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As of 06/28/2019:

Dragon's Blood was discontinued and has been replaced with a new version. For more details see below.


REVISION NOTICE: It is CandleScience policy to notify customers if any part of a fragrance was changed for any reason.

As of June 11, 2019 our Dragon's Blood was revised to meet our new stringent safety standards to remove ingredients on the Prop 65 List. See new version.

A year-round favorite, Dragon's Blood is a potent and earthy fragrance infused with cedarwood, orange, and patchouli essential oils. The scent combines sweet and spicy notes to form a sophisticated complex blend.

Although Dragon's Blood was made popular in incense, it has gained popularity as a soap and candle fragrance and has been one of our most requested fragrances.

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including Cedarwood, Orange, and Patchouli.

Note Profile:
Top: Orange Peel, Spice
Middle: Rose
Base: Cedar, Incense, Patchouli

Suggested Colors: Deep Red, Purple, Violet
See our complete list of candle making dyes and soap colorants.

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.

Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe Yes Usage: 2-3%
Lotion Safe Yes Usage: 1-2%
Vanillin Content 0%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint 171 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required Yes
Diffuser Base Compatible Yes; Up to 25%

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.

**Warning: This product can expose you to estragole, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to


Average Rating:

(based upon 70 reviews)


I ordered an 8oz because I normally LOVE dragons blood and...
Smelling it in the bottle, I didn’t like it...

Owner of online candle store

This is an amazing version! I mix with molasses scent and it is perfect!


Smells just like the incense I used to burn as a teen! I love this scent!!

Big City Pearls

I received this scent in a sample and made a candle for a client. His exact words were, "keep them coming". Lol. It has a nice scent of patchouli, not over powering at all! Great for anyone that likes patchouli.

Fresh and clean

Used 10% with gb464 and it fills the room with a clean smell. Everyone loves it! Great hot throw.

Sweet, But Good

I mix this with Caribbean Teakwood and that brings the sweetness down a little. VERY strong scent--you don't need to use a whole lot at all.

A lot of likes for this one. A little sweet/vanilla for me, I like a more dominant pachouli. But those who enjoy the incense like this one

Very authentic

This is spot on for Dragons Blood. When I saw the vanillin content is listed at 0% i figured it must be a typo. I decided to give it a try in my CP soap, and sure enough, zero discoloration! The usage rate is also lower than from most other companies, yet the scent came through nice and strong! Super happy!

Smells SO GOOD

I ordered a number of different fragrance oil samples last week and they came so quick! This one, however, leaked quite a bit in transit so I lost a lot of product. Their response was SO quick and they sent me a new one right away! This has to be the favorite of the ones I ordered, hands down. Bar none scents, bar none customer service!

This is the second time I have purchased Dragons Blood. I LOVE this scent it smells like authentic Dragons Blood. I get a lot of compliments.You won't be disappointed.

Love and Light Works

A very sexy fragrance! I will be ordering this in a large size after falling in love with it in sample size. One ounce in one pound of soap makes for a very sexy, strongly-scented CP soap. I made it in a black and a true red swirl, and it is gorgeous. Everyone keeps asking what that great smell is! This is one I will make again and again. If my customers don’t like it, I’ll be happy to have it all to myself. It is that fabulous!

Dragons Blood

Its not really my type of scent, I used it for my clients soy candles and the smell gave me a slight headache, its very strong and smells like nothing but patchouli. I guess I was expecting something different. I wont buy it again.

Great scent for my soap

Very masculine for soap, and great smell for candles..

It’s an alright blend

Very hard to describe, but to me doesn’t smell like dragons blood. It’s a very earthy, somewhat masculine scent.

Cheryl, owner

Second time buying this fragrance from this supplier, and it's still a hit in my books!! Spot on in a cold process soap with zero issues. Sold out in one day last time, banking on it this time!!


My favorite scent. Smells like incense!

Dragons Blood

This is by far my favorite Dragons Blood ever, and I have tried this scent. Worked beautifully and held its scent in soy candles and bath bombs...


This was not what I was looking for a special event; however, it is a true patchouli, so if that's what you're looking for, you found it.


When I opened the bottle and sniffed I was not pleased at all... but the scent in the end product is absolutely wonderful. Will definitely reorder a bigger bottle.

So good

I love dragons blood. I made tarts and they smell wonderful.

I bought this because of the interesting name and rave reviews. I didn't like it at all! Very strong and not a pleasant smell.

This scent is incredible. My patchouli loving clients all say this is the best smelling Dragon's Blood type they've ever smelled. It's got the right scent without punching you in the face too much. Please never stop making this one!!!

Pretty good

This one is interesting. It has some patchouli for sure, but definitely other musk I can’t put my finger on, and some sweetness like vanilla. I hoped for more patchouli & no vanilla, as vanilla aggravates my sinuses for some reason. This would be a hit for vanilla + musk lovers, but too sweet and too much going on for me. It definitely has a good throw when lit. Man, I so wish this company had a strong patchouli or patchouli & citrus.

Beautiful rose scent

I get hints of the patchouli but definitely strong rose scent. Lovely mixed, though it might overpower other scents so I'd play with proportions.

If I can have only one fragrance oil, this is THE ONE!

I gave the 1 oz sample a try, and YES!!! I am ready for the big bottle. This thing smells AMAZING! I liked it so much that I even made a short film on it. I wish I could share the film here but I don't know how. Anyhoo, I am a very very happy customer. (CP beautifully!)


This is such a beautiful scent! It's hot and cold throw is amazing, it's very easily my most popular scent with my customers

Dragons Blood

I have once again purchased this product from Candle Science and once again very disappointed. I now find out that there fragrances are not for cold process soap, it would nice if they put this on their web site. I will never purchase another from Candle Science. They were not willing to make this right. Very disappointed

Exotic and Sweet

If you're familiar with Dragon's Blood incense, this fragrance oil is pretty much spot on. This exotic, spicy scent fills the room and the hot throw is amazing. It smells a bit like the perfume Opium but without being to cloying.

This scent is pretty horrible. my customers done like it one bit. kind of wasted my money on this one.

Amazing Scent

I am very happy with this scent! For color I added 1 red dye chip, and 1 cinnamon red dye chip. Very happy with the color as well. This is the first candle I've ever made and I am glad it turned out so well :)

Smells like an incense shop

I absolutely love this smell. It smells incredible, like walking into an incense shop.
Very calming, distinct but not overpowering at all.

Love this fragrance

This fragrance is my favorite. Love it!

Love it

Who ever left the comment below to just try it. I'm so glad I did. I got it for my free sample and it's gone already. The first week I put out an 8oz candle. Gone. Made a jelly out of the rest. Out of the people here at The Candle Shop five us liked it. Which would be four guys and myself (lady). My younger daughter says it smells like incense and does not like it. I personally don't smell that but every one is different. A few guys at hubby's car shop like it. Another women does not. A man is the person who bought the candle. So so far its more liked than disliked. Seems like guys dig it more than girls so far but we'll see once i make more candles. When you're in business of course you all know you have to make things that you may not like because your customers may love it. :) It'a a rich smell. Has a bite to it. It's warm too. Thanks Candle Science I was looking for something different and found it.


Doesn't produce a strong scent using your formula 1oz/1lb in Soy 464, but I'm glad it's doesn't. The faint smell it did produce was YUCK. Mildewed Baby Powder is the closest thing that comes to mind. If baby powder could mildew... ;0)
My biggest complaint CS...Your shipping prices. I have found a competitor that ships for way less. Their products are a few cents cheaper too. But your products being a few cents higher isn't a deal breaker for me, it's the shipping cost you guys charge.

Great scent if you like incense

This is a classic masculine incense type aroma. It's very strong.

dragons blood

I bought this scent because I saw a lot of people raving about it below so I decided to purchase it for my candles. It smells like in-scent sticks but not a very good kind. Not my style.

People love it! Started off with just a couple sample sizes to make melts. Keep getting requests for more so am here to get a big bottle. Another A+ scent.

Dragon's Blood

When did this change? I have always bought this for CP Soap and now it says not for soap..Very Disappointed, this is probably one of my top fragrances that people ask for..I sell a ton of it. And it behaved very well in CP soap, not like some other companies I have bought from..


This is one of my personal favorites. This scent has a wonderful, earthy patchouli smell that I think can make anyone's home smell cozier. It smells just like burning a stick of incense. If you like incense just buy it. Try a sample size. Just do it.

This is a rich, strong scent that has a strong cold throw and a hot throw that fills the room *and* the hallway. I used 1oz in 1 lb of Millennium soy container wax and I am amazed at how strong the throw is. The fragrance might not be for everyone, but I happen to love it. If you like incense, give this scent a shot.

Love it!!!

This is my favorite scent ever!!! It reminds me of something from my childhood. It smells so good!!! I made candles with this sent and then didn't want to sell them. I literally kept them all haha. I highly recommend it.

Fills whole house

Love this scent! It fills the whole house with this calming scent.

Big Seller

I am not a large seller of candles, I make about 25 a week to take to work. Dragon's Blood is one of my top seller though and I always get requests for it. It smells just like it should. I will keep buying it!

You better like patchouli

I hate this scent, but I guess it's because the smell of patchouli is strong. I haven't gotten any complaints from this smell, but I have received praise either. I will stop carrying this scent as soon as the last candle sells.

Not a big fan

Got this free from purchase and smelled okay I personally dont mind it to much. However trying to sell it is a pain. Not alot of likes for it. Most likely will not purchase again unless i get a specific request.

This just might be my favorite FO from CS. I've been making candles for about a year now and plan to start selling them this spring/summer. I have a feeling that this will be a top seller, based on friends and family's reactions. I plan to offer small votive size "sampler" candles in pkgs of 6. This will be part of my "Remember the 60's?" line. Thank you for making great quality oils!

A favorite!

This is a big hit in both wax and soap! I'm not much of a fan of anything with patchouli in it myself, but I definitely need to keep this one in stock.

Absolutely Perfect! The BEST Dragon's Blood Formula -- stays true to the resin. Wonderful throw, fantastic aroma.

Lovely scent! Very witchy and gothic but still pleasant :) I use the whole 1oz bottle for a 16oz soy wax candle.

Wonderful Scent!!

I purchased this scent as part of a sample pack and put it to use right away. The feedback from my family, friends and customers has been 100% positive. I will be purchasing this scent in volume. Thank you for a wonderful scent. Its a winner!

Sweet and strong

Extra sweet notes more than the incense. Easily fills a whole room with 1oz of this fragrance.

This was the first scent that I got to throw successfully in soy wax and one of my best sellers!

love it!

Planning on using it for Halloween themed candles. Black wax..oh yeah! This is the perfect Halloween scent its kinda mystical smelling.
I may use some for soap..will follow up on how it works in soap at a later date

Pretty Strong!

IGI 4630 / 10% Frangrance / Makes me think of incense.

Love it!

I had no idea what to expect when I got this sample today. I'm a fan! I will definitely be getting more with my next order!

You kinda know what you're getting

Im not really sure why everyone who rated 1 star was so surprised and disappointed when they found out this smelled like a hippy shop...the description pretty much gives it away, it smells exactly like I thought it would and I adore it! It makes a fabulous addition to my musky incense section :D

Cheap and Suffocating

I hated this smell in the bottle and after trying it in a wax melt I was even more disappointed. Smelled like a seedy Afghan smoke shop. Ugh.


OOB smells like white Chapstick. Can't imagine what it will smell like in wax.

Top Selling Candle!

Just started my candles business this year and this is the number one seller for me. Love the earthiness and unique qualities of the scent...perfection!

A Wonderful Fragrance

I love this fragrance! My customers love it too in CP soap, candles, tart, lotion bars - just about anything I put it in is a hit!


Most wonderful!


I have bought dragons blood from other websites before and they have smelled great, fruity and earthy. This one smells so disgusting and I will not use it in products that I sell. Nothing like the description. Smells like nasty insense that you would smell when you walk into an old, dirty hippy store.

Way to get a headache!

This smells like cheap, patchoulli. Really unpleasant and I could barely create the candle because the smell caused me such a headache.


I order this because the good rating... OMG soooooo sooo strong, smells like my grandma old perfume :/

The best...

I have not had one person smell this candle scent with out telling me how much they like it... Great hot and cold through. I know I will be placing a big order for wax and this scent soon.


This is a very beautiful different scent. Not at all for everyone,but I love it because it reminds me of the little New Age shop that I go to. ;}

used in CP soap

smells like Nag Champa


Very strong musky and uplifting scent. I have smelled this scent made by others and this by far is better. To me there is an even balance of neroli and musk. Very similar to the incense. A must try!

Not Bad at All

Very different, but still growing to love it everyday.

Very pleased!

I picked this scent up as a sample to try it out. I was so impressed with the scent in both cold and hot throw that I oreder a much larger quantity!