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White Modern Ceramic Tumbler Side View

Minimalism and natural colors are the theme of our Modern Ceramic Tumbler line. With a color suggestive of cumulus clouds, the matte White Modern Ceramic Tumbler has clean, straight sides and stands ready to showcase your brand aesthetic.

Modern Ceramic Tumblers are also available in StoneBlackButtercream, Sage, Burnt Sienna, and Denim.

Looking for a lid?
Check out our Bamboo or Tapered Cork Lids! Or, add a rustic appeal with a Pine Wooden Lid in black, brown, or natural

How much wax will it hold? 
See this information in the Properties section of this page. Learn more about container wax weight and volume.
Looking for a wick suggestion?

Candle Maker’s Note: We found that we had to wick up from what we would normally recommend for this size container. 

Check out our wick guide to see recommendations! Our recommendations are estimates and should be used as a starting point for your own burn testing.

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  • Not sure what label size or shape to use? Check out Avery’s Label Sizes Chart.
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Need shipping boxes?
Flush Packaging offers durable shipping boxes custom fit to a wide variety of CandleScience vessels—ensuring your finished candles get delivered safely. 

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Wax Weight (to Fill Line)
12 oz (340 g)
Volume (to Overflow)
15.1 fl oz (447 mL)
4" (10.2 cm)
Inside Diameter
3.125" (7.9 cm)
Outside Diameter
3.5" (8.9 cm)
Max Labeling Area
11.375" x 3.75" (28.9 cm x 9.5 cm)
Prop 65 Warning

Product Reviews

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5 out of 5 Stars.
Beautiful!! But tricky to wick

A customer of mine asked to collab on a candle for her shop. She’s an artist and wanted a white background for her artwork, which will be the label. I chose this one based on the good reviews, and I’m super happy with them. They’re absolutely beautiful once they’re cured and settled. We chose the cork lid, and I really couldn’t be happier. My one issue was the wick testing. I feel like I went through SO MANY different sizes, and I started with Candle Science’s recommendation of CD 22. I found that to be way too big and way too hot. After about a month of testing, I settled of Eco 12/14. My customer was given a tester with that, and she wasn’t thrilled with the fragrance. I agreed, but felt it was the safest in terms of temp. I agreed to switch her wick out to CD 16, which I felt burned too hot, but gave excellent fragrance. She LOVED IT. And for some reason it burned a lot cooler in her environment than mine. So I guess that’s a really long way of saying that CD 16 is a great wick choice for 100% soy wax for this container, if anyone is having trouble. I haven’t had to put labels on the side of the jars — she’ll take care of that — but I did to 3” info/caution labels on the bottom, and had no issue with labeling.

3 out of 5 Stars.
Labeling is the issue

These are beautiful jars but labeling is difficult. I finally had to stop making them until I could get the label situation figured out. I decided to go with cork lids, and cute thumb tack the Moo Mini Card (with label info) to the top.

5 out of 5 Stars.
Wonderful Jar

I left a review before and I stand by it. People are raving about these! They have a wonderful weight, feel and give your product that quality look.

Full disclosure: Labeling can be challenging and if you need a larger label size you will need to find a supplier who can provide labels with adhesives that will properly adhere to the surface. If you print your own labels bubbling/peeling maybe an issue as the jars have a very slight taper and DIY stickers just don't have the strength to stay on. (Smaller sizes may work 1"x3").

That being said, these jars are beautiful and everyone in my circle has been raving over them. I don't regret making the change at all!

1 out of 5 Stars.
Beyond Frustrating!

I reviewed these jars not too long ago, saying I had higher hopes because I had many that arrived in my shipment either broken or had red spots on them. Candlescience, you were kind enough to give me a replacement for them. However, the more I use these jars, the more I am ready to pull my hair out! I have tried multiple labels on these and each one bubbles and looks so terrible! I am at my breaking point because I don't know how I can market these with bubbly labels!
Don't bother with these!

CandleScience Profile Avatar
CandleScience responded: 2023-03-21

Hi Jill,

Thanks for your most recent review of the White Modern Ceramic Tumblers. We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing some difficulty with labeling the containers. Someone from our Support team will be reaching out via email to provide additional assistance.

4 out of 5 Stars.
Lovely, modern, sleek…

This jar is being used for a customer of mine. She’s an artist, and wanted to use her artwork as the labeling, hence the choice of white. We haven’t gotten to that part yet, but so far, the look of the jar is so great — I’m sure she’ll love it! And it’s not a magnet for dirt and scuff marks like other white vessels. As far as testing goes, I have NO IDEA why CS had to wick up as far as CD 22. I tried CD 22, which was RIDICULOUSLY too big, stepped down to ECO 14, which was still too big, and am currently on ECO 12. It’s a slow burn, but so far, it’s the best one, even with some wax hang-up on one side. I came back on the website tonight to order CD 16 & 18 to try, if my customer wants a faster burn; and hopefully one will clear up the wax left behind. All in all, loving it, and am excited for the finished product.

4 out of 5 Stars.
Love them, but definitely a jar that takes patience!

I got these with the bamboo lids from the description and the overall look is very clean and minimalistic. The weight of the jar gives it more of that luxury feel that I was looking for. Using these as my base jars was an easy choice as the exact same jar comes in so many other colors to use for holidays/limited edition scents!

Ordered a couple cases as I am absolutely positive that these are what I want to rebrand with and I went to make some testers today to get my wicking perfect before making batches to find that the wax weight is not 10oz as described. I made 27.3 of BW910 with 2.7oz of Dry Gin and Cypress to get 2 4/5 full jars and 1 half empty jar. I know the is part of the testing we do as candle makers, but all other containers I've gotten from CandleScience have always had wax weight descriptions that were right on the dot.

CON - but workable - Anything and everything leaves a mark on these - but they're still worth it! I LOVE the white, but quickly learned about 5 seconds after setting up my multi-wicker that the residue from the magnets on it and any other residue I get from anything leaves the absolute worst marks on the jars. They scratch when touching anything aside from cardboard or bubble wrap. Luckily these are just on my tester jars as they have shown to be near impossible to remove. Decided that since they're exactly what I want, I will just have to ensure I wear fresh gloves when touching any of them directly and lay down something before setting them on my prep table.

CON - but easy to overcome - Ordered new labels for these that are more pliable as these are not perfectly straight sided jars, any labels like thermal labels get horrible creases that you have to extremely careful pushing out or you'll scratch the jar.

PRO - These are so much easier to preheat than my previous jars!! Was using the small apothecary jars and found they were easy to crack/explode for me (not the jars fault, I'm just ADHD and lose focus from time to time) and these are sooooo amazing - as long as I'm not sticking them in a crematorium oven, I can't see them busting/cracking/exploding!

CandleScience Profile Avatar
CandleScience responded: 2022-12-12

Hi there! Thank you so much for taking the time to review these jars. A member of Customer Support will be reaching out to provide some assistance!

4 out of 5 Stars.
Had Higher Hopes

I really fell in love with these jars when I saw them online. However, in person, I am finding a lot of imperfections with them. In five boxes, one box came with 2 broken glasses and 2 hairline cracks. In other boxes, some jars had red spots on them that are not able to be covered by a label.

CandleScience Profile Avatar
CandleScience responded: 2022-11-16

Hi Jill,

Thanks for taking the time to leave a product review with us, although we're so sorry to hear that your White Modern Ceramic Tumblers arrived damaged and we'd love to help. A member of our customer support team has reached out to you via email to provide further assistance.

5 out of 5 Stars.
Love the look of these Jars

I love these jars, they are beautiful and with a simple clear label they turned out great. However, I did order 3 cases and in each box, they did have 1 broken jar. Not a big deal, and honestly could have been from the UPS transit as well. I do want to add if you do create your labels at home, the Avery 22934 fit perfectly. I always look for the size of labels from other candle makers and no one ever mentions what labels they use. Hope this helps.

Oh, I do use the Cork lids and they look absolutely beautiful. I am still in the testing process, so I do not have anything else to add to how they hold up with burning.

CandleScience Profile Avatar
CandleScience responded: 2022-11-14

Thanks for taking the time to leave a product review with us. We're so sorry to hear that your recent order contained some damage from transit, and we would like to help! A member of our customer support team has reached out to you via email to provide further assistance.

4 out of 5 Stars.
Nice, but you should also know....

3 1/2 stars . Upside, these are beautiful, modern with the feel of rustic. CS recommends sizing up a wick, and after testing, it's true. Tested with an ECO 10 and two ECO 4's. Normally the size would indicate we'd go with a 10 (according to the wax we use), and what I use for the Sonoma's is a 10. However, in the burn test, the two 4's burned the candle evenly, clean sides. The 10 did not burn all the way to the sides (no bueno).
Now, the difference between this ceramic and the other ones (Nordic) is these are seemingly not glazed. Negative to that is the little bit of carbon smoke really clings to the side more and it's really not that wipeable (maybe with an eraser sponge). Smudges really stay on the finish. Glazed will obviously mean more easy to clean. Anyway, we will use what we ordered up in the winter line but not reordering permanently. *The biggest reason is the lids don't fit well. Bamboo fit better and yet, 8/10 lift right off and if your customer picks them up to smell, yikes, may be a disaster. If you don't use/need lids, they will be lovely in your line as long as you realize the above notes.

5 out of 5 Stars.
Beautiful Jars!

I love these jars. They're absolutely beautiful, and they were much easier to wick than the other jar I was trying. The tumbler looks very high end. This isn't a candle that looks like it belongs in a big box store. I'm really happy with these, and I love that there are so many colors. This is the perfect jar for upscale branding.