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This product is discontinued.
Our dye chips are packed in foil bags that virtually eliminate color from bleeding through the bag and staining other surfaces. Fragrance Oil Recommendations: Black Cherry, Mulberry Made in the USA
The candle in the picture was made with 1 dye chip in a pound of IGI 4794 paraffin wax. For soy, parasoy, or other natural waxes you may need to use 2 or more chips to achieve a similar color.

Add dye chips to wax at 185 degrees or higher to ensure they'll dissolve completely.


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2 out of 5 Stars.
not true black when using 464

2/1 lb ratio with 464 came out a really beautiful blue grey but no where near black. So far from it in fact that I can't see using any more chips fixing the problem. Still a gorgeous color but not the desired result for a batch of candles that where meant to be little black dress labeled. Haven't tested a burn with them yet but fingers crossed I don't get a tunnel burn like some of the other reviews are saying. I've used other colors with 464 and haven't had a tunnel effect yet but no dye chips of this brand have given me the expected result as far as coloring with perhaps the exception of mahogany and butterscotch. They turned out to be at least very similar to the shade the titles would suggest. But the black burgundy sage a and bay colors were all distorted pigments. No frosting or uneven coloring so far but again not the intended shade either. I'll probably buy more since it's being discontinued, I can see why, for the pretty slate blue I ended up with but it's so far from black that I'm extremely doubtful using any other wax would yield the color shown in the sample picture. It's THAT far off. I would most definitely not recommend any of this brands dye chips to a fellow hobbyist that wasn't very flexible with experimenting. If you are the type of person that likes to get exactly what their expecting/paying for and would be upset with results that varied from those expectations BUY LIQUID DYE! you may need more drops and will have to play around but at least if you do it that way black will be achievable. Like I said earlier I don't see any amount of these chips producing a black color

5 out of 5 Stars.
black chips

My black chips gave a nice black tone to about a pound of GB 464..added just 2 chips. They must've improved them. Tried the liquid but loved the chips more-so. Happy Thanks CS.

1 out of 5 Stars.
Dark grey at best

I love all the dye chip colors but this. I got 2 bags of this and was very disappointed with it. I used 2 chips in one pound of golden 646. It came out a dark grey color. Not going to be able to use these.

1 out of 5 Stars.
Do NOT buy black chips. please read.

I had used this in 464. I did not get a true black color ( added 3 chip/Lb ) it was dark though. The candles would NOT burn more than about 1/4 the way down before going out even with a larger wick. Tea lights would go out just after they were lit.
If you want "BLACK" and a good burn get the liquid dye. It will take a fair amount to get the color. I had added over 45 drops/Lb. but it doesn't change the smell ( the liquid dye has a strong smell out of the bottle ) or seem to negatively affect the burn.
After some experience and testing I would recommend using only liquid dye because of;
great color that can be achieved
it will not affect the burn as all dye chips do some
if making larger batches of candles is way more cost effective per Lb.
I also notice that with dye chips, any color, in 464 you get more frosting and when burned there is a ring around the candle of a different color shade in the melt pool area after the candle cools . Both of these seem to be dramatically reduced / eliminated with the use of liquid dye.

Maybe someone will find this helpful.

1 out of 5 Stars.
Affected the Burn

I used this color dye in GB 464. The color is definitely greyish-purple and affected the burn on every candle that I used it in, even as little as 1/2 dye chip per 16 oz. Every candle tunnel burned. After several tests with different fragrances, I would not recommend this color dye.

1 out of 5 Stars.

I used 8 chips to 4 pounds of soy 464 and the end color is still purple, dark purple but still PURPLE. To call this black is totally misleading. Read the rest of the reviews!!

1 out of 5 Stars.
Not Black At All

I have made several attempts to create black wax and all attempts have failed. The color turns out to be some form of purple; (light, dark, and in between), but not black.

1 out of 5 Stars.
Very Misleading

I used the soy pillar blend wax with one dye chip and it came out gray. Then i used two thinking maybe that would work, not really. It would be a great dye if it was labeled GRAY not BLACK.

1 out of 5 Stars.
Not a True Black Color

I am new to candle making so I am not sure how many dye chips to use, but I was thinking 1 dye chip to 1 lb. of wax. I used the soy wax (Golden Brands 464). I added one chip, tested the color and it was gray. So, I added 2 chips thinking that would do the trick. Well, my candles came out a "bluish gray" color, not even close to black.