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Robin egg blue vibrant liquid soap dye
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Robin Egg Blue Vibrant Liquid Soap Dye 1 oz Bottle will be back in stock at our North Carolina warehouse on Friday, 12/14

Replicate the calming effects of blue with this charming dye. Use with a white melt and pour soap base to create a true robin’s egg blue, while a clear base produces a shade closer to cobalt blue.

Your actual experience may vary depending on your use of the base and the dye’s saturation. We encourage you to experiment and find the best combination to fit your needs. Expect to use two to three drops to achieve the most typical color range. In the example images, we used two drops per pound of soap base.

Usage Recommendations:

  • Usage: 2-3 drops/lb
  • Shake well before use
  • For soap, lotions, and water-soluble bath products
  • Not for lip products

INCI: Glycerin, FD&C Blue #1

Application Soap, lotions, and water-soluble bath products
Usage 2-3 drops/lb
Prop 65 Warning Required No
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Average Rating:

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Great color

I shake up the bottle really well and massage it so it heats up a bit and then I only need to use one or two drops for whatever project I'm making. Makes this worth it to buy because I know it is going to last so long! Works in bath bombs too!

It's a love hate relationship

I love the color, but there was an issue with the bottles during shipping. The blue kept leaking because the lids weren't screwed on tightly enough. I called the help and support number listed on the page. The customer service was absolutely wonderful. The Robin Egg Blue Dye is beautiful. I highly recommend this color. It goes great with so many different scents. Keep in mind that if you have trouble during shipping to get in touch with the help and support team. They will help you out and then the only reminder of the leaky dye will be temporary blue fingers and splotches of blue on the label.