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The all-in-one Candle Maker is a compact, easy-to-use unit for small batch soy candle making. The Candle Maker melts the wax to the appropriate temperature, alerts you when it’s time to add fragrance, and stirs your fragranced wax continuously until it’s time to pour. It’s perfect for trying out new fragrances and making little runs of samples to promote your business. Holding up to 8 weighted ounces of wax, it’s a convenient device for creating test candles before committing to larger batches and quantities of materials.

The Candle Maker is ideal for smaller project ideas, capable of making 16 tealights, four votives, two 6 oz candle tins, or one tumbler. This device can also easily melt wax for second pours to fix any surface issues with already poured candles. No additional equipment is required, so no need to dig into your stash of pouring pitchers, stirring utensils, and thermometers. When your candle is poured and cooling, all you need to do is wipe out the non-stick aluminum pitcher for easy cleanup.

The unit works best with low melt point waxes that have a melt point of 125ºF or less.

  • Plug in the unit and add up to 8 weighted oz of wax to the pitcher.
  • Press the first button to start the melting process.
  • The second button will flash once the wax is hot enough to add the fragrance. Pour in 0.5-1 oz of fragrance and press the second button to start stirring. The unit continuously stirs to ensure the fragrance is fully mixed into the wax.
  • The third button lights up when the wax reaches pouring temperature. (Things happen, so if you get distracted, the unit will turn off after two hours if a button has not been pressed or the pitcher lifted.) Then lift the pitcher and pour the wax into a pre-wicked candle container. Let sit. Enjoy your homemade candle! If you want the strongest fragrance possible, wait at least one week before burning the candle.
If the Candle Maker makes a loud noise, a chunk of wax may be caught in the stirring mechanism. The noise will lessen as the wax melts. To reduce the noise, don't pack the wax tightly into the pitcher. Add some of your wax, let it melt, then add the remaining wax.

A new large pitcher for the Candle Maker base will be available in October. Sign up below to be notified when it is in stock.

Height 6 1/4"
Length 6 1/2"
Prop 65 Warning Required No
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I have had this candle maker for a few months now, I'm so impressed with it I find myself making more candles with this machine than using the conventional way. Please, please please make a larger model, I will definitely buy it.


This is by far the easiest supply I have ever used. I can start it and walk away, then it beeps when ready to add oils & when it's finished. Love it so much I purchased a second one.

Cool Tool! LoVe It!

I wanted one of these in a BAD way but they went out of stock before I could order one. I finally got one (Yay CS- back in stock early!) and it's soooo easy! This along with the E Z Wick Setter and we're flying through our test candles! BTW~ I don't know what I did before I got the wick setter. Oh, yes I do... a paper with a printed Bull's Eye & centered all jars "eye ball style". It worked but what a huge pain & time sucker. Just one thing about Chandler- temps seem a bit inconsistent, but we adjust accordingly.
Well worth it! Now I can do a few projects at a time without worrying about what's going on in the pour pitcher, because Chandler is making sure nothing bad happens! And I see on their website that the new LARGER pitcher will be available soon!
We LoVe Candle Science!

Best. Thing. Ever.

I love this machine! This has made it so much easier to make small batches of candles or try new scents. No more constantly standing over my pouring pitcher, stirring and checking the temp. It's also nice to be able to leave the room so I don't have to inhale all the FO fumes - I mean, I love my scents but it can be a bit overwhelming during the process. I've made 2oz, 6oz, and 12oz candles and they've all turned out great!


I use this for melts and 2 oz jar samplers. Works great. I add 3/4 of an oz of fragrance and about 6 drops of dye per 8 oz of soy. I did try using about 10 oz of soy as a test and it still worked fine....would love it in a larger size, but am very happy with this unit.

Huge Help

I have one already and I'm looking to order a few more. Wondering if you all will be carrying the new larger jug as well (scheduled to be released by the Chandler Company in September)?

Crazy without it!!


Hi there I bought this machine and I am confused as I don’t know why my candles or wax melts are not smelling strong. I add 1 oz of fragrance and it does not smell strong. Someone please help me. Thanks

Wax melts

Is this good for wax melts?

CandleScience Reply

Hi! You could use the candle maker to make melts, yes! But the candle maker works best with waxes with a melt point below 125°, if the wax you're using has a higher melt point, it may not work well with the machine.

Excellent product! I haven’t hand stirred any wax since I purchased it. It mix’s well too! Perfect
Thanks Candle Science

It works!

After reading the reviews I wasn't sure if I should buy this but it works perfectly for what I wanted. I can do my soy candles with soy additives and with color powder. My candles turned out to be pretty and perfect. I can add more wax to it or less if I want. Easy to clean.
I have a toddler at home and I can make my candles without worrying too much .


love this unit, so much, I purchased another one, and will be ordering 1 more!,
Hoping they will make A bigger one!! Love Candle science and their customer service is amazing!!

Game Changer

I love this!!! I bought 2, one for candles and one for Melt & Pour soap. It worked wonderfully for both!!! For the candles, I used Apricot & Coconut wax. Fabulous!!! This morning I used the 2nd unit for the soap. I made 12 soaps weighing 1.4 oz each!!! All in about 20 minutes!!! My granddaughter, she is 5 yrs old, just loves it because I’m not hovering over her. She just follows the lights!


I can't tell you how much I love this Candle Maker. I have two, and just purchased my third one today!. This is the best machine for my candle making, because I tend to make 6-oz candles quite a bit, along with other sizes, (4-oz and tumblers). I make them as I'm cleaning house. watching television, or exercising. No "mess" and No need for "thermometers"! With this machine(s), I can make a batch of candles in no time. I promise you, this is the ONLY site where you can get this machine at this low price. It is certainly GREAT for beginners too!

Works as advertised

Just took my unit out of the box and handle came off 😩,

CandleScience Reply

Hi! We're so sorry to hear there had been some issues with the candle maker. We have reached out via email from and hope to find a solution for you!

Fun new toy!

I ordered this little machine a little while back and finally pulled it out today. I usually make 12-24 candles at a time, but sometimes I just want to try a new scent or make a candle as a gift and this allows me to do it quickly without dragging all my stuff out. I thought it was fun and efficient for those times and I’m considering buying a few extra machines to have on hand so I can let family make candles when they are spending the weekend with me. Overall i am very pleased with my purchase.

Can you use liquid dye drops with this?

Do you ship internationally? I'd love to buy a lot of your items.

CandleScience Reply

Hi! Unfortunately, I'm sorry to say that we do not currently offer international billing or shipping. You would need a US address to place an order. I apologize for any inconvenience!

Making candles

All I'm going to day is, I need like 10 of these. Very helpful especially when you have other waxes to melt or other projects going on. Hope to see them make a bigger size and hopefully bring the cost down or at least the shipping.

Candle maker

If this was for larger batches, I would buy it in a heartbeat. I normally melt 4 lbs at a time. So a larger machine would be awesome!!

Not worth it.

I ordered this and it broke in less than a week. Candle science was great and shipped a replacement right away! I got the new machine and it seems to have temperature issues if I use less than 8 oz and dye. The machine would beep that it was ready to pour and I would look and the wax would be hardened again. This happened several times! I wasted a lot of wax with this machine. It's supposed to be great with small batches but really it's decent if you don't use dye and it's 8 oz. I'd rather not waste my time and money on a machine that I can't regulate the temperature. I had to pay shipping when I bought the first one and had to pay shipping again just to return in. Irritated at how much this little machine cost me and I would have happily taken store credit.

Candle Maker

I will wait when price is less, hope they can bring a bigger pot

8oz Candle Maker

I was not only in awe, but amazed at the review of this machine on Sunday, February 10, 2019, so I undoubtedly ordered it.
I received this little jewel today, February 14, 2019, and immediately put it to work. This is not only the cutest machine that takes up very little space, but it works like the video review. I use tumblers a lot, so it melted just the right amount of wax for it. I have a friend that wanted me to make him one, and VIOLA, it was made in about 15-minutes!! I didn't keep the time, but I will when I make another. I really love this machine. I know some individuals feel it is too small, but it really comes in handy when you want to make one candle quickly. No measuring, but fill, melt, add fragrance, and pour. That's all too it. The buttons let you know when each feature is completed. I knew I would love it before it arrived, but now, I can truly say, this is one of the best efficient pieces of equipment for candle making that I've ever purchased. I'm sitting here now thinking about buying another one. I purchase many 1oz bottles of fragrance to have a variety and this machine is perfect for them. This is a great machine for the beginner too! Folks, this is NEW, so give it a chance. You are sure to love it like I do.


Can you add color block to this? When do you do so?

CandleScience Reply

Hi! You can use the dye blocks with the Candle Maker, yes! We'd recommend adding shavings of the block at the beginning of your process before the wax melts. I hope this helps! If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at

Also I hope that you guys come up with a pitcher that’s bigger that way we don’t have to replace the entire thing.

So far so good!!! Amazing cold throw! Will be back with an update about a hot throw. This candle maker is genius!!

Great Product

This is an awesome product. Like someone else had mentioned, this would be even better in a bigger size. But this product allows me do other thing while the candle is going through its stages.

I wondering how much wear and tear this machine will take before it starts to break down.

I am going to buy another one, because l do like how it works.


That is incredible. I've put in on my shopping list. Definitely going to buy one. Maybe a larger size is in the works as well.

Candle Maker

I have being using CandleScience since 2015 but this is my first review on this site.
I really enjoy this candle maker. It is very easy to use and even easier to clean. I have so far made three batches of soy candles, it is a real time saver.
I also was wondering about the temperatures so I reached out to Chandler & Me on Facebook. They informed me “The wax heats to around 167F for adding fragrance and cools to around 144F for pouring. Even though many of the different soy waxes vary in their temp recommendations we find the unit works well with almost any soy container wax...also works great with soy wax for tarts and melts. Have fun:) ”. While I was making some candles I did check the temperature of the wax with my own digital thermometer that I bought from CandleScience, when it was ready to add fragrance it said 174F and ready to pour was 143F ( I was using GB464).
I am very pleased with this product it is a game changer. On the instructions it does state that if you want to add more than 8oz of wax you can wait until it melts and add more, there is a max fill line on the pitcher and it can hold more than 8oz,but I have not personally tried it yet.
So far I am happy with the final results. The cold throw was on par and tops came out nice and smooth. Although I can’t say anything about the hot throw yet, I am hoping it will be good.

Couple questions

Pretty near, but couple quick questions:

1) Any plans to make one that makes more than 1 standard size candle?

2) Unless I am missing it somewhere, I cant seem to find any info on what temp i keeps the wax melted to, what temp it beeps to add fragrande, and what temp it beeps to pour? Are there any temperature control settings? Soy, parasoy, parrafin, etc... all have different temperature considerations for melting, adding FO, and for pouring.