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The Golden Brands 444 soy wax is a container wax with a soy based additive that reduces frosting and allows the wax to hold more fragrance than a pure soy wax. Golden Brands 444 has a higher melt point than 464 wax which allows the candles to hold their shape better in warm weather.

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Note: Wax is packaged in flake form.
45 lb. Case Size: 16" x 13" x 13.5"

Produced from US Grown Soybeans!

Golden Wax Update: Golden Brands, LLC was acquired by AAK in 2011. Due to this acquisition the logos for the Golden Wax we carry has changed, but the product remains the same.

Wholesale Soy Wax Ordering
Check out our wholesale page for more information on ordering GB 444 Soy Wax in bulk or by the pallet.


For help choosing the right candle wax for your candles, visit our Wax Guide.

Max Fragrance 10% or 1.6oz./lb.
Melt Point 119-125° F
Wax Type Natural Soy Wax Flakes
Pour temp 135° (+/- 5°)
Applications Container / Tealight
Prop 65 Warning Required No

Average Rating:

(based upon 151 reviews)

Bad for hot throw

I ordered 444 on accident and realized only when I burned the candle and smelled nothing. I would prefer soy blend


I am new to making candles but I have done my research! I am very unhappy at the the way these candles look and are burning, definitely don’t want this wax again!

Sheneya Johnson
Love this wax

I've been using this soy wax for over 3 years now and I love it!! I use it on my wax melts, tea lights, wax air fresheners! Great hot and cold throw. All my customers love my stuff. I don't use a thermometer I just "know" when to add my fragrance and when to pour it and it comes out perfect every time!


I use this wax with 415 wax and have no frosting using a 50/50 blend. I have trouble about 98% of the time with crater tops melting to 200% , adding fragrance at 185%, pouring at 175%. I am still experimenting but if anyone can help me with the rough tops please comment. Combining both waxes I think my candles come out pretty good.

CandleScience Reply

Hi There! Rough bumpy tops are just a feature of natural soy wax and not a sign that anything was incorrect in your process. It is caused when the hot wax in the melt pool cools and solidifies at an inconsistent rate, however it does not affect the performance of a candle.

Not as great as I thought

I was so psyched to try this product. I love the 464 but I wanted something that was better with the frosting situation. This was still giving me frosting issues as well as not as strong heat throw. Won’t be ordering this again. I will never cheat on my 464 again lol

Candle Business

I recently brought this wax I kept wonder why is it frosting and why do it look funny after I burn them to test. What am I doing wrong? I chose this wax because it holds good in heat? What can I do better to not have these issues.


Wish I had ordered less of this 444 soy wax because I’m having all of the same issues listed on this thread. I can’t seem to get any sort of HT no matter what temp. I’m working with. Will probably try a different type next time.

CandleScience Reply

Hi! A member of our team will be reaching out shortly!


I've been using this wax for 3 years & i haven't had any major issues. What made me purchase and keep using thsi wax is that it's perfect for shipping in warm weather and hold fragrance very well. I live in Florida so it gets pretty hot . I have no worries when I ship my candles because of the wax that I use. The only thing I have a slight issue with is frosting , the candles can get extremely white the longer they sit and I use color in most of my candles so it's a lot noticeable . Its not a deal breaker for me , I learned to make them to order that way I'm not blow drying the frosting away when it's time to ship.

never got a hot throw

ive gotten amazing cold throw with this but I never got a good hot throw. ive literally tried everything. maybe im doing something wrong?

CandleScience Reply

Hi there! A member of our support team will be reaching out to you shortly through email for help!

Love this wax beautiful smooth tops

I really enjoy working with this wax it gives my candles a smooth top. I have been making candles for a few months now the only problem I have is the HT is not strong enough the CT is strong but when candle is lit you only can smell it if your close by candle it does not distribute the scent that well. Can you please give me some advice on what to do.

Norma L
Scent Throw

I do like this wax because I barely have to do a second pour and the tops are smooth. The biggest concern of mine is it’s scent throw is very bad. I just cannot seem to find the right temperature to add the fragrance and have a nice smell when I light my candles. I even changed my wick and still no aroma. What am I doing wrong? I can’t sell candles with no smell.

Deltecia Jones
CandleScience Reply

Hi! Thanks for leaving a review! We're sorry that you're having issues with your candles, but our support team will be reaching out to better assist you!


I have been using this wax for five years, living in Arizona I need the higher melt point, the first couple years I had issues with sink holes, but no big deal, fixed with a heat gun. I had fantastic hot throw! Well now I am getting beautiful tops, but not very good hot throw😕. I haven't changed anything as far as how I make my candles other than adding fo at 185° now instead of 180°. I have tested so many new fo's this summer and only a couple had a good ht. Confused!

CandleScience Reply

Hi! A member of our team will be reaching out shortly!

Just like any soy you have to find the magic numbers but once you do it’s great! I have amazing hot throw. Smooth tops are still tricky but nothing a little heat gun doesn’t fix!

Experiment with this Wax

I had the same issues as most in the comments below until I threw the instructions out the window and went with the Low Temp or “Alex Method” please look it up on YouTube. You’ll find if you heat this wax too hot and pour too hot it won’t come out smooth (at least in my experience.)
Slow things down and you’ll see the great potential of this wax. Great HT and CT, I was rather surprised! Next I plan on mixing it with 415 as I’ve heard that helps as well. Happy making!

My Secret to amazing candles!!!

I'm Italian, so I like mixing things...No matter what I use in soy, it flies off the shelves. I mix 444 and 415 together. Mostly get a smooth top. Whatever happens. Some a little froth, but that's the beauty of a hand poured candle. I really chose 444 (Archangel) because I am a Healer and Spiritual writer. I've been making my candles for six years, and have always mixed my chosen soy wax. I don't really know the why in this. I just went with it. Even test burn, and I let my wax cool enough before each pour. My thermometer broke the first year, and then replaced it, and it disappeared. Lol, so I just look at the wax, know it's ready...sometimes, going with the flow of what you want, gives you the best outcome. Be patient. My customers all over the world love my candles because I do!
I read the below reviews, which is why I wrote this. If you choose a natural product, expect imperfections. It's what makes our product unique as we are!!

Doesn’t hold scent very well

I really like this wax because 1) it’s a hard wax so I can ship candles to relatives in the summer months. 2) It’s not difficult to work with once you get the hang of it. 3) I noticed after a burn test, the top had craters and was uneven. I understand this could happen with this wax. 4) after the pouring and the cooling off period, the top was bumpy, but no craters. I used a heat gun to smooth out the top, but this created white spots. I’ll try a second pour instead. 5). It doesn’t hold a scent very well. I’m guessing this is due to the wax density. Overall, the wax is great for warmer months, especially if you need to ship candles.


So so sorry I bought so much of this wax. I saw the reviews here and decided to go get some. It was just aweful...I've tested multiple times and the candles tunnel and I have to keep reheating. It's just a hot mess really

I love this wax

I was very skeptical when I saw the other reviews on this wax, but purchase it anyway. I am so glad i did! This was works perfectly for my candles, and was easy to use. I used the Alex method mentioned by one of the other reviewers, and didn't have any issues with craters near the wick, or any of the other issues mentioned. Both hot and cold scent throw is amazing! Will definitely purchase again.


So i ordered soy 444 before reading the reviews and was sceptical about using the produce as i waited for it to arrive. I started looking into other waxes which i will also be trying the 464 but i actually made some candles using the 444 when it arrived and also made wax melts using the golden wax melt and tart wax. I am really satisfied and amazed on how my products came out after reading the reviews YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS TO EXACTLY NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS. There was no tunneling or frosting and the melt pool was wonderful.


I'm actually very disappointed. This wax is not good to work with at all. I've read through all of the reviews to see what people have said worked for them and none of it was helpful. I'm actually very upset because I have two full 10 pound bags that are just going to go to waste because I can't make/sell product with it.

It shouldn’t be this challenging!

I purchased a 10lbs bag of 444 toward the end of May 2020 and have been dealing with the same issues as these other reviewers. Just the soy alone resulted in frosting, no matter how carefully I monitored temperature or slowly poured (or adjusted FO levels). Added a small amount of beeswax and that took care of the frosting, but resulted in massive cracking, even with controlled temperature gradual cooling. I read the reviews, I’ve experimented with varying temperatures (within product spec range) heated containers, warm ovens, dozens of heat gun top offs and I’m so disappointed, I can’t sell or even gift any of these candles so far. Incredibly frustrating and wasted time, energy and money. I only gave an extra star because the cold throw is decent. Too bad I wasted so much pricey fragrance though.

Tunneling and cratered tops

I switched to 444 for the summer and all of my candles have turned out terrible. Tunneling and cratered tops are commonplace among candles of all shapes and sizes. I've switched to a lower pour temp of 130 degrees and pour as slowly as possible, but nothing helps. So, now I'm spending an tremendous amount of time trying to fix each candle with a hot gun. Tremendous disappointment and killing my bottom line.


I purchased 10 lbs of candle science 444 wax. What a disappointment. The candles dried so messy. Left holes and grit on the surface. Had to keep reheating wax to top it off. Took about 3 too offs for the candle to come out decent. Not acceptable, but decent! So many jars, so much scent and wax used and wasted just to try to perfect my candle and it still turned out unpleasant. Did a test burn and the wax even burned badly. I would never purchase this wax again

Jasmine S.

Weeelllll... I should have read the reviews more thoroughly. This wax is a thumbs down for me. Followed all the instructions for this particular wax and my candles (that are supposed to be shipping next week) are awful! The tops are textured and wonky. Huge disappointment!!

KarrieAnn Sillay
CandleScience Reply

We're happy you reached out to us! A member of our team will get back to you with some troubleshooting steps.

Love This Wax

I was really shocked at the review. My candles come out beautiful each time and I have a reputation for making candles that hold scent. I have been in the candle business for only a few short months and I sell out quickly using this wax. I hope it doesn't go anywhere because it has been a joy making candles with candle science products.

Alora Candles
I am disappointed

After many tests with the Golden 444 Soy Wax - I am honestly very sad and disappointed at the quality. The HT is non-existent with numerous fragrances. I tried various wicks, I tried pouring at moderate temperatures, NOTHING has worked. The CT is okay, I also ended up with a lot of sinkholes every time (I made 12 candles different sizes same problem.)

Floresca Isme
CandleScience Reply

Hi! Our support team will be reaching out via email to assist further.

oh boy.....

I've literally tried everything...I still continue to get wet spots. I've poured hotter, colder, warmed the jars, cleaned the jars, WET SPOTS. I dont get sinkholes just these darned spots. We got 2 cases since we had it before and it did okay but this time man....I'm so disappointed. We had 464 before and went back to 444. Should have stayed with 464. That was my bad. My candles look ugly and I somehow have to sell these because I don't want to waste anything. oh boy....

AP Apothecary
Takes some practice

I ordered this for the first time and it took some studying but adding the FO around 120/125 and then pouring left me with a beautiful top. No cracking or sink holes. I would suggest lowering temp because it is such a soft wax. Hasn’t had the best HT so far but the CT is amazing. Good luck!

Not Sure

I am relatively new to candle making, only been a couple months so I’m willing to take some advise. Maybe it is just me but I have not had a good experience with this wax. I’ve made a few batches of candles changing a few things each time but I still have serious cracking, bubbles & tunneling. I will be trying another wax.

Terrible Batch Smh

I've been making candles for a while now. I ordered 45 lbs of the 444 soy wax because I've used other brands that worked really well but this company had a better price. I'm extremely disappointed. I've lost so much money to this product and now I can sell any of my candles. This is negatively affecting my business as I have customers waiting for orders. It would be nice to get a replace because batch was not good at all. Smh

CandleScience Reply

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. We're glad we were able to assist you with this!

If you know what you're doing

This is a beautiful wax, sinkholes can be avoided with a little practice. Absolutely fav soy wax.

I'm not happy with this wax

I have been making candles for over a year and I tried this wax for the first time! All of the candles have sinkholes, cracks and now I can not sell my candles!!!

CandleScience Reply

Thank you for leaving a review! Our support team has reached out to you via email with some helpful suggestions!


Following instructions left me with grainy looking tops with cracks and sinkholes. Smoothed them out with my heatgun to perfection. Great scent throw both hot and cold at 10% fragrance load. However, even after they've burned, there is still cracks and the candles tunnel. Hoping for any suggestions, I've even cooled everything down a bit and still have the same issues.
Would like to order more, but am very hesitant

Disappointed in this wax

I have been a 464 soy wax user for almost a year, but I wanted to make the switch to another wax that had a higher melt point for shipping in warmer weather. 444 wax was recommended, but I am highly disappointed. There are air bubbles in my candles, along with tunnels, and the tops have craters. I cannot sell these products because they do not look good and do not burn that smoothly either. 464 wax NEVER did this to my finished candles. I would not recommend this wax.

Don't waste your money

This wax is a waste of money. I went through an entire 10 lb bag trying to find a method that worked, not one candle had a smooth top. Tunneling and rough tops are a nightmare. Buy the 464, you're welcome. Wanted my materials replaced because I either received a bad batch, or the wax itself was just not good, support team told me it's part of the process to waste all of your wax on trial and error. To an extent that may be true, but if the wax wasn't the problem, there should have been some improvement with the different methods I tried. I saw no improvement using the 444, at all. The support team is just a glorified troubleshooting guide, they don't actually support their customers. So if you want to avoid having to deal with them and this wax, just get 464.


Zero stars. My supplier ran out of 464 so they sent me 444 and I’ve made 5 candles so far using the SAME method as I do with my 464 and my goodness! What a scary sight! The candles look Awful very bumpy and the 8 oz ones got sink holes. Don’t get me wrong you can still get that with 464 but 5 candles back to back NO! That’s just ridiculous and What a waste! I just ordered 464 from here so hopefully I get it soon! I have a couple orders and I refuse to waste more product on 444. I’m so disappointed! If you’re looking to switch up sorry, I can’t recommend it. Maybe you’ll have better luck with it idk. Just stick with what you got.

Please never change this wax!

I’ve been using this wax since 2013. I absolutely love it! My candles burn beautifully. It was very much worth all the trial and error at the beginning. I hope nothing ever changes with this wax and you guys keep it in stock forever <3

Not good

My usual Cargill Soy wax was out of stock for awhile so out of desperation I ordered this as a back up. It is not looking good so far. I've made 2 batches of candles and both are turning out to be ripped tops and lots of sink holes. I keep trying to cover them up with a fresh layer of wax and it just keeps happening. Never ordering this again. Sorry candlescience, I love you guys, but this wax is making me sad. Hopefully my clients won't notice :(


Do not order this wax. I’ve been making candles since 2013 and I’ve never had an issue with tunneling until I ordered this.

CandleScience Reply

Hi there! Thank you for your feedback, we're so sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the performance of the wax! We have reached out to you via email with some more information that we hope is helpful. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns and we'd be more than happy to assist!

Accent soy candles

I usually mix cbadvanced and 444 together.
Why is cb advanced not available anymore ?

CandleScience Reply

Unfortunately, EcoSoya is no longer manufacturing their waxes, including the CB Advanced. As a result, we do not have access to that wax anymore.

Waste Of Money

I went from EcoSoya to 444. Out of 5 years of candle making ive never seen a pit in my candle until now. My website launch is 24 days away and this is horrible. I purchased a 50lb bag of wax and my first two multiwick candles are hideous. Im afraid to make more. I want to return this wax immediately.

Easy to work with

I've tried and tried the methods stated here to get good scent throw hot or cold without frosting and I can honestly say they didn't work. I did however try the Alex method: Heat to 150, add fragrance and pour at 100 into non heated containers. I got no frosting, great hot and cold throw AND no wet spots OR tunneling. I will be using this method from now on with this wax, and I implore everyone to try it to get good results. Love and light

Trouble finding wics

Does anyone have any recommendations for wics for 8 oz tins, or 16 oz mason jars?? I’ve been having so much trouble. I want to transition from 6006. Help please😅🤞🏻

Love it 😍

Finally after weeks of different wicks and wax I found that for my glass jars the 444 works the best. A little heat gun on top and bam! All smooth. Use it for my melts as well. The scent lasts to the very end of the candle. So excited! Once I’ve got labels and a website I’m ready for launching. Using tins due to easier during shipping and cheaper. 444 holds to tins better and less frosting. Thanks again candle science!

Desert scent candles

I'm using 444 for melts and tea lights anyone tried this for melts besides me?

Ive wasted money

I've wasted hundreds on GW and Ecosoya wax and the crazy shipping costs for about a year now trying to figure out a way to make the throw strong. Which means ive also wasted money on oils due to candles I cant sell. They look great but no cold or hot throw. I have tried adding 3 ounces of fragrance per 2 pounds of wax at a 185, 170, 160, 150, and 140 degrees. Ive tested 4 different wicks. I think i just need to try a different brand and maybe find a closer supplier. Feeling defeated. Ive watched all the videos and some on YouTube. I think ive made my last order. Time to try something new before I just give up

CandleScience Reply

Hi! Thank you for your feedback, we're so sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the performance of the 444 wax! We have reached out via email with some more information that we hope is helpful. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns and we'd be happy to assist!

No hot throw. Help!

Besides the tunneling. pits, and bubbles, I get absolutely no hot throw from this wax. I accidentally purchased this instead of 464. 464 never gave me any problems and much easier steps to follow. I have tried to follow several recommendations in these reviews with no luck at all. I'm stuck with a 50 lb bag that I want to throw out. Any tricks for getting hot throw? How many are you making in a batch? How much oil do you you per pound, etc....anything would help.

Thanks in advance!

Lindsay Hampton
CandleScience Reply

Hi! We have reached out via email to further assist you!

Love this wax!!!!

My wife and I have been making candles with this wax for many years now. I just read thru many of these reviews and cannot believe anybody has a problem with it! We have never had air bubbles, crumbling or messed up tops. We absolutely love using this wax and all candles turn out to perfection. We'll definitely continue to use it. Our customers love our candles. We use essential oils and fragrance oils for our candles and they throw a very nice scent every time! Really don't know what the problem can be in making candles from this wax.............................

Tunneling and Curdling tops

My first few batches of 444 candles (with 10% Candle Science fragrance and ECO 12 6" Pretabbed Wick) have curdled tops when cooling, and tunneling.
I heat to 185, add 10% fragrance at 180, and poured into warmed glass container at 135, 130, and 125 degrees. They cool on a rack in ~75 degree room.
When I previously used the discontinued Ecosoya wax, they came out perfectly every time. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Candle seller

Ok ladies , I will fix your issues with this wax ... yes it was trial and error but it’s always perfect now. Sometimes I need to smooth out tops but it’s not bad and takes 2 seconds. I heat this to about 180. I take off and let it cool down a bit to like 140-150 then add fragrance and stir slow and good. By that time the wax has really cooled probably down to 110 or so. Then I pour slow. Honestly they are perfect ! No frosting or wet spots. Zero. Hot and cold throw is great !!! I honestly tried every other route and it was terrible. It just finding out the right temps. Hope this helps.

It’s okay, but definitely not great

Major air bubble problems show up prominently in clear glass containers. Best way to get rid of them is with a heat gun. Cold throw is iffy, hot throw isn’t anything special either. Although 464 is not perfect, at least it gives off more scent than 444 in my opinion. I’ll probably return to using 464 unless I find something better.


I purchased a 50 lb bag of this wax and had nothing but problems. I almost never got a smooth top and tried a variety of trouble shooting methods. I know that is a common issue with soy wax, but this honestly seemed excessive.

The even bigger problem I encountered was air bubbles. At first I thought it was something I was doing wrong so I looked up and tried multiple solutions and none of them worked. I then realized I must have had a bad batch of product because upon finally observing the wax closer during the melting process, I noticed that air bubbles would come out of almost every single chunk of wax that was melting. The bubbles were so substantial and even transferred over to the drying process and once the candle was complete and lit, even more bubbles appeared and would form.

This happened to every single candle I have tested out from making with the 50lb bag. The air bubbles are visibly apparent at every stage of the candle making process with this batch of wax and even transfers over to finished product. Unfortunately I do not feel comfortable selling candles from this batch therefore I am loosing out on a lot of money here. I have no idea what causes something like this to happen during the wax manufacturing process, but I certainly received a bad batch. I really hope candlescience can do something about this as I have been frequently placing orders.

I have gone ahead and now ordered a 50 lb bag of 464 and am hoping I have better success.

444 Soy Wax

Overall, I am quite satisfied with my purchase. I ordered 30 Pounds of Golden Brands 444 Soy Wax. Along with a bunch of other candle making supplies. Easy to work with. However, I have just one issue. I’ve noticed black specs floating around in the wax after I’ve melted a batch down. Is this a normal thing? Quite a few of them in every single batch and all of my equipment is cleaned regularly. Thoughts?


This is an excellent wax once you learn to use it. Make sure your work space is at least 75 degrees. I have a space heater that I sit next to my candles to ensure the slowest possible dry time. Make sure you heat up your containers, including the container in which you use to pour. HEAT is key! You must get the wax to 185, a STRONG 185, not just flirting with 180. I add in my scent around 170, and pour at 135 give or take 5 degrees. Did I mention heat is key?

Meta Haus
Accidentally bought 444 soy wax.

I placed my order and ten minutes later realized that I had bought the 444 soy wax instead of the 464. I absolutely loved the 464 and never had a problem. The 444 wax is terrible. I am getting sink holes, tunneling and the wick just goes out. I’m so disappointed. I tried calling Candle Science right away to fix the order but it seems that they don’t have a number you can call anymore if an issue arises.

Owner, The Regal Phoenix

I like the wax! I’m new to candle making so I’m failing my way forward!

I wanted to share a few solutions I’ve found to stop the frosting and crumbling appearance of the wax!

Basically the slower it dries the better it looks!

1) warm glass containers before pouring
2) keep a heater in your office. (Mine is cold and I learned the hard way. I also put the containers in front of it before I pour)
3) Let them harden about 3 hours before adding things to them for decor etc. or repairs.
4) Use a heat gun for repairs or adding herbs etc.

Hope this helps! I wish I could upload a pic of how smooth they turn out now!

Sharena Loggins
Strong Cold + Hot Throws

I keep a little bit of wax in Dixie cups for touchups. If there are blemishes, they are minor and can be resolved easily with droppers (pipettes) for the Dixie cup wax and a heat gun. I love highly-fragrant candles with the maximum amount of fragrance, so this is the only wax I use. Once you figure out the best temperatures and wick sizes, both cold and hot throws are always strong and beautiful.


I have tried this product hoping to get the best quality of candles...8 was. Ot disappointed!!
What I did find out for fragrance throw:
1-2oz of fragrance oil per 1.5lb. The soft fragrance like Apples or some flowers, It would not come through under an ounce!!
Very smooth but I have to heat my holder to keep my wax from shrinking.
I have some more lessons to do for Christmas but I'm ready!!
Thanks Candlescience!

Lack of Hot throw

Before switching over to the 464 (Which I Love!), I had made some candles out of this wax. One mistake was the wick, I have that figured out, I think. Currently testing the CD12 with 8 oz and 16 oz mason jars from CS. But, now my conundrum is that there is absolutely no hot throw. I tried burning, found the lack of heat with wrong wick. For the heck of it I put the 16 oz candle on a candle warmer. In hopes that would release the fragrance (Apple Harvest), which smells phenomenal via cold throw. And unfortunately that test was an epic fail. If you literally hover right above the candle you get hints of the scent. Otherwise, just walking into a barely 200 sf living room, there is no smell. How can I fix these candles? I'd hate to waste them. Can I melt them down add more FO and repour into jars with the right wicks? Thank you in advance!!

Carmen Eisenhauer
Not for me

Did test w/LX24 & LX26 wicks. Didn’t work out. Room temp 70* & poured @ 110* & 135*. Got very lumpy tops after cool. Very slow burning & tunneling.
Great test results w/the 464. Going to stick to that.

Maria J
Great If You Know How To Use It

I began making candles about five years ago. I did a lot of research before I decided on purchasing this wax to learn how to make candles. This is the only wax I've ever used and I absolutely love it. In the very beginning, the tops would crumble or fall. However, I have learned pouring the wax at a particular temperature helps and will give nice, smooth tops.

As long as you know what you are doing, it should work fine. Someone said she knew all the "hacks," well, clearly they missed one because this wax works just wonders for me after trial and error, which will come with any new hobby.

Nice Wax - But Temperamental

This product has a learning curb, but once you have it, it is great. I heated my jars to 170, melted between 170-180, added fragrance at 140 then poured at 110. With this technique, I got a perfect product. Prior to this technique, I had sinkholes and cracks and would have given up, had I not purchased 10lbs.
Thanks for all of the review, they got me through 😊.

444 Wax Review

Hey I mistakenly ordered this wax instead of the 464 and it sticks to the mason jars perfectly with no adhesive problems. I've been a Candle Science customer for the past 5 years now and this is my first time leaving a review because I'm really impress with results and I've switch from the tins to mason jars now. I think I'm on to something new with Wax 444 because using the 464 with the mason jars cause several adhesion problems. I normally pour at 135-120 degrees and use the heat gun to heat up my jars prior to pouring if that helps.

444 Wax

I've been using this wax for two years, and I love it. I recently took a chance on the 464, but I'm having rotten luck with it. I've tried pouring at so many different temperatures, and no matter what I do, I get awful frosting and tons of sink holes. With the 444, I add the FO at 180 degrees, pour at about 104 degrees, and I get beautiful candles. I do, once in a while, have issues with frosting on the tops of my 444 candles, and I get wet spots now and again (poor glass adhesion,) but the candles usually turn out wonderful! I've been selling 444 candles for two years and have received almost nothing but five star reviews. :)

It's all about pour temperature with this one.

Just awful :(

I took a chance and ordered this wax when Candle Science didn’t have any GB 464 at their Nevada warehouse. HUGE mistake. I’ve been making candles for years and know all the hacks. Nothing I did resulted in even remotely smooth tops. I have to throw it all out, unfortunately; it’s useless. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your money. Stick with the 464!!

All about pouring temperature

The first time I made the candles it was not smooth and I was a little upset and disappointed. There was nothing I could do because I had bought a 50lb box. So, I started pouring at different temperatures. I found myself having a smoother top with 105 degrees or lower

First time

Normally I used 464 but decided I needed something to try with the hotter temperature here in the desert. I have yet to have any problems with the candles or wax. I do however need to change my wicks because I feel the wicks I have are not good for burn time and scent throw. Other than that all my consumers and people who tested them out said they love the candles and everything about them. More to follow when I start using dye and new wicks that should be here shortly....... thank you

Owner The Fashionable You

I LOVE This wax! We used blocks of a paraffin soy blend before. They had great throw but the flakes on this and creaminess are fantastic and it is so much easier to work with! Great for my wood wick candles. Poor cool at 120 and you will have almost no need for a heat gun! Never discontinue this wax please!!!

Leah Suelter
Good wax

I ordered this wax in error. I meant to purchase 464 since it worked well with my last batch. I was so nervous and at first they were horrible. A lot of air pockets, sink holes, discolored. It was just horrible. But I lowered my pour temp to about 120 degrees and heated my glass jars to 170-180. They come out much better. Mostly smooth tops. Only downfall is some small adhesion issues which I try to ignore and some frosting which I personally don’t mind.

Trust &Amor Scents
Tunneling and saturated wicks

I have been using this wax now for several months. I don’t know what is going in or if the batch was made differently from the last I’ve purchased but it’s killing my candles. I’m even using the largest wicks you have and it’s still tunneling and killing my candles. Did you guys change something because I can’t purchase something that isn’t staying consistent.

Kim m
The Emperor's New Clothes

I have used this wax for about a year. The cold throw is ok, the hot throw is better than the other soy waxes that I have tried, which is not saying much. The sinkholes are terrible! I have tried so many methods of improving this issue with no luck. A word of advice, even if you manage to get a smooth top, don't trust it. Poke holes by the wick and fill them in using a heat gun because there will be hidden sinkholes more times than not. Don't bother dying this wax the frosting will ruin the color anyway. This wax is a terrible product. Soy wax is a terrible product. It is an expensive joke and the joke is on us. With the newer waxes on the market do yourself a favor and ditch this stuff until they fix their issues.


Initially, when i started using this wax, I wasn't getting smooth top as compared to 464 wax and so i modified my pouring temp to 150 F and its much better. so far I am happy with it.

Great wax

I have used both 464 and 444 waxes and I go back to this wax each time. I have adjusted wicks and also fragrant content. Using to much fragrance will cause your wax to dry chunky and weird. It will also get holes and pockets inside. I suggest letting you wax cool to 110° before your initial pour. Also I noticed this brand needs more heat so I upped the wick sizes a few time to a good burn.

Owner of Spirit Body Natural

I am disappointed with this wax but have found ways to work with it. It will work for vessels that aren't clear glass. The tunneling is very pronounced and the only way I've been able to minimize is to let candles cool in oven for a slow cool down.
I won't purchase this again.


I'm not for sure if its just the batch I received, but 90% of my candles have frosting on them after curing. I'm not for sure why some candles look better than others. This is my first time selling candles so I hope it doesn't affect my sales as I have spent so much on supplies.

T Marie
Business Owner

I love this wax! Easy to use and candles turn out perfect every time. I cannot understand all of the complaints on this particular wax........truly puzzles me! I've been using this wax for 6 or 7 years and have never had any problem with my candles turning out. I've tried a couple of other waxes and have been disappointed. Will continue to use this exclusively!!!

Sacramento California Candle and Soap Maker

I have used 444 and 464 interchangeably for 4 years. I see a lot of complaints about both, but can't really understand why. I sell thousands and thousands of candles all year round and haven't had any issues. My tops are smooth with a single pour. 444 is a bit frostier than 464, but it doesn't stop anyone from purchasing and returning for more so I don't care if there's frosting. A great wax! It's HOT here, and I still sell year round at open air markets. The higher melt point of 444 is pretty awesome. 464 candles get beady pretty quickly, whereas candles made with a 50:50 blend of 464:444 hold up much better. Candles made with straight 444 wax hold up the best. Anyhoooo, great wax! Leaning towards using 444 exclusively.

TerriLin Pistorius
Same issue as another reviewer

I've also noticed that my recent batch of 444 is soft and not crunchy like it normally is; it's almost greasy to the touch. I usually use 10% FO but with this batch of wax, I'm LUCKY if it will hold 9. I can't wait to be done with this box...


I have been using both Golden Wax 464 and 444 for many years and have recently had an issue with 444 and wondered if anyone else has noticed the same thing. The 464 flakes are typically soft to the touch and 444 is crunchy. The last case of 444 that I purchased locally was soft like the 464 and was from Lot F dated 7/7/18. Has anyone else noticed this? How do we contact the manufacturer of Golden wax so that this can be investigated. Am looking online to see if I can blend what I have with another wax to help it out a little

Debbie Gifford
As expected

After reading the details and all the reviews, the wax was as expected. Letting the wax cool to 110 / 100 before pouring allows for mostly smooth tops.

Great Wax

This wax works great with making my soy container candles. I make both colored and non colored soy container candles. Once you know how to work with soy wax you will be amazed on how great this product really works. The scent throw is great for soy wax. Strong cold throw and even greater hot throw. By nature soy wax will give a great scent throw without being over powering. I always test a large candle in larger rooms and a small candle in medium to small rooms. This is how I know if I am getting a great hot throw in my candles. After so much testing I already know what I need for my candles. All I test now are fragrances.

Works well, under proper conditions

I first started with Golden 464 and then tried 415, but I think this is better than both of those. The tops dry much smoother than the 464! I have temperature fluctuations (seasonally) in my work studio, so I will say, if you are pouring this in colder weather in an unheated or under-heated room, you will get more wet spots happening. (I was able to reduce this with some heat lamps above them during the winter) I think the ideal room temperature is for this wax to dry the nicest is between 68-75 degrees. I still do a second pour most of the time for sink holes, which I've experienced with all types of soy wax, but right now, I'm pouring in a room that is about 73 degrees and get almost no wets spots and the tops of my 8oz candles often dry so perfectly that I don't even need to use a heat gun on them. The other two waxes I tried sometimes were grainy after drying and these can always be made smooth, with the heat gun, or if you are able to keep room temperature stable.


I use this in the Summer because of the higher melting point, but I really wish I didn't have to. Scent throw is good, which is why I gave it three stars, but no matter what I do I have to fix the tops, and wet spots/frosting do occur. That said, it is a good alternative for me in the warmer months, but I wish I could find something better.

Golden Brands 444

Left comment earlier. I have made several batches with the 444 since last review.
What I like: Holds more fragrance, burns great, complete and clean in my votive and tea lights, slow burn, makes candle last longer.,
What I dont like: All tops in votives, jars, tins, all have either sink holes, lumps, have to heat gun all.
Not sure that I notice any more scent throw than my C3/coconut blend. But does burn slower, and not as hot.. If using larger container, will need to wick up to get full melt pool. So I am using exclusively for votive and tealights. Keeping my C3/coconut blend for larger containers to avoid wicking up and avoid sink holes.
But all in all, a easy to use, clean, slow burning wax

Trying GB444

Tried GB 444, wanted better hot throw, reduce frosting. Havnt burned any yet, still curing, cold throw very good. However there is frosting and wet spots on glass jars. Will see how hot throw is, if as good as promised maybe a good alternative for tins. Will continue to play with pour temps, see if glass adhesion and frosting improves but so far.....not so much.
Currently using Natures C3 with additives and max Fragrance load of 10%. They burn well, good glass adhesion but frosts pretty bad. Some scents stronger than others.

My new favorite wax

I like this wax and will be making my candles using it. There are occasional sink holes and rough tops to fix but overall the fragrance throw has made it worth it.

Business owner

I have used this brand for 4 years without issue. This last batch caused tunneling, sink holes, cracking and loss of hot throw. I have had to replace product and likely lost many customers. I order all these of my jars, wax and nearly all oils from Candle Science, resulting in thousands of dollars of product purchased here monthly. Despite that, their response regarding the wax is that I should test every single batch I receive in small candles in every fragrance. (No apology or compensation of any kind). I cannot even imagine the cost and time that would take. If the product hasn’t changed in 4 years, why should I be expecting variations now?? This recent batch went out to hundreds of customers and I believe could have potentially ruined my business. So disappointed in this experience and response from a company I’ve come to love and trust :(

by far my favorite wax!

This wax is perfect! I use it all the time and I haven't had any problems with it at all. Great hot and cold throw and it mixes really well with 415 wax. I recommend this wax to everyone!

Lili, The Leaky Candle

My husband was trying to surprise me by ordering me soy to be supportive and brought 444 instead of 464. The 444 was not good and gave me cracks on the top and ridges. I had to top off several times to get it to be smooth. Unfortunately its 50lbs and have to find a away to work around it but I love the 464 this 444 sucks!

Pretty Happy

I just started making candles so very much still learning. I took the advice of another reviewer on here, heated to 190, added scent st 160, and poured at 135. All of my candles came out very well, a bit uneven at the top, but this seems to be normal for soy. I also poured very slowly and did not touch them for 24 hours. No complaints here!

Very pleased overall

I have been using 444 for several months now and so far I am very pleased. I get both very good cold and hot throw when I use 10-12% FO. I heat the wax to 190, cool to 160 before adding FO and stir that VERY GENTLY for 2 full minutes, then cool to 135 and pour. Once I started using this process, I no longer had sink holes, cracking, or pulling. If I heat the glass container for just a couple of minutes in the oven at 170 before pouring, then I do not have frosting. Even without heating the container, frosting is very minimal if at all. Very happy overall and will continue to use.

444 Wax changed, super bummed...

Just finished pouring 300+ container candles, only to experience all the cracking that is being reported. It seems the wax has changed as our batches in october of last year had no cracks / complaints. Super bummed about the profit loss we are taking because of the new quality of this wax. Hoping to find a new wax blend to replace this one ASAP


This wax has inconsistency and immediate frosting. It cracks for some reason too and I've never had that issue with any other soy wax.
Very disappointed in this product and the 50lbs I bought.

Loss of hot throw with 444

We have used this wax for 2 years with great results up until now.

Unfortunately, the formulation of the wax has changed this year resulting in less hot throw and problems with seeping and leaking. We use the same process, same equipment, same environment and same fragrance oils. This has been reported by other users also.

We will switch to parasoy as GB can't be trusted now or in the future. Their wax seems to change without notice which leaves us candle makers with products we can't sell and loss of money.


Immediately frosts on molds. Tried 464, same issue. I think we are done buying any GW brand wax. Now we have piles of melts that do smell great, but, even following the manufacturers directions, frost instantly.

Bad lots apparently striking once again at holiday

Horrible sink holes, wet spots, melt pool not good enough - and of course right at holiday when we're making hundreds of candles for retail and online business. Have gone through probably 12 cases of bad GB444 and super disappointed. How this makes it through both the vendor AND Candle Science, I'll never know.

Candle Shop
Pretty alright for me..

I'm new to candle making... I've tried different soy brands and such and don't really have much of a problem with 444. I'm particular about my temperatures. I know I'll get sinkholes if I pour too hot but I'm impatient and don't wait. II never get sinkholes if I pour at 100 degrees. I don't mind them anyway because I have a heat gun that fixes that problem. Pulling can also be fixed with a heat gun to the affected area OR by heating the glasses before you pour. I don't yet sell my candles so I'm not angry about anything lol. I do wish the hot throw to be a bit better but it's still really good. Everyone loves the candles I've given out. Still experimenting though...


I've used GB 464 wax for years. I see a long string of complaints about the recent problems with GB 464. I use the same technique as always and over 50% of my last batch of 100 candles had wet spots. The GB 464 wax I used was shipped in August and I have another 50lb. box plus two newly received 50 lb. boxes. The cost of wasted containers, scents and wick is getting ridiculous. Before posting here, I asked Candle Science for support and their response was very unhelpful. I do believe it is the wax. Has anyone had this same exact problem of wet spots and lack of support on the GB 464 wax from CS? Can anyone recommend another wax that is tried and true and another company for sourcing?


I'm having issue's with the scent throw, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. But I'm not giving up I can't sale what I have made, this is my second wax order i just received. So I'm going to try some of the suggestion I see from the other customers. Hopefully this will work.


I'm new to candle making, and this was is so bad I may never try again. I made 120 candles and paid close attention to the temperatures. Heated the containers, and the candles came out very bad. Sink holes, uneven tops, wet spots around the glass and the color is uneven after time. I reheated them after they harden using a heat gun hoping to fix the problems. Very disappointed in this product and I can not sell these. I've lost my investment

Great Product

I have made fragrance candles with this wax and my customers love it. I found one candle that I made with this wax (from one year ago), and it still had a strong cold throw. So and I decided to light it. It still had a strong hot throw. Burns very well. I will definitly be ordering more for my winter holiday candle line. The tops sometimes require a little heat (using heat gun) to smooth out, but with such great scent throw, it's so worth it.

444 wax

Ok, I have been using this wax for quite awhile now, I heat to 180 because temp always continues to rise for a min or two after taking off heat. I add fragrence at 170 and stir slowly for about two min I have been pouring at around 150 into heated jars. Pour very very slowly making sure candles are four inches apart on a wire rack. Yes there are slight imperfections on top but this is the nature of soy wax! It takes just a few min to run a heat gun over the top. I have had zero problems with this wax! The cold and hot throws are great! My customers love them!

Newbie but no problems

I'm making small 2oz jelly jar candles for a bridal shower. I bought a 5lb of this off of amazon hoping for a deal. After reviewing all of the horrible reviews I assumed I probably wasted my money. I made a small test batch.
I heated a 1/2 lb to 190 then let cool until flashpoint of the fragrance I was using to 169 adding into a half ounce of oil, stirring constantly until it cooled to 120 and then I poured. Didn't have a single problem with it setting or curing. Burns great, cold throw is very strong and I'm burning one right now and it's very even and smells great. Not sure if the smaller size is why I'm having success but I don't see the problems others are having with this wax.
I was patient with everything and it worked out.

Ps: I've never made a candle in my life. But I was a baker for 15 yrs and that might be a factor...

Great wax

Ok, i have been using this wax for almost 4 yrs now,,tried many different soy waxes and this one is the best i have ever used, i add my 1.5 oz oil to the wax at 180, I don't color my candles,, i stir for 2 minutes then i let it cool to 145-150 then pour, the key is to pour VERY S-L-O-W-L-Y ,,,since I stared doing that my candles come out smooth every time,,,, that is a very important factor to this wax. I also give a another stire just before i pour.. As for wet spots,, i really don't mind them because its nearly impossible to prevent wet spots,, if you notice even on the leading top brand candles they have wet spots all over them... i also keep my workshop room temp at 72 degrees year around.. you don't want your candles to cool to quickly either,, this is just how this wax works for me . Hope it helps.

great to work with but...

Working with the wax is great. Scent throw great. and then I hit the problem of getting the wax out of the burner once the scent had gone and the wax had set. Only solution was to stand my burner in hot water till I could ease the wax out. was a messy job which I don't think those using my melts would be happy with doing. I know I'm not happy with it. If anyone has encountered this problem and found a solution please let me know . Thanks

Disappointed :(

This wax is terrible! I was using GB 464 with no issues, except I needed to find a wax with a higher melt point for the higher temperatures approaching this summer. I read all the reviews and still took a chance buying a 50 pound bag. I heated wax until 185, added 1oz of fragrance/lb , while wax was cooling I pre-heated my 8 oz glass jars for 4 minutes in the oven at 175 (If I don't pre
-heat my jars the wax will have poor glass adhesion and wet spots will show) and then poured at 100 degrees as suggest below. The candle came out horrible! Sink holes, and a horrible wrinkley layer. I went ahead and tried pouring at 10 different temperatures with no luck at all and same results. I had to use my torch to fix the tops of every candle made so far, AND not just once, multiple times! I also had to start using 1.5oz/lb because it has very poor hot throw with 1oz/lb. Once this wax runs out I will definetly be going back to GB 464.

Not sure...

I'm not sure what to think about this wax... I have been experimenting with different pour temps and sometimes I get wet spots and sometimes I don't. It's puzzling, because if I pour at 135 degrees F for two candles, using the same fragrance oil, one will have wet spots, and one won't. I always make sure to clean my jars before hand and pre-heat them. I always get sink holes in all of my candles no matter what temp I pour at, however. I have to use a blow dryer on all of my candles to smooth out the top.


What a disaster! This is a horrible wax. My candles are ruined! Craters in every single one of my antique tea cups. I'm not new at candle making, but I am using 444 for the first time after being using 464 for years. I have orders to fill and woke up to cavernous craters in every. single. teacup! Candle science should refund all of our money because this is obviously a bad batch that they should be responsible for selling. DON'T BUY IT! (And by the way, I normally don't leave bad reviews, so please take my advise and don't waste your money on this wax.)

Margie Rodgers
Proceed With Caution!

I wish I did not buy 50lbs of this and luckily it's almost gone so that I can switch to GB464.
I am having to fix every single one of my candles with a heat gun due to horrible holes/craters. The tops of my candles are crunchy looking and not smooth at all! There is really bad frosting and glass adhesion is not great.
I've tried pouring at different temps, pouring more slowly, stirring the fragrance slower... everything! Same bad results.
The only reason why I bought this wax was because I live in the South and heard it was great holding up in higher temps. I'll sacrifice that and find a way to keep my cool & safe than to use this wax again.

Just as awful as everyone says

After spending a few hours combing reviews around the net about how to use this wax and applying those directions, this is still the worst wax I've ever used. The candles it produces are hideously flawed. Now I have a big bag and nothing to do with it! I'll be sticking with EcoSoya, that stuff is flawless!


If I could give this wax zero stars I would. I have no idea how some people have gotten this wax to cool properly, burn smoothly, or throw any kind of scent. It cools with a horrible layer of cracking that looks like old wrinkly skin (for real), the craters are huge, and it burns with the most unpleasant chunkiness I have ever seen. I've tried 4 or 5 times to test the pouring temperature, cooling temperature, if there was light in the room they cooled in or not, basically everything I could think of. I wasted so much time and money trying to work with this wax with nothing to show for it or that I felt even remotely confident enough to sell. I had to cancel 3 markets I was planning to sell in this past month because I didn't have any product to sell. If you don't have months to practice with this wax and change your whole system of how you make your candles just to figure out its massive "quirks" if I'm putting it nicely, then DO NOT BUY!

Ahimsa Essentials Candle Co.
worst wax ever

this is the worst wax ive ever used. no matter what temp i pour it craters and has the worst frosting ive ever seen.


Made my first batch of candles with 444 and they came out great, minor issues but I account that to me being a beginner.. Overall I'll be ordering more. Wish I could upload pictures of my finished products..

Great Wax!

I am a first time candle maker and after much deliberation, I ordered the 444 soy wax and some metal tins. I never thought candle making could be so easy, but this wax is truly perfect. I have had no issues with uneven tops, scent throw, tunneling, or anything else. I have made dozens of candles so far and I can't wait to make more using the 444 wax!


first time attempting candle making. here is the formula i followed (as found in these comments):

heat til 185.
remove from heat.
add fragrance, stir.
pour at 100 - 110.
(to me it seems what causes the imperfections in the top of the dried candle may be if you don't make enough wax and therefore sit there allowing the last drips to go in. my guess is these hit harder / seem to weigh more and create imperfections. either make more wax than you need or heat up some extra after the first bit has dried and top it off.)
so far hot throw seems good. we'll see if they light up proper.

Thanks Suzanne!

Yesterday I made three batches of candles with GB 444 and each time poured at 100 degrees. They are absolutely gorgeous. I've made soy candles for a year now and have never had such perfect results. The top on every candle is as smooth as glass. Thank you Suzanne!!! These candles have to cure for a week as I'm doing a test on different size wicks, but I am eager to learn how they burn. I'll let you know.

finally found the right pour temp!

This was my fourth and final test candle for GB 444. I found some information on another site that made using this wax much easier. If you're ready to flush your inventory of GB 444 (not literally) this might help: (the only thing I did differently was to pour at 100 degrees as the test candle poured at 110 still looked sloppy on the top. The slushy consistency at 100 degrees is strange and tougher to clean up but it really works to make a smooth top)

~ Heat wax to 185° F (do NOT exceed 200° F as this may discolor and/or burn your wax)
~ Add color & fragrance oil (Add fragrances with higher flash points at 185° F. Add fragrances with lower flash points (such as citrus) around 160° F)
~ Remove from heat source & stir gently for 2 minutes
~ Allow wax to cool down to 110° F. The wax may be slushy in appearance, but this pouring temp will allow your candles to have a smoother surface.
~ Stir again & pour into container of choice.
~ Allow to solidify at room temp & cure for 24-48 hours
~ Soy wax creates a natural frosted look. To reduce this, apply heat to top of finished candles with a hair dryer. Natural Soy Wax. Packaged in convenient white flakes.

Not so much...

I started making candles with 464, but after having sink holes appear I thought I would try a new wax. This wax is even worse for sink holes and the hot throw is minimal. I will be going back to 464...

patience, patience, patience

This was my first attempt at making candles with GB 444--yikes, patience truly is a virtue. I usually use CB Excel and IGI 6006 and NEVER have ANY issues! I bought 10 lb of GB 444 because CB Excel is getting hard to find. I tried pouring the first test candle at 150 degrees as some other reviewers did and the candle was an absolute mess. The next test candle was poured at 140 and looked better; I was able to use my blow dryer to even out the uneven top. The next test was at 110 and still looks a bit ragged around the edges but it's better! I'm going to do one more test and pour at 100 and see if that does the trick. More to follow....................

These things are a puzzle

I bought the 10lb bag and have so many issues. The wax is so inconsistent.

-Easy melt
-Holds scent well

-Hole and craters form
-Weird texture when melted
-Overall unattractive appearance, can't sell them even on clearance.

Kat the Crafty
Literally perfect.

JAMES, I will buy ALL of your soy wax if you'd like to send all of this soy my way, I'd be grateful!!! :)

This wax is literally perfect. Make sure you melt in smaller batches & make sure your temps are on point! All of my candles cooled smoothly & looked gorgeous. I couldn't be happier with CS.

First Attempt

This was my first attempt ever making a candle. I used Golden Brands 444 Soy Wax, Dye Block Sample Pack 1 Sample Pack, Love Spell 8 oz Bottle, 8oz. Mason Jar, ECO 10 6" Pretabbed Wick 100 pc Bag, Wick Stickers (small) 1000 pc Roll. I cleaned the jars with a t-shirt and rubbling alcohol. Warmed the jars by putting them in the oven at 150 in a pan with water. Heated the wax to 180 fahrenheit. Dropped the dye block in to melt. Let the wax cool to somewhere around 90-100 fahrenheit and poured. I made chunk candles. Pink chunks with a plain white overpour. I even made a few begginers mistakes and they still came out perfect! They burn clean and smooth. I will also give credit to candlescience for their videos and You Tube!!! I am very happy and will definitely be coming back to buy more!!!

I'll be selling what's left of my box

I have about 40lbs of wax left and I'll be selling it all, every last flake.

I've tried absolutely everything with this wax, and it's sink holes every damn time.

Poured at higher temp? Done it.

Lover temp? Done it.

Poured in glass containers, and tins..yup and same thing every time.


James Troia
Great, except for sink holes

I like a lot of things about this wax; the creamy white color, it seems to burn clean and has okay glass adhesion (heating my jars first with a hairdryer seems to help) BUT I cannot seem to avoid sinkholes. No matter the temp I pour at, I still get them throughout the candles. I can heat the top with my blowdryer (or a heat gun if you're not cheap like me, haha) but that doesn't solve sinkholes and unevenness within the candle that become visible when the melt pool cools. Anyone have any tips for this?

Also, FYI... buy the little wick tab stickers. The candles I've made thus far have all had their wicks hot glued to the bottom of the jar which melts when the candle gets low, causing the wick to slide to one side. I wish I had bought the little sticky things sooner. Going to order some now.

Great wax!!

This wax is great once I figured out how to pour it right. This wax needs to be poured at 150 degrees F. If you pour it at a lower temperature the top will sink in and be extremely uneven. I followed instruction in this review section at first to pour at a lower temperature and it had horrible results. Thankfully one person suggested to pour slowly at the higher temperature (plus I did more research) so I tried that and my candles turned out stunning!!! The wax burns for much longer than other waxes (I've tried the 464). This wax also has a great hot throw for scent. The Eco wick works great with this wax as well.

Love this brand

I started using Golden Brand 444 at first I have troubled making my finished product looking good. Yesterday I did an experiment. I waited for about an hour or until the wax get hard enough to cut the wick and covered it with lids and put them in the box. I wiped my jars with alcohol first and preheat them with air gun for 20 second each instead of putting them in the oven. I think I poured them at 130 F. The result was perfect no wet spot or discoloration and frosting. I covered them while they are still a little bit warm so the wax will absorb the scent.

Mary Grace
Favorite Container Wax

After trying a few other types of soy wax, I found GB444 and it has worked beautifully! I usually heat to 180ºF, add the fragrance (depending on its flash point), and pour around 120ºF. The lower the pour temp, the smoother the tops come out. I should probably pour even lower, but I get impatient. I need to point out: I tested every ECO wick with different sized candles, and that type of wick did NOT do well (in my experience) with GB444. Lots of smoking and chemical-type smell, bad melt pools, and poor scent throw, with both large and small wicks. I have had much better luck with the CSN wicks. I hope that is helpful for someone!

Love this wax

I spent about 2 weeks reading all of the reviews on each of the wax listed. I took a chance on the 444 and I am very pleased with how it has worked out. I have had no sink holes, etc. I have had wonderful hot and cold throw and everyone has been impressed with them. I will be ordering more!

I love 444 soy wax

Hello All,
I have been using 444 for about 6 months now and absolutely love it. I live in Germany where its cold most of the year and have had no problems. I use color and fragrance with my candles usually heating to about 185 degrees and pouring at 125 degrees. I have had success thus far. I appreciate the tips that everyone has left as sometimes I do get a small divet in the top of them but now I know to pull out my heat gun. :) I love candle science products and recommend them.

Great Product

I have always used GB 464 soy wax with excellent results. But during the summer months I had to switch to GB 444 soy wax. I was very pleased with the results. Wonderful scent throw. I follow the directions and it works well for me. And I only use eco wicks for my candles and I use 12% Fragrance oil. To get the results you want, it's always important to test, test, and test. Not all fragrance oils and containers are the same. So testing is a must and be patient (Rome was not built in a day).
Golden Brands soy wax is a really great product.

Wonderful Wax

This wax has been wonderful. I am in Texas and I am not experiencing my candles sweating like I have with other waxes. The hot and cold throw are wonderful. I have colored my candles and they color great! I initially experienced a few problems with sink holes but I started pouring around 103 and have not had any problems at all. I sold my first 30 candles in 1 week. I have nicknamed this wax "the wonderful wax!"


So far....I am loving this wax! I have tried a few others and this one is very easy to work with. I did have a few questions for the "veterans" on here! 1.) Has anyone used Vybar with this one - and what are your thoughts with adding Vybar period?! 2.) What can I do to make Wax Melts/Tarts with this wax? Could I add some beeswax to harden it up slightly? I did use 4 tbsp per pound of soy once with a Vanilla, just to see if it would throw a stronger scent. I am still very new to candle making, and couldn't be happier that I am FINALLY starting my own candle business after wanting to for over 15 years! Any help, tips and tricks that could be given would be GREATLY appreciated!

The main issues/questions I am having now - by adding Vybar and Beeswax to soy...what is the main purpose and outcome of adding these things to your wax - like what are we hoping to accomplish? What can I use to GB 444 to make it harder for melts and/or have a stronger throw for the melts? AAAND I have seen sooo many different pour temps, what is the "normal" pouring temp range?

Thanks again to anyone that takes the time to respond to my questions/issues! I am and WILL get my amazing business up and running for me and my kiddos! (single mom - 3 kiddos, 6 yr old twins and a 2 yr old - full time job and this is a side adventure we are taking, and hoping it turns into what we would like it to in the future and that all the time, money and effort put in pays off in the long run!!!)

Vicki W.
Scented Soy Baby!

I absolutely LOVE this 444 Soy Wax! It melts beautifully and holds the scent amazing! It burns to a slight golden color, which looks super neat. I give this Soy an A+! After failing with 'other brands', I am very happy with your wax and scents. Thank you Candle Science!


I really like this wax and how it pours. I have been getting a really good cold and hot scent throw. The only problem I'm having is trying to properly wick. I have been using Eco wicks, but the flame is quite large. Not sure if it is from the wax or improper wick.


I started out using the GW464, but switched to the 444 during summer because of the heat in FL. I love the 444. I get even pours, and great throw. Any minor imperfections are too minor for my customers to care about. They just want the smell. I tried going back to the 464 for winter, but with the heat and humidity here, it's clumped into a wet, sticky mess that is nearly impossible to measure properly. Definitely going back to my tried and true 444.

Candle Maker/ business Owner

I have tried many different soy waxes and the Golden Brands 444 has been the best yet! I heat to 185 and pour at 150 and pour SLOWLY and I also don't color my candles and my candles turn out perfect ! And use 60-44-18C wicks, all my customers love the Natural Look plus I don't have to deal with the frosting like before with all the other waxes. Love this wax and I have Awesome scent throw with this wax... I have tried the 415, 464 and this one is the best.. Lve it!!!

Tina Edwards
Great wax for a newbie.

I've never made soy candles or worked with soy wax in my life. I never even bought a soy candle before trying to make my own with this wax. A few years ago, I made some pure beeswax candles from some beeswax that I had in my crafting closet, and I had no idea what I was doing. Those beeswax candles worked okay considering that I used wicks that were a bit too small for my container. I had no idea that wicks came in different sizes. The GB 444 soy wax is much better and easier to work with. I even used a microwave, and my partner and our two older kids helped make some of the candles. I used the 6 oz tins for my containers, and I had candles that had smooth tops. A few of them were not quite as glass smooth as I would have liked, but I didn't have any pits, bumps, or wet looking spots in my candle tops. I used 1 oz of fragrance oil for all of my candles. I think I've made about 4 dozen candles.

Great Wax for a newbie

I've never made soy candles or worked with soy wax in my life. I never even bought a soy candle before trying to make my own with this wax. A few years ago, I made some pure beeswax candles from some beeswax that I had in my crafting closet, and I had no idea what I was doing. Those beeswax candles worked okay considering that I used wicks that were a bit too small for my container. I had no idea that wicks came in different sizes. The GB 444 soy wax is much better and easier to work with. I even used a microwave. I used the 6 oz tins for my containers, and I had candles that had smooth tops. A few of them were not quite as glass smooth as I would have liked, but I didn't have any pits, bumps, cracks, or wet looking spots in my candle tops. I used 1 oz of fragrance oil for all of my candles. I have tried about 8 scents. My favorite so far is the lemon pound cake. It smells so good hot or cold. It smells like lemon, vanilla, and sugar.


I can't seem to get a good pour,as all of my wine bottle candles have craters around the wick and burn down the center of the candle Throws good scent but wax pool is putting out flame. Any suggestions on how to pour a better candle.

Follow Review Advise

Thanks to some reviews i try heating this wax at 185 add fragrance and color, pour at 175. Candle came out smooth tops no wet spots except for the darker color a smage of frosting. Now the trick is to find a wick that throw excellent fragrance.

Oh dear...

I use Soy 464 with zero fact, 98% of all candles are a perfect pour (I do a double pour with 8 oz jars and single pour with votive glass jars). I ordered Soy 444 because I am making candles for a wedding and with the summer heat, wanted a higher melt point.

I have wasted 30 glasses, a few pounds of wax and fragrance oil. This wax is terrible -- I should have listened to the other reviews.

I am out of product and time.

R. P.
Not sure why this isn't the best seller

I have fought with 464 for too long! I decided to use this wax and my problems are solved. I pour relatively cool (110-115) and I have next to zero issues with 444. No frosting, no weird tops, great throw. Every once in a while I will have a few 'wet spots', but nothing serious. Try it if you're tired of the frosting with 464!

Love this wax too!

I normally use and am a big fan of the gb464 wax, but because of the hot weather conditions here in California I had to find a more stable wax with a higher melt point. I have used the Ecosoya 135 in the past and was happy with it,but decided to expand my horizons. I just made my first batch of tester candles with the 444 and it is simply beautiful! Yes you do need to wick higher than the 464 but the scent throw is amazing! I am absolutely pleased! I will be switching over for the spring and summer months and am elated I found Golden Brand. Please try this wax you won't be sorry. I didn't give it five stars yet because I have to use it for awhile before I do.

Mary @ Mr. Toad's
Better than 464

I have been using 464 for a while now. The problems with glass adhesion, frosting and melting at average room temperatures and fragrance oil pooling on top was a huge frustration! I decided to try 444. Awesome wax. My candles are flawless except for heating the tops lightly with my heat gun. I pour at 150 which is what I found to be the perfect pour temp. For new comers, keep in mind the many factors involved in pouring a great candle. Room temp., thickness of glass, shape of glass, is your jar on a nylon cutting board (this does not transfer heat or cold) granite or tile? Are you using dye? Which I do. I found that the Libbey Cylender jar is the best for a great looking candle. Straight sides and thin glass. Unfortunately Candle Science does not carry these! Now, good luck on your next candle!
James Bynion
Mountain View Candles and Gifts

James Bynion
same problems as 464

I have used both 464 and 444 in the past with absolutely no problems. I chose to order just 444 so I wouldn't have to worry as much about melting in the summer. It's been absolutely horrible. Crystal like formation on the top, lumpy and full of holes. I've tried pouring at 170 (I even turned the burner off and added the scent while pour pot was still in double boiler so as not to lose heat while incorporating). I got on here today to order 464 instead and noticed their comment board had the same issues. Looks like Golden Brands had an issue across all lines. Not sure what to do with the holidays approaching. I guess just get comfy with the heat gun and hope for the best. It's candle season and there aren't many options if I want to stay with soy. Ug

Jodie Jensen
Love this wax, have used for 4years

I use GB 444 with 1 3/4 oz of scent per pound and liquid and dye chips in all my container candles and my customers love them! My candles have excellant cold and hot throw, my tops are generally smooth (if not, a heat guns fixes that) and they burn well with ECO wicks for smaller jars and LX wicks for the larger jars. I love this wax and will continue to use it. Thank you!

Paulina Buncic
trouble using in a container

I started to decide that the wax I was using ws at fault. I have been using 444 for awhile for a large 3.5-4 dia container candle and had to get the largest wick and braid them together to get it to melt. Then I would have the problem of the pool drowning the wick and sooting. So, totally fed up, I started to think maybe its the wax!! I use modest amt of scent (less than reccom) and a crayon to color, but have had no help explaining what I am doing wrong, so am considering switching wax.


Hello I bought Gw444 soy wax based upon the reviews I had read. I thought this product would benefit better than the previous product that I was using. Boy was I miss lead. Worst most god all full product ever!!!!! I have wasted scent, coloring,contaners, and most of all time in trying to profect this product! It does not matter has to the heating point I use or how long u let it cool before pouring into the container etc. etc. It will leave creaters in your candles or the tops ofyour candles will not come out smooth and Mottling is horrible along with extreme fading that takes place way to quick. I have wasted so much money trying to get this produce to work until I have just throwed the crap in the garbage. When I make a product for resale I expect it to be saleable in which with this GW444 soy wax the product is not saleable. Very, Very unhappy with the misleading information that I have received from the Candle Science Company and from the reviews I have read. VERY MISLEADING!!!!!! I expect my candles to be solid from top to bottom, with coloring to not fade within 2 days of pouring and mottling to be very little if any and smooth top finish.

Brenda Heilmann
Superior Tart Wax...believe it or not!

I have tried wax after wax for a superior hot throw! This beats them all! However you cannot color them, I leave them white, as frosting ALWAYS occures. Just add a hardner and you have the best tart wax. To many holes and mottling for containers. LOve it!!

Tamara Lynne
Good Wax

This wax works well. lots of mottling on top, but a heat gun smooths all that out...little bit of frosting...overall good wax to work with, once you know how to use it!!

Billy @
mostly even burning...

I have made several test batches with the Soy 444, which I selected due to the heat in my home state of Florida, I had a mostly all successful batches with the exception of one. For some reason my "Smoke and Odor Eliminator" batch was not so successful. I used a 7.5 oz tumbler jar (2.25" dia) with an Eco 4 6" wick assembly, for some reason these had "wells" surrounding the wick whereas all of my others had a nice even burn!