USPS Shipping Cheat Sheet - CandleScience


Get the most out of every order you place with some tips for planning your USPS shipments and getting the most bang for your shipping buck.

Information about shipping methods can be frustrating to wade through. To make your experience planning that next supply order a little easier, we put together a quick summary to help you visualize what's possible with each method.  

Available for: Any combination of supplies that will fit in one or more USPS flat rate boxes.

Choose this option if: You need to order items that are relatively small yet heavy compared to items of a similar size; like fragrance oils (16 oz. bottles or smaller), liquid dyes, and small packages of wax or soap base. 

Delivery details: Saturday delivery available. Most Flat Rate packages arrive within 2-5 days but can take longer. Note that USPS does not guarantee transit times. 

Pro Tip: You can get a shipping quote right in your shopping cart, so play around with adding and removing items from the cart. See how much you can fit without the shipping cost increasing—it's probably more than you think!

Flat Rate Regional is an inexpensive option based on zones, and a great way to save on shipping costs. Your zone is determined by how far you are from the nearest CandleScience warehouse. Most shipping addresses fall under zones 1-6. Prices for Flat Rate Regional shipping are calculated based on the size of the box(es) your order fits into, the number of boxes, and the distance they must travel.

The most important thing to know about Flat Rate Regional shipping is that the cost only increases when either a larger box or an additional box is needed. So, you get the most bang for your buck when you have maxed out all the available space of the box(es).

This can be a little tricky to visualize—it certainly was tricky to condense this information in a helpful and easy-to-read way!—so let’s take a look at a few examples.

Let’s say I’m placing an order for two 8oz. fragrances and a 12 pack of metal flat lids. I head to my cart to check out the shipping quote.

$7.65, not bad! Then I remember I’m almost out of wicks, so I’ll add a 100 piece bag to my cart.

Score! The shipping cost is still $7.65. But wait—I better restock some of my main fragrance oils while I’m at it. Let’s add three more 8oz. fragrances.

And there it is, a small increase in the shipping cost. That increase means my items will now ship in a larger flat rate box—and that I *probably* have room for more items. Let’s see...what other fragrances or smaller supplies will I need more of in the next few weeks?

Pro Tip: Keep an inventory of your supplies and update it regularly! Not only will this help you plan out your orders and shipments, it’s a great habit to get into as your small business (or new favorite hobby!) grows.  

Checking my inventory sheet and other notes, I decide it makes sense to order some of the scents I’ve had on my list to try, a 12 piece of 8oz. tins to make some travel candles, another wick size , and a couple 10 piece bags of dye blocks.

I add 5 4oz. fragrances, tins, wicks, and dye blocks to my cart and check the shipping quote.

Ok, maybe that jumped a bit more than I expected, but the case of tins is a little larger than the other items in my order. I’ll just remove those and see what happens.

It’s always great to see that number drop! I can include the tins in my next order of wax and containers. And look at everything I’m getting shipped for under $10:

  • (5) 8oz. Fragrance oils
  • (5) 4oz. Fragrance oils
  • (2) 100 piece wicks
  • (2) 10 piece dye blocks

Available for: orders less than 15 ounces. 

Choose this option if: USPS First Class is for small orders of small items. Maybe you realized you’re out of a specific wick size or simply MUST sample the newest CandleScience scents. 

Delivery details: Saturday delivery available. Most First Class orders arrive within 3-5 days, but note that USPS does not guarantee transit times. 

Available for: orders less than 70 pounds. 

Choose this option if: you need your order fast. Most packages shipped Priority Mail arrive within 2-3 days. Saturday delivery.

Delivery details: Saturday delivery. This is a good choice if your order is too large for Flat Rate Regional, but you still want the benefits of USPS shipping like detailed tracking info. Most orders arrive within 2-3 days, but note that USPS does not guarantee transit times

General Tips:

  • Plan your orders carefully! Big, heavy items like cases of wax and containers are most cost-effective shipped in bulk, so grouping those orders together as much as possible is best.

  • Fragrance oils with a flashpoint of 141°F or less cannot be shipped USPS and must go UPS Ground, which can make shipping these fragrances more costly than usual. Luckily, our entire fragrance line is now shippable by air!

  • 10lb. bags of wax are not able to be shipped via Flat Rate Regional and must go UPS Ground or USPS Priority.

  • Cases of wax ship in their own box and additional items will go into a separate box—even something as small as a few 1oz. fragrance oil bottles or a bag of wicks. Consider splitting those shipments into two separate orders and choosing UPS Ground for the wax and USPS for the remainder.

That’s all for now! We hope this cheat sheet helps, and stay tuned for more shipping tips and advice.