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Our easy-to-use, economically priced two-button digital scale with 11 lb. capacity. This scale is perfect for weighing wax, melt and pour soap base, and more! Also available in white

Features: Measure in ounces or grams, tare, auto shut-off, two AA batteries included. The ounce setting measures to the hundredths place (0.00).  


Prop 65 Warning Required

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3 out of 5 Stars.

The scale reads just fine, but something is up with the plastic material it's made of. I use scales to measure the fragrance oil inside of a small glass. Sometimes the oil drips off the side of the glass. After just a few days, the oil reacted with the plastic as if it was burning the material? The glass started sticking to the scale and I had to lay down a different piece of plastic so I could easily lift the glass off the scale. It's also impossible to clean now because of way the plastic reacted with the oils. Before I bought this one, I had been using a scale I got at Target for 5 years. It's a shame that this one already needs to be replaced after a month of use.