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Chartreuse Liquid Soap Dye

Chartreuse Liquid Soap Dye

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For a similar soap colorant we recommend our Lime Green Vibrant Liquid Soap Dye. It is more concentrated, so you can use less of the Lime Green to achieve the same color as the Chartreuse. Combine the best elements of green and yellow in this striking chartreuse dye. A perfect colorant for communicating life, energy, and freshness. Use a white melt and pour soap base to produce a milder shade or a clear base to create a bolder lime green. Your actual experience may vary depending on your use of the base and the dye’s saturation. We encourage you to experiment and find the best combination to fit your needs. Expect to use two to three drops to achieve the most typical color range. In the example images, we used five drops per pound of soap base. Usage Recommendations:

  • Usage: 5-7 drops/lb
  • Shake well before use
  • For soap, lotions, and water-soluble bath products
  • Not for bath bomb products
  • Not for lip products

INCI: Glycerin, Green 8


soap, lotions, and water-soluble bath products
5-7 drops/lb
Prop 65 Warning Required

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