Wholesale Candle Making Supplies

Save On Bulk Candle Wax, Fragrance Oils, Containers, And More

Need a lot of candle making supplies? We’re here to help! We specialize in bulk orders and make a complicated process simple. Ordering wholesale candle making supplies has never been easier.

Benefits of Ordering Candle Making Supplies in Bulk


Every CandleScience customer gets access to our wholesale pricing and benefits—no special merchant account needed! We offer the same great service to large businesses, local artisans and everyone in between. Shop for soy wax in bulk, candle containers at wholesale prices, and all the wholesale candle making supplies you need. Simply sign in with your normal CandleScience account to get started.


We offer volume discounts on almost all products to best serve candle makers of all sizes. You can find the volume discounts on the product pages of your favorite supplies.


Expect to save 20%-40% off the cost of regular UPS ground. Put any combination of supplies (wax, wicks, dyes, etc.) in your cart—as long as they reach the weight thresholds, you’ll get the shipping savings! You have two convenient options:

  • UPS Hundredweight (for 200lbs+ orders):

    A discounted UPS rate available to customers receiving multiple large packages at the same address.

  • LTL Freight (for 300lbs+ orders):

    A convenient, discounted shipping method on pallets with similar rates to UPS ground (and often faster transit times!). Learn More...


No need to call in your wholesale order. Experience the convenience of online ordering. Just add items to your cart, enter your zip code, and view your exact savings and shipping cost.


Our Quick Order Tool is simple to use, and saves you time! No need to browse individual product pages.

SAVINGS TIP - Batch multiple orders into one to take advantage of product and shipping discounts!

SAVINGS TIP - Batch multiple orders into one to take advantage of product and shipping discounts!"


If you have a valid tax exemption or certificate of resale from your home state, you can apply to be sales tax exempt on your CandleScience orders.

Processing your exemption can take up to 2-3 business days. Please note that we cannot refund sales tax paid on orders placed before tax exemption is fully processed.

View our sales tax exemption FAQ for more information.


Everything You Need to Know About LTL Freight Shipping

  • LTL (Less Than Truckload) Freight Shipping is a convenient and fast way to ship large candle supply orders, even to a residence. Transit times are often quicker than UPS ground.
  • When placing your order, be sure you select all of the applicable freight options (e.g., full size or short truck, whether a liftgate is required, etc.) on the 'Address' page of the checkout.
  • UPS freight trucks are large and designed to carry pallets, so if you have a narrow driveway, low-hanging trees, or other obstacles, the driver may leave your pallet(s) at the end of your driveway.
  • UPS short trucks are 40' long. If you live in a mountainous area or on a winding road they may not be able to deliver to your address. Please contact us ahead of time if you are unsure if UPS freight is right for you.
  • For residential delivery, UPS will call to schedule an appointment. This will occasionally create a shipping delay. Someone will need to be present to sign.
  • Commercial deliveries are made during normal business hours - M-F from 9-5. If your business has hours differing from that, check the 'Call before delivery' option to ensure that UPS schedules a delivery appointment.
  • We check with UPS whether your address is classified as residential or commercial. There are no extra fees for residential deliveries.
  • Orders come wrapped on a pallet. The UPS driver will remove the pallet from the truck, but you will be responsible for unloading the pallet.