Strudel and Spice Fragrance Oil Clean Scent
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Ships from East Coast.
Ships from East Coast.
Ships from East Coast. Estimated: West Coast 10/20
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If you adore apple fragrances you’ll love our Strudel and Spice fragrance oil. Apple strudel (Apfelstrudel) is a favored dessert filled with spiced apples and raisins wrapped in a flakey, buttery crust. This fragrance oil bottles those warm bakery notes of vanilla and butter sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and a hearty filling of warm apples and raisins. This fragrance performs brilliantly in candles, tarts, and wax melts.

Blends well with: Brandied Pear, Black Raspberry Vanilla

Note Profile:
Top: Cinnamon, Sugar
Middle: Apple, Raisin
Base: Vanilla, Butter

Suggested Colors: Butterscotch, Light Brown, Ivory
See our complete list of candle making dyes.

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.


Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe No
Vanillin Content 2.01% - 5%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint > 212 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required No
Diffuser Base Compatible No

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.



Average Rating:

(based upon 54 reviews)

The best of the best

After the candle is made and cured please than make a decision about this fragrance. CS please do not change a thing. Smells like a fall dream. Great CT, even better HT! Divine!


LOVE this scent!!!

This scent smells so great on its own but I personally mix it with different fruit flavors such as apple, peach and blueberry to make my candles for my Pie Candle Collection. They have that perfect warm buttery bakery scent.

Caelan B


I admit, there are many times that I forget to even use my own wax melts or candles at home, but this is the one I ALWAYS want to have going. It has the most delicious bakery scent. Great throw in 464 and 494. Please never change!!!!



I think it smells like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, my husband says graham crackers.

Mrs P

A Delightful Candle

This is an amazing scent! I wanted to drink the bottle!! This candle has a great hot and cold throw. I made it with 6006 and it is a great addition to my holiday collection.


Issa Churro

Yum. Amazing cold and hot throw in my soy. Decadent without being overly sweet.


The scent and throw is amazing. We are using with the coconut blend and a CD-16 wick.

Shannon Britton


This is the best. The ht and CT are amazing! Very nice buttery crust notes with a hint of spice. Blends very well with lots of bakery scents.


Fragrance Oil Smells Amazing - Trouble with HT

Smells divine out of the bottle... the HT is tough on this one. It is not performing as well/as strong as I would expect considering the CT and scent from the bottle are amazing. I am going to try this on paraffin and see if I get a better HT result.


Candle Maker

I was blending my own Apple pie scent but something was missing...until I tried this. Added the perfect depth of buttery baked goods and sugary spice I needed. Wonderful!


Pretty Good

Smells like churros! I love it!


Love this scent

Very nice cold and hot wax throw. I used this FO in soy wax. Its similar to pumpkin but it has more of a spice smell to it. I love it, perfect for fall.


Smells so good

Probably my favorite food scent. My customers love this scent especially during winter, but works all year.



Man! This one is yummy enough to eat. My finished product sells immediately!!



This scent smells really really fantastic. I used it with soy wax 444 and the hot throw was strong.


Literally 0 hot throw

So this smells amazing in the bottle and also amazing when not lit, i did 11% in 444 wax and i smell absolutely nothing at all, so sad :(

kg candles

You can smell the butter!!!

Application: I used 2oz of Strudel and Spice with 4oz of DPG (Dipropylene Glycol) To cut this scent. I then used directly in my electric wax warmer. These were various warmers from different companies.

This scent was amazing. You can smell all the layers... You can smell the butter. You can smell all the sweet , wonderful layers!! This is my favorite Fall Scent now!!! I don't sell or make candles, but I still may buy this in bulk!! This is a warm, homey, comforting scent that can really be used year round. Excellent scent throw in my application.

My only complaint is that they don't carry Fragrance grade DPG so that I can buy from them!!



I love this scent! It has an awesome hot throw in coconut wax. My tester with Joywax( parasoy) did not have the best hot throw. This scent is awesome in melts! I definitely recommend it!!! Will be purchasing a 8 oz this week


Lovely scent

I haven’t made this scent in awhile by itself. I mostly use this as a mixer. However, one of my wholesale customers purchased her Fall candles this week and asked for it. I just have to say, it’s a fabulous scent! Alone or in a mix with other scents it’s just lovely! Can’t wait to reintroduce it to my customers!

Yay, Candlescience!

Mr. Toad’s


Before I had a hard time deciding which FO was my favorite, but this one hands down beat all others! It smells exactly like apple strudel! There's no one scent that stands out over the other, they all blend equally and perfectly. The throw is amazing in parasoy melts!


My favorite!!

I am absolutely in love with this scent!! It smells incredible! Highly recommend!


Another great scent

This scent is ewilualoy good on its own or as a mixer. I mix it with the lemon pound cake and it makes a great lemon Streusel cupcake scent. I mix it with apple pie too.
Customers love this one.





I love this oil. it is so strong and smells awesome


Nice scent!

I love this scent, smells like cinnamon rolls. I added this with the Apple harvest fragrance because the Apple harvest didn't smell as I expected, the results were awesome. I call it Apple strudel.


The Real Apple Pie

This oil smells like a truly wonderful apple pie! Has good hot and cold throw. Will buy again!


Absolutely Yummy!

This beautiful scent evokes memories of my childhood and mom baking through the holidays! It's a hit with everyone in our company, kids and adults alike! It has very nice cold throw and great hot throw! A burn test filled my house with delicious aroma! Very true to it's name. Spicy with a slight undertone of sweetness but not too much sweetness. I think this will be a favorite of our customer's as well! I ordered a larger bottle and plan to make more for the season.


Another Great Fragrance!

Love it!
Great in soy wax.


Best Scent!

Love this scent!! I mix this with Apple Harvest and I get a awesome scent of Apple Pie! My customers can't get enough time of this!



This is quickly becoming one of my favorite candle scents!!! I love the way it throws in the 464 but I dont like the way the candle looks after burning in the 464 trying it in the eco soya advanced... did anyone get good hot throw with the eco soya?


Very Yummy!!

This is a delicious scent! I've been testing FOs and found this one to be a true to life scent. I actually think it smells more like cinnamon buns than strudel & spice. The post below mentioned no cold through...yes, I would agree, but mine had a decent hot throw not the greatest, but I could smell it. Next time, I am going to use 2 oz./ 1lb. melted wax. I also let these candles cure for 2 weeks. Testing is a good idea so you can adjust FO amounts. Also, it seems like you have to use the max amount of FO for your particular wax type with the bakery scents...I've been using gw415.


Not a good cold throw

I just made these and was so excited but better making i realize there is a very poor cold throw and now I am hesitant to give them away!

Kasey Dietrich

One of my favorites

This is such a delicious smell. It has a good hot throw. It's sweet and warm-- you can detect the spice of the cinnamon, but the vanilla is more pronounced. This is one of my favorite scents of all time and is a big hit with family and friends. It does better than my other food scents. I recently bought Cinnamon Buns to compare. At least from the cold throw, I can tell that Cinnamon Buns is very similar but much spicier, since the cinnamon is the most pronounced and the vanilla just rounds it out so it's not too sharp. Both are loved by spicy food scent lovers.



This is a staple fragrance for my candle company. I mix it with other scents to achieve a "fresh baked" sugary with just enough spice scent. I would be lost if Candle Science ever gets rid of it. This one is beyond a five star!

Wicksy Daisy Candle Co, LLC

No Scent throw :(

I LOVED this smell out of the bottle but in my soy 8oz jars you can barely smell anything. I've been burning one for 2 hours and can hardly smell it even if I put my nose right over it. So disappointed, I was pouring them for christmas presents and now I am stuck with 8 subpar candles that I don't want to give away

Karla B.


This is by far my favorite fragrance! Smells exactly like freshly baked coffee cake! LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Strong hot/cold throw.


Couldn't smell anything

I made parasoy tarts with this fragrance oil, and let my tarts cure for a little over a week. However, there was no scent throw at all! I couldn't even smell it when my nose was right next to my warmer.


This is a great scent!!!

Let me just say this. The picture is disgusting. But, don't let that fool you. The scent actually isn't that bad! In fact, its Great! Very accurate, very nice, and very addicting are all compliments that I have gotten. I feel like if there was a bit of apple scent in here it would smell just like an apple pie! Will definitely be ordering more!


Best Seller

This is a top 5 for me personally, and it sold out the quickest out of the 8 scents I was offering over the winter. Even though I'm starting to focus on Spring/Summer scents I'm ordering another bottle for one of my customers, she buys almost 8 a month.


Cinnamon Rolls!

Worked great in GB464. Smells just like sweet cinnamon rolls in the oven.



This has been my top seller for a year (and my favorite)...customers LOVE it! Is a strong scent (but not overpowering) and smells just like yummy cinnamon with sweet vanilla frosting. Thanks Candlescience!


Delicious and Strong!

I sold out on this scent just through a flyer (customers didnt smell before buying). They are amazed with the scent and the throw. Quickly filled a 100 square ft room at work and reached large distances out of that room! I only used 1/2oz in IGI6006 for 12oz. If thats not amazing, then I dont know what is. Highly recommend for a cinnamon sugar scent.


Top Seller.

Used Paraffin 4630. Customers are still coming in for this warm inviting scent. Could not make them fast enough.


MMMMM chocolate chai anyone??

this smell is so strong and yummy. when i first smelled this it made my mouth water because it smelled just like chocolate chai!!


Strudel and Spice

I did not expect the absolute deliciousness of this fragrance! Buttery sweet cinnamon glazed heaven! YUM!



This fragrance is delicious! We actually use it in potpourri and it has been very popular!



I read the reviews, ordered a bottle, received it today & I cannot wait to put this in some wax. Wonderful scent!!


Love This Scent

I will be buying a big bottle of this, it is amazing!


top seller

I tested Strudel and Spice and Cinnamon Buns the Strudel blew the other out of the water for my nose and my customers! Fantastic!



A wonderful baked, buttery scent complimented by just the right amount of cinnamon and spice. Smells like something is baking in the oven. Nice and strong and better than expected.



This scent will make you hungry!! It smells like cinnamon, sugar, and butter. It is sooo good!! One of my favorite scents.

R Mathias

Strudel & Spice

OH MY GOD ! this is most excellent smell ever ! ill try and explain it, well, like lots of cinnamon sugar, with melted strudel hot from the oven.... WOW, this is is excatly what the name is. if you get this you wont be dissapointed at all.

sue shattuck

very spicy!

This scent is awesome, has an great throw cold or hot. My mom loves this scent. she usually loves coffee scents but now she has replace it with this scent. Which I make in to tarts. love this scent.

Betty T.

Great mixer! Cinnamon & sugar.

If you want to convert a fruit into a pie type smell mix with this. It really is like cinnamon & sugar.