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carbon neutral shipping

We're proud to be the first in our industry to offer carbon-neutral shipping on all outgoing shipments.

Shipping and transportation are significant contributors to carbon emissions around the world. Increasing levels of carbon in the atmosphere result in a warmer planet with more frequent extreme weather events, wildfires, and rising sea levels. 

We feel immense responsibility for the impact we and the growing eCommerce industry has on our planet. As we continue to grow, that responsibility to support our vision and values is even greater.

Nine years ago, we became the first supplier in our industry to offer carbon-neutral shipping for all UPS ground shipping. Now, through our partnership with, we are going one step further by making all outbound orders, from 2019 on, carbon neutral.

What does carbon neutral mean? 

Carbon Neutral means that the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from human activities are offset or balanced out through funding projects with a positive environmental impact. These projects help capture CO2 (carbon dioxide) from the atmosphere and eliminate or avoid greenhouse emissions that would have otherwise been created.

How does it work?

Using formulas from accredited environmental organizations, we calculate the amount of CO2 released by all our outgoing shipments. With that information, we purchase carbon credits from third-party validated reduction projects. These funds support projects that either prevent CO2 from being released or actively remove it from the atmosphere. The two standard approaches are reforestation (planting trees that remove CO2 from the air) and methane capture (usually from landfill off-gassing).

The result is that the CO2 emitted from transporting your supplies does not contribute to increasing CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Put simply, you have a zero-carbon footprint relating to the shipping of your supplies! This may be something you’d like to share with your customers, especially if your brand and/or customer base have an eco-conscious mindset. 

Project spotlight: Alligator River Forest Conservation Project

We decided to partner with because we wanted transparency in how and where the funds would be used. With their assistance, we were able to find and support the Alligator River Forest Conservation Project.

This project consists of over 2,750 acres of land set aside from agricultural development in the tidal region of northeastern North Carolina. Much of this land was originally cleared for agricultural purposes but is now under easement to naturally regenerate into forestland.  

This project helps reduce carbon in the atmosphere through ongoing reforestation and conservation projects, as well as preventing the release of additional carbon and greenhouse gases produced by converting forests into new agricultural land. 

Situated next to the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge, this project has the added benefit of providing sustainable habitats for red wolves, bald eagles, and black bears as well as further fostering a diverse ecosystem that includes native wetlands, cypress-gum trees, and white cedars. These natural ecosystems and wetlands along the Alligator River also help reduce pollution of the surrounding freshwater systems, like the Pamlico Sounds, from agricultural runoff. 

Why is this important?

We believe that we can run a successful business while maximizing our social impact. If we all work together towards positive change, we can make the world a better, healthier place for everyone.

Part of this mission is awareness of the broader impact of our operations. In the world of fast, free shipping, we know how easy it is to gloss over the cost it has on our planet. With shipping becoming a growing contributor to global emissions, we feel a strong responsibility to take this step to minimize our environmental footprint. An added benefit of offsetting our shipping emissions through the purchase of carbon credits is that it allows businesses, and individuals, to be part of the solution, too! 

Will it raise prices?

This initiative comes at no additional cost to you. Just the satisfaction of knowing that the simple act of shopping with CandleScience can help you make a positive impact on our planet.

How can I get involved?

Small changes have a significant impact on your carbon footprint. A simple rule to follow is to reduce what you can and offset the rest. Here are a couple of our favorite resources that offer helpful tips and guides to get you started. 

"How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint" | New York Times

While real solutions will require action on a global scale, there are choices you can make in your day-to-day life to lessen your personal impact. This guide will walk you through some of them.

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