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Spring + Summer 2024 Fragrance Release Grab your sunglasses and gaze on this brand-new fragrance oil collection!

The holidays are in the rearview so it’s time for a fresh start with new Spring and Summer scents. And this season we went big with 12 fragrance oils!

This collection captures idyllic moments, takes you back with nostalgic treats, and supplies serenity inspired by forests, sunsets, and far-off shores.

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Azure Coast: Experience the opulence of the Côte d'Azur with this complex marine scent enhanced by heady florals and musk. Soap safe.

  • Vibe check: lavish + refined

Bohemian Rose: We’ve bottled the aroma of freshly cut roses—from stem to petals—in this luxurious, true-to-life fragrance. Soap and diffuser approved.

  • Vibe check: romantic + sublime

Coastal Cottage: Create a beachside sanctuary with calming notes of mint, citrus, and florals in this atmospheric scent. Soap and diffuser approved.

  • Vibe check: relaxed + tranquil

Forest Chai: An imaginative blend of invigorating chai, woodland air, and fir to enchant a nature lover’s soul. Soap safe.

  • Vibe check: grounded + soothing

Golden Hour: An ambery blend of bergamot, gardenia, and coconut that recreates the warmth of a rising or setting sun. Soap safe.

  • Vibe check: majestic + glowing

Olive Leaf and Citron: Experience the essence of the Greek Islands with this scent that evokes salty ocean air wafting through an olive grove. Soap safe.

  • Vibe check: sophisticated + uplifting

Orange Creamsicle: A summertime classic, this creamy, citrus dessert will have you looking for the ice cream truck! Soap safe.

  • Vibe check: nostalgic + joyful

Pink Watermelon Lemonade: A perfect balance of tart and sweet, this might be one of our most playful scents to date.

  • Vibe check: vibrant + fun

Spiced Oat Milk: Inspired by a chilled Colombian oat milk drink, this is a refreshing alternative to typical vanilla gourmands. Soap safe.

  • Vibe check: modern + delightful

Sunwashed: Citrus, cotton blossom, and dry wood notes evoke a blissful, sunny day spent lounging in a hammock or by a quiet lake. Soap and diffuser approved.

  • Vibe check: casual + carefree

Tulip Fields: A fruity-floral fusion, this scent imagines tulips in full bloom plus notes of green leaves and juicy peaches. Soap safe.

  • Vibe check: happy + colorful

Vanilla Orchid: Complex and exotic, this non-gourmand vanilla transcends the ordinary with notes of powdery heliotrope and jasmine. Soap safe.

  • Vibe check: alluring + chic