Ecosoya Q220 Soy Wax (Discontinued)
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As of 12/16/2019:

This product is discontinued and no longer available.


Product Update: July 17, 2019

NGI/EcoSoya informed us that after 20 years in business, they are closing their doors and will permanently discontinue manufacturing all Q-series soy, CB-Advanced, and PB Pillar blend waxes. This wax will no longer be available once stock is depleted. Please watch the video above for more information.

The EcoSoya Q220 does double duty as a container and tart wax. With a slightly higher melt point, this wax stands up to the summer heat, reducing many shipping concerns. The wax also sets up and unmolds easily from clamshells and small metal tart molds.

The new EcoSoya Quantum soy waxes feature new technology that virtually eliminates frosting, allows for higher fragrance loads, higher pour temperatures and produces vivid colors.

Ideal fragrance load is 9-10% for optimal hot throw.

Suggested replacement for CB-Xcel and CB-Advanced wax.

Note: Wax is packaged in pastille form.
45 lb Case Size: 16.5" x 16" x 11.5"

Candle Making Notes:
This wax has a stronger odor than other soy waxes. It is more noticeable when melting large quantities. This is normal and will not affect the finished smell of your scented candle.

In our testing, we found this wax was significantly more prone to wet spots than the Q210. To avoid wet spots, preheating the jar is recommended. This wax is not firm enough for molded or freestanding candles such as pillars and votives.

Based on our testing, we recommend using the LX wick series with this wax. We found it to burn the most evenly across different candle diameters and fragrances. The ECO and HTP wick series created unusual looking mushrooms after burning, most prominent in higher fragrance loads.

When testing a new soy wax, it can be challenging to find the right process. To help you get the best results from NGI's new Q220 soy wax check out our lab notes.

Wholesale Soy Wax Ordering
Check out our wholesale page for more information on ordering Q220 Soy Wax in bulk or by the pallet.

For help choosing the right candle wax for your candles, visit our Wax Guide.


Melt Point 117ºF
Max Fragrance 12% or 2oz./lb.
Wax Type Soy Wax Pastilles
Pour Temp 170ºF (+/-5º)
Applications Container / Tealight / Clamshells
Prop 65 Warning Required No



Average Rating:

(based upon 22 reviews)

New candle creator

Hello, other candle creators!
I'm a new passionate candle creator! Candle creating came to me as a new idea to give as holiday presents! I had fun making candles, and coming up with new scents, colors, names and wax wear for them. Then a vision, if you will came to me and said," Turn this fun into a life style!" So I am, my first time selling my candles to the public had me, vulnerable and excited! Excited to be sharing myself with other artists that are just like me, eager to create, share and thrive! With that being said I noticed some of the veteran candle creators on this review use jargon such as, FO%. What does that mean? Also what are some other candle creator terms I should learn? Thank you all so much!

Peace and Love,
Lucia Light

Lucia Light

So far, I really like this wax so far. Yes, it has a vinegary smell. But I never smell it in my final products. The adhesion to the jar is pretty bad as well. I'm still playing around with the FO % to get the best scent throw. The tops are pretty smooth & the wax burns clean. I'm hoping with a little more tweaking I can get this wax to work perfectly. :)

Amanda T.


After 10 years of successful candlemaking with CB Advanced I feared the worst when it was discontinued. Well, all of my fears came true and after going through nearly 40lbs of a 45lb of Q220 I'm ready to throw out every candle I've made with it, order the new CB Adavanced that just rolled out, and see if that's any better. Every single one of my candles has a liquid/oil layer at the bottom that never solidifies and if you let the wicks burn down too low they begin to crackle in the oil as if they are going to catch the entire surface of the wax on fire! I can't make wax melts at all because of this and I end up having to scoop out the wax from the tops of the candles that is actually solid and re-melt and re-pour into smaller containers. This wax is stinky and useless and the manufacturer's need to stop selling it because all they're doing is wasting people's time and money! I'm giving it one star simply because the tops are always smooth and I never have to float them. Other than that I see absolutely no benefits to this wax. It's complete garbage.


Perfect wax except...

Smooth tops with no tunnelling, Its shiny and my dyes color it perfectly.. Its really the most beautiful wax that I have ever used. The only problem is that there is no cold throw! I used 1 ounce of candle science fragrance oil per pound of wax yet my melts and candles Have no scent whatsoever. I will give it two weeks to cure before I test burn and hopefully it improves. I have experimented with many waxes and have never had this happen before.


Great wax to work with

This wax is awesome! I bought a 10 lbs bag to test out my signature scent line and they work great with all of the oils I have put into it. Very easy to handle, easy to melt and no smell. I know some other people say they smell like vinegar before and after but we did not smell it at all. Very easy to mix in with oils and pour. Looks very smooth and beautiful once it has hardened over night. I will defiantly be using this wax for my signature scent collection.



After much delay and hesitation, I finally experimented with this wax. I'm very happy that I did! I use dye in my candles but hate the frosting that would happen with other waxes. After 2+ weeks, no frosting with Q220! The cold throw improved with each passing day. After 14 days, the test candles were burned and both passed with flying colors! As far as the vinegar smell that others had mentioned, I had samples of Q220 & 464 side by side and they smelled the same. I didn't smell any hint of vinegar. After mourning the loss of CB, I'm so glad to have Q220!



The vinegar smell is all I have to say about this wax. Seriously, why? The wax before AND after FO was added still smells of strong vinegar.


Candlez & Beeswax Products

I've been using this new wax since it came out and have no complaints about it at all. I use no colors in any of my candles or melts, so I don't worry about that. It's either the natural color of the wax or the color of the oil that I've used. I never have any problems scent threw hot or cold. But I also don't put in drops of essential oils, I put in ounces! It makes beautiful melts, tarts and wicked candles in my tins. I've never noticed any type of odor nor have I experienced the wax smoking at all. I melts it in melting pots & double boiler style, and either way there's no smoking. So, Candle Science People, I have no complaints about the new product and I've already bought, poured & sold a lot of it.

Kathy Riggs

Why???!!! 😫😫😫

Why??!!! Why did you change your formula? The vinegar smell aside, I can't get over how bad this wax smokes!! I didn't even heat it to 175 and it's smoking like I'm burning it! Huge thumbs down on this! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻


Can't smell the fragrance

I used a 1lb bag and thought I added a lot of drops of essential oils but I can't smell it at all! I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. I haven't burnt it yet but I have a soy candle that I purchased which has an incredible scent when its not lit. Help?


Please be patient with these waxes

We have tested both the Q210 and the Q220 waxes. 1. You have try hard to get a vinegar smell. Is there a slight odor? Yes, it it does not exist in any of our final products. 2. This is not a pure white wax. The final product will be a creamy off white color versus white. Fragrance oils will alter the color of this wax just like all soy waxes. 3. This wax takes color extremely well with no frosting and no remelt Line! 4. Adhesion is awful. We have tried heating the containers, insulating the candles while they cool, and nothing works. 5. Just like all other soy waxes you need to test for cold and hot throws. Some work better than others. The stronger fragrances are very strong in this wax and we only fragrance at 12%. 6. Wax tarts work beautifully with the Q220 and we have incorporated essential oils using tarts with excellent results. 7. You won’t achieve a smoother, flatter top than this wax! It does an excellent job on the first pour with fragrance and color. I feel extensive testing is required but you will yield excellent results aside from the adhesion. We add all fragrance at 185, stir for a full two minutes and pour around 140-165 and we are very pleased with the end result. PS - we’ve also tested the Q220 with wooden waxes and have also achieved excellent results.


At first, I was a little skeptical of this wax. We were attracted to the fact that a lot of our business will be shipping, so this has a higher melting point for that. The initial vinegar scent that the wax had threw me off also, but after we made a few different batches of candles, you cannot smell the vinegar at all. I was not aware that adding too much fragrance oil to this wax can actually make the throws more subtle, so once I adjusted my fragrance load, I was able to get great cold and hot throws. I would recommend this wax to anyone who does not want to worry about frosting in a glass jar and wants a higher melting point for shipping purposes.



Wow, what a disappointment after waiting so long for a new replacement wax. Besides smelling like vinegar and looking pale yellow, there is no cold throw whatsoever. We couldn't tell what candle was what. We have large wet spots even after warming up the containers. The only good thing I can tell about this wax is that the tops look great. Very smooth. However, that doesn't sell a candle. We have shows coming up and we are without a wax that can perform. So frustrating. By the way, Candlescience says that you have to wait three weeks for the cold throw. Please......I need to sell my product within a week of making. Don't spend your hard earned money on this wax!!! I have wasted money now on product that I can't use! I do believe Candlescience is trying to get this taken care of, as usual they are a good company to work with!

Duffy's Designs


I am very unhappy with this replacement wax. I have been using the previous CB Advanced Soy for the past 5 years and had no complaints with it - in fact, LOVED IT and was crushed when I heard they were "reformulating it". The new formulation is not nearly as good as the previous wax. The color is not as light and the scent throw is poor with some of the fragrance oils I was using before. I have not noticed the vinegar smell that others have referenced. I have no problem with the way it sets up - very smooth finish and burns just as well, although I've noticed that I have to use a smaller wick because it seems to burn faster and I get big flames on my wicks in a shorter time period. Right now I'm not sure what I'm going to do because I don't find this wax to be an acceptable replacement and there is really no other on the market that I have found performed as well as the CB Advanced Soy. I'm SO disappointed that they had to go mess up a perfectly good product.


Disappointed 😔

Hi all! I’m greatly disappointed in this wax. I’ve tried 210 and 220 both ending with the same result, no scent throw. There is a vinegar smell housed in the wax and oddly enough vinegar helps to neutralize odors which would make sense as to why there’s no scent throw. But we should know why the vinegar is in there at least, don’t you think? If you have a show or anything approaching please DO NOT buy this wax until they have worked out the kinks and submit for multiple re-test. This product could very well taint the EcoSoya Brand. I’ve allowed 4 candles to set over a week and I’m getting a faint smell of the FO. I should not have to do this much adjusting for a wax that has went up in price but down in integrity. Candle Science I really hope the conversation with NGI has taken place because this can impact your customer base! Will continue to bubble up the issue until changes are made.

Requanal Griffin


I had previously used Ecoysoya Advanced and loved it. Company said this was similar so I tried it. I opened the box to the smell of vinegar. Used 1lb wax to 1oz fragrance, heat to 185, added fragrance oil at 165 and poured at 135. Let candles cure 48 hours before testing and I could still smell the vinegar. Candle tops had sinkholes. I contacted to company to notify them of the vinegar smell and they said to wait 3 weeks to cure and the smell should go away. That didn’t bother me much, I can wait but what did bother me was when I used a fragrance oil I had used before with EcoSoya Advanced, the color of the candle cured to a caramel color! Ugh don’t order this wax until they can perfect it and save yourself some headache.


Wonderful Wax/ Don't give up / Be patient

Like most of you I used CB-Advanced but didn't like all the problems. This new wax solves those for me. No more sink holes, wet spots, I hated the way the wax looked after it burned and re-cooled. With all new waxes there is gonna be a learning curve. I bought this wax and forced myself to FIGURE IT OUT. I am happy I did. Here is what I have done so far. Heated wax to 185. 9oz of wax, fragrance at 10% (.9-1oz) I always add fragrance at 160, stirred for two min, poured at 140. I use the tumbler jars from CS and wood wicks from the wooden wick co. The candles set up beautifully w/ smooth tops. I wicked tested after 48 hours. Then let them cure for two weeks. hot and cold throw was amazing. I will probably let them cure another week.
I got excited and decided to tested at 12% fragrance load. Honestly did not have any cold throw, very weird and disappointing. So I will be staying at 10%.
Fragrances I have tested so far. Mistletoe, Red Ginger Saffron, Pomegranate Cider.
Overall I am very HAPPY with this wax, it is very easy to work with. I DO NOT smell ANY "vinegar" in the finished candle.

Estelle Creates

VINEGAR - How disappointing!

I'm so disappointed. VINEGAR is all that I smell. I'm seriously considering switching back over to paraffin because I'm so done with the soy wax battle. Ecosoya's original formulation was perfect. I just wasted money on 25 pounds of this wax!


I cannot get over the vinegar smell. I have finished candles and the smell is still present.


Vinegar Smell

Sooooo disappointed. Smells like vinegar. Wax COMPLETELY messed up my candles.


Over powering vinegar smell which is apparent when melted and unfortunately still present after scent is added and cured so all of the scented candles have a strong vinegar scent.


Looks beautiful, but disappointing cold throw.

I had really high hopes for this wax! It set up beautifully and my candles look perfect. The color is more of a "caramel" color than other waxes i've tried. I am so sad to report that I am getting well below average cold throw after a day of curing. Is anyone else getting this result? I've also tested this wax as dual purpose candle/tarts and it is too soft to release easily from molds because it doesn't seem to contract ever so slightly like other harder waxes. I'm letting things cure for another two days before I test the hot throw and will try to keep an open mind, but the initial low cold throw is concerning to me. I can barely distinguish what candle is what.