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Maximize productivity and profitability with a CandleScience stainless steel wax melter. This wax melting pot quickly produces a uniformed heating area ideal for use with soy and paraffin waxes. Compared to a water jacketed version, our unit melts wax in half the time, uses less energy, and produces less heat.

View our wax melter instructions for additional tips and suggestions on proper use and care of your stainless steel wax melter.

Wax Melter Features:
- Direct Heat - no need to fill with water!
- Dual zone heating control (12 amps, 120v, 1440 watts)
- Heated spout
- Lifetime warranty on the tank, 1 year on the heating element.
- 304 stainless steel inside and out
- Tight fitting stainless steel cover
- Standard 110v power plug
- Rust Proof - Stainless Steel construction will not rust!
- Melts entire case of soy or paraffin wax

Melting times vary depending on the type of wax and heat setting.

Made in the USA

Range 50° to 250°F
Height 20 inches
Diameter 17.75 inches
Prop 65 Warning Required No

Average Rating:

(based upon 11 reviews)

Great product! will buy another one soon to have different waxes in each! Easy to use and very efficient, wax stays melted for at least 2 days. makes warming time very short when doing a pour a few days in a row!

Stella Accents
Awesome and efficient

This wax melter is much quicker than a traditional double boiler system. Not to mention it uses less energy and doesn't turn the workspace into a sauna. It definitely helps with production and my output has definitely increased since purchasing. I'll definitely be getting another one in the future!

Candle Maker

We purchased this several months ago in order to speed up and increase production for our small (on the side) candle company. This product is well made and has helped us tremendously. We couldn't be happier. Life of a part time candle maker just got easier.

Simply Awesome

This unit is well built. Put 30 pounds of 464 in it amd turned it on to 185F. It was melted in an hour. Be sure to keep the lid on so you melt your wax fast. Stir about every 15 minutes amd turn the top burner off at the 30 min mark. The wax will actually be about 200F, but after pouring into a room temp pouring pitcher and adding frag oil, you will be right at 185F. You csn back the temp off at this point to 175 and you will be gold. Even after tirning off the unit it only loses 10 degrees an hour. Well insulated and well made.

My Big Fat Greek Candle
Love it

This has been a great purchase. I have been using my melter for about a month and a half, and my candle production has increased tremendously. This is one of the best purchases I have made for my business so far. The melter is very easy to use. No difficulties there. The melter retains heat we'll, so depending on when you last used it, your wax will remain partially melted. This makes reheating very fast if you don't use all the wax at once. I highly recommend!

Culture By Candlelight
Great Melters

We use a total of 7 of these melters and they have always been workhorses for us.

Madison Valley Soy Candles
Great Product

I just got this melter and I am already happy that I got it! It melts the wax perfectly! The only issue that I have seen is that it does not seem to be accurate as far as temperature, but that may just be something to play with over time.

There were no other issues except that it would be nice if Candle Science included their instructions along with the unit. What comes inside the box does not give a lot of information.

Still making up my mind

We purchased this wax melter for our business just a couple of months ago. I am using pouring containers to mix fragrance and dye. The finish I'm getting now on the tops of the candle is shiny and looks terrible! Nothing like the Ecosoya CB Advanced looked when I was melting it a batch at a time over heat. As well, even though I'm mixing fragrance in at the same temp as in small batches, the fragrance is seeping out of many and I am using 7% fragrance. This was never an issue, even at a higher percentage, when I was doing it batch by batch and honestly, I'm not sure what's going on. The finish is just terrible - I am so unhappy with how it looks. :/ Any ideas from those that have this?

I've rated at 3 stars simply for the issues that I am having. The melter itself does exactly what it's supposed to do, the shipping was quick and easy, as always with Candlescience. Would LOVE to know why the difference in the look of the candles and how it reacts with the fragrance now, since I've changed nothing as far as ingredients go - wax is the same, as are the fragrances.

Thanks so much!

adding fragrance and yes

Are you all adding the fragrances and dyes into the melter itself to do large batches? Or, are you filling your pouring pitchers first then adding the fragrance and dyes at that point? I typically do that method right now (although not using a large wax melter right now) but my issue is keeping the wax the right temp when adding fragrance and dye and then pooring temp once its been transferred to pooring temperate. Hard to control temp at that point.


Stainless Steel Wax Melter 65 lb

I purchased this last year. This is the best ever. I have a small candle business. This absolutely saved me I was staying up till 1 and 2 in the morning making candles. It usually took me 8 days to make one set of 6 jars of each scent.. It takes me 2 days to make them now. I can make one candle scent at a time. If I don't need all the wax just shut it off and reheat later.. THIS IS A GOD. IF you are worried . DONT>. I have had it a year.. ABSOLUTLY NO PROBLEMS AT ALLL!!!!!!!

Couldn't be happier

My candle business is small and I worried about purchasing an expensive piece of equipment but this is a lifesaver! I live in a warm climate and I am thrilled at how little heat this emits. I heat the wax and pour it into my regular melting pots 4lbs at a time. I set the temp slightly higher than 185 so I just let it cool slightly before adding fragrance and color. I don't know how I lived without this!