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How to make holiday soy candle tins

25 minutes+
3 8 oz. candle tins
Soy candle tins lined up in holiday colors.


STEP 1: Weigh out soy wax

Pouring and weighing soy wax flakes with a plastic pouring pitcher and a candle and soap scale.

STEP 2: Prepare the dye blocks

Cutting a piece off a Forest Green Dye Block for candle making.

STEP 3: Weigh your fragrance oil

Weighing Fraser Fir fragrance oil on a digital kitchen scale.

STEP 4: Melt the soy wax

Placing soy wax flakes in a plastic pouring pitcher into a microwave.
Placing a CD 18 wick into a candle tin.

STEP 5: Add the dye block and fragrance oil

Stirring dye block and fragrance oil into melted wax.
Pouring melted wax into candle tin and placing the wick bar to set the wick.
A trio of soy candle tins in holiday colors.

STEP 6: Add the finishing touches

Placing an Avery label onto a soy wax candle tin lid.
Did you make it?