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Protective Varnish Coat

All our candle tins have a varnish coating on the inside of the tin to help protect the metal from discoloring. Fragrance components such as cinnamon oil and vanillin can still cause the colors of the tins to shift over time, particularly at higher fragrances loads.

Candle tins are a great alternative (or complement) to traditional glass candle containers. Ours have a really nice finish and include snug fitting lids.

The 8 oz size is our bestselling tin and is even more popular than a lot of styles of candle glass.

Candlescience tins are made from steel and are safe and easy to use, thanks to:

-Raised Safety Feet that keep surfaces cool, and candle burners happy!

-Wick Tab Outline makes wicking a breeze.

Labeling Area:
Top - 2-7/8"
Side - 1 1/4" x 10"
Bottom - 2" (between feet)

How much will it hold?
Wax Weight (to Fill Line) - 5 oz.
Volume (to Overflow) - 8.5 oz.

Made in the USA

Wholesale Ordering Check out our wholesale page for more information on ordering candle tins and other candle supplies in bulk or by the pallet.
Height 2" (51mm)
Diameter 3 1/8" (80mm)

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First time ordering with CS and I will never order elsewhere! The turn time on “priority shipping” was incredibly fast, beyond any vendor I have ever used. The fragrance oils are spot on or “leaf on”!
The candle tins are pre-measured to fill line taking the math and calculation guessing games out! As a first time candle vendor that makes all the difference in the world! Thank you!
CandleScience is user friendly, educational, reasonably priced and honest!
Win win win!

I bought the 8oz tins. Really like the size, but I used the ECO 10 wick and my wax tunneled. Need s smaller wick perhaps??

Amazing Tins

These tins are awesome, I wish they could make them in black, because I would be constantly buying them.


Just too pricey for tins.

In Love with this tin

This is by far the best tin for my soy wax candle. Great for traveling.
Thank you Candlescience.

very good

never found better containers. to good to be true. must have for candle sellers.

I am new at making candles, so I truly didn't know what to expect. Bought 12 of this tins and except for the fact that I needed the wick bars, the tins work wonderfully. I have made 12 candles, so all tins are gone, but have reordered. Just need to find a way to get a case instead of 12 at a time....

Right now my apartment smells like Sweet Pea and Carribbean Teakwood. I have six that I am waiting to light and the others will be ready tomorrow. I would make these my main candle tins but would love to branch out into the glass...but for now this are really easy to fill and use...I see many nights of scents wafting throughout my house.

I might try some of the smaller ones for samples...

They couldn't make it easier!

With a wax fill line and an outline of where to place the wick, they couldn't have made this any easier. Just made a travel tin with CS's new Orange Blossom scent (AMAZING!) and it turned out great! Can't wait to label and start selling!

Pretty great container.

I ordered these tins because I like the look more than a glass container. I paired the 8oz tin with GB 464 and ECO wicks. I used 1lb of wax which filled three tins. The tins aren't a true 8oz. I didn't use fragrance oils because I'm just testing the wax, wick and container. I melted the wax to 185 and poured at 150. This morning the tops of my candles are smooth and even with no sink holes. I'm conducting a test burn now using ECO 14, ECO 12 and ECO 10 wicks.

Excellent tin

This tin does not rust and the little feet help to add tab and not get surface hot... Love this Tin. I have tried most scents with this tin amd found after testing ECO 12 is the best burn. The tin burns a deeper melt pool and I found the ECO 14 heated the tin too much. Light weight for shipping.

size of tins

I wanted a bigger sized tin but it appears that the biggest is their 8 oz. I saw candle Wic has the 16 oz but wud rather keep my business with candle science.. anyone know?

tin cans

I absolutely love these.. makes it so easy to sent the wick just right.. not as esthetic to the eye as the glass but super easy to use. Wish they placed the wick markers in the glass containers.. makes it easier. Having a hard time w/ the glass

Alters the scent.....

Everytime I use these tin verses another container they have no scent in the tins.... :(

candle tins

Candle Science..........are you all serious????? I put an order for tins on Thursday morning and get them on Saturday Morning. When I put in my order, the corresponding email stated that what I purchased would by coming from North Carolina and I thought it would take 6-10 days to get to me in Rhode Island. Imagine my delight when my children said I had a package from candle Science.

A great product at lightning fast speed.

Great candle container

I love these tins - don't ever stop making these! I also use the 4oz tins.

Excellent. Great price.

Top notch quality. Great price. The only thing I could ask for is to provide them in black and gold.


I love these tins. Perfect for candles and other products.

Great for body butters and Candles!!

I've been using these for candles, but couldn't find a container for my new body butters and these are fantastic! No leakage the look is soooo professional! Love them!

What size and type wicks are recommended for the 4, 6, 8 oz tins

Best on the market

These tins are by far the best on the market. They show you where to place your wick and they have feet on the bottom to protect your furniture. I foolishly bought tins from another company, never again.


These are perfect for a modern looking candle. I love them!

Great for samples

There is no better marketing than word of mouth. I find these to be the perfect size to fill a small space such as a powder room, bathroom. They are a HIGHLY cost efficient means to market your products. I have used other candle tins in the past and find these to be superior in quality, functionality and cost.

Superior Product

These tins are perfect. The raised feet and center guide make these perfect for any candlemaker. I have tried from other companies and these are far superior to any I have found.

Perfect For Starters

I just recently started making my own candles and started using these tins after watching the beginners video. I have been using these tins to pass out to family and freinds to help me sample the different fragrances and their scent throws. They are the perfect size.

Terrific Tins!

I love these tins! CS has the best products!

A superior tin!

These tins are far superior to any other tin I have found. The small raised feet on the bottom make them a better choice for candles. Excellent quality. They are great for my candles!