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The only way to get a true picture of a fragrance (short of making a candle) is to use a high quality blotter. We offer a trial size so you can see for yourself. Some of the strongest and best fragrances are so concentrated they end up being too strong out of the bottle (OOB) to be appreciated. Use a blotter to get a true sense of your scents. Watch our video to learn how professional perfumers evaluate fragrances using Fragrance Blotter Strips.


How to Use Fragrance Blotter Strips Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Rose from CandleScience. It can sometimes be tough and time consuming to pick out a great candle fragrance. Fragrances smell differently out of the bottle, in a candle and as the candle burns. The best way to get a true representation of a candle fragrance is to smell it on a blotter, like true perfumers do. If you only smell a fragrance out of the bottle you're mostly smelling to top notes, which are strong but evaporate quickly. When you use a blotter you get a much more better idea of the middle and base notes that make up the majority of the odor once the fragrance is in wax. Here's how you do it.

Do your testing where there are no other odors to interfere with the fragrance. Use one blotter for each fragrance and label it with the fragrance name. Bend the tip of the blotter to about the second line, and dip it into the bottle to the first line. By bending the tip, you can set the blotter down without getting fragrance oil on your table. When you're ready to evaluate the fragrance oil, hold the blotter about an inch from your nose. You can smell the blotter right away but be sure you smell it again after about a minute or so. And that's how you use blotters to help evaluate fragrances.

Thanks for watching.