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Hunter green liquid dye
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Usage: 1oz colors 100 lbs soy or 200 lbs paraffin to a medium shade. 4oz colors 400 lbs soy or 800 lbs paraffin to a medium shade.

Fragrance Oil Recommendations: Christmas Tree, Fraser Fir, Hibiscus Palm, Mistletoe, Peppermint and Eucalyptus

Deep, rich colors are difficult in soy. They require 2-3 times the dye that paraffin requires, sometimes more. Note that standard dye amounts create a washed-out, pastel color in soy. We suggest making a test swatch to figure out the dye amount you will need to get the color you'd like.

Due to the extreme concentration of our liquid dyes there is a noticeable odor that will not be detectable at normal usages in finished candles.

Made in the USA
Application Candles Only
Prop 65 Warning Required No

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great dyes

All of my dyes come from CS, mixes well, no chemical smell, great colors in soy and paraffin

candle maker

Tried this dye in soy wax in a variety of concentrations up to 10 drops per lb soy wax and could only attain a seafoam greenish blue. Could not get up to a darker forest green in soy wax and found the key west green dye to be a more natural shade of green compared to this dye, at least in soy wax.

great liquid dyes

Candle Science is the only place I buy my dyes for soy and paraffin candles. It does take more for soy versus paraffin. A tip that I've always done is after you add your FO, add your dye, stir well then drop a few drops on a paper plate, if too light, add more dye. Take notes! (I add my FO before my dye because some FO's do discolor dyes and I want a true color test)

Seafoam Green

I used 5 drops in 14 ounces of GW464 soy. Expected to see a nice dark Hunter Green, but ended up with a bright Seafoam Green. Very very disappointed, and hoping the other colors I received don't perform the same way :(

Beautiful shade!

I used this in Comfort Blend (IGI 4627) and it was such a gorgeous shade of green. Highly recommended for all pine scents. Very happy with CandleScience's liquid dyes. Will buy again.