying temps, heating the containers, cleaning the containers, etc. And it's not just casual surface deformity but it's got some deep pits in it. It also takes double the time to settle over the other scents. People love it but I spend about 3x as much time on these candles because of the time they take to settle and also the extra hour or so it takes to smooth out the surfaces with a heat gun (I usually have to smooth the surface three times with a heat gun before the pits are filled and the surface is actually smooth). Love this scent and will keep selling it but I'd like to see some better pouring performance.


Too perfumey!

This is a good scent! Don't get me wrong, its good. It's too perfumey for me to like enough to sell. I ordered a 4oz bottle thinking I would love it but I probably won't buy again. If you like strong, perfume scents this is for you! (I used 1oz per 1lb of 464 in a 4oz mason jar).



One of my favorites! Will be purchasing again! So masculine and strong. Will be a best seller for sure

Tymia Benton


I just started my own candle line and I LOVE THIS SCENT!!
I will be ordering this again!!!!!!

Cody Klein

no smell strong

Hello,can somebody help me? .In 2 week ago i caned my first candle project, i made step by step that indicated in this website, but for some reason my candle barely smell


Love this!

This has such an amazing ocean scent! Definitely recommend!


I would give it 5 ⭐️ but it sets up sooooo fast in my CP recipe. It’s my best seller but i’m going to have to find a different one to replace it with because it just gives me fits. It smells Amazing though!

Anna Ankrum



Southern Dezires


So, the scent is very nice. I make CP soap and I used the FO in a test batch of 1 pound of soap (340 grams of oils). The FO actually smelled sweeter after it was mixed into the batter, but I expect it will revert to the more "airy" out-of-bottle scent. Usage was 6% of SOAP weight (and that may have been the issue) but this fragrance (added to oils, before lye water) rapidly thickened. It was so fast that I had to smush it into the mold. Only a few steps away from soap-on-a-stick. I like the scent, bought it as part of the 1oz sale. It's pleasant enough that I'd be interested in seeing if the percentage of FO affects the acceleration.



Our customers love this scent. We have had great success in soy wax. It is strong but most of my customers want a strong smelling candle. Upscale scent for candles and soap.


Seasonal Scents

Love this scent and it sells great. Men love it


Fresh and Clean

This scent is a must!!! It smells like a mens cologne almost. I use this in gb 464 wax with a HTP 104 wick. Everyone loves this scent, I sold out as soon as I added it! I added car air fresheners to my shop and now have this scent in my car!


Great Scent, Unfortunately Seizes Up

I purchased the sample size of this scent to try it out in cold process soap. It smells amazing! I was so excited to use it. I used the fragrance with my oils at room temperature and it does seize. I was pretty disappointed in that. I'm not sure if I would purchase this fragrance again because of that, which is kind of disappointing because it smells amazing.


Love this scent

I absolutely love the smell of this scent, but I used it in CP soap and it seized up not allowing me to finish my soap as planned. I only purchased the 1 oz sample and was planning on buying more because it smelled so good, but now I am not sure I will. Perhaps I will try it later in my soy blend candles.

Debbie Wyatt

Very good except one thing

I used this fragrance a month ago with soy wax 444 and eco soy wicks. I found the wicks weren’t big enough for this fragrance and would saturate the wick and burn it out. This is by far my favorite fragrance so I tried again with the CD 24 6” wicks and it’s still drowning my wicks. This was the recommended wick for this wax so I don’t know what else to try other than just doing wax melts.



I just recently started to make Soy Scented Candles (GB 464) and this candle was hot on the market! I purchased one 1oz container which I was able to create 5 4oz tin candles which were sold immediately! The scent has a clean/masculine taste - it reminded me of fresh laundry, but that's just my personal opinion. I HIGHLY recommend this FO!



I have been looking for the perfect unisex spa scent for two years. I am done looking. Black Sea is it. I love this scent! Great job.

Sheree Ealey

Nice scent!

Very nice scent, fresh and clean. Sweet with few masculine notes. I made a batch @ 9% frag. and used 444, hot throw seems to be pretty good.


Has this formula changed?

I’ve been ordering Black Sea for over two years, and this latest batch has a overly sweet aroma which has taken away all the masculine notes. I geniunely hope this was just a bad batch and not a permanent change.

CandleScience Reply

HI! We are so sorry that you are having trouble with your fragrance. We have not revised the Black Sea fragrance and anytime we do revise a fragrance you will always see an update in the details section! Please feel free to contact our support team at so we can help with your current order as needed.

Mix this with ocean breeze

Mixing this with ocean breeze smells perfect it's a soothing smooth calm relaxing scent perfect in candles and body products


Amazing Scent

I originally got this as a free sample in an order, and as soon as I smelled it I was placing an order for a full pound of it. This scent is very alluring and incredibly insidious: one smell and you want nothing more than to keep coming back! I'm not sure that the name itself does the scent justice, but I also can't fully describe the actual scent itself. It is one part spicy, one part sweet, and they combine to create a magical scent that is going to be a permanent fixture in my line!


I’m new to the candle business so I had no idea where to begin with fragrances. Candle science made choosing fragrances fun and easy. I purchased 8 fragrances and received 1 free and out of all 9 Black Sea is my favorite 😩. It smells so good and masculine! Reminds me of a cologne and it’s definitely a year round scent. This and Amber Noir are the bomb 🙌🏽

Candle business owner

Jade Oak Handmade

Great scent!! One of my bestsellers.


One of the Best

This is hands-down one of my best selling scents. People love this scent! It is a great neutral scent and works well for men and women.



My customers really love the Black Sea. I used with PB at 10%. And this had and amazing CT and HT

A. Long

I love the smell of black sea! I got this as a sample scent when I made a large purchase and I was more than impressed. I am the type of person that likes those masculine scents in a candle and wax melts so this was perfect. It smelled like man's cologne but in a good way. It wasn't too strong or overpowering. I will be making more candles with this scent for sure!


Smells tacky

I didn't really like this scent. It smells like cheap cologne.



This is a great scent. It is fresh and clean but not overly feminine. Great for both men and women. I used it in hot process soap, and added the fo after cook with my superfat oil. I only used .5 is per pound. My only regret is not buying a bigger bottle and making it stronger.


Smells like cologne !!!!

Very nice cologne scent. All my guy friends really liked it !!

Pablo Valdivia


The perfect amount of masculinity with sweetness to keep it well balanced. This is truly a delicious scent.


Best Scent EVER

I love this scent, and so does my customers. Best Seller in soaps, candles, and wax melts. I love this scent so much. At events, when someone comes to my table and cant decide on a soap or candle to purchase, I often grab this scent and say " Here try this", and immediately get a sale. I sell out constantly with this scent, because its so amazing!


Owner of Arabel's Naturals

Black Sea

A lovely scent for men. Stays true to scent in CP soap.



I just started trying making my own candles and this scent is definitely going to be purchased again.Smells like a great cologne for men but not too overpowering.



The smell was far too artificial for my liking. I purchased another scent from this store that i do enjoy but this one i think was bad. Smells like a cheap cologne and gives me a headache if i smell it for too long.


I like it!

I don't know how they came up with the name for this fragrance but it really smells nice! Not over powering but you know it is in the room when you walk into it!



I use this scent for my Soy candles. I love this scent, my customers do to, its one of my best sellers. I also drop a bit on my dryer sheets and let it dry It makes your clothes smell wonderful also !!

Mac & Jacs

Owner @ Raxeira Candle Co

I really love this FO! The cold and hot throws both perform really well. It's a very clean and slightly scent. Works well for my Norway candle!


I love the scent . It smell like you are on a real beach .



This smells like a very high end cologne, trust me that's all my husband wears. We both LOVE this scent!


One of my favorites and best sellers for men

This one smells so nice in soap!! You won't regret ordering this one. It's a very manly soap, but not overpowering. The men love this soap, and the ladies choose this one often as gifts for the man in their lives. :)



So, this FO smells similiar to mens cologne to me. Very masculine and deep but not overpowering and musky. I love it !! Appeals to men and women.


Beautiful scent, but not as strong as I was hoping. I'll have to use a little more in my next batch!


Musky and amazing

This scent is perfect for ocean-y, manly candles!


So perfect

I grabbed this as a free sample on a whim after seeing another review, and I am so glad I did! It's very gender neutral, not overpowering, and works well in all of my uses (massage oil, scrubs, candles, etc). The hot throw is very light, next time I will try a higher percentage than 1 oz in 1 pound of wax, but it is really a lovely scent that all of my customers have loved.


Smells Wonderful!!!

Made my very first soy candles New Year's Eve with Golden Brands 464 and they came out PERFECTLY!!! Completely smooth, silky tops and no sink holes or anything, and used the Black Sea fragrance oil. OMG- both my husband and I LOVE the scent & could hardly wait the 24 hours before burning them! I do wish it were a little stronger (I used 1oz per 1lb of soy wax), but in a way I think in a way that's the allure of it- very light, sexy smell and it DOES fill the room quite nicely with the scent of ocean spray at the beach!!!. I may try again with a little Vibar so I can use a bit more of it just to see what the difference is, but either way I love the scent and will buy it again!

Sharyn Lindsay

Great scent

I bought this scent to make Christmas candles. I didn't want holiday scents because I wanted the people I gave them to ,to be able to burn them when ever .Great scent for men


Why this scent has so many starts is baffling...

I recently purchased several scents to make soy candles for my wedding. While I was pleased with most of the scents from Candle Science, I have to say this scent was the worst. I made 12 candles using the Black Sea scent and had to throw them away. The scent is musky, like Axe Body spray or a strong artificial cologne. I wouldn't recommend this scent.



One of our favorites!


Love Black Sea!

This scent is absolutely amazing. It is a unisex scent and has a warm and cold throw. I purchased this as a free fragrance and once I made the candle, I went online and purchased 4 more ounces. You will love it!

Tara E

One of my new favorites...LOVE it!

Sure with I'd tried this sooner. I love this FO. It is great for a unisex scent. I sold several before they even hit the shelves! Love it...very high-end smelling FO.



This scent is one of my favs! So glad I got it and now wish I had got a bigger bottle. My husband loves it and wants me to make him something.

Galaxy Remedies


Great strong fragrance. Both women and men love it. Its a top seller.

The Candle Shop NY

Fantastic scent!

This is definitely one of my favorite men's fragrances! I made cold process salt bars, with activated charcoal. I was surprised that it behaved so well, since I used a temper mental recipe! When I unmolded them, I was instantly disappointed that I didn't double the recipe!! They look and smell amazing!! I'm certain that they will be a best seller! Next time, I'll order a huge bottle!


LOVE this scent. I'm slightly worried though because it doesn't seem to have a great cold throw, but hopefully once I let it cure longer and test it out it will perform a little better.


rubbing alcohol

wanted to like this, tried couple times to me it smells like rubbing alcohol, made tarts with it and that is still what I smell when they are melting.


Very masculine!

I am loving this scent! It's very masculine and subtle nuances throughout. A very unique scent!

Mr. Toad


I absolutely love this fragrance, but didn't get the hot throw I was hoping for. This scent is so fantastic that I don't want to give up on it, I think I will try to up wick. Usually use eco 8 wick in my 8 ounce jars with GB444, does any one else have to use a larger wick with this fragrance?

Cheryl W.

Great Scent to add to any Market

I was very impressed by this scent. It is very much like oakmoss and amber but slightly more subtle. It has to be one of my favorites as well as my customers I used roughly 1oz/1lb wax and the navy blue dye blocks from candle science, great combination. If your customers want a "man scent", please do yourself a favor and start with this one.


Amazing - One of my Favorites!

Great combination of fragrances going on here - perfect blend of clean, sweet and warm, so it really works all year, IMO. Almost everyone I've come into contact with loves it, and it is one of my new favorites. I've burned it once, but I think the cold throw is better. I've had an open jar candle sitting on my desk since the fall and it smells so great in here every day without even burning it!



I like this one because its a little different than the ocean/sea spray FOs. the sweet/vanilla base note gives it a little more muscle and turns it into a nice strong/masculine scent. A winner!


Wax Melts

I didn't know what to expect from this fragrance but I am positive it will be a top ten on my product line. Wow!


Super Fragrant

Too strong for my liking; but my gentlemen clientele love it. If they like it, I love it!!!

J. Smith

Great Hit Throw!

I used this at 6% in GB464 and had trouble finding the right wick for a 1lb salsa jar. After a couple of trials and remelting I settled on ECO16. And it throws great! Love it.

Silvergrove Scentsations

Insatiable Moments

I have made several batches of CP with this fo. This last batch reacted funny and turned my black dye dark red. I used the same liquid dye as before, but I think this new bottle of fo may have had more Vanilla. I think the next batch I will use midnight mica. I really love this fragrance and I will still buy it, all my customers love it too


This is amazing. It is a very clean smell but also has a sweet and saltyness to it. I highly recommend.


worked perfectly in CP

I did only a small batch, so there wasn't much time for seizing. I also always soap at room temp, in an effort to prevent my batches from seizing.The scent is very strong and very masculine, so a little went a long way, which I love.


Owner of Revamped Glass Bottle Art and Soy Creations

I wish I could give this more than five stars! I use it in my soy wax melts, candles and scent sticks! Fresh, clean, crisp and manly - I renamed it Shave And A Haircut and it is my most requested scent (and I carry over 70 scents)! This one's definitely a winner!

Amber Bankston

Love, love, love this!!!

I have yet to start selling this fragrance yet, but my husband smelled it during the making and said "Baby, that's going to be one of your best sellers!" So far this is my fav.


Love this scent!

I bought this FO to make candles for my best friends bookish birthday box (based on what I thought certain characters would smell like). This scent is amazing and the scent throw is awesome. I currently have it burning and I could smell it almost immediately after I lit the wick. Will definitely be buying again!


Didn't perform will in CP

I was so excited when I got this FO, the scent is positively divine! Unfortunately, it did not perform well in my CP soap.


I used it in soap. Did very well. Love the scent.

Donna Mosqueda

Best Seller

I made body butter, scrubs, and soap bars for a men's event and it was a best seller.I sold out of all my body butters Some women who were there looooved it too!! I am now back to make these into candles. This scent is unisex. The feedback was "it's light fresh, and just smells amazing!!! This scent will be FOREVER in my product line!! Thank you

Estelle Creates

This is a best seller

This is a beautiful unisex scent that makes customers (and me) happy!


Masculine Clean Scent that Anyone Can Love

Loved this smell. I made this candle with a friend who has really bad asthma. When we made this scent she fell in love and actually refers to it as "Sexy Man Scent" because it smelled so much like cologne. Her asthma is so bad that her boyfriend has had to stop wearing cologne, but she really misses that smell. Candle scents don't affect her asthma for some reason, though. But it is a clean scent that anyone can enjoy. I put my candle in the bathroom and it was perfect there.


New Favorite!!!

This is probably my new favorite scent!! It has a nice masculine smell that is not so overpowering that it smells like a cologne. I was supposed to make some to sell and ended up keeping them for myself, now I have to order more.


Owner of D-Y's Backwood Candles

Purchased the sample bottle and made only tarts with it and boy what an awesome smell! Everybody loves this scent!!!!

Cherri Tipton

Great Unisex scent

I have a men's event coming up and got this as a sample and made hotprocess soap with it. It was a hit with men and women in my family!! Ordering more now to make scrubs and Body butter with it. It's hard to describe the's light crisp oceany.....I can't stop smelling my soap....AMAZING!!!!

Estelle Creates

Wonderful Addition to the Amber Family

This scent is amazing! It reminds me very much of Egyptian Amber but more clean and fresh. Would make wonderful soap or sensual candles.


Absolutely love this scent! Only bought the sample, but the OOB was so good that I'm stocking up!



I just had to leave a review since this is a new scent. This is a MUST TRY! Especially if you love more masculine, clean scents. We are big fans of Oakmoss + Amber, and this is even better. So impressed with this one! I have only smelled it OOB, but I know it'll be a hit.