Votive Wick Pins
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Our votive wick pin is designed for use in our 15-hr Flared Votive Candle Mold. The bottom is designed to auto-center for perfect wick holes every time.

Made in the USA


Diameter 1.3125"
Height 2.5"
Prop 65 Warning Required No


Average Rating:

(based upon 9 reviews)

I like them.

While I agree with most, that it would be nice if they were a snug fit in the bottom of the mold, I think it's probably best that they are the way they are. The base is slightly curved upward. This actually allows air to escape early in the process so you are less likely to have trapped bubbles in the candle. This does mean you have to shave wax off the bottom before you pop the pin out. As for the ridge, it's up to you to keep it. If centered, the ridge will be even. If you don't want it, you could shave it off, or rub the candle on a hot plate.
As for centering, and keeping it centered, I put a neodymium magnet under the mold and the pin didn't budge. It also allowed me to stick the cups to an old baking sheet covered in parchment paper. This made for tremendous stability during the pour, and a pin that stays where you put it.
So, all in all, I do like these pins. The only reason I give it 4 stars is I had to straighten all 10 pins. (they were bent to the side) I worry that any given pin might pop out while trying to straighten it. Otherwise, I'm happy with them.

Will L

Votive Wick Pin

I really like these votive wick pins don't have to deal with the wick while the wax is drying and trying to keep the wick centered. I can make a lot of votives now for my candle business.

John Voight

I would not make a votive without these!

These Votive Wick Pins are great. I highly recommend them for super straight wicks.

Traci M

They work great!

I love these! They give me a nice centered wick and I just grab them and pull the votive right out of the mold.


Votive Wick Pins are Fantastic!

I love the wick pins and would never make another votive without them, but there is a trick I learned to make removal easier. Remove the pins while the wax is still warm - a slight tap on a hard surface and the pin comes right out. If I wait until the candle is completely cool, it takes much more effort to get the wick pin out.

Elementally Magick

Great for Wicking Votives Quickly!

I ordered some of these votive pins and this allows me to make votives a lot faster than having to wick them prior to pouring. It wasn't until after my first batch I realized some of the pins were crooked. I straightened them out by hand and now they are fine. There is a gap between the perimeter of the wick pin and the votive mold which leaves a ridge of wax around the base of the candle as mentioned in a previous review by Stephanie W. I use a sharp paring knife to shave off the the wax ridge. I don't typically make large batches of votives but can see where this would be an issue if I did. I do love these wick pins and will be ordering more of them.



I love your votive molds but these wick pins are going to drive me to drink! I just wish the wick pins were the same size as the inner diameter of the mold so that I didn't have to spend so much time cleaning up the jagged bottoms. It kind of defeats the purpose of the molds to begin with! Try making 100 votives with these - you'll have a head full of grey hair before you're done! I have been using these for a while but it wasn't until I attempted a 100 pc order that I just couldn't go without saying something any longer! Please, please get different wick pins!

Jessica A

They do okay.

While they do make for super straight wicks (if you make sure they aren't crooked upon arrival, which some of mine were and were very hard to straighten out) but unfortunately they DO NOT FIT snug inside the bottom of the flared votive mold... They move when you pour in wax so you can't center them yourself either. What this means is that when you pull your candle out of the mold one side has the wax at a lower level than the side the wick pin shifted to. Then when you pop the wick pin out, it breaks the wax that went into the gaps left by the wick pin... This makes for jagged bottomed votives that are a pain to try to level out on a hot plate. It's very frustrating. Everyone else seems to love them so I assume I just got a bad batch and will be contacting customer service.

Samantha W.

Best Candle Invention Ever

Love them, works great! Just FYI, make sure the wick pins are straight, a few were "crooked" when I got mine. Just the look of your votives will be affected